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Chapter 1156 - Leaving the Vortex

Holding the rusted iron sword, Wang Lin retreated as Noble Money charged in. Wang Lin pointed with his left hand and the soul of Master Void and the All-Seer charged out.

These two battle souls were Wang Lin's most powerful aces aside from the little remaining source origin he had. Along with this iron sword, he was giving it his all.

After all, this wasn't like back in Qing Lin's cave, where he had the original body to be able to withstand all the attacks. He also had endless ancient god power that allowed him to launch a heaven-shaking attack with just a punch back then. Now there was no opportunity to use Sundered Night, and the shield had shattered when saving Qing Lin, so he couldn't use Dream of Ancient Times that the 8-star ancient god had left behind.

At this moment, with only his cultivator avatar, it would be very difficult for Wang Lin to kill this cultivator!

In particular, right now his right leg was a bloody mess as the white light from Noble Money had pierced through it. There was also origin energy that contained some kind of law raging inside his body.

If not for the Ancient God Leather Armor around his origin soul, it would have already collapsed. Fortunately, Wang Lin's body wasn't ordinary. After being refined in the Vermillion Bird divine Sect, it contained the laws of fire and thunder.

As a result, he was able to only be injured rather than die under Noble Money's spell! Wang Lin had experienced many dangers in his life as a cultivator, so he naturally knew the danger of Nirvana Shatterer cultivators.

Wang Lin didn't have too much time to think about the danger before him. He had to quickly end this battle and attempt to kill this Nirvana Shatterer cultivator! With a point of his left hand, Master Void and the All-Seer charged at Noble Money.

Facing those two powerful souls, even Noble Money was extremely cautious. In his entire cultivation life, he had never seen a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator with spells that could threaten Nirvana Shatterer cultivators.

The All-Seer's soul almost seemed to have gone crazy and rapidly formed seals to send out spells. These spells were often blurry and not real, but they directed the law of the world toward Noble Money.

There was also Master Void's soul. Due to the fact that he had reached his first Heaven's Blight before death, he waved his sleeves and a thunder storm appeared to counter Noble Money's spell.

If Wang Lin wasn't worried about time, then he could use Master Void and the All-Seer to grind Noble Money to death. However, Wang Lin didn't have the time or the celestial origin energy to sustain these two powerful souls.

Magic Arsenal had consumed most of his celestial origin energy!

As Master Void and the All-Seer were fighting with Noble Money, Wang Lin lifted his right hand and stared at the iron sword. He mercilessly slashed down and an earth-shattering ray of sword energy appeared. It turned into the illusion of a giant sword and slashed down on Noble Money.

This didn't end here. Wang Lin closed his eyes and gave up control of the iron sword, letting the sword move itself. The iron sword moved as if Wang Lin's hand was glued to it, and another slash was sent out.

Rays of light formed an arc through the fog, and each light represented a ray of sword energy! Each ray of sword energy consumed a large amount of origin energy from Wang Lin's body.

The sword energy intertwined and looked like a flower. From afar, the curved sword energy rays continued to appear until they formed a flower made of swords before Noble Money.

In the blink of an eye, 13 sword strokes fell! Wang Lin was moving his arm with his eyes closed as the sword moved on its own. An unexpectedly shocking aura appeared from Wang Lin, as if everything in the world would be destroyed by this sword!

All of this happened in an instant. Noble Money was being entangled by Master Void and the All-Seer. His hand kept forming seals and different spells shot out along with treasures, but his face was pale. Although he knew the iron sword was a Nirvana Void treasure, there was a difference in strength between Nirvana Void treasures.

What he couldn't imagine was the power of the sword energy! At this moment, he obviously saw the sword energy around him, but he couldn't dodge. He let out a roar and tried to break free from the two souls holding him in place.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His face was pale as he pulled back the iron sword. He then chopped down six times in a row!

There was a total of 19 strikes, and they took nearly 60% of Wang Lin's origin energy. Afterwards, he retreated. The illusion of 19 giant swords suddenly appeared around Noble Money. With Wang Lin's current strength, he could use more, but the consequences of using them were greater than Wang Lin expected, so he forcibly interrupted the iron sword. With his cultivation level, he could control the sword at 19 strikes, but after 19, he wouldn't be able to stop even if he wanted to. He would only be able to use it until he ran out of strength.

"Chop!" Wang Lin shouted, and the 19 giant swords immediately fell. They linked into continuous sword strikes and charged straight at Noble Money!

This was unimaginably fast. Noble Money wasn't able to resist the 19 slashes from the Nirvana Void sword. A thunderous rumble echoed as the sword slashes penetrated Noble Money's body.

His body trembled and was instantly split into 19 parts. Blood erupted everywhere!

A miserable roar echoed at the same time as Noble Money's body collapsed. He was, after all, a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, so his origin soul escaped out from his head. He took that whisk treasure and quickly escaped.

He was filled with unimaginable fear; he even had a feeling that this white-haired cultivator knew of the matter about the Heaven Breaking Sect. It was likely Shi Luoxing's death was related to this person.

"What sect is this person person from to have such a powerful treasures? Could it be… could he be someone from the rank 8 region?!" Thinking about this, Noble Money was extremely shocked. His origin soul fled like crazy. He had to tell his sect about this!

He also understood that the second wave of his sect would arrive soon, so he only needed to last a bit more!

Wang Lin's face was pale. The moment Noble Money's origin soul escaped, a flame appeared in Wang Lin's left eye. A monstrous flame appeared around him, forming a sea of flames. If you looked closely, you would see that there were nine layers of flames!

Nine Mysterious Transformation!

The moment the nine layers of flame appeared, they rapidly contracted around Wang Lin. Wang Lin's body seemed to be burning as he took a step forward.

His body disappeared with this step, and instead, a white Vermillion Bird several hundred feet wide appeared. This white Vermillion Bird was Wang Lin!

With a wave of his wings, Wang Lin caught up to Noble Money with a trail of flames and smashed into Noble Money's origin soul!

Noble Money's origin soul's pupils shrank and let out a scream. He felt death approaching, and at this moment, it was too late to think. Madness filled his eyes as his hand moved and a destructive aura came from his origin soul.

At this moment of danger, he chose to self-destruct his origin soul, but at his cultivation level, he could control his self-destruction. His arms suddenly exploded into a storm and closed on in the Vermillion Bird. The whisk treasure he was holding also exploded into countless white lines that charged at the Vermillion Bird.

However, this wasn't able to stop the Vermillion Bird before it collided with Noble Money. Flames surrounded Noble Money's origin soul.

Miserable screams echoed as Noble Money's origin soul weakened. He desperately retreated while covered in flames and quickly escaped.

As he escaped, his hands formed seals and mysterious runes appeared around him. The soul of a giant python appeared before him. The moment it appeared, Noble Money inhaled, causing the soul of the giant python to shrink and collapse in an instant.

After absorbing the soul of his life beast spirit, Noble Money escaped like crazy without looking back.

The Vermillion Bird disappeared and Wang Lin appeared. His chest was a bloody mess and white bones were visible. He stared at the escaping Noble Money, and the killing intent in his eye became even stronger.

"All-Seer's soul, merge with my divine sense!" Wang Lin didn't use the Stop spell and instead formed a seal before pointing at the All-Seer's soul. The soul's eyes flashed and turned into a ray of light that entered Wang Lin's body.

Wang Lin's body trembled and his eyes suddenly became calm. This calmness made it seem like his gaze had seen through everything. Out of all the cultivators Wang Lin had met in his entire life, the All-Seer was the only cultivator like this!

After obtaining Qing Lin's fortune, Wang Lin gainted enlightenment about Bai Fan's spells. After reaching the limit of Magic Arsenal, he could make the soul fuse with him!

Ignoring the escaping Noble Money, Wang Lin slowly closed his eyes. At the same time, he lifted his left hand and pointed at distance!

In an instant, a storm appeared in the distance, and the fog churned violently as yellow ripples spread. At the center of the ripples, a huge palm suddenly appeared with its forefinger raised and rest of the fingers forming a fist.

Heavenly Fate Finger!

Wang Lin used his own power and the All-Seer's soul as a guide. The Heavenly Fate Finger descended on the Cloud Sea Star System. It moved with unimaginable momentum and speed toward the escaping Noble Money. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't dodge the finger that eventually landed on his body.

As the Heavenly Fate Finger replaced everything before Noble Money, his soul finally collapsed into specks of light. The Heavenly Fate Finger disappeared along with him.

The surroundings were completely silent. From when Wang Lin first attacked until now, only a very short period of time had passed. Wang Lin took everything away and charged off into the distance.

"If my original body was here, this battle wouldn't have been so difficult. The Three Trials and Seven Calamities… I don't know if the original body can successfully pass it…" Wang Lin's right hand covered his chest. At this moment, countless white threads moved within his chest, giving off bursts of pain.

There was a flash of coldness in his eyes as Wang Lin changed directions and disappeared into the horizon.

Five days later, when the continent of Mo Luo slowly appeared before his eyes, Wang Lin let out a breath of relief. He chose a direction after calculating where the cultivators would arrive from. He simply made a huge circle and was fortunate that he was able to successfully avoid any more conflicts.

Wang Lin didn't know that shortly after he killed Noble Money, the death of Shi Luoxing was made known to the other sects. The space around that wild continent was immediately sealed tightly.

The death of Noble Money shocked the Clear Flower Sect. While sealing the area, they searched for the murderer like crazy, but by then Wang Lin was already far away.

The cultivators from the rank 6 region naturally found the corpse in the valley Shi Luoxing was in, and they all targeted the Five Poison Sect. Facing the fierce gazes of all the sects, the Five Poison Sect couldn't even explain.

An undercurrent began to move in the rank 5 region.

After returning to the continent of Mo Luo, Wang Lin turned into a ray of light and headed toward the Origin Sect. He knew that the rank 5 region was going to get chaotic. The rank 6 region cultivators would widen their search, and at that time, his identity in the Origin Sect would be very important.

Wang Lin's return didn't cause too much attention in the Origin Sect. He instantly appeared in the southern courtyard. The moment he appeared, he saw Xu Yun sitting outside the house and her startled expression.

"You…" Xu Yun was about to speak, but Wang Lin didn't pay attention to her and waved his sleeves. Large amounts of herbs appeared and soon formed a small mountain between them.

"I'm returning your herbs!" Wang Lin said one thing and then entered the house.

Xu Yun looked at the herbs before her and gasped. With her insight, she could tell that many of these herbs were difficult to obtain, and their value was far beyond the worth of the herbs Wang Lin had consumed.

She was startled for a long time before finally recovering her senses and letting out a breath of relief. After Wang Lin left, she was scolded by her teacher daily and was very worried. Her teacher had said that if Senior Ceng Niu didn't return, then when the Purple Dao Sect arrived, she would be the one who brought ruin to the sect.

Wang Lin sat inside the house with a serious gaze and pointed at his chest with his right hand. His face was still pale and he began to cultivate. Soon, flashes of white lines as started being forced out of his body.

These white lines twisted and looked extremely ferocious. Wang Lin's right hand quickly grabbed the while lines and dragged them out. Blood gushed out and dyed his clothes red.

Staring at the white lines in his hand, coldness appeared in Wang Lin's eyes. He mercilessly squeezed them and they collapsed into dust. Wang Lin continued to cultivate and forced the white lines out of his body.

He had spent all his time on the return journey on this, so there weren't many white lines remaining inside his body.

On the third day after Wang Lin returned to the Origin Sect, he had forced all the white lines out. After crushing the last white line into dust, his eyes shined.

His right hand reached at the void and his storage space appeared. The jade and the pill recipe on the beast bone flew out into his hand.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. After obtaining them, he hadn't had any time to study them. Now that he could finally relax, he was about to study them.

However, just at this moment, his eyes suddenly narrowed and he put the jade and beast bone away. In a flash, he disappeared and charged underground toward where his original body was.

"The trial!"

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