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Chapter 1157 - One Trial Two Calamities

The ancient gods' Three Trials Seven Calamities were like the cultivators' five Heaven's Blights. It was a knife hanging above their heads. If they survived, their cultivation level would increase greatly, but if they failed, they'd die.

The first trial had two calamities, and the second trial also had two calamities. The third trial has three calamities!

The ancient gods' Three Trials Seven Calamities were even more strange than cultivators' five Heaven's Blights. According to Wang Lin's memories, the more powerful the ancient god, the later the trials and calamities would come. Although an ancient god would normally experience the first trial at six stars, some ancient gods experienced it at seven stars.

There was even a very small portion of ancient gods that faced their first trial at eight stars. Tu Si was one of them. He encountered the first trial at eight stars and easily passed it. It increased his power grealty, and although he wasn't able to reach nine stars, he was at the peak of eight stars. If it wasn't for attempting to break through to the legendary 9-star stage, he wouldn't have risked cultivating the Flowing Ink Transformation Divine Technique.

As for the third trial and the final three calamities, they were the highest trial an ancient god would face. As for what they were, Tu Si didn't know.

Tu Si's memories didn't contain anything about encountering the first trial at five stars. Every time Wang Lin thought about this, he wryly smiled. The early arrival of his first trial was related to his incomplete ancient god body and the fact that he had overused his ancient god power in the Demon Spirit Land.

All of this caused him to be the first ancient god to suffer the first trial at five stars.

The trial that an 8-star ancient god had easily passed was like life and death for Wang Lin.

One of the calamities of the first trial was the body calamity. Back in the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect, Wang Lin's lower half was all bones. Now, after arriving at the Cloud Sea Star System, this intensified, and everything from his chest and below were bones.

This was merely the beginning, the arrival of the first calamity. The body would continue to decay until there was no flesh and blood left. Then the first calamity would end and the second one would begin.

If there were no changes, his original body would without a doubt die. Fortunately, Wang Lin had obtained Tu Si's heart blood, so he had a fighting chance.

The original body was sitting deep underground under the Origin Sect. There wasn't a trace of flesh or blood; only bones remained.

There was a thin, blood-colored film wrapped around the bones. If you looked carefully, you would see a very tiny amount of blood moving between the film and bones.

As Wang Lin's avatar closed in, his original body's eyes sockets revealed ghostly lights as if he was awakening.

He silently looked at his original body and sat down to protect it. He also put all his focus into his original body to help it share the pain.

Time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, three days went by. In these three days, the original body's suffering intensified. The feeling of not having any flesh or blood but still retaining your sanity was enough to make people crazy.

During these three days, the original body's size had expanded 10 fold!

At this moment, under the Origin Sect, there was a 100-foot-tall skeleton calmly laying there. There were flashes of blood light as the blood under the film flowed faster.

After another three days, Wang Lin's skeleton finished expanding and reached over 3,000 feet tall. The small amount of blood was still flowing through the bones, all of which were bigger than a person. However, the blood flow slowed down until it eventually dissipated.

This blood was Tu Si's heart blood. During these days, the heart blood was being slowly absorbed by the original body's bones. When all the blood was absorbed, the first calamity ended.

Just at this moment, the original body's eyes shined brightly as if his gaze could pierce through the earth and see the blue sky above! At the same time, a wave of crackling sounds echoed underground.

"Bone Calamity…"

This crackling sound came from his original body's right foot. It was as if a giant hand was slowly crushing his huge right foot bone.

His bones shattered and turned into ashes. Under this unimaginable pain, the original body was trembling. However, this crackling sounds didn't stop; they got even more intense.

It was like thunder echoing underground. Every crack was a bone on the original body collapsing. Wang Lin's avatar's face was pale. He clenched his teeth as he shared the unimaginable pain with the original body.

The veins on his face were swollen and large drops of sweat fell.

The bone calamity descended ruthlessly like this. With the ancient gods' powerful vitality, even with no flesh or blood left, they could recover as long as there was a trace of vitality remaining. The first trial was vitality! 

After the vitality was erased, the bone calamity would arrive and attempt to destroy the bones that could no longer recover without the vitality. Once all the bones were destroyed, the result would be death.

If his original body died, his avatar would perish.

If he wanted to pass the bone calamity, he would have to reawaken his vitality to fight it until his bones reformed.

The newly formed bones would be several times stronger than before. Magic treasures wouldn't be able to damage them at all!

Therefore, even though the pain was worse than death, he still endured. Both his avatar and original body endured! He endured the pain of his bones fracturing and collapsing.

He had to wait until the moment all his bones shattered to get the biggest gains! If not, even if he resisted and was successful, only some of the bones be reformed and the rest would stay the same as before.

If that happened, he would have wasted this chance. However, Wang Lin understood that the longer he resisted, the lower the success rate. As more bones collapsed, the difficulty increased.

In truth, ignoring those who went through this at eight stars, almost all 7-star ancient gods would choose to wait for all their bones to collapse before they resisted. This was all so they could change this calamity into a great fortune.

This idea was good, but it was rare that anyone actually lasted that long. Most of the time, when only a human fingernail-sized amount of bone remained, they couldn't help but begin to resist. As a result, that fingernail-sized bone would become the only flaw on the body of most ancient gods.

Since 7-star ancient gods were like this, even fewer 6-star ancient gods were able to hold out until the last moment. The last moment was like the end of the path. There were countless steps forward if you succeeded, but if you took a step back, it meant death.

Wang Lin's wasn't sure if he could last until the last moment. However, in order to reform his flesh and blood so he could become a true ancient god and not an incomplete one, Wang Lin decided to risk it all.

"My avatar is a heaven-defying cultivator, my original body is bloodline-defying. I, Wang Lin, spent my life cultivating the word 'defy.' I defy the heavens, defy the calamity, and even defy fate! A mere calamity isn't enough to stop my defying path!" Wang Lin's avatar and original body shined, revealing unyielding gazes.

There was no shout or roar; just that unyielding gaze was able to display Wang Lin's defying nature. It was invisible and heaven-shaking!

Crackling sounds echoed loudly as his entire right leg had collapsed and even everything up to his knee on his left leg had turned to ashes. The sound of bones collapsing gradually transmitted to the surface.

During this half a month, the entire continent of Mo Luo could hear the thunderous rumbles coming from the ground. At first it was faint, but it grew louder and louder. Now even the earth was trembling slightly.

The mortals on the continent were terrified as they didn't know what was happening. They could only kneel and pray for the gods to not be angry.

The cultivators of the Origin Sect put a huge importance on this matter. They sent out almost the whole sect to investigate. These noises sounded like a roars, and every time it fell in their ears, they couldn't help but be shaken.

Li Xiangdong and Lu Yanfei, along with the other two elders, floated in the air and looked at the earth. Due to their cultivation levels, they clearly felt where the roars were coming form.

Li Xiangdong wanted to go down to check, but he was stopped by Lu Yanfei. However, now the roars were even more intense, almost heaven-shaking.

If this was it, it wouldn't be an issue, but all the origin energy on the continent began to stir as if there was an invisible vortex sucking in origin energy from all directions.

What terrified the four of them even more was that a large amount of origin energy was gathering outside the continent. Although this origin energy was outside, once it rushed in, the barrier around the continent would collapse instantly.

Thinking about the consequences of this, the four of them would feel their scalps tingle.

What shocked them even more were the fierce beasts that appeared in the fog outside the continent. For some reason, large amounts of fierce beasts were lured to the continent of Mo Luo. They all stared fiercely at the continent, but they also showed hesitation.

They were going to charge in several times but were held off. It was as if there were something really attractive here for the fierce beasts, but rationality made them not dare to move. This resulted in hesitation.

There were rank 5 and even rank 6 beasts among them! What terrified Li Xiangdong even more was that he even saw a rank 7 best. A rank 7 beast was enough to battle a mid stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivator!

"Junior Sister Lu, I don't know why you stopped the three of us, but today we must go check. We must know exactly what is happening that is causing this unexpected surge in origin energy and attracting all the fierce beasts that hide in the star fog!" Li Xiangdong thought of the rank 7 beast and his mind trembled. He stared at Lu Yanfei with a very serious expression.

The other two elders also silently looked at Lu Yanfei.

Lu Yanfei bit her lower lip and silently nodded.

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