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Chapter 1170 - What is It

Wang Lin coldly looked at the man in green. This person was at the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer, and although he looked handsome, there was a sense of gloominess about him. His two companions behind him were both Nirvana Cleanser cultivators, and they were standing in an odd position.

While the man in green was speaking, they moved to the side and surrounded Wang Lin.

However, as Wang Lin looked over, only the man in green remained calm. The pupils of the two Nirvana Cleanser cultivators shrank and revealed tension and dread.

After withdrawing his gaze, Wang Lin didn't even look at the man in green and went toward the old man sitting at the side. The middle-aged man bargaining with the old man had already left. Not only him, all the surrounding cultivators had noticed that something was wrong and had all scattered.

The old man at the stall was calm and was looking at Wang Lin.

"Fellow Cultivator, how many origin crystals do you have?" Wang Lin spoke very casually and looked at a jade token that was around the waist of the old man.

The old man's face twitched and smiled. "Not much, only one; however, I only want celestial jades and nothing else."

Wang Lin's eyes lit up as his lips moved and he sent a message to the old man.

The old man was startled for a moment and looked at Wang Lin for a while. He then revealed a look of bewilderment.

Wang Lin's right hand reached out and his storage space opened. His hand reached inside and took out a bag of holding. Although Nirvana Cleanser cultivators didn't need storage bags, they would still use it during trades for the sake of privacy.

He wiped the divine sense off the bag and threw it at the old man. Then Wang Lin calmly said, "This is the deposit."

The old man caught the bag of holding and carefully scanned it with his divine sense. He then looked meanginfully at Wang Lin before silently pondering for a bit and cleaning up his stall. He said, "I'll look for you within three days." After he finished, he was about to leave, but he paused for a moment to look at Wang Lin and sent out a message.

"Fellow Cultivator is decisive. My name is Ouyang Long. I'll consider Fellow Cultivator my friend! This man in green is Yang Yu, and he is the third disciple of the Devil Collection Sect's sect master. Fellow Cultivator, be careful when dealing with this."

After sending out the message, the old man quickly left and didn't ask how to contact Wang Lin at all. Wang Lin also didn't question this.

Outsiders couldn't hear what Wang Lin and old man had said. Yang Yu saw that Wang Lin had only talked with the old man for a moment and caused the old man to leave. He became even more cautious.

As for the two cultivators surrounding Wang Lin, they became even more nervous.

Yang Yu's eyes lit up and he said, "You sure have guts. You haven't answered my question!

"Let your lord come out and speak to me." Although Wang Lin's expression was calm, his words were ice cold. When it landed on their ears, it was like a thunderous explosion.

The two early stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivators' expressions changed greatly. Yang Yu's pupils shrank and he was about to speak.

However, just at this moment, he moved like lightning and immediately arrived next to the cultivator on the left. This cultivator had been on guard this whole time and quickly retreated as his hand formed a seal. A giant red flower suddenly appeared, and it bloomed to more than 100 feet wide. The center opened up, revealing a mouth filled with teeth that tried to devour Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral, and he stepped forward instead of retreating. He disappeared without a trace and the flower devoured nothing. Wang Lin appeared behind the cultivator and his two fingers landed on the cultivator's back.

A muffle bang echoed, then the cultivator's face turned pale and he coughed out blood. The flower before him collapsed and he flew out like a kite with a broken string. He fell onto the ground in the distance and smashed a stall.

Just at this moment, the cultivator on the right retreated and waved his hand to summon seven flying swords. The seven swords quickly flew at Wang Lin. Wang Lin suddenly looked over, then his eyes revealed a strange light and he said one word!


His eyes suddenly changed. His left eye was like a hazy illusion, while his right eye contained lightning that could shatter iron and split the earth. The two different gazes flew out like swords and imprinted in the eyes of the retreating cultivator.

The cultivator's body suddenly trembled and the flying swords went out of control. His eyes turned blurry and his heart pounded. It was as if he had entered a nightmare he couldn't escape. Hallucinations appeared, and he couldn't distinguish between real and fake.

Blood came out from the corner of his mouth and his eyes were bloodshot. He held his head, screaming as if he had gone crazy. This scene caused the surrounding cultivators to gasp.

All of this was very fast and ended in a flash. Wang Lin hadn't killed these two cultivators, but they were already useless.

Li Qianmei watched all of this and her eyes lit up. This was the first time she had seen Wang Lin attack. Everything had happened smoothly and without any hesitation.

Yang Yu's face was pale. He silently pondered as he looked at Wang Lin. The screams of his fellow sect members echoed in his ears and tore his mind. Just at this moment, Wang Lin turned to look at Yang Yu. His eyes were calm, as if what had just happened was like crushing an ant. That cold gaze made Yang Yu's mind tremble.

Wang Lin slowly walked toward Yang Yu step by step.

Back then, Lu Yuncong had borrowed the power of the world and used his dao to suppress something. Although it failed on Wang Lin, Wang Lin understood this method of attack. Given Wang Lin's understanding of dao, it was easy for him to grasp the meaning and make it his own spell.

Every step he took synced with Yang Yu's heartbeat. This made Yang Yun's heart thump on every step. In no more than 10 steps, Yang Yu's face turned even more pale.

As his heart pounded with each step, Wang Lin became larger in his eyes and came crashing down like a mountain. However, Yang Yu didn't retreat. The veins on his face swelled as he stared at Wang Lin. He struggled to let out a roar and his hair moved without any wind. However, he no longer had the gracefulness he had before.

Wang Lin let out a cold snort. His steps had completely fused with Yang Yu's heartbeat, and Yang Yu's heart was under Wang Lin's domain's complete control. Wang Lin lifted his right foot, but as it fell, he stopped it in midair. Due to Wang Lin's domain, Yang Yu's heart unexpectedly stopped.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin suddenly landed and sped up. He took three steps in a row!

Bang, bang, bang!

The moment those three steps landed, Yang Yu felt like a heavy hammer had smashed into his chest three times. His body trembled, his face turned ruddy, and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He wasn't able to resist Wang Lin's domain and was pushed back.

Just after he retreated one step, he coughed out another mouthful of blood. He continued to retreat and his ruddy face turned pale once more. There was confusion and struggle in his eyes. In the blink of an eye, his eyes were bloodshot.

Illusions appeared in his mind one by one. These were scenes of him and his fellow sect members dying in countless different ways. He knew that this was false, but he couldn't clear his mind. These illusions were like memories that were engraved into his mind and became more real each second.

Yang Yu's body trembled violently as he held his head. He didn't scream, but he continued to struggle. He was losing his clarity and confusion was taking over.

Seeing that he was about to be lost inside the illusion, Yang Yu continued to retreat and called for help.

"Uncle-Master save me!!"

The moment he spoke, a green shadow arrived before Yang Yu. His finger mercilessly pointed to between Yang Yu's eyebrows. Popping sounds came from his body and blood mist erupted, then he fell to the ground unconscious.

This green shadow didn't stop and in a flash arrived next to another cultivator. He used the same spell and caused the screaming cultivator to pass out.

As the green shadow moved, he arrived in front of Yang Yu and pointed his finger at him. The green shadow was an old man. He had a head of white hair and his eyes were shining with power.

"What are you looking for me for?" Wang Lin was calm as he looked at the old man.

The old man revealed no emotion as he looked at Wang Lin for a while and smiled. "Fellow Cultivator Lu is indeed smart. This old man is indeed looking for you, so I hope Fellow Cultivator doesn't mind I was a bit reckless. How about we find a place to site to allow this old man to make amends?"

Wang Lin's expression remained the same as he looked at the old man. After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin nodded. Wang Lin was already as cunning as the devil, and when Yang Yu first appeared, Wang Lin noticed that Yang Yu was clearly looking at him. Then Yang Yun arrived and started pretending to catch up with Qianmei.

He even saw through that when Yang Yu pretended to catch up with Qianmei, the other two weren't able to hide their nervousness.

If this was it, that would be fine, but that Yang Yu had quickly pointed his word at Wang Lin. Given Yang Yu's cultivation level, it seemed a bit contrived for him to do this.

After seeing through the clues and with the reminder of Ouyang Long, Wang Lin knew that Yang Yu had been targeting him. He had only dealt with the Devil Collection Sect once, and that was Zhao Yu on the continent of Mo Luo. However, it was only Wang Lin's gaze. Wang Lin wasn't sure if the other party was testing his strength due to the matter with Zhao Yu or…. the flaw left on the wild continent.

However, no matter what, the cultivation world respected the strong. Showing his cultivation level would not only be a deterrent to others, it would also allow him to gain respect. After realizing this, Wang Lin instantly chose to attack.

After hearing the old man say "Fellow Cultivator Lu," Wang Lin became even more certain about what to do.

Li Qianmei had only cultivated for a short time and didn't have Wang Lin's life experience of fighting against all those old monsters with years of experience. She didn't see through this very difficult clue until Wang Lin said "Bring out your lord." Li Qianmei's eyes lit up as if she had seen through something.

"This person's scheming… is even more scary than his cultivation!!!" Li Qianmei looked at Wang Lin with shock.

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