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Chapter 1158 - Repeated Bone Refinement

One of the two elders worriedly said, "If it was only rank 7 beast, it would be fine… I just fear that if this continues, a rank 8 beast that could fight a peak Nirvana Cleanser cultivator might appear, and what if rank 9 beasts that are no different from Nirvana Shatterer cultivators are attracted… By then, my continent of Mo Luo will be plunged into chaos!"

Li Xiangdong pondered a bit and slowly said, "I don't think so. After all, this continent is located near the edge of the rank 4 region, so there shouldn't be any powerful monsters around…"

"I hope so…" The old man shook his head and revealed a bitter face before looking at Lu Yanfei. Even now, the three of them didn't know why Li Yanfei had stopped them from checking.

Lu Yanfei didn't explain. She turned into a ray of light and charged down. The three of them looked at each other and silently followed Lu Yanfei. When they got near the ground, there was a flash of light and they penetrated the ground.

Underground, the four of them slowed down as the roars became even more clear. Due to being closer to the sound, not only did their minds tremble, their bodies trembled as well.

Terrifying fluctuations came from the depths, causing them to feel pressure in their souls. It was as if there was a terrifying existence that could shock the world, and before it, the three of them were merely ants!

This clear feeling immediately caused them to stop and their expressions to become serious. Only Lu Yanfei's eyes lit up and bit her lower lip, but no one knew what she was thinking.

"What the hell is it!? To give off such pressure!"

"These fluctuations shouldn't be a treasure!"

The three of them were extremely cautious. After hesitating for a bit, Li Xiangdong clenched his teeth and led the way. He wanted to see what exactly was down there!

The deeper they went, the greater the pressure became. The roars became even more deafening, causing them to tremble. This pressure made them feel like they were facing the end of the world.

The four moved slower and slower, and the pressure coming from underground contained a hint of madness. The moment the four of them felt it, they immediately trembled.

"I suggest we leave immediately." Lu Yanfei had been silent the whole way, and this was the first time she had sent out a message.

The remaining three silently thought for a moment before Li Xiangdong's eyes lit up, and he said, "I refuse to leave without knowing what is down below!" With that, he immediately charged deeper.

The two elders hesitated for a bit before following him. Lu Yanfei let out a sigh and also followed. As the four of them went deeper, the source of the sound became closer.

At this moment, the roar was already far stronger than thunder. From their current position, they could hear the original sound, a heaven-shaking, crackling sound.

This noise was like the sound of bones breaking. This caused them to feel all the bones in their bodies tingle.

However, just as the four closed in and were about to enter the source, a crazed divine sense swept by.

"Leave this place!!!"

This divine sense was very powerful and smashed into them like a storm. Li Xiangdong was the closest and was directly knocked back by the storm. His body trembled and he coughed out blood as popping sounds echoed in his body. He retreated without hesitation and monstrous fear filled his eyes.

Not only him, but even the two elders' bodies trembled as they coughed out blood and immediately retreated. Their minds trembled and fear and terror appeared in their eyes.

Even Lu Yanfei's body trembled as blood came out of the corner of her mouth. However, her eyes became even brighter as this voice confirmed the speculation in her heart.

"Which senior is cultivating here. Junior is the Origin Sect's Li…" Li Xiangdong clasped his hands while retreating and tried to speak.

"Scram!!" The divine sense spread out again, but it was several times stronger and crazier than before. This divine sense formed a storm that caused the continent of Mo Luo to tremble.

A crazed power came from the depths and charged toward the four of them. Li Xiangdong's body trembled and he coughed out even more blood. Under the impact of this power, they were forced back in a straight line as if there was an unimaginable force pushing them. The ground trembled before they were thrown out from underground.

Just as he broke through the surface and floated in the air, there was another roar. The two elders were thrown out from underground, both coughing out blood. They were in an extremely sorry state, and Lu Yanfei was the same.

The four of them stood in the air, their eyes filled with terror. Their hearts trembled as they looked at each other. Lu Yanfei took a deep breath as she wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and slowly said, "I already told you all not to go! Fortunately, although Grand Uncle-Master was angry, he didn't hurt us much."

"Grand Uncle-Master?" The three of them were pale, and that crazed divine sense was imprinted in their minds. Just thinking about it frightened them, but Lu Yanfei's words startled them.

Lu Yanfei pondered for a moment and softly said, "Grand Uncle-Master Lu Zhihao. You all should have heard of him." 

Ignoring the four of them for now, deep underground, Wang Lin's 3,000-foot-tall body had almost all of its bones shattered, leaving behind bone ashes in the shape of a person. There were still thunderous roars coming from it.

Even a majority of the skull had shattered, and it was still collapsing. This kind of pain was indescribable and was burning the minds of both the original body and the avatar.

Just at this moment, crackling sounds came from the remaining half-skull, and it collapsed even more. It continued to collapse, and the bone ashes scattered. The skull continued to shrink until it was only the size of a human palm.

This small piece of bone was really insignificant to a 3,000 foot ancient god, but Wang Lin still endured despite the fact that this suffering was enough to make him go mad!

The rumbling continued.

The palm-sized bone began to disintegrate and became smaller and smaller. It was only the size of a fingernail, but due to the aftermath of the collapse, it completely dissipated.

Time seemed to stop and the world seemed to no longer function. The broken bones turned to ashes and began to dissipate. At this moment, Wang Lin's avatar suddenly opened his eyes and raised his right hand!


With one word, the avatar's body immediately trembled. Rumbling sounds came from his body as he coughed out blood and was knocked back. At the same time, the dissipating ashes paused for a moment!

Shortly after, the aura of an ancient god spread out like crazy. The origin energy outside the continent of Mo Luo rushed in and closed in on this place.

A silent roar that could penetrate the soul echoed underground. It rushed out and echoed within the ears of every mortal, cultivator, and creature on the continent.

This roar contained the defying will. Wang Lin's avatar suffered serious injuries from the backlash of using the Stop spell to win a chance for the original body to survive!

The dissipating ashes began to condense at an unimaginable speed and formed a fingernail-sized piece of bone!

During the recondensing processes, the origin energy of the continent mixed in with the bone. The reformed bone was far stronger than this original body's original bones!

This fingernail-sized bone continued to grow until it was seven inches long. This seven inch bone took a a good chunk of origin energy stored on the continent of Mo Luo.

The bone was still growing and soon formed a curved skull about five feet large. On the bone, there was a burst of black light, and that black light was the bone calamity that was crushing the ancient god's bones. The bone calamity was constantly destroying the bones while the original body kept reforming them. This cycle continued until the bones of the original body reached a peak.

Bursts of silent roars echoed as the five foot skull began to grow. Eventually, all the origin energy on the continent of Mo Luo was absorbed, leaving nothing behind.

At this moment, Wang Lin's skull had completely reformed. Red light shined out from his eye sockets, revealing an unyielding will!

"I'm an ancient god that dares to fight the heavens. A mere bone calamity can't destroy me!" The red light from the original body's eyes was bright and his neck began to form. At the same time, the origin energy gathered outside the continent of Mo Luo rushed in toward the protective barrier.

The protective barrier collapsed like paper.

The moment it collapsed, the powerful origin energy entered. It turned into a storm and rushed at the Origin Sect. All the cultivators in the Origin Sect had already evacuated. They were staring at the storm of origin energy rushing underground.

The collapse of the barrier and the surge of origin energy caused the fierce beasts outside to enter. However, before they could spread out, they were pulled into the Origin Sect by this suction force.

The sky was shrouded by the fog, and the fog flowed like a river into the ground.

Those fierce beasts outside seemed to be frightened. All of them retreated and didn't dare to close in.

Large amounts of origin energy and fog were quickly absorbed by Wang Lin. The rumbling continued as Wang Lin's bones reformed at an incredible speed. His bones recondensed while confronting the bone calamity.

Not only had his skull and neck reappeared, Wang Lin's entire upper body had reformed!

Although the bone calamity was strong, it was forced to retreat from Wang Lin's defying will and desperate struggle. It wasn't able to stop the bones from regenerating at all!

All the origin energy and star fog within 50 kilometers of the continent of Mo Luo were pulled in. From afar, it looked like a giant vortex had formed, and the Origin Sect was the center of the vortex.

Even further away, a giant, lion-shaped beast covered in thorns moved toward the continent of Mo Luo with a greedy gaze. None of the fierce beasts dared to approach it when the aura of a rank 8 beast spread out.

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