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Chapter 1191 - Heavenly Fate Appears Once More

The old woman in green didn't explain but took a step forward and let out a cold snort. Her hands formed a seal and she inhaled, creating a powerful suction force. Master Ashen Pine was within the suction force, and he felt like all his life force was going to be sucked out.

But his expression immediately returned to normal. He sneered and held the jade bottle tighter. It couldn't be placed inside his storage space, or else he would have already safely put it away.

He didn't waste any time with the old woman and used his powerful cultivation to leave this place. Although he was shocked by the Ying Yang Ancestral Spell, he was confident in leaving.

At this moment, his left hand reached at the void and golden light appeared. The light transformed into tens of thousands of flying swords, and with a point of his finger, they flew toward the old woman in green.

At the same time, Master Ashen Pine hit his forehead with his left hand and a ray of red light flew out. The red light looked like a nascent soul, but if you looked closely, it was clearly not a nascent soul!

The little person let out a sharp shrill as the blood light wrapped around it and it charged straight at the old woman!

When the old woman saw the little person, her expression immediately changed. She waved her right hand and an ancient, copper bowl appeared. She immediately threw it forward.

The moment the copper bowl appeared, it began to spin and flew at the little person. The little person's eyes released a blinding blood light, and it let out a scream that could shatter metal.

A rumble echoed and the copper bowl collapsed into countless fragments. At the same time, the countless goldens word flew toward the old woman in green along with the little person.

Time was of the essence, and Master Ashen Pine didn't have time to deal with the old woman in green. Ripples appeared around him and he was about to leave.

However, just as he took half a step into the ripples, a withered arm stuck out from the void and reached at his right hand!

"It unexpectedly is the fourth ancestral realm!!" Master Ashen Pine's pupils contracted, but it was too late to think. His left hand reached out at the withered arm and a thunderous rumble echoed. Master Ashen Pine groaned and his face immediately turned pale.

"Peak mid stage Nirvana Shatterer!"

Master Ashen Pine's left arm felt numb and was completely black. Yellow liquid immediately secreted from his arm. He was poisoned! Borrowing the power of this force, he stepped into the ripples.

An even older woman stepped out from the ripples. She looked like she had stepped out from a coffin. She also wore green and had lost all her hair, making her look extremely terrifying!

Her eyes gave off a ghostly light as blood came out from the corner of her mouth. She waved her right hand, breaking the rain of golden swords, and grabbed the little person. After sealing it, she chased after Master Ashen Pine through the ripples.

Master Ashen Pine's expression was pale. He didn't think the old woman in green would have perfectly hid her cultivation level and managed to launch a sneak attack without him knowing. The old woman's spell also contained a strange poison that was attempting to circulate through his entire body, but he forcibly suppressed it.

"As long as I can leave this crack, there will be no time limit. With my numerous magic treasures, this old woman isn't my match!"

The moment Master Ashen Pine stepped out from the ripples, he wanted to leave, but the old woman immediately caught up. The two of them constantly attacked each other with spells, and a heaven-shaking rumble echoed across the mountain.

They were closing in on the crack in the black light restriction. At this moment, the crack was only 20 feet wide, and it was recovering even faster. Master Ashen Pine's eyes lit up and he recited a strange chant.

The moment he did so, the seven-colored light in the sky flashed violently and descended from the sky. The seven rays of light turned into seven swords that shot at the old woman in green.

The old woman's expression was gloomy as her hands formed a seal and a large, violent light shield appeared before her. The moment it appeared, an ancient aura appeared with it, and there was a hint of devilish energy inside!

The seven-colored light immediately collided with the shield and an even more violent rumble echoed. The old woman coughed out blood, but her expression became even more fierce. Her right hand hit her forehead, causing her body to shiver, and her origin soul flew out!

The moment her origin soul flew out, the old woman in green and the beautiful middle-aged woman in green who had just stepped out from the ripples also hit their foreheads. Their origin souls also flew out and they quickly fused together.

The three origin souls perfectly fused together in an instant and turned into a ray of light that shot toward Master Ashen Pine!

Master Ashen Pine's expression became ferocious. He clenched his teeth as he moved the bottle to his left hand and waved his right. A bead immediately appeared in his right hand!

Without hesitation, Master Ashen Pine threw the bead at the old woman's origin soul.

"Summon, Defying One!" Master Ashen Pine roared, and the bead gave off a ghostly light. It caused the seven-colored light to rush over and be absorbed by the bead.

Shortly after, the bead collapsed and a bolt of seven-colored lightning shot out toward the old woman's origin soul.

At the same time, the old woman's origin soul let out a screech and three restrictions flew out. The moment they appeared, the world changed colors and even the black light restriction trembled.

These three restrictions were extremely powerful existences among the Life and Death Restrictions.

"Life, life, death!" As her divine sense spread out, the three restrictions fused to form a destructive force that could destroy the heavens, and it collided with the seven-colored lightning.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

The mountain trembled and a large portion of it began to collapse. The fog was pushed back and all the figures floating in the fog paused. All the Enlightened Ones floated toward the source of the rumble.

Under this powerful impact, the origin soul split into three. They were very transparent and quickly returned to their bodies. Master Ashen Pine didn't expect her restrictions to be so powerful. His body was pushed back by the force and he coughed out blood.

His left hand was already being affected by a powerful poison. His flesh and blood had turned into yellow liquid and even his bones had begun to melt. Under this impact, his left arm was torn off and dissipated.

The jade bottle flew out under this impact and flew toward the crack that was now only 10 feet wide.

Master Ashen Pine's eyes were bloodshot as he charged after the jade bottle. The old woman's eyes lit up and she also charged at the crack.

Just at this instant, a white figure shot out and moved at the speed of a late stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. It moved past the old woman in green and Master Ashen Pine. It grabbed the bottle and without any hesitation rushed out of the crack.

The moment this person came out of the crack, his right hand push down at the crack and sent out a restriction. The speed at which the crack healed increased greatly.

"Lu Zihao!!" Master Ashen Pine was startled before letting out a roar, and he charged out from the crack. He was about to chase after the white figure.

However, the moment he stepped out from the crack, he stepped into the restrictions Wang Lin had set up earlier. A rumbling sound occurred as many restrictions were set off and caused Master Ashen Pine to pause for a moment.

The old woman's three bodies fused into one and rushed out of the crack like a bolt of lightning. She chased after Wang Lin!

Wang Lin had completely hidden himself the moment he entered the crack. He had been hiding near the crack, waiting for a chance. This place was very strange; it was impossible to spread out your divine sense too far inside the black light restriction. As a result, he had the perfect opportunity to hide himself.

At this moment, he was holding the jade bottle and quickly charging through the fog. The strange muttering sounds continued to enter his ears. At this moment, shadowy figures floated toward him and passed by.

The old woman in green was chasing closely behind, but with two speed talismans, Wang Lin's speed was unimaginable. As they moved, the distance between them gradually grew wider.

"You deserve to die for stealing my belongings!" The old woman in green revealed a vicious gaze. She waved her hand and a poison mist immediately appeared. In the blink of an eye, the image of a poisonous scorpion appeared in the seven-colored sky.

The poisonous scorpion was tens of thousands of feet large. Its tail lashed out, creating an afterimage as it shot at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin suddenly turned around and a cold light appeared in his eyes. He raised his left hand and threw a punch at the scorpion's tail! There was an earth-shattering rumble, and the scorpion tail trembled and immediately collapsed.

Just at this moment, Master Ashen Pine also ran out, and his eyes were bloodshot. He took out another bead and ignored the heartache he felt. He threw it and shouted, "Summon, Defying One!"

After he spoke, all the seven-colored light in the world quickly gathered toward the bead and rushed inside. Then the bead suddenly collapsed.

The moment it collapsed, the seven-colored light in the world flashed violently and ripples echoed. Seven-colored light gathered quickly within the ripple until a giant finger was formed!

"Heavenly Fate Finger!!" This place is indeed related to the All-Seer! When Wang Lin saw the giant finger in the sky, his pupils shrank for a moment.

The giant finger seemed to have absorbed a large portion of the seven-colored light in the sky, causing the sky to dim. A thunderous roar echoed as it descended toward the escaping Wang Lin as if it wanted to crush him!

The eyes of the old woman in green shined as her hands formed a seal before pointing to between her eyebrows. Three restrictions immediately flew out. They were the three powerful restrictions from before that were the peak of the Life and Death Restrictions!

"Life, death, life!" The old woman's hoarse voice echoed and the three restrictions fused together into a life and death restriction energy. It contained the essence of life and death as it shot toward Wang Lin.

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