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Chapter 1211 - Azure Dragon Divine Emperor

There were four elders sitting outside the Azure Dragon Temple where the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor was. The four of them were all elders of the Azure Dragon Divine Sect, and they were all anxious.

Roars continued to come out from the temple and echo across the world. These roars were filled with endless pain, and they caused the mind of anyone who heard them to tremble.

"The Divine Sovereign has been in closed door cultivation for more than a month…" one of the elders listening to the roars said with a worried look.

The person beside him was about to speak when the roars from inside the temple became even louder. There was a thunderous rumble that sounded like someone was bashing the wall with their head.

The temple trembled, and a large amount of restrictions appeared, preventing it from collapsing.

The four people outside the temple looked at each other and all saw the anxiety and panic in each others' eyes.

Inside the Azure Dragon Temple sat an old man. This old man was skinny and his face was distorted, as if he was enduring unimaginable pain. Beads of sweat soaked his clothes and endless roars echoed through the halls.

On his shoulders, legs, hips, and chest were eight black chains locking him in place. They were linked to the chamber. There were also four treasures floating around him. Anyone in the Four Divine Sect would recognize them as the Four Holy Treasures!

These Four Holy Treasures gave off a glow that covered the old man as if they were restricting him!

This old man was the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor! His face was filled with pain, and then, on his right arm, a seven-inch-long tumor suddenly appeared under his skin. It rapidly moved to his chest and eventually cycled through his whole body.

The Azure Dragon Divine Emperor's roar echoed and his body struggled, causing the chains to shake. He also rushed out and smashed his head into the wall of the chamber.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, cracks appeared on the wall, but it soon returned to normal.  The light from the Four Holy Treasures became even stronger, and the illusions of a Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, and White Tiger appeared. They seemed to be holding the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor down.

A weakened Azure Dragon vaguely appeared above the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor. This Azure Dragon was very old and gave off an ancient aura. For some unknown reason, countless blood colored tumors appeared on its body. It was a shocking sight!

After an unknown amount of time, the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor's roar gradually calmed down. The seven-inch tumor gradually shrank until it disappeared. The chain no longer made noise and the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor calmed down. He sat down, breathing hard, and after a long time, he revealed a bitter expression.

"I won again…" He regained his breath and was about to start cultivating when his head suddenly jerked up. He looked into the instance with a hint of joy in his eyes. After pondering a bit, he let out a joyous laugh and two streams of tears fell from his eyes.

"Good! Good! Indeed a worthy Divine Emperor chosen by the old Vermillion Bird. He was able to be reborn through fire and completed the Vermillion Bird's third awakening. I think he is the first clan member to complete the third awakening since ancient times! Good! For you to obtain such a fortune, it was not in vain for me to suffer this unspeakable ordeal!" As the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor laughed, footsteps echoed in the temple. The four elders walked in and their voices came from outside the chamber.

"We welcome the Divine Sovereign out of closed door cultivation!"

As they spoke, the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor formed a seal and pointed around. The chains around him disappeared and the four Holy Treasures turned into rays of light before entering his body.

He waved his sleeves and then walked out from the chamber.

He looked at the four people before him with an indifferent gaze and slowly asked, "Is there any change on planet Suzaku?"

"The ancient god inside the spatial crack linked to planet Suzaku is about to awaken! However, we have listened to the Divine Sovereign's command and placed the great primal formation using the blood of the four clans!"

When the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor heard these words, he silently nodded. He looked at the distance with a complex gaze, and after a long time, there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. His voice was filled with killing intent as he said, "The Brilliant Void Realm has been chaotic for too long and Allheaven has taken this opportunity to invade. Call all members of the Four Divine Sect to gather. I'm going to regain control of the Brilliant Void Realm. All cultivators must either yield or die!"

The four elders before him were startled, but they looked up with excitement in their eyes. They quickly rush out and sent the heaven-shaking order to the entire Four Divine Sect!

The entire Four Divine Sect began to move!

"The people of the Outer Realm will soon arrive. Is there still time…" the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor muttered to himself.

In the Seven-Colored Realm, as the Blue Vermillion Bird flew into the air, Wang Lin's figure slowly walked out from the blue flames. He looked at the blue world before him with very bright eyes.

"If my fire, thunder, and battle intent can merge with my true and false domain, my cultivation level will increase once more. No one under the Heaven's Blight cultivation level will be my match!" Wang Lin looked at the distance, at the depths of the Seven-Colored Realm. He could see a towering mountain in the distance. He could see the cave in that mountain, and he could see the strange scene inside!

"To plant dao to nurture… When the fruit becomes ripe, who will come to pick it…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up as he raised his right hand and pointed forward!

With this point, the Blue Vermillion Bird let out a cry and suddenly moved. It took the blue flames around it and charged forward. A thunderous rumble echoed as the overwhelming blue flames rushed out straight toward the white-haired old man!

The white-haired old man had nine pieces of beast bone fragments surrounding him. They had driven away the surrounding flames, allowing him to close in. However, as he closed in, he suddenly stopped and looked ahead. Blue flames like an ocean that covered the world charged at him and intense heat filled the world. Popping sounds came from the nine pieces of beast bone around the old man.

They seemed like they couldn't withstand the heat wave and were about to collapse.

"Such a shocking fire. It is extremely rare to see something like this. This child's cultivation level isn't high, but with just this fire, he could battle Nirvana Shatterer cultivators and not fall behind! Unfortunately…" The old man's hands formed a seal and his origin energy began to move. His late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivation spread out and a giant ball appeared between his hands.

This ball contained a large amount of origin energy. As it rotated, a destructive aura spread out like crazy.

"Sovereign wants this person's soul. I think that aside from the fact that his soul is pure, the Sovereign must also want this fire comprehension!" When the old man thought he had the answer, his eyes lit up. He was going to kill Wang Lin and take Wang Lin's soul, and no one could stop him!

He pushed his hands forward and a whistling came from the ball as if it was calling something. At the same time, the old man's voice echoed through the world.

"Summon, Defying Ones!"

The moment his voice echoed, seven-colored light pierced through the blue flames and seemed to fight the blue flames. An illusionary figure appeared in the seven-colored light and then a giant compass filled the sky.

This didn't end here. Rays of seven-colored light formed a large, seven-colored sword. It swung around as if it was going to cut the blue flames in half.

These spells formed by the seven-colored light were all spells of the Defying Ones. In the hands of the old man, their power was far stronger than when Master Ashen Pine summoned them.

The moment the seven-colored sword appeared, it rushed out. It turned into seven-colored sword energy as it charged at the Blue Vermillion Bird inside the blue flames!

The Blue Vermillion Bird let out a cry and all the blue flames in the world rushed out and collided with the sword energy, causing a heaven-shaking rumble. At the same time, the figure in the sky stepped forward and waved his hand. Strands of slaughter energy unexpectedly appeared!

These strands of slaughter energy filled the sky and fell down like rain at the Blue Vermillion Bird. However, when the Blue Vermillion Bird let out a cry, the strands of slaughter energy collapsed one by one!

It seemed all spells in this world had to collapse before the Blue Vermillion Bird!

Wang Lin looked at everything and rushed forward. He turned into a ray of blue light and charged ahead. A blue flame flashed in his left eye and then a sea of flames surrounded him as he charged at the giant compass.

The compass turned and let out a roar, but before any spell could appear, Wang Lin closed in and the compass was surrounded by a sea of flames.

"Collapse!" Wang Lin roared, then the compass began to burn and suddenly collapsed!

Floating in the air, Wang Lin's left hand formed a seal and pointed down. The Blue Vermillion Bird let out a cry as it took all the flames around it and charged at the white-haired old man.

All of this happened in an instant. At almost the moment the white-haired old man used those spells, Wang Lin's counter-attack destroyed them all. At the same time, his killing intent was locked onto the white-haired old man.

The old man looked at Wang Lin with a serious expression. His right hand pointed at the sky and he shouted, "As the guardian of the Seven-Colored Realm, I command all Defying Ones to appear!"

As the old man roared, the seven-colored light seemed to go crazy and pierced through the sea of flames. Dozens of illusionary figures appeared from all around.

There were young and old, men and woman among these illusionary figures, but they all gave off terrifying auras. They all looked at Wang Lin, and shortly after, endless spells appeared around these dozens of people. Each one of these spells was comparable to the Heavenly Finger, and all of them shot toward Wang Lin.

"No matter how strong your flame is, you're only a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator, so you can't resist the spells of the Defying Ones… Your power of fire is indeed very strong, but this old man has the treasures gifted by the Sovereign. Your fire can't break through these treasures," the old man said with a calm voice.

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