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Chapter 1182 - Seven-Colored Realm

The matter about Master Cloud Soul was put aside and was no longer mentioned. The old man named Pang complained in his heart and was on guard because he had just offended Wang Lin. Thinking about Wang Lin's cold gaze, he couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Master Ashen Pine said with a serious tone, "Don't spread out your divine sense too far, or else you will attract the fierce beasts here. Although this is only the outer region, there are rank 12 fog beasts here. Also, don't fly higher than 1,000 feet!" 

Wang Lin looked at the seven-colored light in the sky and pondered. This seven-colored light was very strange and gave him a strange feeling. It seemed to contain an incomprehensible change in law.

"What the hell is this place?" The person that asked was the Battle Beast Sect's Chen Tianjun.

Master Ashen Pine looked head and slowly said, "The Seven Colored Realm. This is what I call it."

"The outer region of this place is filled with fog beasts. This is where all my origin crystals come from. I have come here a few times, but I'm unable to enter the center region.

"There are some remains of ancient people there. According to my observations, there are celestials and some very strange people." He pointed ahead as he slowly spoke.

"Fellow cultivators, please follow me and don't leave. This place is very dangerous; if you're not careful, you might die here." With that, he walked down the altar and walked ahead.

Everyone followed closely after Master Ashen Pine and slowly moved forward. Master Ashen Pine was serious the whole way and followed the fixed route off the alter into the plain. They eventually arrived within the fog-filled mountains.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he looked around. There were no trees here, only bare mountains. The different types of fog existed in their own separate groups and didn't interfere with each other.

Just at this moment, Chen Tianjun suddenly stopped and looked at a mountain not far away. A stone cave could vaguely be seen halfway up the mountain.

This cave was obviously not natural. At a glance, it was obvious it was made by someone to be used as a cultivation cave.

"There is indeed a cave there. but there are rank 12 beasts guarding it. The last time I came, I lured them away and went inside. I did obtain some stuff," Master Ashen Pine quietly said as he looked at Chen Tianjun. Then he continued to walk forward.

Chen Tianjun withdrew his gaze and looked at Master Ashen Pine in front. No one knew what he was thinking.

As everyone moved forward, the path got narrower. Master Ashen Pine was very familiar with this place. When there was no road ahead, he would change directions and another road would appear.

Time slowly passed. As everyone went deeper, they felt a sense of majesty. This feeling became stronger, and when it descended on them, it even made their minds tremble.

Master Ashen Pine's expression became more serious and he slowed down. He would have to think for a long time after every step as if he was recalling the route.

Wang Lin was silent the whole way, but his eyes shined brightly. He had already noticed that there were numerous restrictions here. However, most of them were too old and had mostly collapsed, but there were still some that were operational.

What shocked Wang Lin was the power of these restrictions. These restrictions were even stronger than the ones in Celestial Emperor Qing Lin's cave. If it wasn't for the fact that they had collapsed, it would've been impossible to reach this point.

Looking back at where they passed through, they had already travelled more than five kilometers. They hadn't crossed the mountain range ahead of them yet, and it was impossible to know what was beyond the mountains.

In this seven-colored realm, there was no night; the seven-colored light filled the sky.

Master Ashen Pine moved slower and slower before he finally stopped. He rubbed his temples and said, "Fellow Cultivator Duanmu, the reincarnation pill is not far ahead. However, there is a rank 12 fierce beast there, so if you want it, there might be some trouble."

There was a narrow road before Master Ashen Pine, and the side of the mountains looked grim. Sometimes, a few stones would tumble down and make some noise.

Aside from that, the surroundings were completely silent.

There was a faint mist blocking the narrow road, and on the edge of the fog you could see a skeleton on the side. Almost all of its clothes had dissipated; only a few strands of cloth were still wrapped around the skeleton.

The flesh on the skeleton had completely decayed and the pelvic bone could clearly be seen. There was a seven-colored pill inside it. This pill wasn't complete and had subtle cracks. Some of it had even melted, so it was no longer shaped like a pill, but a crescent shape. 

This was a pill that was devoured by someone, but that person died before they could completely absorb the pill! Although countless years had passed, the pill still emitted a faint fragrance, only now it was very light.

Smelling the fragrance, Wang Lin's eyes narrowed. This fragrance was very strange. When it entered his nose, it made his origin soul tremble. His mind began recalling the past and scenes of the past uncontrollably appeared before his eyes.

Fortunately, Wang Lin was also vigilant. He bit the tip of his tongue and his eyes suddenly cleared up. He was secretly startled! He looked at everyone else. That old man named Pang had already sealed his five senses; it was obvious he already knew that this place was strange.

As for the old woman in green, she was confused for a moment but soon recovered. The Battle Beast Sect's Chen Tianjun quickly recovered.

"What a powerful pill!"

"It indeed is the reincarnation pill!" The boy named Duanmu took a deep breath and was indulging in the fragrance.

"Fellow Cultivator Duanmu cultivates the reincarnation cycle of the sun and moon. What he need to comprehend is his reincarnation. He must complete the reincarnation cycle nine times to complete his dao. However, the heavens are ruthless, so it is very difficult to succeed. Rumor has it that there was a reincarnation pill in the ancient cultivation world that allowed one to enter the reincarnation cycle to comprehend dao. However, the reincarnation pill is long lost, and only part of the recipe exists. It is impossible to refine a reincarnation pill; we can only condense some reincarnation energy!" Master Ashen Pine slowly explained.

The boy named Duanmu's eyes lit up and he stared at Master Ashen Pine. He said with a sharp voice, "Fellow Cultivator Ashen Pine sure knows a lot. I presume you made adequate preparations when you came to find me."

Master Ashen Pine smiled but didn't speak.

"If it wasn't for what's in the fog next to the skeleton, you wouldn't have been so as to kind to invite me." The boy named Duanmu looked at the fog.

"That is indeed true. Fellow Cultivator Duanmu's reincarnation dao will be very useful to us for the rest of the trip. We will help you obtain this pill and you will open the road the rest of the way." Master Ashen Pine was calm as he frankly admitted it.

"OK!" The boy pondered for a bit as he looked at the reincarnation pill in the skeleton, then his expression became serious.

Master Ashen Pine said with a serious voice, "This is a rank 12 dragon, which is equal to a peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. But a fierce beast is still a fierce beast. As long as we cooperate well, and along with Fellow Cultivator Duanmu's reincarnation spell, it's not impossible!"

Chen Tianjun licked his lips. "I want this dragon's soul!"

The old woman in green said, "The body of this dragon belongs to me!" 

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he slowly said, "I want all the origin crystals in the fog!" After the three of them finished speaking, their gazes fell on Master Ashen Pine.

Master Ashen Pine laughed. "That's fine. Fellow Cultivator Pang and I don't want these things. We just want to pass here."

A cold light flashed in the eyes in the boy and he took a deep breath. His hands formed a seal before him and his hair moved without any wind. His eyes lit up and the sun and moon appeared in one each respectively. Then he let out a roar as his left hand pointed to between his eyebrows and his right hand pointed ahead.

His eyes shined brightly and the sun and moon marks in his eyes became even more clear. Everyone around him suddenly felt like their minds were being sucked into an illusion.

Wang Lin looked at the boy and was completely calm.

The moment the sun and moon marks appeared, they began to rotate around each other to form a vortex. It charged directly at the fog!

It was too fast and instantly closed on the fog. Popping sounds echoed as it charged into the fog. At this moment, the fog began to churn violently and a roar came out. This roar was earth-shattering, and the mountains on the sides began to tremble and rocks fell off.

At the same time, a large dragon head charged out it. A fishy-smelling wind swept by as it charged toward everyone.

If this was it, it would be fine, but the moment the dragon's head appeared, the pressure of a peak Nirvana Shatterer cultivator also appeared. This caused everyone's minds to tremble for a instant.

The boy named Duanmu let out a roar and a sun and moon suddenly appeared before the head of the dragon that was charging at everyone. The sun and moon rotated like crazy, and the vortex they formed was pulling the dragon's head.

"My reincarnation spell can only affect it for 10 breaths of time. You all have to hurry!!" The boy's expression was ferocious and the veins on his forehead were swelling. He sat down, waved his right hand, and the seven foot flying sword appeared. It turned into a ray of sword energy and shot directly at the dragon.

Chen Tianjun took a step forward as his hands formed a seal and a ghostly light shined around him. He immediately arrived next to the dragon, and in a flash he arrived on top of the dragon's head. He sat down and formed another seal. The ghostly light around him intensified and he unexpectedly entered the dragon's body.

Master Ashen Pine waved his hand and tens of thousands of swords appeared. They all fell like a rain of swords on the dragon. The old woman in green's right hand formed a seal and a cold wind blew by. There were crackling sounds as ice appeared in the narrow path and spread toward the dragon.

The old man named Pang wasn't idle. He jumped into the air and waved his hand, causing lightning to appear. Balls of lightning descended from the sky.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he immediately got near the dragon. His right hand formed a fist and his punch landed on the dragon's giant body.

A thunderous rumble echoed. It was the dragon roaring in anger as it tried to break through the body's reincarnation seal.

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