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Chapter 1209 - Would You?

As one of seven great clans of the Ancient Star System, the Moon-Devouring Clan controlled a vast starfield. Their ancestor had once obtained great merits, so the status of the Moon-Devouring Clan was very high. There were also three of them that became elders of the Sovereign Union, which allowed them to have countless years of glory.

In the southern part of the Moon-Devouring Clan, there was a forbidden land that no one was allowed to enter. There was also heavy protection around this area, and only certain people in the clan could enter this place to cultivate.

There were nine giant statues in this forbidden location. These were statues of nine ancient gods! Each statue had an old man sitting on top. They were holding strange seals and seemed to be forcibly absorbing the power of the ancient gods from the statues.

Since ancient times, after they betrayed the ancient gods, the Moon God had always tried to find way to take the power of the ancient gods. They hoped to one day wash away the humiliation of the past and make the ancient gods slaves of the Moon-Devouring Clan!

In order to achieve this, the entire Moon-Devouring Clan spent all their efforts and researched for countless years before they finally found a method to devour ancient gods!

However, this method contained great flaws and dangers. Even to this day, no one had succeeded.

The nine elders on the nine ancient god statues were all the most talented members of the Moon-Devouring Clan, and they had shocking power. This was the only reason they were allowed to attempt to cultivate here.

Everything went on calmly. This place was completely calm and was almost like the realm of the dead. However, at this moment, the youth from the Moon-Devouring Clan summoned the ancient god shadow in the Seven-Colored Realm, and Wang Lin gave the command as a royal ancient god to annul the ancient covenant!

Thunderous rumbles came from the nine ancient god statues and cracks covered the statues. This sudden change caused the nine people who were cultivating to awaken from their cultivation. They were shocked, terrified, and filled with confusion. They had no idea what was happening!

However, the change didn't end. The moment the nine of them flew up, one of the ancient god statues suddenly collapsed and the ancient god power inside dissipated into the world.

At the same time, the second ancient god statue trembled and more cracks appeared on it. In the blink of an eye, it turned to dust and disappeared under the dumbfounded gazes of the nine cultivators.

Seeing that the remaining seven statues were collapsing as well, their expressions changed greatly!

"Do whatever it takes to stop these slave statues from collapsing!" A heaven-shaking voice swept by with an unimaginable divine sense. An old man who gave off an ancient aura and was wearing a moon robe arrived from the distance. He waved his hand and the sky became covered in moonlight.

The Moon-Devouring Clan was extremely arrogant to even dare to call the ancient gods slaves. Although the ancient gods weren't really their slaves, it was easy to see the desire of the clan!

Several powerful auras rushed over from the distance.

"What exactly happened!?" This was the terrifying question that appeared in the heart of every Moon-Devouring Clan member that arrived.

The old man wearing the moon robe looked up at the void and said as he gnashed his teeth, "An ancient royal god has annulled the ancient covenant!" However, hidden deep in his eyes was fear and panic that became stronger and stronger...

Wang Lin don't know what had happened in the Ancient Star System outside the Sealed Realm. The wailing gradually weakened until it eventually disappeared. The body of the youth of the Moon-Devouring Clan turned into blood that dripped down to the ground from Zhan Xingye's skeleton.

This youth's bones had completely shattered and scattered everywhere. Only two pieces of bone remained. They were pinned down by the seven-colored nails.

Wang Lin didn't pay attention to any of this. His gaze fell on the Vermillion Bird, and he felt the fire become even more intense. In the end, the Vermillion Bird let out an earth-shattering cry before it rushed down and entered Wang Lin's left eye.

At this instant, a sea of fire appeared around Wang Lin and filled this entire space. He immediately moved and left this place. After leaving through the spatial crack, he arrived at the top of the mountain under the Time Restriction and immediately sat down.

The seven-colored light fell from the sky, but it immediately began to distort as if it was burning. It was unexpectedly being forced back by the temperature of the fire inside Wang Lin's body.

Wang Lin's left eye gave off a shocking fire. This fire was red at first, but it soon turned white. This caused Wang Lin's left eye to turn almost completely white!

The Vermillion Bird was about to awaken for the third time! After absorbing the feather in Peng Lai and devouring the firebird ancestral spirit the Fire Sparrow Clan member had summoned, the third Vermillion Bird awakening had arrived!

At this moment, the seven-colored light continued to be pushed back and a heatwave spread out with Wang Lin as the center. The Time Restriction had already recovered, but due to the seal, it made the temperature here become even higher!

The crimson red armor around Wang Lin absorbed the heat coming from his body. Monstrous flames filled the surroundings. These burning flames seemed to be competing with the heavens!

The Vermillion Bird was the being that controlled all the fire in the world. No one knew where it came from, but legend had it that when the world was born, it contained five elements. The Vermillion Bird was born from the fire element!

Today, whether the legend was true or not no longer mattered. The important thing was that the Vermillion Bird Clan had existed since ancient times. They were born from fire and never extinguished!

This clan cultivated the power of fire and had the mark of the Vermillion Bird on their bodies. Every awakening of the mark meant the metamorphosis of the Vermillion Bird, and it represented the heaven-shaking power of fire. In ancient times, the first Vermillion Bird awakening wasn't uncommon, but as time passed, due to the diluting bloodline, fewer and fewer people awakened.

There is no need to even talk about people who awakened a second time. It was rare even in the ancient times, and now even more so. Anyone who had awakened twice would be able to shock any Vermillion Bird Clan member.

However, compared to the third awakening, it was like comparing the firefly to the moon. The third awakening seemed to have disappeared. Only in ancient primal times did there seem to be a few with shocking talent that reached this realm! However, no one knew if it was true or not.

Those who awakened three time were like the fire spirits of the world, and they controlled all fire!

At this moment, Wang Lin was going through his third awakening. The temperature of the fire inside the restriction became higher and higher. The space inside began to fragment, as if it couldn't withstand the flames.

The Vermillion Bird Armor seemed to melt; it was as if this armor couldn't withstand the heat coming from Wang Lin's body. The armor melted into liquid, but it didn't fall. Instead, it was absorbed by Wang Lin's body.

The sea of flames that came out from Wang Lin's body increased until it filled the entire area within the restriction. At first the fire was red, but as it burned, all the fire inside the restriction turned white!

This white fire contained the power to destroy the world. The moment it appeared, it caused large amounts of black gas to appear from the mountain beneath him as if it was being refined. Before the black gas could spread, it dissipated due to the impact of the fire.

One could only see the mountain shrink and begin to collapse. Cracks even appeared on the stone gate on the mountain. The young woman in green trembled and was turned into gas. She disappeared without a trace. What was even more shocking was what happened to the beast soul sealed by the seven-light. Some of the light collapsed and the beast soul inside was burned to death. However, the beast's dao intent didn't dissipate, and it fused with the fire!

As a result, this caused the fire to seem like it contained will! It wasn't just one will, but countless wills, but in the end they would all be something under Wang Lin's control!

In just a moment, the mountain completely collapsed. Even the rubble was burnt to nothing. Only the rank 12 and 13 beast souls were lucky enough to survive due to the seven-colored light around them.

The moment the mountain collapsed, the temperature of the fire reached a new peak. Under the powerful impact of the fire, the weakest point of the Time Restriction, which was the crack, was finally wasn't able to withstand it anymore and was torn open. The fire seemed to find a place to vent, and it immediately rushed out of the crack. In an instant, it began burning the restriction.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the Time Restriction turned into a burning ball of fire and immediately collapsed!

The moment it collapsed, the world was shocked! Large amounts of fire rushed out and spread across the Seven-Colored Realm. In the mountain in the depths of the realm, the white-haired old man suddenly opened his eyes and became filled with shock. He quickly got up and looked toward where Wang Lin was!

In the Ancient Star System, in the palace that was floating among the boundless stars, it was no longer bright. Only the floating jades gave off a gentle light that seemed to light up the temple.

The temple was completely quiet, quiet to a terrifying degree. However, at this moment, one of the candlesticks suddenly lit up. The fire flickered, causing the temple to alternate between bright and dark, making the temple even more gloomy.

"The more prosperous the fire, the more delicious the soul will be…" A mumbling voice echoed as an old, withered finger appeared next to the fire and pointed at it. This made the fire burn even more brightly. However, the location of the owner of the finger was somewhere not even the candlestick could light up.

"Are you not afraid that this prosperous fire will burn your finger?" A second voice echoed in the temple. These words were very cold.

"Would it…" The finger extended into the fire, allowing the candle to burn it...

At the same time, deep within the Seven-Colored Realm, the old man's pupils shrank. He seemed to have been given an order, and he charged toward Wang Lin's location!

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