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Chapter 1194 - Shattering the Compass

Wang Lin's face was pale without a trace of blood. The blood at the corner of his mouth made a shocking contrast. He put away all his treasures, including the split iron sword, and retreated into the distance. The blood nascent souls Master Ashen Pine had sent out couldn't escape and were captured by Wang Lin's battle souls.

His vision was a blurry and the feeling of drowsiness filled his whole body while intense pain came from his right shoulder. He was alternating between passing out and being awake. In his eyes, it looked like there were multiple roads before him.

The giant compass moved in the sky. It was locked onto Wang Lin and kept moving with him.

As it rapidly rotated, a powerful pressure appread and locked onto the escaping Wang Lin. Wang Lin was very weak, and under this pressure, he almost staggered.

Just at this moment, a loud rumble came from the compass, and it rotated even faster. Seven-colored light gathered in the compass like crazy, and soon, countless seven-colored runes appeared around the compass.

A sense of danger spread in Wang Lin's heart. At this moment of danger, Wang Lin mercilessly bit his tongue to become sober. Just at this moment, the countless runes descended from the compass.

The moment the runes fell, Wang Lin clenched his teeth and his left hand reached at the void, grabbing the trident. The runes whistled through the sky and fell like rain.

A thunderous rumble echoed, and Wang Lin coughed out blood. Many of the runes landed on Wang Lin's body, leaving deep imprints, and each mark caused Wang Lin's body to tremble.

His eyes were filled with madness. This was Wang Lin's character. The more critical the moment, the more dangerous it was, the more calm he was, but with a hint of madness.

Calmness and madness weren't contradictory. Calm judgement, but crazy actions!

The compass had to be destroyed, or else it would continue to chase Wang Lin and bring him danger. Also, with this thing following him around, Wang Lin would be at the mercy of the two enemies in this place!

As Wang Lin's left hand held the trident, the madness in his eyes became even stronger. He knew he didn't have much sober time left. As his injuries grew worse, he could lose his consciousness at any time. He had to break this compass and find place to heal.

Time was of the essence. Wang Lin took a deep breath and battle intent filled his eyes. Fire filled his left eye and the red Vermillion Bird Armor appeared around Wang Lin. At the same time, thunder flashed in his right eye and made the area within 10,000 feet of him a thunder lake.

The thunder rumbled as the lightning snaked across the earth. Popping sounds came from the earth as lightning travelled along it. The remnants of his ancient god power left his right hand and gathered in the trident in his left arm.

At this instant, a thunderous roar that defied the heavens echoed and Wang Lin jumped off the ground! A sea of flames suddenly appeared and a Vermillion Bird appeared around Wang Lin. It was as if Wang Lin had taken control of all the fire in the world and charged at the compass!

The moment he charged out, the thunder rumbled and flew into the air along with Wang Lin. The thunder rose up with Wang Lin and formed a thunder mountain.

A mountain made of thunder!

Wang Lin was at the peak of the mountain! The thunder mountain grew and eventually condensed outside of Wang Lin's body. It was as if Wang Lin had absorbed the thunder mountain.

With the power of thunder and fire, Wang Lin was like a meteor covered in thunder and fire. He held the trident as he charged forward, searching for his own heaven-defying cultivation path!

His speed became faster and faster. The moment the countless runes appeared around the compass, he closed in. The sound of him breaking through the sky became louder and louder until it was an earth-shattering roar.

"Nine Mysterious Transformation!" Wang Lin's eyes were bloodshot as he unexpectedly split into nine parts and then fused back into one. An aura far more powerful than before descended on Wang Lin's body in this Seven-Colored Realm!

The cry of the Vermillion Bird echoed, and Wang Lin's figure was dazzling as he charged at the compass. He moved faster than before and smashed into the compass. A thunderous rumble echoed like crazy. The rotating compass trembled and began to collapse. At first it was just cracks, but soon the cracks spread until it was covered in cracks.

Then, with a bang, it was torn apart!

As the countless fragments scattered, a red figure flew out from the collapsed compass. It didn't even look back before it disappeared over the horizon.

Although this figure had dissipated, the sound of the compass collapsing echoed across the entire Seven-Colored Realm. On the outer region, a large amount of fog beasts rapidly condensed and looked at the direction where this earth-shattering sound had come from.

The numerous Lost Ones wandering around all stopped. They raised their heads and looked at the direction of the sound with confused expressions. The boy named Duanmu was one of them.

There was a hidden cave in a mountain on the outer region of the seven-colored realm. There was a burly man sitting inside the cave. His face was pale and there was still blood scattered over his clothes. His eyes suddenly opened and the rumble and fluctuations he felt made him gasp.

He was Chen Tianjun!

The old woman was trapped inside the restriction outside the valley and couldn't escape in a short period of time. She had to withstand the constant attacks of the restrictions and her face was pale, but her eyes were filled with unwillingness. Her hands kept forming seals and sending out restrictions to resist, but the power of the restrictions here was far beyond her imagination. The Life and Death Restriction had completely fused with the Annihilation restriction, so she could no longer control it. She was constantly being attacked and her injuries were getting worse as time went by.

The moment the heaven-shaking rumble came, the old woman suddenly looked up, bewildered and uncertain.

This rumble echoed across the Seven-Colored Realm and passed through the wall-like mountain range. It travelled through the fog, causing the fog to rumble. The large amount of Enlightened Ones stopped chanting for the first time and looked over in a daze.

Inside the fog, between the eyebrows of the huge statue with a lightning mark on its forehead, there was a cloud of seven-colored fog. Master Ashen Pine's weakened origin soul was sitting here healing. The moment that rumble arrived, he suddenly looked up and was filled with shock!

This time he was truly shocked!

He had already predicted that Wang Lin would be powerful, but he had never thought Wang Lin would be able to match him and cause them both to become seriously injured. Thinking back to all the treasures he had used, he felt his heart bleed, especially those three beads. Losing them really stung his heart, and the crystal sword as well. However, compared to the seven-colored nail, these things were truly insignificant.

Thinking about the seven-colored nail, Master Ashen Pine felt like his origin soul was about to collapse. That nail was the most powerful treasure he had, and it was his hidden ace. However, even after he took it out, he couldn't kill that cultivator named Lu. He had even lost his own body and almost died.

The reason he escaped, aside from him being too weak to keep fighting, was that he was sure Wang Lin would die. Being that seriously injured meant that Wang Lin couldn't possibly escape the compass spell formed by the bead.

Once Wang Lin died, he could control the compass to bring the body back and absorb the origin soul. After his injuries recovered, he could easily obtain everything.

However, the roar and the sensation of his connection to it being cut off shocked Master Ashen Pine, and he began to ponder.

"Even with injuries that severe, he was still able to break the spell on the compass…" For the first time, Master Ashen Pine felt fearful of Wang Lin.

The mountain where Master Ashen Pine was at was not the true center of the Seven-Colored Realm like he had said. Even deeper, at the edge of the true center of the Seven-Colored Realm, there was a valley submerged in fog. Master Cloud Soul was sitting there with a pale face, and he didn't dare to move an inch.

Wang Lin's divine sense became blurry as he quickly moved forward. However, he clenched his teeth to keep a trace of sanity. His vision gradually dimmed as he rushed into a deserted valley and into a deserted cave. He only had time to open his storage space to allow the woman in silver and Xu Luguo to come out before he fell on the ground and passed out.

Xu Liguo completed had his task when Wang Lin was killing Noble Money and was put away by Wang Lin. Now that he had come, he was about to boast, but he immediately saw that Wang Lin's eyes were closed and that his face was ashen gray. His eyes couldn't help but turn.

However, just at this moment, a cold snort appeared. Xu Liguo's body trembled and he immediately revealed a look of flattery. He already knew how powerful this silver female corpse was, so he wouldn't dare to offend her.

"Guard!" the woman in silver said in a cold voice, then she sat down next to Wang Lin. When she looked at Wang Lin, there was a hint of confusion and tenderness in her eyes.

Xu Liguo quickly agreed. After he noticed that the woman in silver was no longer paying attention to him and was only looking at the fiend, he began to pretend like he was guarding. However, he was secretly complaining in his heart.

"What's good-looking about that fiend? It is your Grandpa Xu who is suave, graceful, handsome, and beautiful. Alas, I'm just too eye-catching, and I'm completely helpless about it…" Xu Liuo was sighing in his heart and revealed a very regretful expression.

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