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Chapter 1189 -  The Many Treasures of Master Ashen Pine

Master Ashen Pine's eyes revealed a strange light and he slowly said, "It is the dao scripture! I'm not afraid of Fellow Cultivator Zhao learning my true purpose. The beast souls are only secondary; my true goal is to see the dao scripture!"

"There are many Enlightened Ones here, so getting to the dao scripture won't be simple. Master Ashen Pine, you…" The old woman in green looked at Master Ashen Pine.

"Fellow Cultivator Zhao, do you remember the thing that spread among my generation when one didn't have an Ascendant pill?" Master Ashen Pine looked up at the statue.

The old woman softly said, "Those who seek dao are born in the morning and die at dusk. It is enough!"

"Let's go." Master Ashen Pine withdrew his gaze and rushed forward. The old woman in green pondered for a bit and then followed.

As the two moved forward, the erratic voices became even louder. This sound was strange and unpredictable, and it would make your mind begin to wander involuntarily.

It required a lot of effort to suppress it by force. As they got deeper into the fog, they got a feeling they wouldn't be able to suppress it much longer.

Every step they took felt like a large army was bearing down on them and causing their minds to tremble.

Master Ashen Pine's face was pale, but it was filled with excitement. They slowly walked through the fog as time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, the two of them had been in the fog for three days.

They didn't know how far they had walked in the fog. On the fourth day, they vaguely saw a small mountain before them.

This small mountain wasn't very large, only 10,000 feet tall. It was appearing and disappearing within the fog.

A layer of black light surrounded the small mountain, blocking the path forward. Master Ashen Pine looked at the old woman in green and sincerely said, "Fellow Cultivator Zhao, my restriction knowledge can't be compared to yours. Please help me break this restriction!

"This mountain is where the countless beast souls are sealed. As long as Fellow Cultivator Zhao opens it, you can obtain the beast souls."

The old man in green looked at the black light curtain restriction. She arrived next to it and placed her right hand on it. After a long time, her expression became ugly and she said, "This is a time restriction. The longer it exists, the more powerful it becomes. I can't see through how old this restriction is, so there is no need to talk about breaking it! If I had known there was this kind of restriction here, I would have never come!"

Master Ashen Pine smiled and his hand reached out. A storage space opened and something flew out. It was a black awl with a spiral mark on it. The moment he took it out, a pressure began to spread.

"Does Fellow Cultivator Zhao know what this is?" Master Ashen Pine looked at the old woman in green.

The old woman in green stared at the awl with a strange light in her eyes. After looking carefully for a long time, she slowly said, "The strange treasure from ancient times, Restriction Breaking Awl!"

"Fellow Cultivator Zhao is indeed worthy of being a restriction grandmaster, so knowledgeable. I wonder how confident Fellow Cultivator Zhao is in breaking this restriction with this!"

The old woman in green pondered a bit and said, "How many Restriction Breaking Awls do you have?"

Master Ashen Pine said, "Four!"

"If it was a time restriction that had only existed for a short period of time, four would be enough. However, this restriction has existed for far too long, so I'm only 10% confident." The old woman in green shook her head.

Master Ashen Pine pondered a bit before waving his right hand and taking something else out. It was a piece of black wood that was the size of a palm. The moment it appeared, an indescribably powerful aura appeared. This aura even moved the fog and formed a vortex 100 feet wide, slowly rotating.

The eyes of the old woman in green narrowed. She stared at the piece of black wood and gasped before slowly asked, "Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure?"

Master Ashen Pine didn't explain and slowly said, "How confident are you with this?"

The old woman withdrew her gaze and calculated for a bit before she said, "40%. If there was the War Spirit Print, it would be 50%, but unfortunately…"

Master Ashen Pine hesitated for a bit and took out one more item from his storage space. It was a bright crystal that seemed to have fresh blood flowing inside. The moment it appeared, a heaven-shattering destructive aura spread out.

"It should be enough with this!" Master Ashen Pine looked at the old woman in green.

The old woman in green silently pondered for a bit and then said in a hoarse voice, "Master Ashen Pine is going big to take out two Pseudo Nirvana Void treasures. This crystal is obviously a lot more powerful than the last… With these three items, I'm 70% confident!"

"70% is enough!" Master Ashen Pine waved his sleeves and the four Restriction Breaking Awls flew toward the old woman in green. Master Ashen Pine was well prepared. If it wasn't for the fact that his restriction ability was truely inferior to this old woman's, he would have already broken it himself.

"When you need me to use the treasures, just tell me."

The old woman in green on longer wasted any time. Both her hands formed seals and restrictions flew out. At the same time, the black gas around her moved with the restrictions. With a point of her finger, they shot toward one of the Restriction Breaking Awls!

Popping sounds echoed as the restrictions landed on the Restriction Breaking Awl, then the black gas rushed into it. The awl gave off a black glow, then an aura that could split the heavens spread out.    

The eyes of the old woman shined as she bit the tip of her tongue and an arrow of blood shot out at the awl. It landed on the awl, causing it to fly directly at the time restriction.

As it closed in, the black light restriction began to distort as the power of time came crashing down. The awl immediately trembled and showed signs of disappearing.

The old woman in green shouted, "Break!" 

The awl gave off a blood red light and a large amount of black gas rushed into the awl. It directly drilled into a corner of the black light restriction and sank inside before it rapidly dissipated.

At the same time, more black gas came out from the old woman in green and entered the second Restriction Breaking Awl. It shot out like lightning and was nailed into another corner.

The remaining Restriction Breaking Awls also flew out and were nailed into the black light restriction!

When all four Restriction Breaking Awls landed, there was a roar from the black light restriction. Originally, countless ripples would've appeared, but with the four awls nailed in, it was as if four giant rocks were thrown into a pond. Each set of ripples went in a different direction and disturbed the balance on the surface.

Just at this moment, the old woman in green formed a seal and pointed to between her eyebrows. She immediately spat out a mouthful of black gas. Her wrinkles rapidly dissipated and she returned back into a 40-year-old, beautiful, middle-aged woman! Large amounts of black gas charged at the black light screen and landed at the center. It formed a black vortex at the center and started to collide with the black light restriction!

An earth-shattering rumble echoed.

The beautiful woman's eyes lit up and she quickly said, "Black wood!" 

Master Ashen Pine didn't hesitate and threw the piece of black wood. When it got close to the vortex, he pointed at it!

The wood immediately trembled and a heaven-shaking destructive aura spread out and the wood suddenly collapsed!

The rumble shook the world and pushed the fog out in all directions. The unimaginable impact seemed to be about to dissipate when the beautiful woman jumped forward. She appeared above the impact and sent out countless restrictions. She was able to control the destructive impact to charge at the black light restriction.

The rumbling even caused the earth to tremble, and the fluctuations on the black light restriction became even more intense. More ripples appeared, but it wasn't damaged at all, and instead a rebound force appeared. The first awl that was nailed in collapsed!

The beautiful woman's expression changed. Without any order, Master Ashen Pine threw the crystal. When it got near, the restriction it exploded!

This crystal contained unimaginable power, and it immediately turned into a huge storm. The beautiful woman clenched her teeth and her hands formed another seal before pointing to between her eyebrows. More black gas scattered from her body and her appearance changed once more. She unexpectedly became a beautiful young woman around 20 years old!

The black gas around her turned into countless restrictions under her control and fused with the destructive force caused by the collapse of the crystal. She directed this destructive force toward the black light restriction!

A loud rumble echoed once more along with cracking sounds. A crack appeared on the black light restriction. However, the crack quickly closed and it looked like it was about to be restored back to normal.

Master Ashen Pine clenched his teeth and his heart ached as he took something else out from his storage space. It was just a jade token, but it also gave off the aura of a Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure! Master Ashen Pine was extremely unwilling to take it out. The two treasures from before weren't really Pseudo Nirvana Void, they merely contained some aura of Pseudo Nirvana Void treasures. Although they were powerful, it would be fine if they were destroyed. Although his heart would ache a bit, he could accept it. However, this item was a true Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure. If this was destroyed, he would feel like his heart had been crushed!

This scene made the beautiful woman's eyes narrow and she sucked in a breath of cold air. She wasn't able to guess just how many Pseudo Nirvana Void treasures Master Ashen Pine had!

These treasures were extremely rare, but in order to break this restriction, Master Ashen Pine was willing to destroy three! If they were taken outside, their value would be unimaginable! Just exchanging them for beast souls would allow one to have everything they wanted.

"Shatter!" Master Ashen Pine clenched his teeth before letting out a roar. He was giving it his all! 

The jade charged into the crack in the light and suddenly collapsed. An impact far stronger than the last two suddenly appeared. It formed a storm that affected all the fog within tens of thousands of kilometers.

Crackling sounds echoed, but the black light screen still didn't shatter. However, the crack was now 100 feet wide. Although it was recovering, the rate had slowed down.

Master Ashen Pine charged forward and rushed into the crack, ignoring the woman. The young woman's eyes lit up and she also charged into the crack. Shortly after, a ray of light broke through the fog and turned into Wang Lin. He looked at the crack but didn't immediately go in. After placing down large amount of restrictions outside, he rushed into the crack!

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