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Chapter 1203 - Dao Essence

Large amounts of origin energy filled the valley Sima Mo's cave was located in. The origin energy formed a vortex that floated above the valley. Below the vortex was Wang Lin.

The history of the Seven-Colored Realm was mysterious, and there were many strange things here that were filled with danger. However, it was also a huge opportunity for Wang Lin.

After he absorbed Master Ashen Pine's memories, Wang Lin learned even more about the Seven-Colored Realm. He even found out about the use of the bottle of liquid and the method to leave this place.

If he hadn't broken through from the early stage of Nirvana Cleanser to the mid stage, he would have hesitated. After all, Wang Lin had gained a much better understanding of the dangers here after taking Master Ashen Pine's memories. More importantly, he knew of the existence of that mountain the depths of the Seven-Colored Realm.

However, Wang Lin's domain had a breakthrough, so he just needed to absorb enough origin crystal to reach the mid stage of Nirvana Cleanser. At that time, with his ancient god body, he could kill mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivators without any difficulty. Only late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivators would be a challenge.

"If I can reach the peak of the Nirvana Cleanser stage, those late stage Nirvana Shatterer old monsters won't be my match!" Wang Lin took a deep breath and the large amount of origin energy rushed into his body. It was all absorbed into his body.

Popping sounds echoed and his hair moved without any wind. His origin soul was also cultivating and continued to swell as he devoured the endless origin energy.

As more and more origin energy entered, Wang Lin's origin soul became as large as his body. Wang Lin's eyes suddenly opened. His gaze was like the bright stars, and it pierced through the heavens and earth.

The moment he opened his eyes, the large amount of origin crystals around him collapsed into dust, forming a ring around him.

Mid stage Nirvana Cleanser!

Wang Lin smiled and let out a mouthful of foil air. Then he waved his hand and a jade bottle appeared. This was the thing he had taken from Master Ashen Pine.

"Use the Lost Ones to devour dao and the Enlightened Ones to nourish dao. The nourished dao is then absorbed by the four stone tablets. Then use the scripture engraved on the skeleton under the tablet to transform this dao into an unimaginable force. This force is then used to extract this black blood from the skeleton. But it isn't blood, it's the dao essence of that person!" Wang Lin's eyes shined brightly. This was the important information he had obtained from Master Ashen Pine's mind.

Wang Lin didn't find how Master Ashen Pine had obtained his information. After all, Master Ashen Pine was a mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, and the soul search spell wasn't without flaws. Wang Lin couldn't obtain everything.

"The key of this dao essence is the identity of that half-skeleton! There are two stone tablets, and from what I've seen, each should have half a skeleton nailed below them, so it was one person!

"This person must have been very famous. I don't know if he was killed or if someone dug up his skeleton, but they used his heaven-shattering method to force out his dao essence! If I drink his dao essence, I can obtain his dao!

"The scripture on the bones was carved on there later. It is unknown what powerful cultivator turned their spell into a scripture and thought of this terrifying idea!

"However, this dao essence can't be consumed immediately. Once one drinks it, they fall asleep for an unknown amount of time. Master Ashen Pine's plan was to find an absolutely safe place here, drink it, and wait for the day he would awaken. This was also the reason why he didn't just drink it when he was fighting the old woman in green!"

The place he had chosen was the mountain in the depths of the Seven-Colored Realm! Only, there was no sign of that white-haired old man in Master Ashen Pine's memories.

 Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he stared at the bottle in his left hand.

"Interesting. Everything here seems to produce dao for the stone tablets to absorb; even the fierce beasts are the same. As for why there aren't any rank 13 beasts, it is like all of them were killed and had their dao souls taken.

"All of this is for the dao essence in this jade bottle. However, the importance of this dao essence to the powerful cultivator that set this up is likely not as simple as drinking it...

"The old man on the mountain must be guarding something. Perhaps what he is guarding is connected to to all this!" Wang Lin pondered a bit and put the bottle away.

"Sima Mo's jade said that there are four tablets, but when my mind spread out, there were only two. One of stone tablets didn't even have a skeleton or bottle beneath it… This is a bit strange."

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin looked at the nine caves on the mountain. He had only checked the first three, but after that, he didn't open them. His body flickered and he arrived before the fourth cave.

He placed his right hand on the rock that was sealing the cave and the origin energy in his body surged. He gently pressed on the rock and popping sounds came out. All the restrictions on it collapsed and moved to the side.

The moment the rock moved, Wang Lin's lightning gaze looked inside and he frowned.

The fourth cave was completely empty.

Stepping into the cave, Wang Lin carefully looked around but still found nothing.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin arrived next to the fifth cave. This cave also had a restriction sealing it, and it was actually the Time Restriction. The ripples of the restriction were extremely powerful.

It would be difficult to break this restriction. Wang Lin raised his right hand and formed seals, and restrictions immediately appeared. As his hand landed on the rock, a rumble came out from inside it and large amounts of ripples immediately appeared.

The moment it turned transparent, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He was startled when he saw through the transparent rock and saw what was inside.

There were people in this cave.

Four cultivators with tattered clothes, no hair, and dead eyes walked in confusion inside the cave. It was as if they had never stopped once over the countless years and continued walking.

There was a formation on the ground of the cave. This formation released a gentle light that surrounded the four of them and slowly drilled into their bodies. There was also a piece of jade a the center.

"Lost Ones!" Wang Lin immediately recognized the four of them. He thought of the information Sima Mo had left behind and gasped. He quickly arrived before the sixth cave and used the same method to make the rock transparent to look inside.

There were three people inside the 6th cave. These three people seemed to have no physical bodies and were only ghosts. They drifted in the cave and seemed to be chanting something, but with the rock blocking the way, Wang Lin couldn't hear anything.

"Enlightened Ones…" Wang Lin saw that there were even more restrictions inside. These restrictions were there to completely seal them, making it impossible for them to come out unless they awakened one day and opened the restriction on their own.

There was also a jade placed in the cave.

Taking a deep breath, Wang  Lin walked to the seventh cave and made the rock transparent too. His eyes narrowed as he saw a old man sitting inside.

This old man's hair was grey and his face was deathly pale. He sat there as if he had been there for an eternity. There were even more restrictions here than in the cave with the Enlightened Ones. They completely sealed this place shut.

The moment Wang Lin looked at the old man, the old man's eyes opened. His eyes were filled with madness as he stared at Wang Lin outside the rock and let out a roar. He charged like a beast, and spells appeared around him and he shot toward the rock.

However, the moment the old man's spells appeared, the restrictions in the cave flashed quickly and absorbed the spells. The old man roared even more intensely and his hands smashed down on the rock.

No sound came out. Wang Lin was able to see the old man's roar, but not hear it. The mountain rock remained motionless.

After a long time, the old man seemed tired. He stared at Wang Lin as he retreated and sat back down. The restrictions returned to normal.

"Could he be… a Defying One!" After looking at the three caves, Wang Lin had already understood that these people were Sima Mo's sect members. Sima Mo had brought them back and sealed them inside the cave in an attempt to awaken them.

However, looking at it now, Sima Mo didn't succeed.

"The jades inside the Lost Ones and Enlightened Ones' caves should contain the Time Restriction! Sima Mo's thought was that if one of them awakened, they would only need to learn the restriction to open it."

Letting out a sigh, Wang Lin walked to the eighth cave. The restriction on the eighth cave wasn't a Time Restriction. After a glance, Wang Lin waved his hand and the restriction dissipated. The rock rumbled and moved aside.

The moment the eighth cave opened, Wang Lin sucked in a breath of cold air. He stared at the items inside and finally let out a breath after a long time.

There was half a skeleton inside this cave!

This was the lower half of a skeleton, and there were countless words carved on it. This skeleton was completely black. The restriction on the ground sealed the skeleton completely.

"So the lost skeleton from the stone tablet is here…" Wang Lin looked at the skeleton and felt a powerful force tugging at his mind. He retreated a few steps and cut off that bit of connection without any hesitation.

After focusing himself, Wang Lin pondered for a bit. He wasn't willing to leave just like this. He looked at the skeleton and saw that there was a deep fracture on its right leg. Although it wasn't disconnected, the wound was very deep.

After a long time, Wang Lin's hands formed a seal. He pointed at his body several times and placed a large amount of restrictions on his mind. Then his hand reached out and took out the crystal sword he had gotten from Master Ashen Pine. He left a sliver of his thoughts inside the sword and slowly walked forward. It was only few dozen feet, but Wang Lin was extremely careful every step. He slowly arrived next to the skeleton, squatted down, and reached for the fracture on the right leg without any hesitation. His mind extended out from his right hand.

He was using his soul to comprehend!

The moment Wang Lin's divine sense touched the bone, he felt a bang in his mind.

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