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Chapter 1190 - The Bottle Under the Bone

The crack on the restriction was like a scar, and it was rapidly healing. It won't be long before it heals completely. Once that happens, unless one uses that many treasures to destroy it again, then they would be sealed inside for eternity.

There was a small mountain inside the crack. Master Ashen Pine moved like lightning toward the peak with the woman in green behind. The two of them were very fast and instantly arrived near the peak.

There was a 200-foot-tall stone gate in the middle of the peak with a lightning-like mark carved on it!

"This is the location where the beast souls are sealed!" Master Ashen Pine sent out a message with his divine sense as he arrived next to the gate. He then took out a silver pendant that was shaped like a bolt of lightning!

He threw it and the pendant flew at the gate while giving off a harsh, silver glow. At the same time, the lightning mark on the gate also released a silver glow as if it was calling the pendant.

Just at this moment, a thunderous rumble echoed and the huge, stone gate slowly opened. Large amounts of dust scattered everywhere.

The moment the stone gate opened, roars that could pierce the soul came from inside. The roars from the beast souls turned into an indescribable divine sense that quickly spread out.

"Fellow Cultivator Zhao, time is of the essence. You take the beast souls. I want to take a look a the dao scripture!" Master Ashen Pine clasped his hands at the woman in green.

"If Fellow Cultivator Zhao is interested, how about going with this old man? Maybe you will gain enlightenment!"

The woman in green pondered a bit and then slowly shook her head.

Master Ashen Pine no longer asked. He flew toward the top of the mountain. Although he hadn't been here before, the map he had obtained clearly marked where the dao scripture was.

The eyes of the woman in green lit up as she stared at Master Ashen Pine and frowned. She didn't believe what Master Ashen Pine had said, but there was no flaw to be found in his words. The beast soul fluctuations proved that what Master Ashen Pine had said was true; there was a large amount of beast souls sealed inside this place.

After pondering a bit, the woman in green arrived next to the gate. Her divine sense spread out inside and her eyes revealed a strange light. After placing down a series of restrictions, she  stepped inside.

As for Master Ashen Pine, he had already arrived at the top of the mountain. He look down and watched the woman in green entering the cave, and he sneered.

"I didn't lie. There is indeed a large amount of beast souls sealed inside. I'm not afraid of you not going in. Even if you had secretly followed me, it would've been fine!" He withdrew his gaze and his right hand formed a seal. Rumbling sounds came from the stone gate as it quickly closed and was sealed tightly.

The angry roar of the woman in green came from within as well as the sound of something pounding the gate.

Master Ashen Pine knew he didn't have much time. Once that crack closes, it will be very difficult to leave. He stood at the top of the mountain and took a deep breath. There was excitement on his face. He had waited for this day for a long time. He stood there and lifted his hands before kneeling down. Then his hand pointed at the sky and he began reciting a strange chant.

This chant was very strange, and it was impossible to hear what he was saying. However, as he spoke, the seven-colored light in the sky became even more intense. It penetrated the fog and directly landed on the mountain.

The light circled above Master Ashen Pine before turning into a rainbow bridge that extended to the void ahead.

Master Ashen Pine suppressed the excitement in his heart and moved across the bridge. At the end of the rainbow there was a seven-colored vortex in the void. Master Ashen Pine walked into the vortex.

The vortex was filled with chaos and with seven-colored light. This light came from a giant, stone tablet. It gave off an indescribable pressure that made it feel like anyone who entered had to worship it!

Master Ashen Pine was no exception. He knelt there and began to mutter. Runes immediately appeared around him until they condensed around his eyes like a seal.

A moment later, he raised his head and looked at the stone tablet!

There was a skeleton at the bottom of the stone tablet. Only the upper half of the body remained, and its two hands were nailed onto the stone tablet with seven-colored nails.

It was the skeleton of a cultivator. In this world filled with seven-colored light, this skeleton didn't change at all but instead gave off a black glow!

There were faint words engraved on the bones. These words were tiny and were densely packed all over the skeleton.

There was a circular formation several dozen feet wide, and there were countless runes carved into the circles in the formation. At the center of the formation, which was directly below the spine of the skeleton, there was a jade bottle.

When Master Ashen Pine's gaze landed on the jade bottle, greed filled his eyes.

He knew that the words on the skeleton was the dao scripture, but he would never look at it. Everything he had said was merely to fool the old woman in green.

"Once you see the dao scripture, you become an Enlightened One. I'm living well, so why would I come here to die?" He licked his lips. His real purpose for coming here was the jade bottle under the skeleton!

At this moment, a flash of black light came from the spine of the skeleton and a drop of black, blood-like liquid came out. It landed in the jade bottle, causing a boom.

Master Ashen Pine charged at the skeleton and arrived next to it in an instant. His right hand immediately reached out for the jade bottle! However, just as his right hand touched the bottle, Master Ashen Pine's body trembled and a large amount of white gas came from his body. The white gas was absorbed by the bottle.

However, Master Ashen Pine didn't panic, as if he knew this was going to happen. His right hand reached to the side and his storage space opened. Origin souls began flying out of it.

In just a moment, more than 1,000 origin souls flew out. They were all sealed, and there was a thin line connecting them all together.

The moment these origin souls flew out, Master Ashen Pine recited a strange chat and his left hand grabbed an origin soul.

The origin soul immediately trembled and dissipated, but then another one began to tremble. In just 10 breaths of time, nearly 1,000 origin souls dissipated into white gas and were absorbed by the jade bottle.

At the same time, Master Ashen Pine bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a blood mist. Shortly after, four rays of light came out of his mouth and formed four, palm-sized, golden swords.  They stabbed toward the circular formation around the bottle. The moment they landed, the blood mist entered the four swords. Popping sounds were heard when the four swords stabbed into four different parts of the formation.

Just at this instant, Master Ashen Pine let out a roar and lifted his right hand. He pulled up the jade bottle and quickly retreated.

He laughed like crazy and waved his left hand as he retreated. The four swords immediately flew out, but he didn't collect them; he let them fly out to the seven-colored world.

"Fellow Cultivator Zhao, have you seen enough?"

The void twisted and the beautiful middle-aged woman appeared. Her hands formed a seal and countless restrictions appeared before her. The restrictions formed a vortex and stopped the four swords.

However, the four golden swords were extremely strange. The moment they touched the vortex, they melted into golden liquid and bypassed the restriction vortex. They then shot straight toward the woman in green.

The expression of the beautiful woman in green changed and she retreated once more. The golden liquid immediately shattered into countless drops of golden rain and rushed at the woman in green from all directions.

"Fellow Cultivator Zhao, although I don't know how you escaped, you shouldn't have followed! This is where the dao scripture is, so observe well!" Master Ashen Pine laughed like crazy. He was about to step out from the seven-colored world and return to the mountain using the rainbow.

Once he returned to the mountain, he would immediately leave this place. The crack on the restriction would soon heal and the beautiful woman in green would be trapped here forever! Only by giving up her body and comprehending the dao scripture would she be able to leave this place. But at that point, she would be no different from dead and would become one of the Enlightened Ones.

However, just at this moment, a cold snort appeared and a figure appeared before Master Ashen Pine. This person also wore green. It was the old woman in green!

Her appearance caused everything to become strange; even Master Ashen Pine was startled!

Two female cultivators named Zhao! However, one of them was a 40-year-old, beautiful, middle-aged woman, and the other was a wrinkle-filled old woman. However, one could tell that there was a shocking similarity between them!

"This is not an avatar! It's the Yang Yin Ancestral Spell!" Master Ashen Pine's expression changed and a thought flash through his mind. He had thought of an very old legend of a forbidden spell!

This spell was terrifying and went against morals. It was extremely difficult to cultivate, and until now, almost no one had succeeded in doing so. However, Master Ashen Pine had to believe it as there was someone before him who had cultivated this forbidden technique and reached the level of three ancestors!

The Yang Yin Ancestral Spell was for a female cultivators to get pregnant with a girl. Then this girl would grow up in the mother with a special spell to cause the mother and daughter to share the same body!

Later, the daughter would form a cultivation couple with someone else and get pregnant with a girl again. Then the three would use the special spell to fuse into one!

This was the method used to cause one's cultivation level to increase greatly, and because it was the fusion of three souls, their divine senses would be extremely powerful!

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