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Chapter 1192 - Trident

While Wang Lin moved, he tried to store the bottle in his storage space, but something very strange happened. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't put it in his storage space. Wang Lin was actually prepared for this because if it could really be put into the storage space, then there would've been no need for Master Ashen Pine to be holding it.

He moved like a bolt of lightning under the effect of the two speed talismans and shot straight ahead.

The giant finger formed by the seven-colored light descended with an earth-shattering roar. It got closer and closer to Wang Lin!

The old woman's three Life and Death Restrictions were chasing closely after.

Under the combined attacks of the two powerful mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivators, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. Since he had dared to steal food from the mouth of the tiger, he was confident in holding them off.

Wang Lin suddenly turned and his figure began to swell. A dense ancient god aura filled this seven-colored world. Then ripples appeared around his body as he grew to 100 feet, 500 feet, 1,000 feet… In the blink of an eye, he turned into a 3,000-foot-tall titan!

Five clear ancient god stars rotated rapidly between his eyebrows, and a sixth star began to appear. The skin on his large body was rough and formed a rune-like texture.

His giant-like body would cause anyone who saw it to feel a sense of fear from their soul!

Master Ashen Pine's pupils shrank. He had never seen this kind of spell, and his mind was startled.

The old woman's eyes shined brightly and were filled with disbelief.

Wang Lin didn't hesitate to turn into his true ancient god body. He turned around, looked up at the sky, and directly punched at the descending heavenly fate finger.

This was a true punch of an ancient god, and its power could shock the world. This punch was done when Wang Lin was in the form of a true ancient god, so it also contained a heaven-defying will.

The thunderous rumble quickly echoed as Wang Lin's giant fist collided with the heavenly fate finger. An indescribable impact spread along with the fierce rumble.

The heavenly fate finger began to collapse and dissipate as the powerful force collided with it. Countless specks of seven-colored light scattered and it collapsed even faster. The whole finger unexpectedly disintegrated under a thunderous rumble, and the countless specks of seven-colored light filled the world.

All of this happened in a flash. Wang Lin's body trembled, and he borrowed the force to leap with this 3,000 feet body. He crossed an immeasurable distance in one leap and arrived at the foot of the wall-like mountain. Without hesitating, he kicked off the ground and jumped over the mountain before him! 

The Life and Death Restriction quickly followed and arrived near Wang Lin in the blink of an eye.

Wang Lin was currently above the mountain, and his right hand reached at the void. A giant crack appeared, seeming like he had torn the seven-colored world apart.

A giant trident that was completely black appeared from the crack. This trident was about 4,000 feet long and pierced the sky. The moment it appeared, an earth-shaking aura spread out.

Dense ancient god aura filled the area as Wang Lin grabbed the trident and swept it before his body. Three black lines appeared across the tip of the trident as if the world was being split open.

Holding the trident, Wang Lin stood like a god on top of the mountain. He swept at the restriction with the trident.

The restriction closed in and instantly split into three. It was about to charge at Wang Lin, but at this moment, the trident swept by. The ancient god power inside Wang Lin's body rushed into the trident. The trident released a black light and swept across the restriction.

A thunderous rumble echoed as the three parts of the restriction were cut in half. The black light from the trident became even more intense and turned into three dragons that devoured the restriction. After devouring it, the trident trembled and three marks appeared on it.

It looked as if Wang Lin was holding three black dragons. These dragons were extremely fierce and continued to roar as they twisted their bodies. They revealed monstrous gazes toward Master Ashen Pine and the old woman in green.

Wang Lin's gaze fell on the two people chasing after him. When his gaze swept by, it was as if an icy wind had pierced their bodies and made your their bodies feel a sudden chill.

"Anyone can take the heavenly treasure. What is this stealing you speak of? If the two of you continue, then like the heavenly finger and the restriction, I'll slaughter you both!" Wang Lin's words echoed as he turned and shot off into the distance.

This scene caused Master Ashen Pine and the old woman in green to gasp!

"This… This is…" Master Ashen Pine's mind trembled and couldn't calm down for a long time. He had cultivated for a very long time and knew of many body refining techniques, but none could produce such a large body. What shocked him the most was that he didn't feel like the body was fake, it was very real!

The old woman in green's face was a bit pale as she stared at the giant figure that was about to disappear over the mountain. She clenched her teeth and gave chase.

Although Master Ashen Pine was shocked, he had prepared for 1,000 years and had spent a lot of treasures for this. He wasn't willing to just let it be taken from him! At this moment, his eyes were bloodshot and he also gave chase. His right hand pointed at his left shoulder several times and a new arm formed from the seven-colored light.

Wang Lin's figure leaped over the mountain and didn't pause as he moved further away. In just a moment, he arrived at the valley where he had placed the restriction.

He crossed it with one step and was about to charge ahead.

Just at this instant, the old woman chasing after him revealed a vicious gaze. Her hands formed a seal and she pointed at the restriction she had left behind here earlier.

The grass under Wang Lin immediately withered and black ashes flew into the sky. They turned into a giant vortex and were about to surround Wang Lin.

Wang Lin let out a muffled groan as he collided with the restriction and struggled to get through. The vortex formed by the black ashes chased after wang Lin.

At the same time, the old woman's eyes revealed a strange light and she sped up. She jumped off the mountain and instantly closed in. She entered the restriction in the valley.

Master Ashen Pine was behind and quickly followed, but his eyes lit up, He hesitated for a moment outside the restriction in the valley and didn't fully enter.

It wasn't that he had seen through its weakness, but he was cautious of the old woman in green.

Just as the old woman in green entered the restriction, Wang Lin suddenly turned around and pointed at the vortex. The black vortex suddenly turned around and shot toward the old woman in green.

Shortly after, countless restriction lights lit up in the valley the old woman was in. These lights were blinding, and the thunderous rumble was enough to shake one's heart!

Countless restrictions appeared from the ground and immediately surrounded the old woman. At a glance, there were tens of thousands of them!

These restrictions gave off a ghostly light. After fusing the Life and Death Restriction and Annihilation Restriction, their power was earth-shattering. The moment Wang Lin activated them, all of them rushed toward the old woman.

There was also that black vortex. It instantly shrouded the area, making it impossible to see inside. However, the thunderous roars and muffle groans of the old woman could be heard clearly.

At this moment, the earth trembled and the old woman's angry roars became even more intense, and there were flashes of blood red light inside the vortex. The roars continued. It was clear that it was difficult for her to leave. She was in a life or death crisis.

This scene caused Master Ashen Pine's expression to change greatly. With his wisdom, he immediately realized that this restriction was placed by the old woman but was taken over by Wang Lin. Wang Lin had led her into this killing formation!

"This person is also proficient in restrictions!" Master Ashen Pine looked at the restriction that had completely trapped the old woman. He could clearly feel the power of the restriction. He took a deep breath, but he didn't give up on fighting for the jade bottle.

"Old Woman Zhao being trapped is good for me. As long as I kill that person named Lu, I can take back the jade. With my understanding of this place, no one can find me!" There was a flash of killing intent in Master Ashen Pine's eyes, and he made a decision instantly. He moved around the restrictions outside the valley and his hands formed a seal. Tens of thousands specks of golden light appeared and all shot at Wang Lin.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. He had been waiting for this chance. He couldn't battle two mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivators at once. He had to injure or trap one of them before he could be safe to battle!

Master Ashen Pine was malicious even back on Peng Lai. Seeing the spell closing in, Wang Lin let out a cold snort and waved the trident in his hand. The three dragons roared and the rain of swords was knocked into the sky. They weren't able to close in on Wang Lin.

Master Ashen Pine's eyes revealed a vicious gaze and reached out at the void. A crack to this storage space opened and a flying sword flew out.

This sword was crystal clear, and the moment it appeared, the aura of a Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure surrounded the area. 

Wang Lin's pupils shrank.

Just at this moment, Master Ashen Pine let out a roar and threw the crystal sword. The sword let out a heaven-shattering roar as it flew toward Wang Lin.

His first real battle with a mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator made Wang Lin excited. He didn't retreat and instead swept the trident forward. The three dragons unexpectedly flew out from the trident and attempted to devour the crystal sword.

What was even more strange was that the three marks that had formed after devouring the Life and Death Restriction shined. They flew out and fused with the three black dragons. This caused the aura of Life and Death Restriction to suddenly appear.

This was the true power of the trident!

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