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Chapter 1181 - Master Cloud Soul is Lost

Wang Lin had his own plot going into this seven-colored crack, and it was bound to have conflict with Master Ashen Pine. Wang Lin could deal with a mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, and even against two he would be fine as long as the second one didn't have a good relationship with Master Ashen Pine!

Wang Lin had secretly observed the boy named Duanmu. He was a ruthless person, and his relationship with Master Ashen Pine was merely for their own benefits.

As for Chen Tianjun, he didn't have a very close relationship with Master Ashen Pine. He must've had his own plans.

The only ones that had a close relationship with Master Ashen Pine were two people. The first was the old man named Pang, and the other was Master Cloud Soul!

According to Wang Lin's analysis, it was due to Master Cloud Soul that Master Ashen Pine could calmly invite everyone. After all, with the two of them working together and the old man named Pang on their side, that team was already invincible among them!

Therefore, destroying Master Cloud Soul would be equal to breaking one of Master Ashen Pine's arm! Master Cloud Soul had ill intent and had been observing him this whole time. Wang Lin decided to attack first and not give them a chance to join forces!

Right now was the best chance to attack!

"Mid stage Nirvana Shatterer!" Thinking about how he was going to battle a mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, Wang Lin felt excited. With the iron sword in his hand, he mercilessly slashed down!

The power of a Pseudo Nirvana Void Treasure was heaven-shaking. At this moment, a monstrous ray of sword energy shot at Master Cloud Soul!

Master Cloud Soul's expression changed. He was not far from Wang Lin and was very close to the seven-colored crack. He had no time to think as the sword energy closed in instantly. Master Cloud Soul let out a roar and his hands formed a seal. The soul flame behind him flew out to confront Wang Lin's sword energy!

The soul flame shot at Wang Lin and collided with the sword energy. A thunderous rumble echoed and the soul flame collapsed. It wasn't able to stop the sword energy from piercing through at all.

At this moment of crisis, Master Cloud Soul's eyes widened in anger. At the moment it closed in, he bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a gush of essence blood. This blood turned into a skull that devoured the ray of sword energy.

There was a heaven-shaking bang as Master Cloud Soul's body trembled and his face turned pale. His eyes were filled with shock, but he was, after all, a mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, so Wang Lin's sword energy wasn't able to seriously injure him. The impact knocked Wang Lin back a few steps and he was about to disappear into the crack.

"You're looking for death, Junior!" Master Cloud Soul let out a roar and rushed forward. He was very fast and closed in on Wang Lin in an instant.

Wang Lin didn't have time to let the iron sword use its full attack. There was a cold flash in his eyes. This wasn't outside his expectations; a mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator wasn't easy to kill. His purpose was to injure him! It was all preparation for what will happen next!

Wang Lin retreated and was about to completely enter the crack. Master Cloud Soul closed in and was half a foot into the crack. He lifted his hand and was about to use a spell, but at this moment, Wang Lin revealed a smile that wasn't a smile. He opened his mouth and shouted, "Stop!"

The celestial origin energy inside his body surged like crazy and turned into the Stop spell that surrounded Master Cloud Soul. In the blink of an eye, Master Cloud Soul's body paused!

With his cultivation level, he only needed a moment to break the invisible silk threads formed by the Stop spell, but it was enough. Just as Wang Lin entered the crack, a ray of sword energy shot out at Master Cloud Soul's head. A punch filled with ancient god power also shot out at him.

The ray of sword energy closed in. Master Cloud Soul broke free from the Stop spell in time to dodge, but he let out a miserable groan and blood gushed out from his right arm. The sword energy had chopped off his right arm!

At this moment, the ancient god punch arrived. Although Master Cloud Soul blocked it with his spell, it caused his body to move to the side by large amount.

Fear appeared in his eyes. You couldn't just arbitrarily move while being transferred through the crack. If you did, you would immediately be teleported to another location when crossing between the two realms!

Wang Lin had passed through many spatial cracks. Although he hadn't entered the seven-colored crack before, he concluded that all cracks between two realms were like this. This seven-colored crack also wasn't stable, so he was even more certain!

His purpose wasn't to attempt to kill a mid stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. Instead, it was to injure Master Cloud Soul and change his transfer location the moment he entered the crack!

All of this happened in a flash; it was unimaginably fast. At the moment he entered the crack, Wang Lin's vision blurred and his origin soul suffered the severe backlash from using the Stop spell, but he suppressed it by force. When he regained his vision, he appeared in a strange world.

There was a sky and earth here, but the sky gave off a seven-colored glow. Even the earth was seven-colored due to this light. However, this world wasn't clear but shrouded in fog. Only a few places didn't have fog.

Wang Lin didn't look at the scene too closely. His eyes lit up and he looked around at the people who had teleported here. Master Cloud Soul was not here! Seeing this, Wang Lin relaxed a bit. He had made a gamble, and now he knew he had won his bet! What he did was extremely dangerous. Master Cloud Soul wasn't prepared, so his spell got interrupted by the Stop spell. If that spell had shot out, things wouldn't have ended so quickly.

Everyone was on an alter-like place that was only 1,000 feet wide. The old man named Pang looked around and recalled the past. This was his third time here. The first time they came, many of their friends died. The second time, more of them died. Today, including himself, there were only three of them left.

The eyes of the boy named Duanmu looked at the fog ahead as he licked his lips and muttered, "That fog is not star fog…"

The Battle Beast Sect's Chen Tianjun got very excited after arriving here. He took a few deep breaths and his eyes revealed a strange light.

Only the old woman in green frowned slightly. No one knew what she was thinking about.

Master Ashen Pine's expression was excited, but his gaze immediately became serious. He looked at Wang Lin and said, "Fellow Cultivator Lu, where is Master Cloud Soul?"

Wang Lin's expression was calm and frowned. "How would I know where he went?"

"Master Cloud Soul was behind you, and the two of you were the last ones to enter. Did an accident happen outside?" Master Ashen Pine frowned. The good mood he had from returning here disappeared with Master Cloud Soul's disappearance, and he had a bad feeling.

Wang Lin calmly said, "I don't know if any accident happened outside, but when I entered the crack, there was no accident."

The old man named Pang stared at Wang Lin and slowly said, "Fellow Cultivator Lu, I noticed before that Fellow Cultivator Cloud Soul was not far away from you. There is no reason for you have entered but him to go missing!"

Master Ashen Pine's expression was gloomy as he looked at Wang Lin. His heart was already extremely angry.

The words between the three of them aroused the attention of the rest of the cultivators. The boy named Duanmu smiled and said, "Interesting. We can even lose a person by entering a crack!"

The old woman in green looked at Wang Lin but didn't speak.

Chen Tianjun frowned. He ignored all of this while he looked at the fog in the distance. There was a hint of feverish excitement in his eyes.

"Fellow Cultivator Pang should be careful with his words. If you say things so thoughtlessly, you might invite dire misfortune!" Wang Lin sneered and looked at the old man named Pang.

The old man named Pang trembled. He thought about Wu Qing's death and regretted saying so much. He then looked at Master Ashen Pine.

"Fellow Cultivator Lu, please give me an explanation!" Master Ashen Pine stared at Wang Lin. He knew that Master Cloud Soul had been watching this youth in white. Now that he was missing, this person was the prime suspect!

"What a joke!" Wang Lin laughed in anger. He looked indifferently at Master Ashen Pine and sneered. "Master Cloud Soul is at the mid stage of Nirvana Shatterer, and I'm not his match. Fellow Cultivator Ashen Pine wants an explanation from me, but that is something I'm unable to give!

"Master Cloud Soul has legs and a brain; why would he report to me where he is going? Ridiculous! If you want a reason to battle, then I'll accompany you to the end!" A cold light flashed through Wang Lin's eyes and his words were sharp.

The boy named Duanmu looked at Wang Lin and said to Master Ashen Pine in a sharp voice, "Interesting. However, Master Ashen Pine, Fellow Cultivator Lu's words are very reasonable. Master Cloud Soul has legs and a brain; maybe he didn't want to come in or he didn't want to be with us and went to another place."

Master Ashen Pine frowned tightly. He had doubts in his heart as well. With Master Cloud Soul's cultivation level, unless this person named Lu was hiding a much higher cultivation level, there was no way Master Cloud Soul would be killed in such a short period of time!

His gaze swept past Wang Lin. Master Ashen Pine denied the idea that Master Cloud Soul was killed, especially when he considered that Master Cloud Soul was like himself, who was very familiar with this place. They had both entered twice already...

"Could it be… Could it be that Master Cloud Soul found another method of entry and used a special method to teleport away? Although this is possible, it could also be possible that this Lu cultivator fought Master Cloud Soul and caused him to be teleported to another place. But if this were true, how did this one named Lu safely teleport here…"

Master Ashen Pine had uncertainty in his heart, but he could only suppress it. He looked at Wang Lin and clasped his hands. "It was me who was reckless on this matter. I hope Fellow Cultivator Lu won't mind."

Wang Lin let out a cold snort. He then clasped his hands but didn't speak.

At this moment, in a valley filled with dense fog inside this seven-colored world, Master Cloud Soul sat there with a pale face, nervously looking around. There were no more blood flowing out from his right arm, but there were fear hidden behind his expression.

"Damn it. I was transported here!" His heart trembled as he licked his dry lips. He looked at the dense fog at the mouth of the valley.

There were faint roars coming from the dense fog along with a fishy smell...

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