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Chapter 1186 - As It Should Be

"You?" Master Ashen Pine looked at Wang Lin. As he did so, the madness in his eyes was gradually hid away. He thought, "This person's body is indeed strange. Earlier, he was able to stand up against the dragon with his body. Perhaps he can break the formation with the power of his body."

"OK, I'll rely on Fellow Cultivator Lu." Master Ashen Pine clasped his hands and his expression returned to normal.

The old man named Pang sneered. He thought that if even Master Ashen Pine with the devil armor could only take nine steps, then how many steps could this person named Lu possibly take?

Wang Lin looked at the stone. He originally wasn't going to act, but after he saw the madness in Master Ashen Pine's eyes, he was moved. Although it was dangerous here, there must've been something important in this place to interest Master Ashen Pine so much.

If they couldn't enter, Master Ashen Pine wouldn't let them leave. Although Wang Lin had already secretly prepared for this and therefore didn't care, he wanted to know what would make Master Ashen Pine so crazy.

"I ask Fellow Cultivator Zhao to help and open the formation." Wang Lin clasped his hands at the old woman in green. The old woman in green was obviously holding back. She had used the fact that Master Ashen Pin was anxious and had made him try it himself, resulting in his injury.

"We haven't even found the treasure, and these people already began secretly fighting amongst each other to weaken each other's strength. If I want to participate in this mess, I must do the same…" Wang Lin's expression was neutral, and no one could see through his thoughts.

The old woman in green raised her right hand and waved. A restriction landed on the mountain rock, causing it to become transparent, and ripples appeared.

Wang Lin arrived next to the mountain rock in a few steps and walked inside. No one noticed that when he entered the rock, Wang Lin's right hand sent out an invisible restriction as he went inside.

Just as he entered the mountain rock, Wang Lin felt pressure from all directions. The pressure was even more intense ahead.

He was very slow as he walked forward. One step, two steps, three steps! When the third step fell, Wang Lin clearly felt the pressure reach an unimaginable height, and the pressure ahead was like a violent storm. It was as if countless mountains were pressing down on him, preventing him from moving forward.

With every extra step, the pressure would increase. As a result, the more he walked, the more difficult it became. If it was an ordinary cultivator, their body wouldn't be able to withstand the pressure, and they would inevitably collapse.

However, Wang Lin had the body of an ancient god, so this was nothing to him. However, at this moment, his face was extremely pale and he stopped at the third step. After a moment, he lifted his feet once more.

Four steps, five steps, six steps!

The moment the sixth step landed, the pressure reached an earth-shattering degree. It was as if countless hands were pressing down and countless spells were up ahead. It made him feel like a lonely boat in the stormy sea.

Wang Lin's face was deathly pale and his body trembled slightly. It seemed like he was going to retreat, but at this moment, a force appeared behind him and prevented him from retreating.

At this moment, outside the mountain rock, the old woman in green stared at Wang Lin and pondered.

"There is a change in the formation…" Master Ashen Pine frowned as he looked at Wang Lin's body. After carefully looking at Wang Lin for a bit, he began to carefully think about his own sixth step and became silent.

The old man named Pang sneered and thought that he had thought too highly of this person before. This person only had cultivation but no cunning. If one were to get injured here, they would be unable to continue.

Wang Lin stopped at the sixth step for a long time before he took the seventh step. On the seventh step, he coughed out blood, but he didn't retreat. He then took the eighth step.

The moment the eighth step landed, popping sounds came from Wang Lin's body as if his flesh and bones were being squeezed. Large amounts of blood sprayed out, causing his white robe to become blood red.

At this moment, Master Ashen Pine was moved, and he walked a few steps closer. His gaze was like lightning as he observed Wang Lin.

The old woman in green also stood up, and her expression was serious.

As for the old man named Pang, he sneered even more in his heart.

Wang Lin's body, which was inside the mountain rock, seemed to become twisted. He lifted his right foot, and there was a faint roar from the mountain rock as he took the ninth step!

Wang Lin's body trembled violently and the veins on his face became swollen. His eyes were bloodshot, but he stabilized himself!

Master Ashen Pine's mind trembled and he shouted, "Fellow Cultivator Lu, only one more step!!"

The old woman in green revealed a complicated expression. She looked for a long time and couldn't see any sign of Wang Lin faking it. It was all very real.

"The formation unexpectedly changed. Even if he wanted to return, he can't."

"Fellow Cultivator Ashen Pine and Zhao, I have already done my best on this trip. If I'm seriously injured, you all…" Wang Lin's weak voice came from inside the rock.

"Fellow Cultivator Lu can rest assured. This old man will not forget his promise!" Master Ashen Pine sent out his message.

Wang Lin seemed to hesitate inside the mountain rock, but soon he lifted his right foot and took the 10th step! The moment the 10th step landed, the entire mountain roared and shook  violently. Large amounts of rocks fell off the mountain and alerted the fog beasts at the top.

The Nine Step Heaven-Sealing Formation collapsed!

Wang Lin coughed out more blood. As the the formation collapsed, a powerful force pushed Wang Lin out of the mountain. Master Ashen Pine's eyes lit up and he immediately moved forward. His right hand aimed directly at Wang Lin's back.

The moment his right hand touched Wang Lin, his origin energy and divine sense rushed into Wang Lin's body. He cycled once through Wang Lin's body and then quickly withdrew.

It was inconvenient for him to kill Wang Lin before the old woman in green. Otherwise, it would put her on extremely high alert and cause unnecessary trouble in the future.

His purpose was to test if this person named Lu was really seriously injured. Now that he got his answer, he wasn't going to bother with someone who was already seriously injured and no longer a threat.

Just at this moment, the roar of beasts suddenly appeared. A hawk-like beast charged out from the mountain and rushed at everyone.

Master Ashen Pine grabbed Wang Lin and directly charged into the tunnel that appeared once the formation collapsed. The old man named Pang and the old woman in green quickly followed into the tunnel.

Everyone quickly moved through the tunnel for a long time. Only after they could no longer hear the roars of the beasts did they stop.

Master Ashen Pine put Wang Lin down and looked regretful. He clasped his hands. "Brother Lu was willing to get seriously injured to open the formation. This old man will remember this!"

Wang Lin's face was pale and there was still blood on the corner of his lip. He waved his hand and revealed a wry smile. "That formation was very strange. After I took six steps, there was a force behind me, so I could only move forward…"

"No matter what, Fellow Cultivator Lu has contributed greatly to us entering here!" Master Ashen Pine looked very sincere and continued to clasp his hands. Seeing that Wang Lin's face was tired, he immediately took out pills and handed them to Wang Lin.

"Brother Lu, rest and recover for a bit. Once you recover a bit, we can continue moving forward."

Wang Lin pondered a bit and bitterly nodded. He took the pill but didn't consume it. He brought his own pills and swallowed them before closing his eyes to cultivate.

The old man named Pang's eyes lit up and revealed a hint of coldness. Just at this moment, Master Ashen Pine looked at the old man and shook his head slightly.

Time slowly passed. It didn't take long before Wang Lin opened his eyes and stood up. He said in a hoarse voice, "My injuries can't heal in a short period of time. Let's move forward."

Master Ashen Pine looked at Wang Lin and nodded. The old woman in green sighed in her heart but didn't speak.

Everyone walked forward through the tunnel. This place was very quiet, with only the sounds of their footsteps echoing. After an unknown amount of time, light appeared in the distance. Master Ashen Pine suppressed the excitement in his heart and quickly walked ahead.

The location of the light was the exit of this tunnel. Looking outside, Master Ashen Pine began to laugh.

There was large valley outside the tunnel. It was filled with vegetation, and one could easily smell the faint fragrance of the flowers. It was a relaxing scent. After the valley stood a mountain range that was like a city wall. These mountains were very tall and walled off the outside world.

"After we pass the mountain range, we will enter the inner part of this realm! Sima Mo's cave is not in the mountain, but in a valley before it." Master Ashen Pine laughed as he flew forward at a fast pace. The old woman in green followed and the two of them flew away.

Wang Lin's face was pale and the seven-colored light was even more harsh. He took a deep breath and followed. The old man named Pang sneered and remained not far from Wang Lin.

It didn't take long for the four of them to arrive at a valley under Master Ashen Pine's guidance. As soon as they entered the valley, they saw a cave before them.

The wall of this cave was covered in grass, making it obvious it hadn't been used for a long time. It wasn't very large and only had three rooms. The ground was a mess with pills scattered everywhere. Most of them had fossilized and would crumble if you touched them.

Master Ashen Pine's mind was obviously not on the cave. He looked at the old woman in green and said, "I won't take anything from here. Everything belongs to Fellow Cultivators Zhao and Lu.

The old woman in green's divine sense spread out and she shook her head "Fellow Cultivator Lu has paid a heavy price, so how could I take anything? Let Fellow Cultivator Lu take everything."

Wang Lin looked around and let out a sigh. "I am unable to continue with the two of you. This place is quiet and suitable for healing.

"Fellow Cultivator is seriously injured, so it's better for you to heal for a few days. After Fellow Cultivator Zhao and I return, we'll naturally hand over what was promised. Then we can leave together." Master Ashen Pine smiled.

"Many thanks." Wang Lin nodded.

"However, although this place is quiet, it is still dangerous as there might be fierce beats. Fellow Cultivator Pang, there is one thing I want to ask of you." Master Ashen Pine pondered for a bit before looking at the old man named Pang.

"If fellow cultivator Lu recovers here by himself, I will feel worried, so I'd like to ask Fellow Cultivator Pang to stay here to protect him. Part of what I and Fellow Cultivator Zhao find will be given to you as payment. How about it?"

The old man named Pang's eyes lit up and he said, "As it should be!"

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