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Chapter 1220 - Owner of the Heaven Defying Bead

At this moment in the space that didn't belong to the Sealed Realm or the Outer Realm, where the seven plants were being nourished, the red fruit became even more delicate and ripe.

The Heaven Defying Bead slowly rotated inside the fruit and emitted a blue flame. This flame permeated the inside of the fruit, making its appearance even more shocking.

A long time passed. In addition to the blue flame, flashes of thunder appeared and slowly fused with the blue flame.

Then a battle intent charged out. It used the liquid inside the fruit as nutrients and gradually fused with the blue flame and thunder.

The fusion of thunder, fire, and battle would be impossible outside this place, but here, where immeasurable amounts of dao intent had been gathered as nutrients, this impossible transformation was occuring.

More importantly, there was also the Heaven Defying Bead inside the fruit!

As time slowly passed, a new domain slowly appeared. This was the true and false domain. It appeared in the shape of a yin yang symbol. Half was true and half was false. Half was karmic cause and half was karmic effect. Half was life and half was death!

After this yin yang symbol appeared, it immediately absorbed the fire, thunder, and battle domain. The yin yang symbol seemed to form a vortex and absorbed everything inside the fruit.

The Heaven Defying Bead was at the center of the yin yang symbol and rotated with it.

Wang Lin was completely sober and felt all of this happen. He was in a very strange state where he seemed like he was there but not there at the same time. As the yin yang symbol rotated, thunder, fire, and battle were all absorbed by it.

Within Wang Lin's newly born consciousness, he murmured as if he was sending a divine sense message, "Fire… Among the laws, the dao that melts all life…." 

The moment this divine sense message appeared, a large amount of the liquid inside the fruit was sucked into the yin yang symbol. This liquid contained the dao intent of everyone who had died and comprehended the dao of fire when they were alive!

The fruit was no longer beautiful as the liquid was being devoured by Wang Lin. Wrinkles appeared on the surface of the fruit.

Under this crazed absorption, Wang Lin seemed to sink into endless reincarnations. He suddenly became an old man standing among the stars who controlled the fire of the world with a wave of his hand.

Then he suddenly became a middle-aged man. With a lift of his hand, a cultivation planet turned into a sea of flames.

He also became a young man who walked out from a world filled with flames. As he walked out, the flames were all absorbed...

Reincarnations similar to this appeared one by one inside Wang Lin's mind. Each one represented someone's enlightenment of fire. This cycle continued, and those comprehensions of the dao of fire fused with Wang Lin's consciousness. They were deeply engraved into his mind and became a part of him!

All comprehension of fire, from the ancient times to now, from the Celestial Realm to the four star systems, they all became nutrients for Wang Lin. The comprehension from their lives had all been sucked away and became a type of dao nutrient. However, now it was all absorbed by Wang Lin.

"Thunder, Among the laws, it is the dao that punishes all life…"

The moment he sent out the second divine sense message, the large fruit shrank rapidly. Large amounts of liquid were absorbed by Wang Lin, and the dao intent flooded into Wang Lin's consciousness.

He saw all the cultivators that cultivated thunder throughout all of history. The comprehension of thunder from all these ancient cultivators rushed into Wang Lin's consciousness. He seemed to have been reincarnated tens of millions of times, experiencing countless lives!

He became the unfamiliar yet familiar ancient cultivators and obtained the power of thunder over and over again; he obtained the thunder dao from comprehension again and again!

"Battle. Among the laws, the dao that doesn't bow to the heavens or earth…"

All of the dao intents that contained the battle domain rushed into Wang Lin's consciousness. They turned into an earth-shattering will that was engraved into Wang Lin's mind.

The fruit shrank even more. As more liquid was absorbed by Wang Lin, even this crimson red plant that was thousands of feet wide began to tremble.

Just at this moment, a shocking voice echoed inside the star system where these seven different colored flowers were located.

"The dao fruit is about to appear, but why is it wilting?!" Just as the sound appeared, a powerful divine sense charged at the fruit. However, as soon as the divine sense closed in, the Heaven Defying Bead inside the dao fruit released a gentle light that collided with the divine sense.

The divine sense was immediately bounced back.

The moment the divine sense was bounced back, a shocking change took place! The fruit withered like crazy until it was almost dry, and even its skin collapsed into specks of red crystals that were absorbed by the yin yang symbol around the Heaven Defying Bead.

It didn't end there. The moment the fruit was sucked dry, the red plant trembled violently and began to wither rapidly. None of the essence of the plant could escape from being sucked into the Heaven Defying Bead!

Wang Lin's consciousness immediately felt an unimaginable amount of origin energy rush into his mind. His domain began to rapidly grow from the absorption from before!

As he absorbed like crazy, countless dao intents and origin energy rushed into him. Wang Lin felt like he was going to collapse.

This intense pain seemed to be able to tear his mind. His domain diffused across his mind. True and false, life and death, karma… also, thunder, fire, and battle!

All of these things melted and became his own comprehension. They fused, becoming a new type of law that had never appeared before!

The moment this law appeared, Wang Lin's cultivation trembled as if countless bolt of thunder had exploded, He broke through from the mid stage of Nirvana Cleanser to the late stage!

This law contained true and false along with thunder, fire, and battle to become Wang Lin's own unique dao! This law contained thunder, fire, battle, life and death, karma, and true and false!

Only by fusing all of those countless dao intents with his true and false domain could Wang Lin have advanced from the mid stage of Nirvana Cleanser to late stage in such a short period of time!

However, it wasn't over! Under the protection of the Heaven Defying Bead, while no one noticed, Wang Lin's mind was sucked into the Heaven Defying Bead. As he constantly comprehended and absorbed the countless dao intents, his cultivation level began to move toward the peak of the Nirvana Cleanser stage! It seemed like not even peak Nirvana Cleanser was the end as he absorbed the dao fruit!

Something like this had never happened before. Wang Lin was getting infinitely close to peak Nirvana Cleanser and infinitely close to Nirvana Shatterer. The gap between Nirvana Cleanser and Nirvana Shatterer was huge and often required tens of thousands of years of cultivation to step over. However, after absorbing one of the seven fruits, this gap was narrowing rapidly.

Without this peerless opportunity, if he wanted to go from Nirvana Cleanser to Nirvana Shattered, even with countless pills, Wang Lin would need a very long time!

However, right now the dao he had obtained wasn't something he had comprehended himself, it had been absorbed through experiencing countless lives. It would take time to comprehend and transform them all, but right now Wang Lin didn't have time to think about it in detail!

He could clearly feel that the Heaven Defying Bead was absorbing the essence of the fruit and plant like crazy. It was equivalent exchange. The Heaven Defying Bead had helped him get past this life and death crisis, so it had to absorb enough power in return.

Wang Lin wasn't unfamiliar with this state as he was already aware of its nature. Every time the bead activated, it had to absorb a large amount of origin energy.

"If I miss this chance, I'll regret it in the future. I'd rather spend time to understand it than miss this opportunity!" This was the first time since Wang Lin obtained the Heaven Defying Bead that he fought with it for power.

"I'm the owner of the Heaven Defying Bead, not its slave! I completed your five elements and found yin and yang energy for you. You saved me from danger, and I thank you, but the exchange is already complete. If you take all the benefits, then how am I different from a slave? So what if I steal some of the power from you? I'm the owner of the Heaven Defying Bead!"

"Heaven Defying Bead!!" The ancient voice revealed an unimaginable shock. The space in the star system distorted and an old man wearing a black robe appeared. He looked at the Heaven Defying Bead in the middle of the yin yang symbol and immediately charged over.

However, just as he closed in, he was stopped 100 feet away without being able to get half a step closer. He could only watch helplessly as the red flower that had been painstakingly planted by the Sovereign and then nourished for countless years be completely absorbed!

The plant rapidly wilted until it disappeared from the star system. From now on, the Seven-Colored Flowers were missing one, and only six colors remained!

After absorbing it all, the yin yang symbol was also absorbed by the Heaven Defying Bead. All that remained were the six other flowers and the Heaven Defying Bead!

Just at this moment, the Heaven Defying Bead released a blinding light that shrouded the entire star system. At the same time, a giant illusionary door appeared in the star system!

This door was large enough to support the world, and an ancient aura spread out from it. This door was shut tight without any gaps!

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