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Chapter 1187 - Harvest

Wang Lin frowned and was about to speak.

"What, is Fellow Cultivator not satisfied?" Master Ashen Pine's expression shank as he looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin remained silent.

"Since Fellow Cultivator Lu agrees, then I'll leave it to Fellow Cultivator Pang." After Master Ashen Pine finished speaking, he looked at the old woman in green and the two left the cave. They charged straight for the wall-like mountain range in the distance.

However, before leaving, the old woman in green glanced at Wang Lin. Similarly, Master Ashen Pine looked at the old man named Pang.

After the two of them left, the old man named Pang revealed a gloomy smile and stared at Wang Lin. He turned the ring on his finger and slowly said, "Fellow Cultivator Lu, continue to cultivate. This old man will guard you well."

After he finished speaking, he presumptuously scanned Wang Lin with his divine sense. After confirming that Wang Lin's injuries were real, he didn't even look at Wang Lin and began raiding the cave.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and ignored the old man.

Time slowly passed. When the old man searched the three stone rooms, he revealed a look of ecstasy. After returning, he coldly stared at Wang Lin and suddenly laughed.

"Fellow Cultivator Lu, this old man remembers you once said something."

Wang Lin opened his eyes. His gaze was calm as he looked at the old man named Pang.

Seeing Wang Lin's calm eyes, the old man's eyes narrowed but quickly returned to normal. He said with an eerie tone, "You once told me that I should speak carefully. If I speak carelessly, it might invite a calamity."

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he slowly said, "I did indeed say that, and I'll say it now as well. If you speak carelessly, it might invite a calamity."

The old man began to laugh like crazy, and the scars on his face looked extremely ferocious. He looked at Wang Lin with a cold gaze and said, "If you weren't injured, I might've been a bit afraid of you. However, now I want to see which one of us has invited a calamity!" He looked at Wang Lin and slammed his right hand down on him!

The reason he had waited until now to attack was to allow Master Ashen Pine and the old woman in green to gain some distance. He feared that she might notice.

Wang Lin's eyes were still as calm as water. The moment the old man's right hand closed in, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. His left hand moved like lightning and grabbed the old man's right hand, then he mercilessly squeezed!

A crackling sound echoed, and the old man's pupils shrank. Pain came from his hand, but it was insignificant compared to the terror in his heart.

"You!!" The old man named Pang immediately retreated and was about to use a spell. However, at this moment, Wang Lin rushed out and his right hand forced a fist. A powerful force whistled forward.

The old man was too close to Wang Lin and thus was unable to dodge at all. Wang Lin's fist landed on the old man's chest with a bang.

The old man coughed out blood and his eyes became filled with disbelief. His body exploded into a pile of flesh and blood and his origin soul escaped screaming. He was filled with fear; he was afraid!

He would have never expected the person before him to not be injured! He was about to escape when Wang Lin lifted his right hand and an iron sword appeared. He slashed down without any hesitation!

There was a flash of sword energy, then the old man's origin soul was cut in half and he let out a scream. Wang Lin waved his hand and grabbed the old man's origin soul. His hand crushed half of the origin soul, and before the origin energy could dissipate, Wang Lin inhaled it. The other half of the origin soul was almost transparent, but it didn't dare to escape. It turned in Wang Lin's hand with the iron sword pointed at it.

All of this happened in an instant. Wang Lin had made the killing strike without wasting any time at all. The old man wasn't prepared, making his spells and magic treasure useless.

Wang Lin's eyes were cold as he gloomily said, "Open your storage space and I won't kill you!" 

The old man's origin soul was very weak, and he already felt like he was dissipating. Wang Lin looked incredibly powerful right now.

He couldn't tell if what Wang Lin had said was the truth or a lie. If it was a lie, he'd die, but if it was true, he still had a chance to live. He clenched his teeth and opened his storage space.

Wang Lin waved his iron sword and cut off the connection between the old man and the storage space. Then he took everything inside the storage space.

Then he coldly looked at the old man's origin soul and killing intent flashed in his eyes.

The old man named Pang's origin soul immediately screamed, "You promised to not kill me!"

Wang Lin let out a cold snort as his right hand grabbed the origin soul and forcibly searched the old man's memories while he was weakened. A moment later, he put the origin soul that was close to death inside his storage space.

He really didn't decide to kill this old man. If this old man's death raised Master Ashen Pine's guard, then it wouldn't be worth it as it would destroy Wang Lin's plan.

"This person has a very close relationship with Master Ashen Pine, so Master Ashen Pine might have his life token. Once he dies, Master Ashen Pine might immediately know." Wang Lin wasn't sure, and he hadn't seen it in the old man's memory. But he'd always rather tread with caution.

After calculating for a bit, Wang Lin leisurely opened his storage space and searched the old man's stuff. The old man was a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, so he had a lot of treasures. There were hundreds of thousands of celestial jades, and there were even 50,000 to 60,000 origin crystals.

Aside from these, there were large amounts of herb and pill recipes. This old man was fully prepared for this trip.

These were all secondary. Wang Lin mainly searched the jades. Among the jades, he found two maps and a chant to leave this place.

The two maps were related to the Seven-Colored Realm. Some routes were marked, including places where you could feed fog beasts celestial jades to get origin crystals. It was very detailed.

Unfortunately, Wang Lin was unable to find Master Ashen Pine's true goal in the old man's memories. Even the old man only knew that there were a lot of beast souls sealed there.

Aside from that, Wang Lin learned other things about the Seven-Colored Realm.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin continued to inspect everything, including the things the old man had gotten from this cave for Wang Lin. There were a lot of pills, and what caught Wang Lin's attention was a short sword!

This short sword was stabbed into a beast skeleton in the third stone chamber.

He waved his right hand, and with a flash of silver light, the short sword appeared. The old man had just obtained it and hadn't even gotten the chance to examine it before returning it to Wang Lin.

When his divine sense swept past the short sword, he noticed an unusual aura from it. He felt like it was familiar, but couldn't remember what it was. However, there was a seal on the sword. If it wasn't open, it would be impossible to know its exact strength.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin arrived at the third room and saw the beast skeleton on the ground. This beast wasn't very large, only about the size of a person, and it was shaped like a deer.

Its bones were completely black, and many of them had turned to dust. After taking a closer look, the dust had appeared recently. It was obvious that the old man done this when taking the sword.

Looking at the beast bone, Wang Lin gradually frowned. He felt like something was wrong. Why was there a deer in such a cave? Also, it was easy to see that this short sword was not ordinary even though it was still sealed. Once the seal was open, its power would be unimaginable. Yet such a treasure was stabbed into this deer and left here.

"Since this place isn't Sima Mo's cave, then whose cave is it…" Wang Lin had searched the old man's memories and found that this wasn't Sima Mo's cave. Master Ashen Pine had never intended to take him to the real cave.

This was just a cave Master Ashen Pine had randomly found.

Sima Mo did indeed have a cave in this land, but it was not here. Wang Lin now knew its real location.

Looking at the beast skeleton on the ground, Wang Lin pondered for a long time before walking out of the room. He had no clues and wasn't able to analyze more. He put away the short sword and was about to leave.

Then Wang Lin's footstep suddenly stopped as if he had thought of something. He looked down at the ground. In the corner, there was a ring inside the pile of flesh and blood.

Wang Lin remembered that this ring was the old man's beast treasure. It was something he had obtained from the Seven-Colored Realm, but Wang Lin had instantly killed him before he could use it.

Wang Lin's right hand reached out and the ring flew into his hand. After wiping off the blood, Wang Lin scanned it with his divine sense, and his expression changed slightly.

There was a seal with a total of nine layers on this ring. The old man named Pang had opened seven layers and gained partial control of the ring. He had also broken more than half of the eighth layer.

Wang Lin erased the imprint on it and placed his own, then he carefully looked at it. With his knowledge of restrictions, it would not be difficult to break the rest of the seal. His left hand formed a seal and sent out a restriction. The instant it fell on the ring, popping sounds echoed as the mostly broken eighth layer shattered. The ring unexpectedly gave off a five-colored glow, and five rays of light circled Wang Lin.

These five rays of light formed a very strong shield. As they circled Wang Lin, they could prevent all spells from getting close.

"If the old man named Pang had opened the eighth seal, I wouldn't have killed him so fast." With a thought, the five rays of light went back into the ring and Wang Lin put it away.

He took a deep breath and looked outside the cave. A cold light flashed in his eyes. He shot out of the cave and chased after them! As he moved, he didn't spread out his divine sense; he only kept it wrapped around his body. He navigated through the valley with a strange connection he was feeling.

If Master Ashen Pine saw Wang Lin's path, he would be shocked. This route was exactly the same one he had taken with the old woman in green!

"How can I, Wang Lin, let you wear my scattered devil armor for nothing?"

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