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Chapter 1202 - Planting Dao

The bolt of lightning in front of Master Ashen Pine shot out just like during their first battle. It carried with it a monstrous might and collided with the origin energy in flash.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the surroundings. The endless origin energy dissipated and the lightning pierced through toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he mercilessly threw a punch.

His ancient god power activated and the illusion of an giant ancient god appeared behind Wang Lin. This shadow was unimaginably large, and it threw a punch along with Wang Lin's punch.

Popping sounds echoed and the punch immediately collided with the lightning mark.

The world changed colors! The lightning mark trembled and suddenly collapsed, but the power of lightning inside turned into countless bolts of lightning that descended on Wang Lin.

Master Ashen Pine's eyes were filled with viciousness. Thee moment he attacked, he used his most powerful spell. He hated Wang Lin so much that he hoped Wang Lin would immediately die.

"Thunder and lightning…" Wang Lin revealed a look of contempt. Lightning flashed in his right eye and a vortex appeared between his eyebrows. His ancient thunder dragon origin soul flew out and let out a roar at the countless bolts of lightning in the sky!


The ancient thunder dragon had power over thunder! With this roar, the lightning flashed in Wang Lin's right eyes and spread across his body. Soon, the space within thousands of feet of him became a thunder lake.

The thunder descending from the sky paused for a moment and then fused with the thunder lake around Wang Lin, forming a boundless thunder hell.

Wang Lin was like a thunder celestial inside the thunder lake!

He breathed in, and the endless thunder quickly condensed into his right eye.

This scene caused Master Ashen Pine's face to turn pale; he was completely stunned.

Not far away, Chen Tianjun's forehead was covered in sweat. His face was pale and shock had filled his eyes.

Wang Lin didn't stop. After he absorbed the lightning, there was a faint lightning mark in his eyes. It shot out from his eyes just like the attack from before and flew directly at Master Ashen Pine.

Master Ashen Pine quickly retreated and his hands formed a seal. The seven nascent souls quickly gave off an intense blood red light and surrounded Master Ashen Pine in an attempt to block the lightning!

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. Although he hadn't actually broken through to the mid stage of Nirvana Cleanser, the breakthrough in his domain had caused the power of his spells to become more powerful. He was also different compared to the first time he battled Master Ashen Pine.

The moment the lightning shot out, Wang Lin reached out and his storage space appeared. A seven-colored light came out from the crack and the seven-colored nail appeared. Wang Lin grabbed it and threw it!

The seven-colored light turned into a ray of seven-colored light and whistled at Master Ashen Pine at an extreme speed.

Master Ashen Pine was surrounded by a blood light and the lightning arrived. The blood light seemed to boil as popping sounds echoed. The blood light continued to collapse and dissipate.

As Master Ashen Pine continued to retreat, his right hand opened his storage space. However, at this moment, he felt a powerful sense of danger. A ray of seven-colored light instantly closed in on him through the collapsing blood light.

Master Ashen Pine's face instantly turn ashen. The seven-colored light was too fast. Blood splashed out from his chest when the seven-colored light pierce through. His origin soul was going to escape, but he let out a miserable groan. A seven-colored nail had punctured the chest of his origin soul.

Master Ashen Pine's origin soul revealed a hint of panic, but madness soon appeared. Wang Lin immediately appeared behind Master Ashen Pine and placed his right hand on Master Ashen Pine's head. He was taking advantage of the moment that Master Ashen Pine's origin soul was seriously injured and about to go crazy to search his soul.

Wang Lin quickly obtained the memories from Master Ashen Pine's origin soul. Master Ashen Pine's origin soul trembled and the madness intensified. After just a moment, the madness reached a peak and he let out a roar. Blood red lines spread out from his chest and spread across his whole body.

Wang Lin withdrew his hand and ignored Master Ashen Pine. He swept through Master Ashen Pine's storage space and took everything. At this moment, Master Ashen Pine went crazy.

He held his head in his hands, and his eyes revealed a beast-like gaze. Then he pointed at the sky and his body trembled. A roar came from his mouth before his body rapidly withered. In just a moment, he dissipated and turned into a blood bead.

This bead gave off a blood red light and covered all the seven-colored light in the sky. The world dimmed and the blood bead shot at the sky.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. This was his first time using the seven-colored nail. Based on his personal experience from forcing out the seven-colored nail, the seven-colored nail would instantly absorb all your vitality at the moment of madness. Then you would die while going mad.

However, he didn't expect a blood bead to form at the moment a death!

Seeing the blood bead charge into the sky, Wang Lin didn't hesitate to charge toward it. He got approached the bead and grabbed it. The bead immediately began to struggle as if it wanted to break free. A powerful force came from within it that shook Wang Lin's mind and pulled him into the void.

Wang Lin's expression changed, but just at this moment, the Heaven Defying Bead, which hadn't moved for a long time, suddenly condensed in his origin soul. It rapidly rotated and a mysterious suction force entered his right hand. The blood bead trembled and suddenly stopped struggling. It entered Wang Lin's right hand and entered the Heaven Defying Bead inside his origin soul.

Then seven-colored light gathered in Wang Lin's right hand and the nail reformed.

This strange scene shocked Wang Lin's mind, but he didn't reveal a hint of it. He put away the seven-colored nail and his gaze fell on Chen Tianjun.

Chen Tianjun had just witnessed Wang Lin slaughter Master Ashen Pine. When Wang Lin looked over, his face turned pale. He subconsciously took a few steps back and clasped his hands at Wang Lin.

"Brother Lu's power is heaven-shaking. I admire you! Master Ashen Pine was vicious for bringing us all here. It is fortunate that he died by Fellow Cultivator Lu's hand. He deserved it; Fellow Cultivator Lu did good!"

Wang Lin closed in on Chen Tianjun and slightly clasped his hands.

Chen Tianjun looked cautiously at Wang Lin and explained before Wang Lin even asked any questions, "I left earlier, but after travelling back along the original path to the altar, I found that I couldn't leave this Seven-Colored Realm. Then I encountered a fierce beast and was seriously injured. I found this place and began healing." 

Wang Lin's expression remained calm as he slowly said, "Escaping a rank 12  beast must not have been easy for Fellow Cultivator Chen."

Chen Tianjun was nervous as he quickly said, "I'm special. I have a good understanding of fierce beasts, so I barely was able to escape."

Wang Lin have no feud with this Chen Tianjun and didn't want to fight over any treasures. He clasped his hands and was about to leave.

"Fellow Cultivator Lu, wait. I have one thing to ask." Chen Tianjun was still hesitating, but seeing that Wang Lin was going to leave, he clenched his teeth and made up his mind.

"What is it?" Wang Lin looked at Chen Tianjun.

"When Fellow Cultivator Lu searched Master Ashen Pine's soul, did you… did you find a method to leave?" Chen Tianjun looked at Wang Lin with a hint of nervousness.

Wang Lin silently pondered for a bit and then nodded.

Chen Tianjun let out a sigh of relief and became even more respectful. He sincerely clasped his hands. "Please help me, Fellow Cultivator Lu. As long as you can take me out of here, any condition will be fine as long as I can leave this damn place!"

Wang Lin's gaze swept Chen Tianjun's face and he shook his head. "I don't plan on leaving soon."

Chen Tianjun hesitated and whispered, "No problem. Just take me when Fellow Cultivator Lu leaves. There's no rush. If you need me to do anything, just ask."

After he finished speaking, he saw Wang Lin's expression remain calm, as if Wang Lin didn't agree, so he quickly said, "Fellow Cultivator Lu, with my understanding of fierce beasts and my spells from my Battle Beast Sect, I can help Fellow Cultivator Lu gather origin crystals from the countless fog beasts here. I roughly calculated that there are at least 100 fog beasts and countless origin crystals. If Fellow Cultivator promises to take me out of here, I'll risk it and gather all those origin crystals! After we leave, there will be a big reward as well!"

Wang Lin was moved. After pondering a bit, he nodded and handed a jade to Chen Tianjun.

"After you finished gathering the origin crystals, you can send me a message." After that, Wang Lin no longer looked at Chen Tianjun and left.

As Chen Tianjun watched Wang Lin disappear over the horizon, he let out a sigh of relief. He didn't lie; he indeed wanted to leave this place. Originally, he thought he had no chance, but after seeing Master Ashen Pine die, he knew that his chances of leaving this place were in Wang Lin's hands.

"Taking the origin crystals will be very dangerous, so I need to prepare." Chen Tianjun took a deep breath and held the jade tightly as if it was his hope of leaving. He returned to his cave.

Wang Lin returned to the cave inside the valley and took out a large amount of origin crystals. He placed large amounts of restrictions around him and began absorbing the origin energy. Origin energy rushed toward him from all sides and he cultivated his way toward the mid stage of Nirvana Cleanser.

"Although this place is dangerous, this is the best place to cultivate. From Master Ashen Pine's memories, there was that stone statue that he used to reform his body. Perhaps I can absorb some power from it. There is also those three from the outer realm. They have power and information about the outer realm I need.

"There is also that old woman in green with her Life and Death Restriction, and there is also Sima Mo's Time Restriction…"

In the boundless stars, there was a star system that was far larger than Allheaven, Brilliant Void, Summoned River, and the Cloud Sea. Even if all four star systems were combined, it wouldn't be able to compare to this vast star system.

This was called the outer realm by the people of the sealed realm...

The people of the outer realm called this place the Primal Star System... 

There was a mysterious palace in a forbidden area of the Primal Star System. There was no sign of life here, and there were several seven-colored lights floating in the palace. There was a piece of jade with a name engraved on it inside each light...

Qing Shui, All-Seer, Master Zhongxuan, Daoist Water, Sima Mo,  Master Ashen Pine…

At this moment, the jade with Master Ashen Pine engraved on it collapsed into countless pieces and a sigh echoed in the palace. Just as the sigh appeared, time began to flow in reverse and the pieces of the jade reformed back into a jade as if nothing had happened.

However, the name carved on the jade that reformed had turned into "Wang Lin…"

"In the land of dao seed, the dao spirit will form soon… Let's just use this person's soul to allow the dao to succeed." A murmur echoed inside the palace. It was as if the voice was talking to himself or passing it through the stars.

In the depths of the Seven-Colored Realm stood the mountain where Wang Lin's mind had passed. A white-haired old man was sitting there, and behind him there was a cave. Seven-Colored light came from the cave, and many mournful wails slowly came from within.

The old man suddenly raised his head and looked up at the sky. After a long time, he silently nodded.

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