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Chapter 1183 - Don't Move

Just at this moment, the boy's flying sword arrived with a shaking sword energy. It broke through the dragon's flesh and pierced through. Immediately after, the old man's lightning descended, making the dragon roar even more intensely. The more it struggled, the more pale the face of the boy became, and his body began trembling.

The boy shouted, "Five more breaths of time!"

Master Ashen Pine's hand quickly formed different seals as the tens of thousands of swords closed in and landed on the dragon. The dragon let out a roar and struggled, causing the boy to cough out blood. The veins on his body were all swelling and his eyes were bloodshot.

The old woman in green's ice closed in and touched the dragon. The dragon trembled and frost immediately appeared. Soon, ice covered the entire dragon.

Strands of black gas started to come out of the dragon and got absorbed by the ice. This scene caused everyone to look at the old woman. Wang Lin naturally saw what was strange about the ice--it was able to absorb the dragon's vitality.

The dragon suddenly raised its head and let out a roar. The boy coughed out blood and could no longer seal it.

Without the reincarnation seal, the dragon roared. There was a single horn on its head, and as it moved, its body came out of the fog. As it came out, the amount of fog decreased.

After the seal disappeared, the dragon moved and all the ice around it immediately collapsed. When the ice flew back next to the old woman in green, strands of black gas entered her body, and her eyes became even brighter.

"These old monsters are still hiding their spells. It is interesting!" Wang Lin sneered as he flew above the head of the dragon that was rising. He charged toward the thinning fog.

Once the dragon turned solid from its fog form, all the origin crystals would dissipate and become part of its body's origin energy.

"I'll only do as much work as I'm paid to do. There is no need for me to try so desperately just for these origin crystals." Wang Lin ignored the fight and charged into the fog. The moment he entered, he saw large amounts of origin crystals floating there, and some were still forming.

He waved his arms and took hundreds of origin crystals. This method of collecting origin crystals made Wang Lin very happy. He moved through the fog like lightning and gathered the origin crystals that had formed over countless years.

Wang Lin could still hear the roar of the dragon and the rumbles of the battle outside. Wang Lin quickly gathered thousands of origin crystal. In truth, it was not possible for rank 12 fog beasts to generate this many origin crystals. After all, the cultivators that were raising these fog beasts would come to collect them every now and then.

However, in this seven-colored realm, no one would come to steal the origin crystals from the fog beast. After countless years, this many origin crystals had gathered.

It didn't take long for Wang Lin to notice the fog around him begin to churn more violently and show signs of condensing. It was also moving toward one direction as it contracted.

After calculating the amount of origin crystals, Wang Lin decisively gave up gathering more and moved to the side. As he moved, the fog began to condense even faster.

In a moment, all the fog disappeared and was replaced with the dragon's tail. The dragon was about 10,000 feet tall and half of its body was in the air. This section of tail flew up with the body.

The old man named Pang had a pale face as he leaned against the side of the mountain, and his chest was a bloody mess. Master Ashen Pine, the old woman in green, and the boy were fighting above the dragon's head. They were all using spells to prevent the dragon from rising.

The black horn on the dragon's head released a black light, and every time it flashed, Master Ashen Pine and company had to dodge. The dragon spat out a fishy-smelling poison fog that was very difficult to deal with. However, it was also seriously injured as blood flowed out from the wounds on its body and dripped down its scales.

Just at this moment, the dragon let out a heaven-shaking roar that made the surrounding mountains tremble and some rocks to fall down. Shortly after, the black horn on the dragon gave off a blinding light and a black lightning net spread out. At the same time, endless origin energy gathered and even some of the seven-colored light was absorbed.


The dragon let out a roar that caused everyone's minds to tremble. As the dragon roared, the black lightning net increased in size by 1,000 feet. As the origin energy and seven-colored light was absorbed, illusions began to appear around the dragon.

This illusionary shadows were all dragons. As they circled the area, Master Ashen Pine and company were forced to retreat.

The dragon was about to rise into the air. Once it flew up into the air, it would be a disaster for the cultivators that couldn't fly too high into the air.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he looked at the dragon's tail. He took a step forward and popping sounds came from his arms. The power of an ancient god surged through his arms as he jumped up and grabbed the dragon's tail. The veins on Wang Lin's arms swelled.

"Come down for me!"

Wang Lin's hands mercilessly held the dragon's tail and mercilessly pulled it down. This scene shocked all those who were dodging the dragon's spells!

The eyes of the old man named Pang leaning on the side of the road widened. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

All of Wang Lin's ancient god power surged in his body as the dragon struggled. The dragon turned its head and charged at Wang Lin. Spells circled the dragon's body.

However, its struggle just made Wang Lin's ancient god power surge even faster.

"Come down!" He let out a heaven-shaking roar that was like the voice of the god. Wang Lin's hand held the tail and mercilessly smashed the dragon's body down on the narrow path while all the other cultivators watched in shock.

Although this dragon had a 10,000-foot-long body, had peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, had a body that was strong enough to resist most spells, and a body that was far stronger than that of any body refining cultivator, it was nothing before Wang Lin!

Even if it shed its skin and became a true dragon, it still wouldn't be able to rise into the sky before an ancient god!

As Wang Lin swung down, the dragon wasn't able to struggle at all, and it let out a roar. Its body immediately came crashing down. The old man named Pang felt the sky darken. His mind was shocked and he quickly retreated like crazy. He was worried that if he was too slow and the dragon smashed onto his body, his body would immediately collapse, given his cultivation level.

A thunderous rumble echoed across the sky when the giant dragon smashed into the ground. Large amounts of rocks fell off the mountains on both sides, and it took a while for everythin to return to normal.

After the dragon fell on the ground, its body twitched, its head began to melt, and black gas came out. Chen Tianjun flew out from the head and took a few steps back.

Master Ashen Pine sucked in a breath of cold air. He stared at the dragon and then at Wang Lin, and a chill appeared in his heart.

Even the boy licked his lips. There was a hint of dread in his gaze toward Wang Lin.

The old woman in green also gasped and silently pondered.

The one with the most fear in his heart was the old man named Pang, who had managed to avoid the dragon. When he thought about Wang Lin's threat, he felt bitterness in his mouth.

Wang Lin's breathing was a bit rough and he looked at everyone before his gaze landed on the skeleton not far away. He walked over and looked down to find a jade under the skeleton.

His right hand reached at the void and then the jade and pill landed in his hand. He threw the pill at the boy. The boy caught it and clasped his hands at Wang Lin.

"Many thanks!

Holding the jade, Wang Lin sat down against the mountain. His divine sense swept inside jade and he began to carefully read the contents.

Master Ashen Pine arrived next to the old man named Pang. His right hand patted the old man's back and he handed over some pills before sitting down. He would occasionally look at Wang Lin with a mysterious light in his eyes.

The boy held the reincarnation pill and revealed a look of excitement before putting it away. This was not the time to consume it. He took a deep breath and sat down to heal.

Chen Tianjun also sat down. During this battle, everyone was outside, but he was inside and was indispensable. If there was no one outside, he wouldn't have been able to obtain the dragon's soul.

Although he wasn't able to absorb it all, he had the best harvest out of everyone present.

As for the old woman in green, she arrived next to the dragon's corpse. She placed her hand on the dragon and black gas came out from the dragon's body and entered hers.

After resting for a few hours, Master Ashen Pine looked at everyone and slowly said, "There are many rank 12 fog beasts here; however, the greater the danger, the bigger our harvest."

At this moment, only bones remained of the dragon corpse next to the old woman. The old woman's face turned red and she unexpectedly became a bit younger.

The old man named Pang had recovered a lot. He stood up and looked at the narrow path without any fog. His eyes lit up.

Master Ashen Pine got up and walked forward. "Everyone, let's go."

The old woman in green and Chen Tianjun got up at the same time. Only the boy hesitated for a bit before also standing up.

Wang Lin was sitting the farthest away from everyone and watched them walk over as he held the jade. There was something recorded in this jade… Something related to the seven-colored realm.

"This place is…" Wang Lin's train of thought was broken as he suddenly looked behind everyone. His pupils shrank and all the hair on his body stood up!

At the same time, Master Ashen Pine and the boy suddenly stopped. Immediately after, the old woman and Chen Tianjun also noticed. The old man named Pang was the last person to notice.

Master Ashen Pine's eyes became filled with fear as he quickly sent out a divine sense message. "No matter what, don't move!"

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