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Chapter 1204 - The Plan of the Heavenly Dao

It was as if he wasn't touching the bone, but an unimaginable vortex. His divine sense was going into the depths of the vortex.

Without his control, an unimaginable suction force pulled Wang Lin's divine sense deeper and deeper.

Wang Lin was like a lonely boat in the raging waves. He was being sucked into the vortex; it was as if he was traveling through time to a period where he had never been to before!

Thunderous rumbles echoed in his mind even more. If someone looked from outside the cave, they would see that Wang Lin's body was trembling, his face was pale, and that his face had even become twisted. His right hand trembled even more intensely, but it was glued to the skeleton.

That skeleton suddenly gave off a golden glow. However, the moment the golden light appeared, the text on the skeleton gave off a black glow, trying to suppress the golden light. The two began a battle!

This was a world filled with chaos; it was impossible to separate heaven and earth. The world seemed to exist but also seemed not to exist. In the distant void, a person slowly walked over. This person wore white and looked like an old man. However, his figure was vague, making it difficult to see him clearly.

He raised his head and looked up at the sky as if he was pondering. However, at this moment, seven-colored light suddenly arrived. This wave of seven-colored light tore the world apart, causing the chaos to collapse. The sky was no longer the sky and the earth was no longer the earth; it was now space!

However, this space wasn't black, but seven-colored!

This world had become a seven-colored world!

The old man in white fiercely raised his head and waved his right hand. The word "Battle" appeared! The world surrounded his body and gave off an endless, golden glow that forced the seven-colored light back.

Just at this instant, a mighty voice echoed across the world.

"The world began at the origin, the sky is the beginning, the earth is the end. What this old man cultivates is the origin of the world. Law of origin, seven-colored guide, seal!"

With one word, all the seven-colored light in this world moved as if there was a force controlling them. All the boundless seven-colored light gathered toward the old man like crazy.

It looked as if the world had reversed and all the seven-colored light was gathering to form a seal. The seven-colored light continued to condense until it completely sealed the old man.

The endless seven-colored light flashed as if the world was going to collapse. Bursts of roars came from inside the seven-colored world, but it grew weaker until it dissipated.

"Zhan Xingye, if it wasn't for this old man gifting you the Battle Scroll, how could you have reached the Spirit Void stage? If I take your Zhan family soul, I can use it as a guide to find where that Old Ghost Zhan hid his old bones for his Void Tribulant. Then I'll take his skeleton and force out the dao essence from both of you! I'll destroy his nirvana and complete the heavenly plan!" The ancient voice sound exhausted and gradually disappeared.

At the same time, even the world Wang Lin was in began to shatter. It seemed like his origin soul was going to collapse and disintegrate with it.

At this moment in Sima Mo's cave, the golden light from the skeleton was being suppressed by the black light and was forced into a corner. The black light headed for Wang Lin's hand and was about to enter his body.

Just at this instant, the crystal sword Wang Lin had left in the cave suddenly shined and charged toward him. It moved between Wang Lin's fingertip and the skeleton, causing them to separate.

Wang Lin's body trembled as he became sober and retreated without hesitation. He stared at the skeleton, and his mind was in turmoil.

"Zhan family ancestor, Zhan Xingye!"

Wang Lin's expression became gloomy. He knew that the Zhan family ancestor from Allheaven had disappeared among the stars, and no one knew where he had gone. Zhan Xingye was extremely talented, and at some point he accidently found the Battle Scroll. He studied it to comprehend the Battle Domain and then disappeared in pursuit of a higher realm.

No matter how much his future offsprings searched for him, they couldn't find any clue of where Zhan Xingye was.

"I didn't think he… would be Zhan Xingye!

"The person who killed Zhan Xingye using the law of origin could be he the Sovereign!" Wang Lin's expression became even more gloomy. Thinking back about what happened, his heart felt cold. That seven-colored light was a spell similar to Sundered Night, but far more powerful. Just one spell was enough to kill Zhan Xingye without him being able to resist at all!

Wang Lin's mouth became dry. While pondering, he frowned and his eyes lit up.

"Something is wrong! If Zhan Xingye was killed like this, how could such a clear will remain? If he died, his will should have dissipated. Even though the will still exists, it shouldn't be this clear… Also, the voice of the Sovereign at the end clearly seemed exhausted…" Ideas raced through Wang Lin's mind, but he couldn't find any clues.

"Spirit Void, Void Tribulant! Could these be two realms in the third step? When I comprehended the Battle Scrolls, I saw an old man. The Battle Scrolls were created by that person. He once said that his cultivation level had reached the void and that he was going to have a breakthrough. Could it be… could it be that he was the 'Old Ghost Zhan' the Sovereign mentioned...

"From the way he spoke, this Sovereign seems to dread this Old Ghost Zhan. In order to find where this Old Ghost Zhan hid his bones, the Sovereign gave the Battle Scroll to Zhan Xingye. He let Zhan Xingye cultivate the battle domain before killing him for the his soul. All of this was for the sake of the heavenly plan. What exactly is this heavenly plan?" Wang Lin's mind became even more clear. Although there were some things he didn't understand, his thoughts were clear.

"The four stone tablets and two intact skeletons. This first skeleton is Zhan Xingye; could the second skeleton be his ancestor, Old Ghost Zhan?" Wang Lin sucked in a breath of cold air.

"The Battle Scroll is the dao left behind by Old Ghost Zhan!" Wang Lin looked at the skeleton with a complicated expression. When he saw the faint, golden light, he began to ponder. He had a total of three Battle Scrolls inside his storage space!

He had opened the first two, but he hadn't opened the third one since obtaining them from the Zhan family. After pondering for a bit, he looked at the skeleton and his right hand reached at the void. Three balls of light flew out.

Inside the three balls of light were the three Battle Scrolls!

The moment the Battle Scrolls appeared, the golden lighten that was forced into a corner by the black light flew out from the skeleton. It went straight into the three Battle Scrolls, and as the golden light shined, the scrolls fused together.

This strange scene was not outside of Wang Lin's expectations. His gaze was serious as he stared at the three Battle Scrolls fusing. After a moment, the fusion ended and the cave was covered in a golden light. An illusionary word "Battle" appeared before Wang Lin.

The word "Battle" released a golden glow and a terrifying aura. It headed straight for Wang Lin and was put into his storage space.

"You obtained the Battle Scroll and inadvertently became Old Ghost Zhan's cross-generation inheritor. Because of you, Sovereign found out where Old Ghost Zhan had buried his bones… Countless years later, I obtained the Battle Scrolls from your descendant… Today I saw your remains…" Wang Lin revealed a complicated look before letting out a heavy sigh. He then left the cave and sealed it.

Wang Lin didn't open the ninth cave as he wasn't able to break the restriction on it. He saw that it was filled with seven-colored gas, but he couldn't see what was inside.

Inside the valley, Wang Lin looked at Sima Mo's remains and pondered for a long time, then he left. Before Wang Lin left, he went to the first cave where the mosquito beast was and left a lot of origin crystals.

Walking out of the valley, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He needed to see the tablet that he saw with his mind before; he needed to see the other half of Zhan Xingye's remains.

After searching the memories of Pang Decai and Master Ashen Ping, Wang Lin was no longer unfamiliar with this Seven-Colored Realm. All the routes were deeply imprinted in his mind. He moved like a ray of light but didn't fly, instead moving along the ground.

He moved through the various valleys before he arrived at where restriction the old woman in green was trapped in. The restriction had been opened and the old woman had disappeared.

After taking a glance, Wang Lin didn't stop. He passed by the mountain into the fog. Wang Lin was very familiar with this area. The murmuring of the Enlightened Ones entered his ears and some even drifted by him.

The more Wang Lin learned, the more he understood the Enlightened Ones. They were all former cultivators, but they had become things to help someone else nourish dao.

Wang Lin could even imagine that these Enlightened Ones were once amazing talents who had high understanding of dao. That's why they were trapped by the dao scripture and became Enlightened Ones to nourish dao.

He let out a sigh in his heart, but he didn't stop and charged ahead. He gradually saw a giant statue in the fog. Wang Lin stopped before the statue.

His eyes shined as he jumped up and arrived next to the head of the statue.

In Master Ashen Pine's memories, his cultivation method was called the Hundred Blood Origin Forms the Nascent Soul. The seventh spirit of the Sealed Realm he summoned was comprehended from this statue.

This cultivation method allowed him to cultivate a total of nine nascent soul-like things, but they were far more powerful than nascent souls. More importantly, they would allow Master Ashen Pine to increase the speed at which he cultivated a spell by nine fold.

What was even more shocking was that each nascent soul could form a spell. Often, there were many spells that couldn't be cultivated together. No matter how good they were, you had to make a choice. The old woman's Ying Yang Ancestral spell was like this.

However, this was not an issue for Master Ashen Pine. His nine blood nascent souls could cultivate separately.

However, before the battle with Wang Lin, one of the nascent souls was taken by the old woman, and then in the battle with Wang Lin, both of them were seriously injured, so he wasn't able to use the spells inside them.

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