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Chapter 1184 - Await the Path of Cultivation

The old man named Pang gasped, and he was filled with fear. When he felt the chill, he didn't even dare to spread out his divine sense, but he was very familiar with this chill.

He could still not forget that it was because they encountered this thing that half the cultivators that came with them the second time disappeared. Before this mysterious presence, they were like mortals and couldn't resist at all.

Aside from Wang Lin, due to his location, allowing him to clearly see the situation, no one else could see.

"Remember not to spread out your divine sense!" Master Ashen Pine sent out the last divine sense message and no longer sent anymore. His body was motionless and even his eyes were closed.

In Wang Lin's eyes, a person appeared behind everyone.

This person was wearing grey, but the lower half of his body under the clothes was transparent, allowing you to see the flesh and blood. He had no hair and his eyes were lifeless as he slowly walked over.

He wasn't very fast, and it took a long time for him to arrive next to the dragon's corpse. He didn't seem to do anything, but the dragon immediately rotted into a pool of blood. What was strange was that this pool of blood entered this person's body.

The person in grey still had lifeless eyes as he slowly walked forward.

The boy named Duanmu was last among them, and he was motionless, but he frowned. He clearly felt the chill get closer and closer before he saw the person in grey pass by. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

However, just at this moment, the person in grey stopped and turned his head toward Duanmu.

Their gazes met and the boy's mind trembled. His mind went blank and confusion appeared in his eyes. The sun and moon appeared above his head and began to rotate. They turned into a vortex that was like the reincarnation cycle of the sun and moon.

This sun and moon reincarnation cycle was the essence of Duanmu. There were a lot of runes that represented his spells.

However, at this moment, what made Wang Lin's mind tremble was that the sun and moon reincarnation cycle strangely moved toward the man in grey. It gradually separated from the boy and merged with the man in grey.

The confusion in the boy's eyes disappeared and was replaced with death. There wasn't a trace of vitality left in him.

Then the man in grey turned around and walked forward.

The boy named Duanmu lifted his feet and slowly followed the man in gray, walking at the same pace as him.

This strange scene shocked everyone. The old woman in green didn't even blink and remained motionless. Before her, Chen Tianjun was the same; there weren't any fluctuations to his emotions at all.

The man in grey silently walked past everyone, and the boy followed. His hair gradually fell off onto the ground.

The body under the clothes gradually turned transparent.

It didn't take long for the man in grey to arrive before Wang Lin. Wang Lin remained motionless and was completely focused. The man in gray didn't pause and walked past Wang Lin with the boy following behind. The two of them gradually disappeared into the distance.

The surrounding chill slowly dissipated until it was completely gone.

Master Ashen Pine's body trembled and he let out a deep breath. Cold sweat appeared on his forehead and he wiped it away. The three people behind him also relaxed, and shock filled their eyes.

Chen Tianhou's mind trembled as he whispered, "He… Who is he?"

There was still fear in Master Ashen Pine's eyes as he answered in a hoarse voice, "The Lost One."

"Master Ashen Pine, what the hell is this place!?" The old woman in green had an ugly expression as she stared at Master Ashen Pine. She was right beside the boy, so she experienced what had happened very clearly.

"Fellow Cultivator Duanmu didn't listen to the advice, alas." The old man named Pang still had lingering fear in his eyes and shook his head.

"I don't know what this place is. I call this place the Seven-Colored Realm! That grey-robed man is called the Lost One, that I'm sure of.

"In the seven-colored world, there aren't many Lost Ones. If they appear, as long as you don't spread out your divine sense and don't move, there is no danger. If you move, then you will end up like Fellow Cultivator Duanmu!" Master Ashen Pine spaid in a serious tone.

Wang Lin stood up. He looked at Master Ashen Pine and calmly said, "There originally weren't many Lost Ones here, but after you came, the number increased." 

The old woman in green sneered but didn't speak.

Chen Tianjun's expression was gloomy as he stared at Master Ashen Pine and slowly said, "Fellow Cultivator Ashen Pine, you have already come here twice. Did you leave a few people to become new Lost Ones each time?" 

Master Ashen Pine's expression was bleak and he was silent for a long time. Then he nodded and bitterly said, "That grey-robed man just now was a friend that came with me the first time. He was taken away by a Lost One."

Chen Tianjun let out a cold snort and said, "Coming here was a mistake. I quit!" As he spoke the turned around and went back where they came. He disappeared without a trace.

Master Ashen Pine didn't stop. After Chen Tianjun left, he slowly said, "Without me leading the way, he won't be able to go back. I didn't think we would encounter a Lost One so soon. Fellow Cultivator Lu and Zhao, I know of a cultivation cave between the inner and outer regions of this Seven- Colored Realm.

"You all know the owner of that cave. It was the head disciple of the Heaven Breaking Sect from 18,000 years ago, Sima Mo!"

The old woman in green's expression remained the same, as if she hadn't heard him.

Wang Lin silently pondered. He looked at Master Ashen Pine, waiting for the rest.

"Ignoring how powerful Sima Mo was, he was also good at alchemy. He took the pill recipe that caused a calamity and left. Although I don't know how that pill recipe appeared in the rank 5 region, I'm certain that Sima Mo's cave indeed exists.

"As for whether he successfully refined that pill, I don't know, but even without it, there must be a lot of treasures there." When he finished speaking, he took out a jade and threw it at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin caught it and checked it with his divine sense before passing it to the old woman in green.

"I found this jade here before, and that's why I'm so sure," Master Ashen Pine said calmly. However, after seeing that their expressions still hadn't changed and they hadn't agreed to continue exploring, he frowned.

"Fellow Cultivator Zhao, from now on, I and Fellow Cultivator Pang will give you all our shares of the fierce beasts we kill. Also, I promise you get to pick 10 things first from that place I told you about before."

The old woman in green hesitated and asked, "How confident are you in entering that place?"

Master Ashen Pine pondered a bit and said, "If you and Fellow Cultivator Lu help, I'm 60% confident."

"OK!" The old woman in green closed her eyes for a moment and then nodded.

Master Ashen Pine looked at Wang Lin and said, "The place I and Fellow Cultivator Zhao were talking about is in inner part of this Seven-Colored World. Although it is dangerous, the harvest will be greater. According to the clues I found, there are many souls of rank 8 to 13 beasts sealed here. I have prepared enough herbs so that as long as there is enough time, I can produce a large amount of pills. If Fellow Cultivator Lu agrees, you can pick 10 first as well."

Wang Lin silently pondered. In his mind, there was no way Master Ashen Pine's goal was so simple, and given his cunning, there was no way he would expose his purpose.

Master Ashen said, "Fellow Cultivator Lu, I can take you to a few safe places with fog beasts and gather all the origin crystals there. Also, I won't take a single thing from Sima Mo's cave."

"Let's take the origin crystals first." Wang Lin looked at Master Ashen Pine.

"OK!" Master Ashen didn't say anymore and looked around. He didn't continue down the narrow passage but charged directions. The three of them charged off into the distance.

Master Ashen Pine was very familiar with his place. After one hour, he arrived at another place filled with fog. This was an abyss shrouded in fog.

After entering this place, Master Ashen Pine was very careful and slowly moved forward. When he was 1,000 feet from the fog, he stopped. His right hand reached out and a large amount of celestial jades flew out and circled him. Then he closed his hand and all the celestial jades turned to dust.

He took a deep breath and carefully waved that dust toward the fog.

Just at this moment, a roar came from the fog and a turtle-like beast peeked out its head. It sucked in the celestial jade dust.

Master Ashen Pine took out more celestial jades, which he crushed into dust, and softly said, "Fellow Cultivator Pang."

The old man named Pang had cooperated with Master Ashen Pine many times, and he skillfully rushed into the fog. The turtle fog beast looked back and hesitated, but at this moment, more celestial jade dust flew over. The beast immediately devoured it.

When Wang Lin saw this, his eyes shined, but he remained calm. Shortly after, the old man named Pang rushed back out from the fog and returned to everyone's side. Master Ashen Pine scattered more celestial jade dust and slowly retreated.

It wasn't until he retreated out more than 10,000 feet that he stopped scattering celestial jade dust.

"How many?" Master Ashen Pine looked at the old man named Pang.

"Less than 3,000." The old man named Pang didn't hesitate to hand a bag of holding to Wang Lin.

"Some rank 12 fog beasts like to devour celestial jades. You can use celestial jades to get some origin crystals." After Master Ashen Pine spoke, he led everyone to a number of fog beasts.

Using the same method, they confused more fierce beasts and got nearly 20,000 origin crystals in return. Master Ashen Pine stopped and returned to that narrow road.

"On the way back, I'll get more origin crystals for Fellow Cultivator Lu on a different path. Based on the past, there should be about 60,000-70,000 origin crystals in total."

"Enlighten, prisoner of the dao of heaven, all sentient beings must endure immeasurable calamities. It only takes a thought to leave the deep prison. Await the path of cultivation…"  The information from the jade next to the skeleton echoed in Wang Lin's mind. He looked at the seven-colored world and silently nodded.

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