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Chapter 1180 -  Extraordinary

The starry sky was covered in fog as the six rays of light flew through the sky. Master Ashen Pine seemed to be very familiar with this path. He didn't even take out a jade to check for directions; he just quickly flew toward the location!

With his Nirvana Shatterer cultivation, he was like a bolt of thunder when flying at full speed. Everyone behind him also used their full cultivation and flew faster.

Wang Lin fell behind. After all, his real cultivation level was not Nirvana Shatterer. He remained calm as he took out the talisman and placed it on his body. A gust of wind appeared around him and he charged out.

They flew at full speed, and a few days later, the fog became even more dense. They were within the deepest part of the rank 5 region, and they could vaguely see the shadow of a wild continent.

"Here it is." Master Ashen Pine rushed out and got close to the wild continent. This wild continent wasn't big, but it had a lot of fierce beasts. Just standing above it, you could hear the constant roars of fierce beasts.

"Not many people know about this wild continent, and even those that know won't find the secret I hid here." Master Ashen Pine smiled as he looked at the continent with reminiscence in his eyes.

"Fellow Cultivator Pang, I will trouble you to find all the cultivators on this wild continent and… kill them all!" Master Ashen Pine looked at the old man with the face full of scars.

The old man named Pang nodded and then disappeared. His divine sense spread out across the wild continent and he continued to search. He killed every cultivator he found, regardless of their cultivation level or sect.

Wang Lin looked at the wild continent under his feet. He had a feeling that there was something wrong, but he couldn't tell what. At this moment, he squatted down and grabbed a handful of dirt to examine.

The eyes of the old woman in green also lit up as she looked around and became serious.

Master Cloud Soul looked at Wang Lin and sneered. The secret of this wild continent couldn't be seen through unless you had lived here for a long time.

The boy also frowned as he looked around. No one knew what he was thinking. Only Chen Tianjun wasn't moved at all. He just sat there and cultivated with his eyes closed.

It didn't take long for the old man named Pang to return. He nodded at Master Ashen Pine but didn't speak.

Master Ashen Pine got a bit excited and let out a deep breath. Then his hands formed a seal and he waved his arms. Large amounts of origin energy suddenly gathered around him. It stirred up the fog and turned into a giant vortex before him.

Master Ashen Pine's white hair flowed without any wind. He let out a roar and both of his hands mercilessly pressed down on the earth!

The earth trembled with a bang and endless rumbles echoed. As the earth trembled, crackling sounds could be heard. Cracks moved like dragons as they extended into the distance.

The earth shook even more violently. A towering mountain to the east released a harsh glow. Then mountains in the north, south, and west sides also released similar lights.

The lights from the four mountains became even stronger and immediately spread out. If one looked from above, they would see that the light from the four mountains linked together to form a four mountain formation!

The earth within the formation trembled and shattered, and gravel floated into the air. In the blink of an eye, it was as if a layer of earth had been scraped off from the area within the four mountains as even more gravel floated into the air.

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed as he looked at the gravel flying into the air. The earth was as smooth as a mirror; there were no bumps or concaves at all.

There was a giant rune hidden underground!

The rune was imprinted on the earth with a spell and occupied a majority of the continent. The gravel was added later on to hide the rune.

Looking at this gravel flying into the air and disappearing, Wang Lin felt like a bolt of lightning hit him. He looked at where the gravel was flying off to and was shocked! He thought of the reason why he felt like this place was strange!

This wild continent was completely motionless! The continents in the Cloud Sea were not stationary, but slowly drifting across space. This movement was very slow and difficult to detect, but it existed. Mortals would never feel it, but after one reaches a certain cultivation level, they would vaguely feel it if they calmed down.

Wang Lin wasn't a native cultivator of the Cloud Sea. His former star system was full planets and not these floating continents. As a result, this feeling became very clear to him. If it was a native cultivator, they could easily miss this matter.

"A motionless wild continent…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up.

There was not a single piece of gravel left remaining on the earth between the four mountains. Master Ashen Pine sat down and his right hand reached at the void. A crack to his storage space opened and celestial jades flew out from inside. The moment they landed on the earth, all the celestial spiritual energy inside them was drained and they turned into dust.

As the celestial jades continue to dissipate, the earth absorbed the dense celestial spiritual energy and the rune became even more clear. It gave off a gentle glow.

After a short 15 minutes, more than 100,000 celestial jades were used. The rune became brighter and brighter until the entire wild continent was shining!

"Celestial formation, activate!" Master Ashen Pine roared, his voice like a thunder rumble. At this moment, the rune on the ground shined violently and there was an earth-shattering tremble.

Wang Lin clearly felt that after the rune had absorbed enough celestial spiritual energy, it spread across the entire continent. The wild continent suddenly began to move!

It wasn't trembling, but moving!

This continent was moving to the north! It was a detectable movement; one could only imagine how fast it was moving! Not only Wang Lin, but the boy, Chen Tianjun, and the old woman in green were all shocked by this. They spread out their divine senses and carefully observed.

As the rune shined, the continent moved even faster. As the rumbling continued, it completely moved away from where it was before.

A seven-colored crack appeared where the center of the wild continent was! The crack wasn't very large, only five feet wide. The seven-colored light made this very small crack extremely conspicuous in space!

"This is!" The boy gasped as he stared at the seven-colored crack and became excited. His features were already twisted, and now that he was excited, he was even more terrifying.

"What a big move!" The burly man, Chen Tianjun from the Battle Beast Sect, looked at Master Ashen Pine before his gaze fell back on the seven-colored crack.

"This wild continent was originally not here. I accidentally passed through here just as the crack appeared. Afterward, in order to hide it, I moved a continent here to cover the crack up so outsiders wouldn't find it!" Master Ashen Pine smiled as he spoke. There was pride in his voice.

The old woman in green looked at the crack and said, "Where does this seven-colored crack lead to?"

"You'll know once we get there!" Master Ashen Pine laughed as he controlled the continent below them to move faster. In the blink of an eye, they were far from the crack.

"This crack isn't stable and can't be entered directly. If two of us enter it, it will collapse. Although it won't dissipate, it will shrink, making it difficult to return! Therefore, we must use this wild continent as a guide and smash our way in. That way, this crack won't collapse, and due to the seal on this continent, the impact will be a lot weaker when we return."

As Master Ashen Pine explained this, the seven-colored crack gradually disappeared into the distance. The continent under everyone's feet moved even faster, but it suddenly stopped.

Master Ashen Pine's hands formed a seal and pointed at the continent. The continent started moving even faster than before as it smashed toward the seven-colored crack!

It moved faster and faster. In the blink of an eye, they reached the limit. The speed caused the continent to tremble violently, and large amounts of rocks fell off the edge.

If you looked from above, you would clearly see that the speed of the continent wasn't any slower than a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator. In fact, it was even faster!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the stars as the continent moved even faster! The people on the continent became serious as they stared at the seven-colored crack that was getting close. They were all on guard!

Although this sounds slow, it all happened in an instant. The continent immediately crashed down into the seven-colored crack! At this moment, the seven-colored light intensified and seemed to light up the area!

When the continent crashed, the crack seemed to have gotten ripped open by force and instantly became larger.

"Go!" shouted Master Ashen Pine as he charged out toward the crack. Everyone else also used their full speed and entered the crack.

At this moment, the only two people outside were Master Cloud Soul and Wang Lin. Master Cloud Soul coldly looked at Wang Lin and Wang Lin let out a cold snort in his heart, but he headed straight for the crack. However, just as he was about to enter the crack, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes and he suddenly looked back!

Master Cloud Soul's eyes narrowed. At the moment Wang Lin turned back, his right hand reached at the void and an iron sword suddenly appeared in his hand!

It was covered in rust, but it was an iron sword that contained a heaven-shaking aura!

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