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Chapter 1221 - The Identity of the Lord of the Sealed Realm

The old man in black stared at everything that happened before him with eyes filled with disbelief. However, there was also intense greed in them as his hands formed a seal and he charged out once more.

However, just as he closed in, the giant door slowly opened. The moment it opened, a powerful light shined out and enveloped the old man.

A miserable scream echoed and the old man's eyes became filled with fear. He no longer charged forward but quickly retreated.

"Seal… Could the lord of the Sealed Realm have resurrected???" Black smoke came from the old man's body as if he was being burnt, revealing his thin body under his robe. His body emitted a lot of smoke, as if even someone as powerful as him would melt before this light!

The door opened and an aura that shocked the world spread out. It spread out along the border of the realm-sealing formation!

The realm-sealing formation changed drastically again shortly after Tuo Sen left. Even the last formation spirit that had never appeared before appeared.

This last formation spirit was a jade. The moment the jade appeared, countless ripples spread across the realm-sealing formation and endless rumbles echoed!

At this moment, the powerful people of the Ancient Star System felt an aura that made their minds tremble. Some of the old monsters that had lived for far too long weren't unfamiliar with this aura.

This aura not only made them tremble, it made their minds go blank and replaced their thoughts with fear!

"Lord of the Sealed Realm!"

Compared to the Outer Realm, the people of the Sealed Realm didn't feel as much of an impact. Only the most powerful people in the four star systems felt it. In the God Sect, inside a chamber, sat a boy. This person looked like a boy, but his hair was grey. He sat there as if he hadn't moved for countless years.

However, just at this moment, his eyelids trembled and he suddenly opened his eyes.

"Master's aura!"

In the Rain Celestial Realm, Qing Lin was silently cultivating, trying to recover his power as much as possible. However, at his moment, his eyes shined like they had never shined before. He suddenly stood up, looked into the distance, and let out a deep breath.


The Wind Celestial Realm was filled with countless mosquito beasts. On a collapsed Celestial Realm fragment sat an elder. This old man looked like a statue as his body had turned to stone.

However, at this moment, cracks appeared on the eyes of the statue. As cracking sounds echoed, this old man seemed to open a pair of eyes that hadn't been opened for a very long time.

"That old man's aura…" The old man's eyes revealed a strange light as countless memories awakened from their slumber and filled his brain. After a long time, he closed his eyes and became a statue once more.

In the star system under the Lightning Celestial Realm, a woman was standing on top of a mountain on a cultivation planet. She looked at the sky with reminiscences and confusion in her eyes.

"I can't remember… Whose aura is this… It's very familiar, very familiar…"

At this moment, on a cultivation planet in the star system under the Lightning Celestial Realm, there was a youth sleeping on a mountain. His body trembled as he looked up and started into the distance. After a long time, he scratched his head.

"Scared this old man to death. I thought it was those old fellows coming down from the celestial domain to catch me, but why does this aura feel somewhat familiar…" This youth was the person who escaped from the crack during Wang Lin's divine retribution!

The moment the door formed by the Heaven Defying Bead opened, a person slowly walked out.

The old man that was retreating and constantly dissipating in the light from the door was frightened, but soon he frowned.

"It's not the Lord of the Sealed Realm! Could this person be the second Lord of the Sealed Realm? His aura isn't strong; the aura that makes me feel terror is in the door behind this person!"

The person who walked out from the door was Wang Lin!

He didn't have his body; he was only an origin soul.

The old man's eyes lit up, then he clenched his teeth and waved his right hand. A black fog appeared around him and he charged ahead!

"Kill this person and steal the Heaven Defying Bead. If I can do this, I don't need to worry about the Sovereign!"

This old man was now surrounded by the black fog. He resisted the powerful light with force and closed in on Wang Lin, but his black fog was dissipating. A black claw reached out from the fog and mercilessly clawed at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He felt the source origin energy of a third step cultivator closing in on him, but he was extremely calm. He coldly looked at the claw closing in on him and took a step back into the door of the Heaven Defying Bead.

When the old man was close, the Heaven Defying Bead's gate released a powerful light. At the same time, a giant arm appeared outside the gate and mercilessly reached toward the old man.

The black fog around the old man exploded into a surge of source origin energy to resist the huge arm so he could have the opportunity to kill Wang Lin.

However, the collapse of the black fog didn't cause the arm to pause one bit. It instantly reached toward the old man.

No matter how much the old man tried to dodge, he couldn't avoid the arm. He clenched his teeth. Then the old man bit the tip of his tongue to spit out blood and his body multiplied into three of him. Two of them charged toward the arm and one of them charged toward Wang Lin.

Just at this moment, the giant arm formed a fist and its speed doubled as it swept by the two clones of the old man. Then it quickly withdrew and grabbed the old man charging at Wang Lin, and it mercilessly squeezed!

"If my original body was here, I might have had a chance to fight, but now…" The old man revealed a wry smile as he let out a sigh before his body dissipated.

From beginning to end, Wang Lin had an indifferent expression that didn't change at all. After the old man dissipated, the gate behind Wang Lin flashed once more and rapidly shrank. The door became a blur and disappeared back into the Heaven Defying Bead. It took Wang Lin's origin soul and left. Then it broke out of the star system and disappeared without a trace.

The Seven-Colored Realm had been dark for 100 years. On this day, a bright light appeared in the sky above the mountain in the deepest part of the Seven-Colored Realm. The moment this light enveloped the Seven-Colored Realm, a vague illusion with confusion in his eyes appeared. He let out a sigh as he looked at the body covered in dust on top of the mountain.

"It was like a dream… A dream that lasted for many years…" the illusion murmured as it gradually merged with the body on the mountain.

After a long time, Wang Lin opened his eyes and popping sounds echoed inside his body. The dust was immediately blown away.

After sleeping for 100 years, he once again stood up! The moment he stood up, the aura of a late stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivator spread out from his body. This aura continued to rise until it broke through to the peak of the Nirvana Cleanser stage!

However, it didn't stop there. It increased like crazy once more! It was attempting to reach the Nirvana Shatterer stage!

The amount of dao intent and origin energy he had absorbed from one of the flowers was extremely large. Although the Heaven Defying Bead had absorbed a majority of it, because Wang Lin had taken the initiative to take from the Heaven Defying Bead for the first time, he still got a lot.

At this moment, his hair moved without any wind and his body gave off a strange aura. A fire tattoo formed in his left eye and a lightning tattoo formed in his right eye. They flew out and fused into one. There was also the vague outline of the word "battle" in it.

This was a mark that had never appeared in the world; it was a completely new law!

At this moment, as the mark flashed, it landed between Wang Lin's eyebrows and became one with his true and false domain! A yin and yang-like mark suddenly appeared outside his fused thunder and fire tattoo and slowly rotated. Eventually, it gave off a demonic glow before shrinking until it looked like a star. It then hid itself between his eyebrows.

No matter how you looked at this star, it looked very similar to a star of an ancient god! If a 9-star ancient god had formed this star made of law, many would mistaken this ancient god to be… a 10-star ancient god!

The moment this law star appeared, Wang Lin's body gave off the aura of a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. This aura was earth-shatteringly powerful!

Wang Lin took a deep breath and his eyes shined. He raised his right hand, quickly formed seals, and pointed at this body. His face turned slightly red, but he didn't stop and pointed even more. After placing down countless seals, he finally stopped.

The Nirvana Shatterer aura from his body gradually dissipated until it was hidden under the numerous restrictions.

"This aura is enough to make my cultivation reach the peak of the early stage of Nirvana Shatterer, but this is from comprehension I don't fully understand yet. If I don't fully comprehend all the dao I absorbed, using this cultivation will make it almost impossible for me to advance. It will have way too much of an impact on my future cultivation!

"However, giving it up now would be a pity, so let's seal it first, and once I have thoroughly comprehended all the dao intent I absorbed, I can release the seals one by one. At that time, there will be no harm! It will also make my cultivation even stronger!" Wang Lin took a deep breath, and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

"With my peak Nirvana Cleanser cultivation that is half a step into the Nirvana Shatterer stage, combined with my ancient god body, my spells, and magical treasures, I wonder how strong I am… Can I win against late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivators or even peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivators? I should be able to win against late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivators, but as for peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivators, since I haven't battled one, I don't know… If there is a chance, I should fight one!" The mark hidden between Wang Lin's eyebrows flashed uncontrollably and a powerful battle intent enveloped him.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and suppressed the star and frowned. He knew that this was the result of him not completely understanding the daos he had absorbed.

"It is time to leave. I wonder how the mosquito beast is doing after all these years. Also, how long did I sleep inside the flower for… It should had been at least 20 to 30 years." Wang Lin's eyes were bright and filled with self-confidence as he walked forward. He left the mountain and flew straight ahead.

"Now that this is over, I should go to the Wind Celestial Realm. If I can gather a large amount of  mosquito beasts, I can even try to break into the God Sect! I just don't know if Tuo Sen has awakened yet…"

At this moment, in the Ancient Star System, among the boundless stars, Tuo Sen stared at the stars. He clenched his teeth, feeling extremely gloomy. He was filled with anger and wanted to destroy every living thing he saw.

He had put lot of effort into breaking through that formation. In the end, at the cost of collapsing a star and sacrificing the third step cultivators sealed in his stars, he was barely able to get through the sealing formation to devour Wang Lin. However, right now, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't find Wang Lin's aura.

"He is not inside the Sealed Realm and not in the Outer Realm, but his aura was inside the realm-sealing formation. Could he be hiding inside the sealing formation? But that is impossible with his cultivation level!" He roared at the sky and his eyes became bloodshot. He became aware of some ancient cultivators in a starfield in the distance. Without anywhere to vent his rage, he shook his fist and rushed in that direction.

"Damned Wang Lin, this god will find you one day! I'll devour you to appease the anger in my heart!"

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