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Chapter 1210 - Blue Vermillion Bird

The mountain where Wang Lin was at had disappeared, and only a few orbs of seven-colored light surrounding the beast souls remained. The fire burned endlessly, causing the seven-colored lights to flicker. They seemed like they could break at any moment.

The restriction around the area shattered into countless burning fragments and pushed outwards. Even the endless fog inside the mountain range was torn apart by the fire and completely dissipated.

For the first time in countless years, the fog disappeared from this mountain range.

The Enlightened Ones inside the fog floated in the air, resisting the fire. The valleys outside the mountain range were covered in fire and turned into a fiery hell.

Waves of burning and popping sounds shook the earth. The mountains around the valleys collapsed one by one into burning gravel.

At this moment, inside a valley, the old woman in green was pale and terrified. Her hands kept forming seals and placing down restrictions to resist the fire.

Outside the valley was the outer region of the Seven-Colored Realm where the fierce beasts were. During this time, Chen Tianjun was going from beast to beast taking great risks to carefully search for Origin Crystals.

Although he possessed the spells of the Battle Beast Sect, obtaining the origin crystals from these rank 12 beasts was no different than taking a tooth from the mouth of a tiger. It was very dangerous, and he had almost died several times.

He was currently flying away from a fog beast. His heart was pounding as he quickly flew off into the distance. A roar came out from the fog behind him and a gust of wind charged after him.

Just at this instant, the horizon turned white and the seven-colored light dissipated. Then an unimaginable heat wave came from the horizon. From a distance, it looked like a heaven-shaking scene.

The fog beast chasing Chen Tianjun was startled for a moment. Then it immediately gave up chasing Chen Tianjun and returned to the fog.

Just at this instant, the white sea of flames surrounded the area and the entire outer realm was devoured by the white flames. The sea of flames only avoided Chen Tianjun, and he was not affected by the heat wave.

He stood there dumbfounded and soaked in sweat. He trembled as he could clearly feel that he wouldn't be able to last long in this heat.

He also felt Wang Lin's aura inside the sea of flames.

The flames continue to spread until they completely surrounded the outer area of the Seven-Colored Realm. Some of the beasts charged out and roared. They didn't seem to be afraid of the flames. There were fire python-like fire beasts that moved in the flames without any discomfort. They even seemed to hold a bit of contempt toward the flames.

When the flames spread across the entire Seven-Colored Realm, the Vermillion Bird's third awakening began!

As Wang Lin sat there, his ancient god flesh became dry, as if all the water in his body had evaporated. The dry skin looked like it was aging. It was a shocking scene.

The fire around his body was the strongest. Endless heat came out from his body, forming a vortex that slowly rotated above him.

A painful cry came from his body. The white Vermillion Bird struggled to fly up. It seemed the third awakening was a test and a crisis for it!

Wang Lin's mind was blank. He seemed to have become a Vermillion Bird. The fire seed inside its body continued to release endless heat, but the more it released, the more heat it had. In the end, it seemed like it was going to burn itself!

He had a feeling he would be burned to ashes if he was just a bit slow in releasing the heat.

This was an endless cycle. The more heat he released, the more heat there was. This cycle continued, and the Vermillion Bird let out an earth-shattering cry, like the fierce roar before death.

Wang Lin hadn't experienced this feeling during the two awakenings from before. The third time was extremely difficult! He felt like the heat from his body was even burning his origin soul, which surprised Wang Lin. He didn't think the Vermillion Bird's third awakening would be so different.

The heat increased to the point where his body couldn't release it fast enough. The burning feeling became more clearer, and the skin on his body became even more chapped. The cracks connected together, making it seem like his skin was going to collapse.

Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and let out a roar as if he wanted to release all the heat inside his body. A powerful heat wave came out from his mouth during his painful roar. The heatwave circled around him, and every hair on his body struggled against the heat wave.

"Vermillion Bird… awakening… Vermillion Bird…" Wang Lin's consciousness became a bit blurry. He was now releasing heat by instinct. However, this method could only hold it off for a moment; it would not deal with the root of the problem.

If this continued, Wang Lin would without a doubt die!

His eyes were bloodshot and revealed a crazed look.

"I'll either burn to death or be reborn in the fire!" Wang Lin believed in perseverance and hardwork with a powerful defying will. The more intense the flames were, the more powerful his defying will became!

"Since I can't continue to vent, then I won't vent it; I'll let it stay inside my body. I want to see what this fire can do!" Wang Lin let out a painful laugh and his expression became even more crazy. He locked all the pores on his body, closing it off from the outside. He let the heat inside his body to increase like crazy and didn't let a sliver of it out!

This crazed courage seemed simple, but how many people in the world could actually do this?

When Wang Lin sealed himself, the fire inside his body increased to a terrifying degree. The temperature was so high after he sealed his body that he was going to collapse, but he endured it all.

Time slowly passed. The heat inside his body became even more intense. His entire body was red and white, causing the world around him to collapse. At this moment, the fire inside Wang Lin's body reached a peak and suddenly exploded in his body!

An indescribable heat rushed out, burning his body. He was covered in flames, making it impossible to see his body. These flames started out white and gradually turned blue!

The moment the blue flames appeared, they immediately spread out. The blue flames were much hotter than the white flames, and they replaced everything in the world!

As they spread in all directions, they caused the entire world to turn blue! The blue flames swept across the realm, and the entire Seven-Colored Realm turned into a blue flame hell in an instant!

The place filled with fierce beasts was originally filled with white flames, but in an instant, the white flames disappeared and were replaced with a demonic, blue light.

The blue light flashed by and all the white flames turned blue!

The fierce beasts that didn't mind the flames and those that showed their might were all terrified. They quickly turned into fog to resist it. They seemed to be extremely afraid of these blue flames.

Those fire pythons that revealed disdain immediately began to roar. They quickly turned into fog to resist. One of the fire pythons was a bit slow and was suddenly surrounded by blue light. The python let out a painful cry as it was burned to death. Its soul was absorbed by the flames and became a part of its will!

There were very few flames that could burn a fire beast equal to a peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivator!

As the blue flames spread even more, the caves in the valleys collapsed. The restrictions were so fragile before the flames!

At this moment, the entire Seven-Colored Realm was burning. The blue flames seemed to be roaring at the world! In the depths of the Seven-Colored Realm, the white-haired old man started rushing toward Wang Lin. He was fast, but when he got close to Wang Lin, his expression changed greatly.

He saw a heaven-shaking blue light before him as the blue flames rushed at him like an angry wave. The old man's expression turn pale, then his hands quickly formed a seal and he took out a magic treasure. Thanks to these actions, he was lucky enough to survive the blue flames.

However, sweat covered his forehead and the aghast in his eyes revealed how terrified he was.

"This… What is this fire?" He had seen many things during his life as a cultivator, but he had never seen blue flames like these. These flames could destroy the body of a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator and burn their origin soul. These flames shocked the white-haired old man greatly!

At the source of the blue flames, where Wang Lin was sitting, the blue light was heaven-shaking, making it impossible for any other color to appear. Within these indescribably beautiful, blue flames, the cry of a Vermillion Bird echoed!

The moment the Vermilion Bird cry echoed, a blue Vermillion Bird appeared within the flames was if it was just reborn. The moment it appeared, all the blue flames in the Seven-Colored Realm went crazy as if they were cheering!

Under the Blue Vermillion Bird, a slender figure walked out one step at a time...

The Vermillion Bird's third awakening was like being reborn in fire!

At this moment, far away from the Cloud Sea in the forbidden area of the Alliance where the Four Divine Sect was located, all the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect members felt the fire inside their bodies burn like crazy. For the first time, they lost control of the flames, and they rushed of out their bodies and surrounded them.

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