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Chapter 1224 - Palm

This sound was like thunder descending from the sky, causing the earth to tremble. Countless cracks appeared on the earth as if it was going to collapse. The sound of collapse was hidden in the darkness and came from all directions.

The moment this sound appeared, a pressure came from all directions and slowly descended. As the pressure descended, the Seven-Colored Realm seemed to become a void where endless power began to rush in from all directions.

Chen Tianjun was the weakest person here. Just under this pressure, his origin soul trembled and blood came out from the corner of his mouth. He subconsciously took several steps back as his expression changed greatly, and he took out pills to devour to help him resist this pressure.

Master Cloud Soul's face was pale as he stared at the sky. He looked at the pair of eyes and felt like he was naked under the gaze. Popping sounds came from his body and his face became even more pale.

The old woman in green's pupils shrank and her face became pale. An illusion appeared around her as she quickly changed between an old woman and a beautiful, middle-aged woman.

Only Wang Lin stood tall. As the pressure descended on him, the area around him began to distort. It was as if there was a law around him that didn't seem to mix with the world.

He stared at the eyes in the vortex and remained silent, but his right hand gradually formed a fist.

"I won't bully you. If you can survive this palm, I'll let you live!" The voice from inside the vortex sounded tired as it slowly spread out. The moment this voice fell, the vortex in the sky rotated rapidly.

The speed of the rotation immediately reached a peak. As it stirred up the sky, even the eyes became hidden inside the vortex. The vortex roared loudly and the world seemed to start to collapse before Wang Lin's eyes!

Just at this instant, the vortex descended with the power to destroy the world. It was as if all life was going to be torn apart and become part of the vortex.

As the vortex descended, the earth trembled violently and the sounds of endless tearing echoed in the darkness.

Chen Tianjun coughed out blood. As the vortex descended, his origin soul trembled violently. Master Cloud Soul and the old woman in green all trembled, and their eyes were filled with panic.

The vortex descended even faster, pressing down on the earth. Wang Lin's eyes flashed cold and he jumped into the air like a meteor. He charged straight into the sky and threw a heaven-shaking punch at the vortex in the sky!

A heaven-shaking rumble echoed across the Seven-Colored Realm like roaring thunder. Countless bolts of thunder flashed in the sky along with the punch. Like millions of silver snakes, they lit up the world!

The countless thunderbolts had appeared due to Wang Lin's punch. When the punch landed, the thunder all gathered on Wang Lin's right fist, forming an unimaginable impact that shot up at the sky!

The thunderous rumble continued to echo, but the vortex didn't stop at all and mercilessly pressed down on Wang Lin! Floating in the air, Wang Lin's clothes made a lot of noise. He could clearly feel that the suction from the vortex wanted to suck out his origin soul, suck out his origin energy, and crush his body!

"Do you all want to wait here to die or rush out with me!?" Wang Lin's words echoed like a blast of cold wind that landed in the ears of the three people below. Master Cloud Soul clenched his teeth and jumped to the left of Wang Lin. He waved his sleeves, causing countless soul fragments to appear, and they let out shrill cries. Master Cloud Soul's expression became ferocious.

The old woman in green was pale, but she didn't hesitate to charge out and stand to the right of Wang Lin. Her hands formed a seal and a mist appeared around her. The mist was blood red and contained the aura of life and death! There were a large amount of restrictions flashing inside.

Chen Tianjun was the last person to fly out. He stood below Wang Lin. He waved his hand and all the pores on his body opened up. The aura of beast souls appeared until more than 10 beast souls were surrounding him! Among them there were two rank 12 beast souls. Although they were extremely weak and not as mighty as when they were still alive, it was still shocking!

Wang Lin didn't look at the three around him. The star made of law flashed between his eyebrows. Then he waved his right hand and the trident appeared. He gripped it tightly in his hand.

"What about the power of one palm?" Wang Lin rushed out while laughing at the vortex descending from this sky. It looked like the sky was collapsing and was going to crash down to the earth. All life would be crushed! No chance for survival!

As Wang Lin continued to charge, the thunder around him flashed like crazy and battle intent filled his body. An unexpected desire to contend against the world began to form. Even if the sky was going to collapse, he would found a way to charge through and kill the heavens!

Under this battle intent, Master Cloud Soul let out a roar and the soul fragments around him began to gather. He took out a black awl and spat blood on it as if releasing a seal. The awl immediately gave off an ancient aura as he rushed out after Wang Lin toward the vortex!

Master Cloud Soul's blood seemed to be boiling. If he could charge out, he would live; if not, he would die!

The old woman in green's face was without blood, but her eyes were bright and determined. She waved her right hand and the mist around her split into two. One was life and the other was death, and they coiled around her like two dragons. The life and death fog dragons charged out with her as she followed Wang Lin.

Chen Tianjun followed as all the beast souls roared and gathered around him. They let out roars of struggle for survival as they charged out like crazy.

The four rays of light closed in on the vortex in the sky, with Wang Lin leading the way. They got closer and closer!

An instant later, they collided. Wang Lin was filled with battle intent as he waved the trident and began his attack on the vortex. His body was filled with the power of an ancient god as he moved like a meteor that could break all barriers in the world!

He ripped a hole in the vortex.

However, the vortex was too big. When it shrouded them, Chen Tianjun was the first that couldn't withstand it. The beast souls around him collapsed and his body trembled before he exploded and was absorbed by the vortex. His origin soul struggled to escape, but the vortex was too strong and he was about to be pulled in.

"Your promised to take me out!! Your promised!!" Chen Tianjun's origin soul released a miserable divine sense message.

The moment his message echoed, Wang Lin suddenly turned around and his right hand reached out. He grabbed Chen Tianjun's origin soul and began fighting with the power of the vortex.

With a bang, Chen Tianjun's origin soul was split in half. One part was devoured by the vortex and the other half was taken by Wang Lin. Wang Lin charged at the gap in the vortex.

The moment Master Cloud Soul charged into the vortex, popping sounds echoed in his body and he coughed out blood. All the soul fragments around him died and even the magic treasure collapsed. However, the magic treasure wasn't ordinary, and by using its collapse, he rushed into the gap Wang Lin had opened.

The old woman in green clenched her teeth and charged at the gap. Under the powerful suction force, all her life and death restrictions broke and she coughed out blood. Seeing the suction force increase and the gap closing fast, she formed a seal. Then she pointed to between her eyebrows and caused her body to tremble. A figure appeared on her right and another on her left.

One was an old woman and the other was a middle-aged woman.

The moment these two figures appeared, they chose to self-destruct. She was able to find a path to survive at this moment of danger. With the power of the double self-destruction, the old woman in green was able to get through the gap in the vortex.

However, this wasn't over; it had just began!

The vortex went through everyone and landed on the ground. A thunderous rumble echoed as the earth trembled and began to move. Five towering mountains suddenly appeared!

Looking down from where Wang Lin was, he could clearly see everything!

"This… This is…" Blood continued to come out from the corner of his mouth, and there was no joy in escaping. As he stared at the earth, his eyes revealed disbelief and fear.

The old woman beside him was far too injured and looked dispirited, but her eyes revealed the same level of fear.

This entire earth unexpectedly became a giant palm at this moment! The five towering mountains were the five fingers of the palm! The large amount of cracks that had appeared on the ground were the palm's palmprint!

This palm's size was beyond imagination. The palm made up of the Seven-Colored Realm slowly gave off an aura far more powerful that the vortex.

What was the power of a palm? The Seven-Colored Realm was the palm, the mountains were fingers, and the cracks on the land were the palmprints. This was the power of a palm mentioned by the ancient voice!

At this moment, Wang Lin, Master Cloud Soul, and the old woman in green were still inside the Seven-Colored Realm, which was inside the palm!

The tired, ancient words echoed inside wang Lin's mind. The meaning of these words was still very obvious!

Escape the palm and they will live!

Just at this moment, the palm formed by the Seven-Colored Realm began to slowly close. A majestic aura spread and a thunderous rumble echoed as the fingers closed in. It was as if the palm wanted to crush the ants at its center!

There was no fear in Wang Lin's eyes, and a powerful battle intent filled his body and his blood seemed to boil. Between his eyebrows, six blurry ancient god stars rotated rapidly, and at the center was the star made of the law of his domain. At a glance, he looked like a 7-star ancient god!

"Let's fight!" Wang Lin held the trident and swept it to the side of his body. He was like a battle celestial as he rushed down!

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