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Chapter 1155 - Continuous Chop

He couldn't go back to the wild continent with these people!

Due to the black ape, all the fierce beasts on that wild continent firmly remembered Wang Lin. If Wang Lin went back, the fierce beasts would be set off.

The agitation from the wild beasts would be a dead give away to anyone who was already suspicious.

This would explain that Wang Lin was coming from this wild continent. Adding Shi Luoxing's death, even if the rank 6 sect found out that he was killed by the old woman from the Five Poison Sect, they would still cast great suspicion on Wang Lin.

Once this suspicion appeared, they would search Wang Lin's storage space, and the tyrannical cultivators would directly search his soul! This would be a disaster for Wang Lin!

His face was filled with a indignant expression. No one would find this suspicious. Anyone would feel indignant by this, but they'd still have to follow.

However, just as the eight core disciples closed in and Wang Lin ordered the black ape to move as if he was going to follow, killing intent flash in Wang Lin's eyes! He couldn't go back to the wild continent, going back would mean death!

Out of the 18 cultivators, the person leading was at the Nirvana Shatterer stage, but the highest cultivation level of the remaining 17 was only early stage Nirvana Cleanser!

Once he attacked, he'd have to finish this in a short period of time. There were obviously more cultivators approaching, so he would have to finish in a short period of time! He also couldn't leave any survivors!

Wang Lin raised his head and took a step forward as he waved his hand. Call the Wind appeared and turned into five dragons that charged at five of the surrounding people!

At the same time, the black ape waved its arms and began its attack.

Wang Lin moved like lightning and immediately arrived near the Nirvana Scryer cultivator. He was far faster than the Nirvana Scryer cultivator. The Nirvana Scryer cultivator's pupils shrank and he wanted to dodge, but soon his vision was covered by a finger.

This finger quickly landed between the cultivator's eyebrows and left, leaving behind a bloody hole. The power of a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator rushed into the cultivator's body and crushed his origin soul.

Wang Lin didn't pause at all and moved like water. After killing one, he charged into another one and pointed at that cultivator's body several times. Popping sounds came from that cultivator's body and blood sprayed everywhere.

At this moment, the black dragons from Call the Wind had arrived on the five people. Those five were only at the Corporeal Yang stage, so they stood no chance against Bai Fan's spell. They weren't able to resist at all as the black dragons entered their bodies and then their bodies exploded!

Along with them, the two killed by Wang Lin also exploded! The last person was hit by the black ape's fierce strikes and a miserable scream echoed.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye; it was unbelievably fast! The eight of them exploded almost at the same time, dying the area around Wang Lin red.

Noble Money, who was moving away, suddenly turned around and was filled with shock. However, this shock quickly changed to ferociousness as he charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral but also bitter. His original body wasn't here, so unless he was forced to, why would he provoke a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator?

However, he didn't have time to think, as he had already killed eight people. Wang Lin quickly stepped forward. He had to kill everyone beside the Nirvana Shatterer cultivator as soon as possible. Otherwise, if one of them escaped, Wang Lin would find it difficult to move even an inch in the Cloud Sea Star System!

However, the remaining nine people, along with the Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, immediately realized this and scattered. Noble Money charged forward and shot out a ray of black light to stop Wang Lin from moving forward!

Coldness flashed in Wang Lin's eyes as his right hand formed a seal and slaughter energy strands rushed out from his body. They condensed into layers of defense and Wang Lin rushed forth!

As he rushed out, he felt like he was colliding with the universe, and the slaughter energy strands around Wang Lin all collapsed. The spells of a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator couldn't be underestimated. All the slaughter energy immediately dissipated and a powerful force rushed into Wang Lin's body, causing him to cough out a mouthful of blood.

However, he charged out from the black light. As Noble Money closed in, he charged at the nine people that were scattering. Flames appeared in his left eye and as he waved his left hand a sea of flames appeared.

There were three people inside the sea of flames, and they immediately screamed and were burned to ashes. The remaining six turned pale and quickly retreated. Wang Lin's face was pale and he was about to give chase.

However, just at this moment, Noble Money let out an angry roar and closed in. His right hand formed a seal and the black light turned into a black spear and closed in on Wang Lin.

Seeing that the six people were about to scatter and Noble Money was closing in, Wang Lin's eyes became bloodshot. He knew that the cultivation level gap between him and Noble Money was too high. Once he stopped, he wouldn't be able to kill those six at all.

The moment the spear closed in, Wang Lin opened his mouth and spat out the 18 Hell Celestial Sealing Stamp. The moment it appeared, it moved before his body and collided with the spear.

With a bang, the Celestial Sealing Stamp smashed into Wang Lin, causing him to cough out blood. But it pushed him toward a person not far away. Wang Lin instantly waved his right hand and a ring of green light fell down on the cultivator's neck.

The cultivator's pupils shrank as he lifted his hands and black light appeared to form a shield. However, as Wang Lin waved his hand, the black shield collapsed and both of the cultivator's arms exploded. Finally, the cultivator's head exploded and he died.

"There are five more!" Wang Lin's right hand formed a seal and waved. Rain immediately appeared and the countless raindrops gathered to from five crystal swords that shot at the remaining five Clear Flower Sect disciples.

Just at this moment, Noble Money suddenly closed in. His right hand reached at the void and a storage space opened. A white whisk flew out, and Noble Money grabbed it and waved.

A type of law suddenly appeared and turned into rays of white light above Wang Lin. These white lights rained down like swords and were simply too fast. Wang Lin suddenly looked up and flames flashed in his left eye, then a suit of crimson red armor appeared around him.

Popping sounds echoed as those white lights landed on Wang Lin's body. His body trembled and he coughed out even more blood. His face became pale and his origin soul dimmed. A ray of white light pierced his right leg, causing it to become a bloody mess. If not for the armor, he would have died.

At this moment, the swords formed by Summon the Rain pierced through the bodies of the five escaping disciples.

As their miserable screams echoed, four of their bodies collapsed and their origin souls perished. However, one of them took out a jade and broke it at the moment of danger. He was able to protect his origin soul and then quickly escaped.

How could Wang Lin allow this person to escape? His right hand reached at the void and his storage space opened. A ray of sword energy shot out. It was Xu Liguo charging straight toward that origin soul!

"If you don't kill him, you can die!" This was the first message Xu Liguo heard after appearing. After hearing this, how would he not chase like crazy?

There was a flash of silver light from the storage space and the silver female corpse appeared. She didn't help attack Noble Money but went after the life beast spirits that had just lost their owners.

All of this happened in a few breaths of time. Killing all the cultivators here beside Nobel Money was difficult even for Wang Lin. However, he couldn't relax, as this Nirvana Shatterer cultivator before him was the biggest danger he had to face!

The reason he wanted to kill the other cultivators first, aside from not wanting them to escape, was so they couldn't interfere in this fight. If he wanted to kill this Nirvana Shatterer cultivator, he'd have to be completely focused without the slightest disturbance. Only then would he have a sliver of chance!

"If my original body was here, killing this person would be easier than now." As Wang Lin spoke, his right hand pointed at the 18 Hell Celestial Sealing Stamp. There was a flash of light and the soul fragments charged out of the 18 layers of hell.

The most powerful souls inside were Master Void and the one formed by the fusion of the All-Seer's two avatars! They were Wang Lin's aces, and the moment they appeared, a cold energy surrounded the area.

Noble Money's expression turned extremely ugly. He didn't think that this white-haired youth would use such strong spells and kill all the core disciples in just a short period of time. And when his spells landed, he actually wasn't able to kill this person!

What shocked him even more were the dead souls summoned by this cultivator's spell. Two of the souls had auras that even made him feel dread. This revealed just how heaven-shattering their cultivation levels were when they were still alive.

Even though they were only souls and therefore their strength couldn't compare to when they were alive, they still shocked Noble Money.

Wang Lin pointed and Master Void and the All-Seer's soul charged out. However, this wasn't enough to end this battle quickly. If this were to drag on and aid arrived, Wang Lin would without a doubt die!

His eyes were bloodshot as his right hand reached at the void. When Master Void and the All-Seer charged out, he took out the iron sword!

The moment the iron sword appeared, the stars trembled, and even the surrounding fog churned. It was as if a powerful force had appeared and was pushing the star fog back.

"Pseudo Nirvana Void!" Noble Money's eyes narrowed. If the death souls from before just shocked him, then the appearance of this iron sword left him in disbelief. Intense greed filled his eyes as he rushed forward and his Nirvana Shatterer cultivation erupted.

A Nirvana Shatterer cultivator was far more powerful than a Nirvana Cleaner cultivator, so this was a bitter struggle for Wang Lin. Not only did he have to win, he had to do it quick!

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