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Chapter 1185 - Nine Step Heaven-Sealing Formation

There was only one line on this jade. Wang Lin pondered for a long time but still didn't fully understand the meaning of it. Just based on the words, there were many interpretations.

His gaze swept past Master Ashen Pine. Wang Lin knew that Master Ashen Pine had been here several times and had explored a lot of caves here. Master Ashen Pine must have obtained some rare treasures, cultivation methods, or information here.

Otherwise, he wouldn't be so familiar with this place.

They continued down the narrow mountain path with Master Ashen Pine carefully walking in front. He only had a simple map of the area past this point and hadn't actually gone down this path before. Previously, he took another path, and it was there that he obtained a jade and map containing the information that tempted him.

They went down the narrow road for several days. After avoiding various fog beasts, they arrived deep within the mountain range. There was one more mountain before them, and after passing here, they would see what was behind the mountain.

The old woman in green was calm and didn't look to the side, as if she was a monk. Wang Lin had looked at her several times, but he wasn't able to see through her thoughts.

Wang Lin only knew that this old woman in green was named Zhao and nothing else. However, he noticed along the way that although she was following Master Ashen Pine, each of her steps was intricate.

There were many restrictions here, but most of them had already collapsed. However, this old woman always stepped on an empty spot or where the restrictions were weak.

This was a habit, and it wouldn't change just because the restriction had lost power. It was hard to notice something so subtle unless you were a restriction grandmaster.

The old man named Pang followed closely after Master Ashen Pine and didn't dare to be too close to Wang Lin. He obviously dreaded Wang Lin a lot.

At this moment, there was no road left before them. Master Ashen Pine's brows were knit tightly and he pondered.

The seven-colored light still covered the sky, making it impossible to tell if it was night or day. Fluctuations of origin energy came from the sky, catching everyone's attention.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he looked into the distance. He could see that there was fog churning in the sky a few mountains back. The origin energy fluctuations were coming from there. There was also a feeling of a power that could shake the soul.

Master Ashen Pine looked at the distance and coldly said, "It's Chen Tianjun's spell."

After a long time, the fluctuations dissipated and the fog calmed down. It was as if nothing had happened, and no more fluctuations came.

"I fear it is likely that Chen Tianjun is dead. He didn't listen to our advice and deserved to die! This Seven-Colored Realm is not a place you can casually move in, and the road changes every time. Unless you know this place well, you can't casually enter or leave." The old man named Pang sneered and there was mockery in his eyes.

"Well, let's put the matter about Chen Tianjun aside. Fellow Cultivator Zhao, I checked and there seems to be restrictions in the way. As for how to crack them, I need Fellow Cultivator Zhao to help." Master Ashen Pine took a few steps back and clasped his hands at the old woman in green.

The old woman in green had already checked the path ahead, and right now she silently nodded.

"Unfortunately, Fellow Cultivator Duanmu was taken by the Lost One. If he was still here, he could've used his dao to temporarily stop the restrictions from changing and help Fellow Cultivator Zhao." Master Ashen Pine shook his head.

"Most of the restrictions here are ones I've never seen before. I don't have much confidence in breaking them." The old woman in green walked forward as she spoke and arrived at the end of the path.

There was no path here, only mountains. If you wanted to pass, you'd have to climb up the mountain, but there was dense fog up the mountain that sealed all path.

Touching the mountain rock, the eyes of the old woman in green lit up and she pondered.

Wang Lin wasn't phased and withdrew his gaze from the stone. He sat down and began to cultivate. He was going to keep himself at his peak so he would be ready for anything unexpected that might happen.

Time slowly passed. The old woman in green didn't move, but the changes in her eyes became even more drastic. She eventually frowned.

"Master Ashen Pine, are you sure there is a restriction here? Why not just climb over?" The old woman in green looked at Master Ashen Pine.

Master Ashen Pine pondered for a moment before saying, "There isn't just one fierce beast on top of this mountain. According to what I know, there are seven! They are all rank 12 fierce beasts. We came here from another path before and tried to climb the mountain, but we suffered heavy casualties. In the end, we weren't able to pass. Then I found a map that showed that there was a passage through the mountain, and the entrance is here!" 

The old woman in green pondered a bit before retreating two steps. Her hands formed a seal. Afterimages of her hands appeared and they overlapped to form a complex rune. The rune suddenly landed on the mountain's rock.

Wang Lin's mind trembled and he pretended to look over casually.

The moment the restriction fell on the mountain, the surface of the rock seemed to melt and ripples appeared like when one threw a pebble into a lake.

However, what was strange was that the ripples were strings of small incantations. An ancient and decaying aura came out from the mountain stone.

The old woman in green retreated a few more steps, then her hands formed more seals and pointed a few times at her chest. Seven strands of gas flew out from her orifices, each strand containing a large amount of vitality, and they surrounded her. She took a deep breath and stepped forward.

The old woman unexpectedly sank into the mountain rock with three steps. The ripples became even more intense and the rock became transparent. This allowed Master Ashen Pine and others to clearly see the massive stone tunnel inside.

However, aside from the entrance, it was completely dark inside. Even their gazes were devoured by the darkness.

When the old woman in green sank into the stone, her face turned pale and her body began to distort as if she was being squeezed by an unimaginable force. A faint popping sound came from her body.

She closed her eyes and cultivated for a moment. Then she opened her eyes and walked forward. Each step made her body trembled more violently, and the amount of ripples around the rock multiplied. The ancient aura became a powerful pressure that surrounded the area.

After walking three steps, her eyes were bloodshot. Her hands formed a seal and mercilessly pressed down between her eyebrows. The old woman's wrinkly face went through a shocking change.

Most of the wrinkles quickly dissipated. Even her body suddenly seemed to rejuvenate, and she turned into a middle-aged woman around 40. Although her appearance wasn't stunning, she had the grace of a beautiful, mature woman. She took two more steps, and just as she was about to take the sixth step, she coughed out a mouthful of blood. She could no longer bear it and retreated from the mountain rock.

She only stopped retreating when she was next to Wang Lin. Her face immediately changed back to her old self.

The old woman bitterly said, "Nine Step Heaven-Sealing Formation!

"This is an ancient formation. I have seen it in records but never in real life. For someone to place this restriction, their restriction ability is already at the peak."

"Nine Step Heaven-Sealing Formation…" Wang Lin looked at the mountain rock. After the old woman retreated, it returned to normal, and it was impossible to find anything wrong with it.

"This formation was damaged due to the passage of time, so it has no offensive capabilities, but its sealing power is unaffected. With my cultivation, I can only take five steps. Any more and my body can't handle it."

Master Ashen Pine frowned as he looked at the formation and asked, "How do we break this formation?"

The old woman in green took out some pills and ate them. She began cultivating and said, "Take the 10th step and you can break it."

Master Ashen Pine pondered. After a long time, he clenched his teeth and waved his hand. A set of black devil armor appeared around him. Devilish energy filled the area and made Master Ashen Pine look like a devil god.

"I want to see how many steps I can take with my cultivation and this armor! Fellow Cultivator Zhao, open it for me!" Master Ashen Pine had no other choice. He had already come this far, and he wasn't willing to give up. He took two steps and charged at the mountain rock.

The old woman in green formed a seal and pointed forward. A restriction flew out and landed on the mountain rock before Master Ashen Pine. Ripples appeared again and the rock became transparent once more.

Master Ashen Pine didn't hesitate and directly stepped into the rock. His mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator erupted, and the moment he entered the rock, he took four steps!

Every step seemed to give off a thunderous boom. Master Ashen Pine's face turned pale and the armor gave off dense devilish energy. After four steps, he paused for a bit before his eyes lit up and he unexpectedly took three more steps!

After he took these three steps, Master Ashen Pine's face was pale and his body was faintly trembling. However, he clenched his teeth and let out a roar as he took another step!

This was the eighth step!

The moment the fifth step landed, popping sounds came from Master Ashen Pine's body and blood came out of the corner of his mouth. His eyes were bloodshot. One thousand years of preparation and he was stopped by a formation. He was unwilling to yield! 


Master Ashen Pine clenched his teeth and stepped forward again. At this moment, there was a hint of excitement in the old man named Pang's eyes, and the eyes of the old woman in green lit  up. It was impossible to see her thoughts.

The moment the ninth step landed, it was as if Master Ashen Pine had smashed into a wall. A huge force smashed into his body and he coughed out blood. His body was ejected from the stone and it took several dozen feet for him to stop.

"If I can't enter, then none of them will be able to leave this Seven-Colored Realm!" His face was pale as he stared at the mountain rock. There was a hint of madness and ferociousness in Master Ashen Pine's eyes.

Wang Lin stood up and patted the dust off his clothes. He looked at the scattered devil armor on Master Ashen Pine and calmly said, "Let me try." 

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