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Chapter 1193 - A Bloody Battle Against Master Ashen Pine!

It could devour all spells in the world for its own use; this was the ancient god treasure that ancient god Tu Si refined back then. Tu Si was extremely satisfied with this treasure, but it was lacking a spirit, so he turned it into a mountain and threw it on a planet. He hoped to use time to condense a spirit for it. After he finished his technique, this would be a treasure that would be on par with his God Slaying Spear!

However, it was unfortunate that Tu Si failed and this trident was lost in the flow of time.

After the All-Seer obtained it, he could use its power, but he couldn't activate its ability. Only an ancient god could use its ability!

Although Wang Lin's cultivation level was below the All-Seer's, he was an ancient god. After experiencing the first trial and two calamities, he was now a true ancient god. With the trident in hand, he could display its spell-devouring ability!

The three dragons were the devouring dragons. The Life and Death Restriction was devoured and became a spell of the trident. The restriction flew out and fused with the black dragons as they rushed at the Pseudo Nirvana Void crystal sword.

This crystal sword was very powerful among the treasures that Master Ashen Pine had. The reason he had taken it out was to quickly kill Wang Lin. As it flew across the sky, it seemed like it could slice the world in half.

The black dragons immediately closed in on the crystal sword. A thunderous rumble echoed as the three dragons opened their mouths and devoured the crystal sword.

At the same time, the three black dragons' bodies trembled. A roar came from one of the dragons, but it didn't explode. It struggled to return to Wang Lin along with the other two dragons, and they turned back into the trident.

There was a faint, crystal glow on the trident's body, then an imprint of the crystal sword slowly appeared on it.

Master Ashen Pine's expression changed, but he quickly charged forward. His right hand formed a seal and pointed forward. A flash of light appeared before him and instantly changed into endless sword energy. The sword energy filled the sky and shot at Wang Lin.

Shortly after, his right hand reached at his storage bag and three beads appeared. He threw them and shouted, "Summon, Defying One!"

All the seven-colored light in the world gathered once more and surged into the three beads. As popping sounds echoed, one of the beads quickly collapsed.

The moment it collapsed, it turned into a blurry shadow in the sky. It was impossible to see clearly what the shadow was, but a sword might enveloped the world.

The shadow lifted its right hand and pointed at Wang Lin! With one finger, all the seven-colored light gathered and a ray of seven-colored sword energy that could pierce the world shot at Wang Lin.

Shortly after, another bead collapsed. The earth trembled and a large part of the wall-like mountain range collapsed. A stone giant walked out from the mountains, each step causing the ground to shake. The stone giant was draped in the seven-colored light and charged at Wang Lin.

At this moment, the third bead exploded. The seven-colored light gathered like crazy and turned into a giant compass. This compass was ethereal, and it rapidly rotated to create a powerful pressure.

The moment he started attacking, he used all his killing aces. He obviously wanted to kill Wang Lin quickly. His right hand formed a seal and pointed to between his eyebrows, then his face turned red and another ray of blood light flew out.

There was something like a nascent soul inside the blood light. It was exactly the same as the thing that attacked the old woman in green!

This nascent soul released a fierce scream and charged toward Wang Lin in a blood red glow. It contained an unspeakable ferociousness on its face.

All of this happened in an instant. The moment the trident returned to Wang Lin, Master Ashen Pine's killing move arrived. He was at the mid stage of Nirvana Shatterer, so his dense origin energy allowed his spells and magic treasures to have shocking power.

Wang Lin's expression was calm and his eyes were filled with battle intent. He grabbed the trident and threw it into the sky at the compass. From Wang Lin's point of view, this was the most dangerous item!

Shortly after, his right hand formed a seal and pointed forward. The seven-colored sky was covered in a roaring, black wind. A number of black dragons formed, but they didn't scatter. Instead, they all shot toward the blurry, seven-colored figure in the sky.

After Call the Wind came Summon the Rain. Wang Lin waved his sleeves and thousands of drops of crystal rain appeared. They quickly shot at the immeasurable sword energy Master Ashen Pine had shot out, and a portion of them went after the stone giant.

Popping sounds echoed as Wang Lin walked forward and his right hand formed a fist. He threw a punch at the incoming seven-colored sword energy.

A thunderous rumble echoed. The seven-colored sword energy trembled and six of the colors collapsed. Only the blue light hot out and drilled into Wang Lin's right hand.

Wang Lin's body trembled as he felt a crazed aura rush into his body from his arm, causing him to let out a groan. His left hand formed a seal and pointed at the void, then he opened his mouth to allow the Celestial Sealing Stamp to fly out. The moment it appeared, battle souls came out one by one!

Master Void, the All-Seer, and Wu Qing all appeared and charged at the ferocious-looking blood nascent soul.

In addition, a large amount of battle souls walked out from the Celestial Sealing Stamp. There were celestials, Allheaven Cultivators, and Alliance Cultivators. This immediately caused a violent aura to envelope the area.

This scene caused Master Ashen Pine to suck in a breath of cold air. He thought that he had overestimated Wang Lin, but just the few treasures Wang Lin had shown were enough to terrify ordinary cultivators.

A thunderous rumble echoed in the seven-colored world. The trident rushed at the compass in the sky, but when it was seven inches away, it was stopped by a seven-colored light screen.

The three dragons on the trident devoured the light screen like crazy and continued to close in.

The blurry figure that was also floating in the sky gradually dissipated under the impact of the black dragons formed by Call the Wind.

Even farther away, the stone giant was covered in countless layers of ice under the assault of the countless raindrops. Before it could even get close, it turned into a giant ice sculpture.

The blood nascent soul-like thing screamed under assault of the souls of the old monsters. It tried to escape, but it couldn't get out. What was worth Wang Lin's attention was the All-Seer's soul. The moment it appeared, its eyes were filled with confusion. It didn't follow the order of Magic Arsenal to attack but instead stared at the sky.

Wang Lin didn't have time to pay attention to the All-Seer's soul. He rushed out and his hand reached at the void. Countless bolts of lightning appeared. It looked like Wang Lin had grabbed lightning.

The endless lightning condensed and turned into an ethereal spear. This was the illusion of the God Slaying Spear. He mercilessly threw the spear, and it shot at the huge compass in the sky, breaking all obstacles in its path.

Wang Lin didn't stop there. He charged forward and his right hand mercilessly pressed down. His huge palm descended from the sky as two fingers from his left hand quickly pressed down on the back of his right hand.

The origin energy surged from the seven-colored world and rushed into his right hand. A giant illusionary handprint appeared before his right hand and descended on Master Ashen Pine.

Master Ashen Pine's eyes were bloodshot and revealed a hint of madness. He bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood. He waved his right hand and his expression became ferocious. Seven nascent souls immediately appeared, and they all let out mournful cries. In the blink of an eye, a lightning mark appeared before Master Ashen Pine.

The moment the lightning mark appeared, the entire world darkened. It was as if all the light in the world was absorbed by this lightning mark.

"Using the blood of hundred origins to exchange for the 7th spirit of the Sealed Realm!" Master Ashen Pine roared as the lightning mark flashed. At this moment, Wang Lin's palm descended on the lightning mark.

A thunderous rumble echoed and the palm collapsed. The moment it collapsed, a ray of lightning shot out toward Wang Lin. It was so fast that Wang Lin didn't have time to dodge at all. It landed on his chest.

Wang Lin's body trembled and was knocked back several steps. For the first time, ancient god blood came flowed out from the corner of his mouth, but his eyes were fierce.

His right hand reached at the void and an iron sword appeared. It circled his palm once as if it was locking onto a target and shot at Master Ashen Pine.

Master Ashen Pine's left hand waved at his storage space and a seven-colored nail appeared! This was exactly the same as the one that had pierced the skeleton with the dao scripture engraved on its bones!

"Die for this old man!" Master Ashen Pine waved his hand and the seven-colored nail shot at the iron sword. This nail contained an unimaginable pressure; it was actually stronger than Pseudo Nirvana Void treasures!

In an instant, the nail collided with the iron sword. Crackling sounds echoed, and the iron sword cracked down the middle and split in half!

The seven-colored nail shattered the iron sword and directly embedded itself into Wang Lin's right shoulder!

An intense pain washed through Wang Lin's body, causing him to tremble. At the same time, although the sword was split, the tip of the sword penetrated Master Ashen Pine's chest and inserted itself into the ground.

Master Ashen Pine coughed out blood. He was seriously injured as he turned around and charged at the wall-like mountains! Wang Lin's body trembled violently. The seven-colored nail seemed to be able to piece his origin soul. His eyes became confused and his body rapidly shrank; he was about to turn to the size of an ordinary person.

He clenched his teeth as he stared at the escaping Master Ashen Pine that was constantly coughing out blood. The War Spirit Print appeared in his mind and he ferociously pushed his palm forward!

The War Spirit Print appeared, and the world stirred. When it got near Master Ashen Pine, he used some unknown spell that caused his body to collapse into seven-colored fog. He was able to escape death as the seven-colored fog wrapped around his origin soul and disappeared over the other side of the mountain.

Wang Lin coughed out blood and his body returned to normal. He retrieved all his treasures and didn't even bother looking at the old woman trapped inside the restriction before he quickly left. His face was pale and a large amount of blood was flowing out of his shoulder. His battle against Master Ashen Pine had resulted in both of them being seriously injured!

The giant compass in the sky slowly moved and chased after Wang Lin.

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