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Chapter 1168 - The Mysterious starfield Behind the Rank 9 Region

The continent of Peng Lai was very famous in the rank 5 region. Most of this fame came from the Treasured Jade Sect!

The Treasured Jade Sect was the number one sect in the rank 5 region. They had many cultivators and naturally had a lot of old monsters. The continent they were on was called Peng Lai, but it was also called the Peng Lai Celestial Realm.

The size of Peng Lai was far larger than Mo Luo; it was at least a dozen times bigger. It’s a bit inappropriate to call it a continent, because it was half a cultivation planet!

In the Cloud Sea, there were very few cultivation planets; they were very rare. Only those very powerful sects could own them.

Even the Treasured Jade Sect wasn’t qualified to occupy a complete cultivation planet; they could only get half! They only got half because an ancestor 20,000 years ago had achieved great merit and this was given to them by the rank 9 Ghost Sect.

Even until now, no other higher rank cultivator dared to covet for this cultivation planet, which allowed the Treasured Jade Sect to keep this cultivation planet.

Looking through the star fog, Peng Lai looked like a tooth. Layers of protective barriers glowed around it, pushing the star fog back and making Peng Lai shine.

Aside from the Treasured Jade Sect, part of the fame of Peng Lai was the auction it held every 30 years. Every time, there would be a large amount of cultivators, including some famous cultivators from the upper regions. The whole thing was extremely lively.

The auction takes place over three months, meaning there will be a very comprehensive list of treasures, pills, pill recipes, and spirit beasts for sale. It provides cultivators with with a large variety of resources. This also includes the exchanging of celestial jades and origin crystals along with the trafficking of bodies and cultivation furnaces.

There was even gambling by using your own spirit beast to fight. Of course, the most interesting things were the Peng Lai Chaos and auctioning your own goods.

The Peng Lai Chaos was an environment in the Treasured Jade Sect where cultivators could freely bet in life and death matches. The winner would take the loser’s treasures.

The auction on Peng Lai was about to open, so many rays of light were heading over. Due to the matter with the jade and pill recipe, there were many cultivators from the rank 6 region this time. There were even cultivators from the rank 7 or 8 regions coming as well.

Among the stars, there were two rays of light. It was a man and woman. The man wore white and looked very calm. Even if a mountain collapsed before him, his expression wouldn’t change. He was Wang Lin.

The woman beside him was extremely beautiful and also wore snow white as well. Her blue hair moved without any wind and her exquisite face could cause anyone’s heart to pound. She gave off a tranquil and elegant aura, like she was a fairy that had descended onto this mortal world. If you met her eyes, you wouldn’t be able to help but feel ashamed.

“Just a few more days before we reach the continent of Peng Lai. Qianmei came to Peng Lai 500 years ago with a fellow sect member. It was very lively and I have good memories of it.” The woman’s beautiful eyes revealed a trace of remembrance, and she smiled.

Wang Lin was on the side, silently looking ahead. He normally wouldn’t have come here with Li Qianmei and wasn’t interested in this auction. However, after listening to Li Qianmei’s words, he pondered a bit and was tempted.

The Cloud Sea was filled with star fog, and without an accurate star map, it was almost impossible navigate. The higher rank the region, the more true this was. In order to go from the rank 5 region to the rank 8 region, it required a lot more star maps.

In the Cloud Sea, a comprehensive star map was very rare. Most were made by individuals, so they required you to collect many of them. Then you’d had to verify their accuracy before obtaining a more comprehensive map.

The reason he had agreed to come was because he wanted to get a star map. However, star maps were extremely valuable, and very few people were willing to trade them. After all, with how the Cloud Sea was, a star map was the top secret of a sect.

This was understandable. Very few sects dared to say they had a star map that covered this vast star system covered in star fog. After all, there were many places that no cultivators had gone to before.

At times like this, the role of a star map was extremely important. On an unknown continent, the information on what fierce beasts there were and what herbs there were would be considered valuable information. Only a few cultivators or a sect would control his information.

Without a star map, it would be difficult to move; even the development of a sect would be affected. The only way they could get resources would be to go to some wild continents everyone knew.

Therefore, every single sect would spend a lot of effort to explore the stars. However, it was difficult to find your direction within the fog, and there were countless fierce beasts within. It would often cost a sect a great price to explore an area. As a result, it was naturally better to exchange star maps. However, humans were naturally greedy, so even in exchanges, there would be false information or information that would lead people to dangerous areas. As a result, the trading of star maps gradually died down.

Every single sect preferred to go explore themselves and obtain a safe star map rather than exchanging for a fake one that would make them pay a bloody price.

As for Li Qianmei, she had used a unique transfer array in her sect to each of the sub sects. Only after several transfers did she arrive in the rank 5 region.

This was a common method sect rank 8 and above sects used in the Cloud Sea. Like spreading seeds into the lower regions, they supported or reconstructed various sub sects. They allowed the sub sects to grow, and their biggest role was to act as transfer locations. This allowed the people of the main sect to move to the different regions and thus avoid the issue of the lack of star maps.

There was a transfer array like this in the Origin Sect.

However, every time the transfer array activated, it would be crossing starfields and therefore required a large amount of celestial jade or origin crystals to activate. Thus, without the main sect giving the appropriate permission, it was impossible to activate.

Along the way, Wang Lin was pondering. He pretended to listen to Li Qianmei’s words but didn’t chat with her.

Li Qianmei was very angry. Along the way, this man beside her was like a mute and never said a word. It was only her talking, as if she was talking to herself.

As the two flew, they became silent.

Wang Lin looked at Li Qianmei. After pondering a bit, he slowly said, “The rank 9 region is very mysterious to us. I wonder how many sects are in the rank 9 region?”

There was no flaw in his question. In the Cloud Sea, due to the star fog, it created barriers between cultivators, so a lot of information wasn’t widespread. The rank 9 region was also high above and was a mysterious existence.

The Origin Sect records only had a simple description of the rank 9 region; they only knew that there was a God Sect. Wang Lin only found out about the Heaven Breaking Sect after obtaining the jade and searching the memories of the Poison Old Woman. After all, a rank 5 sect wouldn’t know more than a rank 6 sect.

Li Qianmei heard Wang Lin talk. After pondering a bit, she answered Wang Lin’s question.

“There are a total of four sects in the rank 9 region, namely the God Sect, the Ghost Sect, the Demon Sect, and the Heaven Breaking Sect. The Heaven Breaking Sect Qianmei belongs to is the weakest, while the God Sect is the strongest! The Ghost Sect is the most mysterious! As for the Demon Sect…” Li Qianmei hesitated a bit and whispered,

“The Demon Sect is located in the deepest part of the rank 9 region, and it is very difficult for cultivators to enter it. All the powerful fierce beasts gather there. Teacher once said that there are terrifying beasts that can take human form there… However, with the God Sect around, the Demon Sect isn’t be able to do much!”

“Oh?” Wang Lin’s expression changed slightly and then he said, “Fierce beasts that can take human form?”

Li Qianmei nodded and softly said, “Fierce beasts can comprehend the heavens and cultivate dao, so why wouldn’t they be able to cultivate a human form? However, there aren’t many fierce beasts like this, only a rare few.

“There are a few matters you and a vast majority of cultivators don’t know about. Even my Heaven Breaking Sect only found out about some of these secrets after entering the rank 9 region.”

Li Qianmei’s expression was serious. After pondering a bit, she whispered, “A long time ago, there was only one sect in the rank 9 region of the Cloud Sea. It was the God Sect!

“After the God Sect had ruled the Cloud Sea for countless years, the first outbreak of fierce beasts occurred. During that time, there were three fierce beasts with human form. It was said they came from another star system...

“Without the God Sect, this outbreak of fierce beasts would have spread across the entire Cloud Sea. In the end, it was stopped by the God Sect, so it didn’t spread, and not many outsiders know of this. That war was said to have brought heavy casualties. After suppressing the fierce beasts, the God Sect sent out a group of people to be stationed in the depths of the rank 9 region. There is crack in space there that links to a mysterious star system. Some extremely powerful beasts came from there. In order to stop the fierce beasts from spreading, battles broke out there for tens of thousands of years. Even now, the fight continues.

“A part of the God Sect gave up their freedom and remained deep within the rank 9 region, acting as the first line of defense. However, as time passed, these God Sect disciples became independent and started calling themselves the Demon Sect. They stopped taking orders from the God Sect, but they still defended that position from waves of fierce beast attacks.”

Li Qianmei’s voice was very beautiful, but the contents of her words were shocking. Wang Lin’s eyes became serious. He didn’t think the Cloud Star Star System was hiding such a shocking secret.

“The God Sect was worried about this. They dreaded the Demon Sect and the invading fierce beasts. They first helped promote the Ghost Sect, who are good at using soul capture spells, into a rank 9 sect. Then they raised my Heaven Breaking Sect into rank 9 as well. All of this was to prepare for the second outbreak that could happen at any time!” After she finished speaking, she looked at Wang Lin and softly said,

“This matter is of great importance. I hope Brother Lu won’t tell others.”

Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment and nodded. He then looked into the distance as if his gaze could penetrate the void and reach the rank 9 region. He saw the spatial crack the Demon Sect had been suppressing for tens of thousands of years and saw the mysterious unknown star system inside...

“Everything in this world has a reason… If what Li Qianmei said is true, then where is that mysterious star system…”

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