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Chapter 1169 - Who Are You?

"Every several hundred years, the rank 9 region forms an army of cultivators to send to help fight against the fierce beasts from the mysterious star system… Perhaps it won't be long before Qianmei will have to go as well." Li Qianmei's blue hair fluttered and a few strands were caught by her right hand as she smiled.

Wang Lin silently pondered.

"If that day comes, Brother Lu has to send Qianmei off." Li Qianmei blinked and chuckled. That smile was beautiful like a blooming orchid, with a sense of grace and elegance.

That beautiful face was similar to Lu Yanfei's, who stood on top of her pavilion and silently watched when Wang Lin left the continent of Mo Luo. There was also her soft voice.

"I hope Senior comes to the 100 year competition that will occur in the main sect…" With Lu Yanfei's intelligence, she could tell that the continent of Mo Luo couldn't keep Wang Lin. This was, after all, only a foothold, and he was just a passerby….

She knew he was going to leave after resolving the matter with the Origin Sect. His departure had happened almost immediately after the disaster with the Purple Dao Sect had been resolved. Once he leaves… she probably won't see him return.

The blue-haired woman that left with Wang Lin also caught Lu Yanfei's eyes, and she gradually lowered her head.

Wang Lin saw this scene and heard this. He couldn't look back and shouldn't have looked back as he flew far away. But just as he was about to depart the continent of Mo Luo, Wang Lin's words were like a gentle breeze that lifted Lu Yanfei's hair.

"I will."

At this moment, Wang Lin looked at Li Qianmei, who was already at the late stage of Nirvana Shatterer but didn't have the slightest hint of arrogance and was like a next door little sister.

He listened to her talking about the secrets of the rank 9 region. He listened to her talk about the war with the fierce beasts. He listen to her asking him to send her off.

Wang Lin pondered a bit before he nodded and whispering, "I will."

Li Qianmei smiled. When she smiled, her eyes were like the crescent moon.

On the second day of the auction, Wang Lin and Li Qianmei arrived outside of Peng Lai. Li Qianmei used her dao spell to turn her hair black.

This made it so she wouldn't have to worry about being recognized. The black-haired Li Qianmei was even more elegant. Her standing next to Wang Lin attracted the attention of many surrounding cultivators.

The Treasured Jade Sect had placed a lot of disciples around Peng Lai to receive the arriving cultivators. After paying the fee, they would open the formation and allow the cultivators inside.

This was the first time Wang Lin had seen a cultivation planet since he came to the Cloud Sea, even if it was only half of one. However, compared to the shock other cultivators experienced when they saw a cultivation planet, Wang Lin was extremely calm.

In the Cloud Sea, a majority of cultivators had never seen a cultivation planet before, only floating continents. The shock of seeing a cultivation planet for the first time always showed on their faces.

However, to Wang Lin, a cultivation planet really wasn't much. He was born on a cultivation planet, he had accepted his teacher on a cultivation planet, and in Allheaven, he even had his own cultivation planet.

There was no need to talk about the large starfield within the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect.

The cultivators of the Treasured Jade Sect all had some pride because they owned a real cultivation planet. However, before Wang Lin, their pride was really insignificant.

As each cultivators paid their spirit stones and entered, it was finally Wang Lin and Li Qianmei's turn. The cultivators stationed here were mostly at the Yin and Yang stage. However, the cultivator leading them was unexpectedly at the Nirvana Scryer stage.

"The Treasured Jade Sect sure has a good name to have a Nirvana Scryer cultivator to welcome people." Wang Lin secretly shook his head. He could easily see through the Treasured Jade Sect's actions. They were putting on a show of power.

After paying the spirit stones, Wang Lin and Li Qianmei entered the continent of Peng Lai.

Li Qianmei smiled and whispered, "The auction this time is a lot better. Last time I came here, they had a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator welcoming people. I thought I was going to another rank 9 sect and forgot that this was only the rank 5 region."

Wang Lin silently shook his head.

Although people felt that the Treasure Jade Sect was shameless, Peng Lai was very beautiful. The earth was green and the mortals in the capital cities looked up respectfully at the cultivators flying by. There was a hint of envy in their eyes.

There were even majestic mountains and rivers; it was a feast for the eyes.

The location of the auction was on the eastern part of Peng Lai. It was a spectacular sight with stones floating in the air and pavilions built on top of them.

White clouds filled the sky and surrounded those stones, making the eastern part of Peng Lai look like the Celestial Realm.

The size of these cities built on these rocks were different based on the size of the rocks.

There were many of these stones floating there with a large stone in the center. They weren't stationary but slowly rotating.

There were also bursts of music and melodies coming out from these stones. However, on top of that, there were even graceful beasts flying between the stones. They would appear and disappear within the clouds.

Looking at this, Wang Lin's expression remained the same, but he sighed in his heart. There was a large formation on each of those stones that consumed large amounts of spirit stones every second to remain floating.

"The Treasure Jade Sect is famous for being wasteful, but although it looks like the Celestial Realm, it lacks celestial spiritual energy because they are using spirit stones. In the end, it is only an imatiation. Not even the Treasured Jade Sect can afford that many celestial jades, much less origin crystals." Li Qianmei laughed.

Hearing Li Qianmei mentioning celestial jades, Wang Lin made a strange face. He had already learned from the records at the Origin Sect that the Cloud Sea was severely lacking in celestial jades.

This was greatly related to the Wind Celestial Realm being occupied by the mosquito beasts. If they couldn't enter, they couldn't get any celestial jades. Even the Treasured Jade Sect only dared to squander spirit stones and were extremely stingy with celestial jades.

Even the young master of the Purple Dao Sect didn't have 100 pieces of celestial jades in his bag. This was just how rare they were.

Similarly, in the Cloud Sea, there was an even more precious resource called the "origin crystal." Just like how celestial jades were required for reaching the Ascendant stage and Yin and Yang cultivators used them for their formations and treasures, the origin crystals had even greater for second step cultivators.

Origin crystals only existed in the Cloud Sea and were loved by second step cultivators. Absorbing them could rapidly recover origin energy for second step cultivators. They could also drastically increase the rate of cultivating.

If you had an origin crystal when setting formations or refining treasures, their power would be increased.

However, origin crystals were as rare as celestial jades. The only difference was that the celestial jades were in the Wind Celestial Realm, making them almost impossible to obtain. As for for the origin crystals, they were mostly controlled by the rank 8 or higher sects, most of it by the rank 9 sects.

All of this was due to the formation of origin crystals. They couldn't be mined but were formed by rank 12 beasts that could turn into fog. After a rank 12 beast has lived inside the star fog for a long time, an origin crystal gradually forms. Only sects and cultivators with rank 12 beasts could farm origin crystals.

However, there weren't many rank 12 beasts, and only a few of them could turn into fog. As a result, only rank 8 sects and higher possessed them.

If an origin beast were to appear in the lower region, a massive fight for it would occur. After all, an origin beast meant origin crystals!

Wang Lin stepped into a city on one of the floating stones with Li Qianmei. The city was open and there were a lot of cultivators within. Some had even paid the Treasured Jade Sect spirit stones to open up their own booths to do business.

"This is the outer perimeter, and it is fairly lively." Li Qianmei walked beside Wang Lin and looked around.

This place was very lively, and the sounds of bargaining filled the city. This place didn't look like a trade plaza for cultivators, it was more like a mortal market.

It had been a very long time since Wang Lin had visited a market like this. As he walked through the city, his gaze fell on a stall not far away.

"Fellow Cultivators, I don't have that many celestial jades. How about I add a pill?" There was an old man sitting behind the stall. He had a gloomy expression as he looked at a middle-aged man before him.

These words came from the middle-aged man.

"I can refine my own pills; they're are useless. 70 celestial jades for one origin crystal, this is my limit." The old man's gaze turned cold as he spoke. Then he no longer paid any attention to the middle-aged man.

In the Cloud Sea, cultivators could freely exchanged celestial jades and origin crystals at a certain rate. After hearing those words, Wang Lin subconsciously touched where his bag of holding was. Although it was empty, Wang Lin felt very strange. Even he didn't know how many celestial jades he had in his storage space...

Just at this moment, a voice filled with surprise came from the distance.

"Qianmei! It's really you!"

Following the voice were three cultivators. The person in front was about 30 years old. He wore a green shirt and was handsome. He had a slender body and surprise filled his eyes as he walked over. The two following him were also very handsome. Their cultivations were fluctuating, revealing that they weren't weak.

Li Qianmei frowned slightly but quickly relaxed and said, "So it's Fellow Cultivator Yang."

The man in green closed in and didn't even look at Wang Lin before smiling at Qianmei. "We only met a few months ago, but I already miss you. Fortunately, we were able to meet again today. Qianmei, this place is noisy; how about we go into the inner city?" The man's voice was gentle and there was a certain charm to it.

"Thanks, Fellow Cultivator Yang, for your kindness, but please excuse me." Li Qianmei's voice was calm, but it was also cold.

"Qianmei, you…" The man in green walked up a few steps and was about to speak.

"Fellow Cultivator Yang, please pay attention to what you say! 'Qianmei' is not something you can say!" Li Qianmei frowned and revealed anger. This Yang Yu was one of the people she had questioned, but she was not satisfied with his answer. 

Yang Yu raised his eyebrows. He naturally saw Wang Lin beside Li Qianmei. He wouldn't dare to provoke Li Qianmei, but he didn't care about anyone else.

Yang Yu stared at Wang Lin and coldly said, "Who are you?"

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