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Chapter 1188 - Dao Scripture

This place was covered in grass and there was no fog, so he could clearly see into the distance. Wang Lin was rushing his way through the valley. Sometimes he would stop and close his eyes for a moment as if he was sensing where the path was. A moment later, he would open his eyes and rush forward again.

The wall-like mountain range was in the distance, and as time passed, Wang Lin gradually closed in.

After about a day, Wang Lin stopped outside a valley. This was already very close to the mountain range. He only needed to travel through the valley to arrive at the foot of the mountain range.

Looking at the valley ahead, Wang Lin began to ponder. This valley was a strange. After carefully observing for a bit, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. His right hand formed a restriction and he pointed to the spot between his eyebrows. A black line flew out from between his eyebrows. It twisted into a restriction mark as it flew forward.

The restriction floated in the air, giving off a black glow that surrounded the area.

As the black light shrouded the area, silver light came from the grass before him, revealing a strange pattern. It was the pattern of a plum flower. The moment Wang Lin saw this, his eyes narrowed.

"The 18 Plum Flower Restriction!"

This 18 Plum Flower Restriction hadn't been here for a long time; it was only placed here one day ago. Apparently, the old woman in green had placed it here. The 18 Plum Flower Restriction was derived from one of the four great ancient restrictions, the Annihilation Restriction. If Wang Lin hadn't gone to Allheaven, he wouldn't have been able to break this restriction.

However, when he was Allheaven, Wang Lin gained the inheritance of one of the four great ancient restrictions, the Annihilation Restriction. This 18 Plum Flower Restriction was derived from the Annihilation Restriction, so it wasn't difficult for Wang Lin to break.

"The old woman in green left this restriction here. Presumably it is for an ambush and a warning…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he was about to move forward when he suddenly stopped. He carefully looked at the 18 Plum Flower Restriction on the ground.

He had a vague feeling that things weren't this simple.

Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and carefully scanned the the grass inch by inch. His expression gradually grew serious, especially when he saw the black light not so far from the 18 Plum Flower Restriction. He immediately thought about the black gas the old woman had used to absorb the dragon's vitality and to enter the Nine Step Heaven Sealing Formation.

When he saw the old woman's restriction, he felt it was strange, but it was inconvenient to observe too closely, so he couldn't see through it. However, with the restriction before him, he thought for a bit and gained enlightenment.

"To form vitality from endless death aura, this method is similar to one of the four great ancient restrictions, the Life and Death Restriction…" Wang Lin pondered a bit as he squatted down and his right hand moved. He slowly pulled up some grass from the soil, and his eyes narrowed.

The root of the grass had already decayed, and there wasn't much vitality left. In just a few more hours, it would lose all its vitality and the restriction here would be activated completely.

"The old woman in green didn't have time to do anything too detailed with Master Ashen Pine around. She simply left a restriction here that would absorb vitality from the vegetation. Once all the vitality had been absorbed, the restriction would activate," Wang Lin muttered to himself. He then became extremely vigilant toward the old woman in green.

"Right now this restriction is half-complete, so it's not as if I can't break it, unless…" Wang Lin smiled and took a few steps back. His hands formed a seal and pointed forward. The black light formed by the Annihilation Restriction Heart suddenly collapsed into specks of black light that landed on this patch of grass.

"I won't break this restriction. Instead, I'll leave my own imprint and restriction on it before it fully activates. By doing so, I will take over this restriction without the old woman knowing… With my Annihilation Restriction and the Life and Death Restriction, that's two of the four great ancient restrictions. Even if Master Ashen Pine were to carelessly step inside, he would be seriously injured!" Wang Lin carefully moved through the field. He didn't relax until he entered the valley.

After looking around, Wang Lin looked at the end of the valley. It was connected to the wall-like mountain range. The mountain was very steep, as if it was a tower.

Without pausing, Wang Lin climbed up the mountain like lightning. Thinking about the Life and Death Restriction, Wang Lin could not help but remember what Li Yuan had said back then.

"When the world was born, laws appeared. After a long time, a strand spread out into restriction! Or formation! They have different names, but they're the same thing. Heaven, earth, mysterious, and yellow have been the four ranks of restrictions for a very long time! However, there was a still a level above those four, and we call it 'Abstract!' The Abstract is split into the four great ancient restrictions.

"Aside from the Annihilation Restriction of the four great ancient restrictions, there are the Life and Death Restriction, the Ancient Soul Restriction, and the mysterious Time Restriction! Even most of the celestial restrictions were derived from these four great ancient restrictions and spread to the present."

Wang Lin began to ponder as he climbed the mountain.

"When I left the Allheaven Star System, Li Yuan said that if one could learn all four great ancient restrictions and fuse them, they would be able to comprehend the Abstract realm… Abstract is the peak of restrictions! However, over the countless years since the restriction law split from the birth of the world, no one has been able to comprehend the Abstract realm." Wang Lin let out a sigh and no longer thought about this matter. Instead, he focused on sensing Master Ashen Pine's route.

Half a day passed by. Wang Lin stood at the highest point of the mountain under the seven-colored light. The seven-colored light surrounded him, and from a distance, he looked like a celestial god.

This wall-like mountain range was like a ring that separated the inner part from the outside. This place was filled with dense fog, so it was impossible to see what it was like.

It was like a black sea that had faintly revealed its danger.

Looking ahead, Wang Lin could clearly feel that Master Ashen Pine was in the fog. Wang Lin's eyes turned cold as he charged down the mountain and disappeared into the distance.

Master Ashen Pine was wearing the Divine Devil Armor and was being extremely cautious. He had to be on guard with every step he took while inside the fog. The old woman in green was beside him, and she had black gas surrounding her.

The surroundings were completely silent with only their footsteps echoing.

"That person named Lu should be dead by now. Pang Decai is good at soul searching, so he must have had a good harvest, especially with that War Spirit Print. It is one of the great spells of the God Sect." Master Ashen Pine had calculated the time. They had worked together often, so they could know each other's thoughts at a glance.

"Pang Decai should be on his way…" Master Ashen Pine's eyes shined an indiscernible amount.

The old woman in green hadn't spoken at all, but she suddenly asked, "Master Ashen Pine, how far away is the place you mentioned?" 

"Not far, it should be just ahead." Just as he spoke, he suddenly stopped. At the same time, the old woman in green also stopped and cautiously looked ahead.

There was a blurry, giant statue hidden in the fog before them. The statue seemed to be moving. As the fog churned, the statue seemed to change.

The two of them looked at each other and slowly walked forward. It didn't take long for them to arrive below the giant statue and look up.

This was a giant boulder more than 1,000 feet tall with a man carved into it. He was looking up at the sky, pondering, and there was a lightning like mark between his eyebrows.

"This is…" The old woman in green was startled as she stared at the mark between the eyebrows of the statue, and her expression suddenly changed.

Just at this moment erratic voice penetrated from the thick fog. It was strange and contained a force that could penetrate the soul. It seem to came from the distance but also close by, it was impossible to know where it was coming from.

"Enlightened, prisoner of the dao of heaven, all sentient beings must endure immeasurable calamities. It only takes a thought to leave the deep prison. Await the path of cultivation…

"Enlightened, all life must walk forever forward and solve the modern age. Escape the will of heaven and obtain the path to life. Await the path of cultivation…

"Enlightened, seal the will of the heavens. Engrave the dark days. All life doesn't know the true dao. The bitter abyss forever distorts the true dao. Await the path of cultivation…"

This eerie passage echoed through the fog and filled the area.

Master Ashen Pine's face immediately turned pale and he looked around in fear. The old woman in green sucked in a breath of cold air. These strange words remained in her mind and continued to echo. It unexpectedly caused her origin soul to tremble, and her dao heart became unstable.

"Who are they.... What do these words mean…" The old woman in green looked at Master Ashen Pine.

"They are the Enlightened Ones…" Just after he finished speaking, the fog before them churned and a shadow flew out. It was too fast, and it directly floated past between the two of them.

The strange voice clearly entered their mind.

"Master Ashen Pine, what exactly are the Enlightened Ones?" The old woman's face was pale as the passages echoed in her mind. She was beginning to feel like she couldn't withstand it anymore.

"The Lost Ones have lost their dao and search in confusion as they wander the Seven-Colored Realm. They blindly search… The Enlightened Ones have dao, but due to seeing the dao scripture, their dao hearts collapsed and couldn't reform. They could only float in this fog and search forever. They may already be dead, and this is merely a dao soul formed from their will!" Master Ashen Pine whispered as he listened to those words echo in his mind.

"Dao scripture?" The old woman in green's eyes narrowed.

Master Ashen Pine raised his head. His eyes were filled with fervor as he slowly said, "Yes, it is the dao scripture! I have never heard of this before coming to the Seven-Colored Realm, but after entering here, I found countless clues about it. In this world, there is the dao scripture that is rumored to be formed by the blood of heaven…"

"What they talking about… is the dao scripture?" The old woman in green sucked in a breath of cold air. What she was hearing now was simply too terrifying.

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