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Chapter 1154 - On the Verge

"Noble Money" may seem like a very vulgar name, but in the rank 6 region, it represented the word "ruthless!" As an elder of the Clear Flower Sect, he had reached the early stage of Nirvana Shatterer.

He had shocking spells, and due to his personality, if you provoked him and lacked a powerful cultivation level or sect, then the only result was death.

More than 1,000 years ago, a small sect of the rank 6 region actually killed one of his disciples. He slaughtered his way into the sect and completely destroyed the sect with his some of his friends, leaving behind a blood bath.

This battle made him famous, and every sect in the rank 6 region learned of his name.

At this moment, his expression was gloomy as he sat on the head of a python with dragon-shaped head. As the spirit beast moved through the rank 5 region, disciples of the Clear Flower Sect followed him.

"I didn't think that clue would be true!" Every time Noble Money thought of his matter, his heart beat faster. Several months ago, his Clear Flower Sect accidently found some clue related to the legendary Nirvana Void Pill and a jade that showed one how to become a core disciple of the Heaven Breaking Sect.

As a native cultivator of the Cloud Sea, Noble Money obviously knew of the heaven-shaking event that occured 18,000 years ago in the Cloud Sea.

18,000 years ago in the Cloud Sea, the Heaven Breaking Sect was a rank 8 sect ready to move into the mighty rank 9 region. Two months before the move, they accidently found a spatial crack, and it was filled with restrictions and danger. The Heaven Breaking Sect gathered large amounts of cultivators together to enter the crack, including elders that were at Heaven's Blight. They broke their way through and had countless casualties.

In the end, they found a corpse in the depths of the spatial crack.

There were three things next to the corpse: a pill, a broken sword, and a piece of beast bone. After obtaining the three items, the elders of the Heaven Breaking Sect went crazy and quickly left the spatial crack to return to the Heaven Breaking Sect.

This was because their discovery was too incredible and could shock the entire Cloud Sea Star System! It was possible for the Heaven Breaking Sect take over supremacy from the rank 9 God Sect!

However, they had a traitor in their midst, and the news got leaked out. What awaited them was the entire rank 8 region moving against them. Countless old monsters that rarely appeared all participated in this battle that made their eyes red.

However, the Heaven Breaking Sect, which had the right to enter the rank 9 region, had the power to battle the entire rank 8 region. A blood bath was created in the rank 8 region.

The rank 7 region was affected, and they also sent out cultivators, and the rank 6 region was also dragged in. Even the rank 5 region was affected, and a catastrophe that swept across the Cloud Sea began.

This matter was extremely fierce. Even after 18,000 years, Noble Money would tremble when thinking about this.

In the end, this caused the rank 9 region that almost never interfered to finally step in. This matter was a bit disadvantageous for the Heaven Breaking Sect, and at this moment, the Heaven Breaking Sect split!

A large amount of people in the Heaven Breaking Sect weren't willing to fight for these three items. They traded the pill and broken sword for their survival. They also maintained their original trajectory of moving to the rank 9 region.

A small part of the Heaven Breaking Sect took the beast bone fragment and began a life and death battle with those that tried to steal them before disappearing into the long river of history.

As for the beast bone with the pill recipe, it disappeared, and no one knew where it went. Some believed it was taken by the cultivators of the rank 9 region and other believed that it was hidden among one of the rank 8 sects that fought against the Heaven Breaking Sect.

In the end, this matter ended, and where the beast bone went remained a mystery. That was until 18,000 years later, when the Clear Flower Sect found a clue.

Whether this clue was true or false, it shocked the entire Clear Flower Sect. They immediately locked down the information and even killed some of the disciples that knew of this matter.

This matter was simply too shocking. If they were a bit careless, it would lead to the destruction of their sect. After all, the bloody lesson the Heaven Breaking Sect learned was enough to warn people.

Compared to the Heaven Breaking Sect of the past, the Clear Flower Sect was like an ant. They had no qualification to hold this beast bone fragment. Although they were greedy, they weren't intending on keeping it for themselves.

They were hoping to find the beast bone fragment and then gift it to a powerful rank 8 sect in exchange for a large amount of benefits and long term protection. They also hoped to use this to get help from the rank 8 sect to become the overlord of the rank 6 region.

However, all of this would depend on whether this clue was true! If they only gave the clue to the rank 8 sect and it turned out to be false, then the Clear Flower Sect couldn't afford the anger of the rank 8 sect. This was why they didn't dare to hand over a clue and went to check it themselves.

However, if they wanted to check it, they would have to prevent any rumors from spreading so the other rank 6 sects wouldn't notice that something was wrong. Also, this clue led to a sect in the rank 3 region, so if a large amount of Clear Flower Sect disciples moved, they would raise the suspicion of the other sects.

This was the one thing the Clear Flower Sect was worried about. In the end, they chose the dependable head disciple, Shi Luoxing, to take 19 disciples and secretly head to the rank 3 region.

Shi Luoxing's cultivation level wasn't the highest in the rank 6 region, so him taking some disciples and leaving wouldn't cause too much attention. This was proven true when no unnecessary trouble occurred even after he reached the rank 3 region.

However, Shi Luoxing didn't think that clue was true! He easily obtained the beast bone fragment and got a jade.

However, just as he was on his way back to the Clear Flower Sect, he was pursued by the Five Poison Sect. The other sects of the rank 6 region also learned of this matter.

"Shi Luoxing, you must hold on!" Noble Money's origin energy was injected into the spirit beast below him. The spirit beast moved even faster as it pierced through layers of fog toward the wild continent.

He was only leading the first batch of aid. Behind him, almost the entire Clear Flower Sect had moved out.

While they were rushing through the star fog, Noble Money's gaze narrowed as he saw a cultivator within the range of his divine sense. This cultivator was riding on a 1,000 feet black ape.

Along the way here, this white-haired cultivator wasn't the first cultivator he had seen. However, this place wasn't far from the wild continent, so Noble Money couldn't help but pay attention.

While he moved forward, his gaze was still locked onto the white-haired cultivator. Not only him, but the 10 or so Clear Flower Sect disciples were all looking at the white-haired cultivator.

These gazes seem solid, and Wang Lin's face turned pale and revealed a shocking stare as he looked dumbfoundedly at the more than 10 rays of light. He stopped in the air as if he had forgotten how to fly. He knew that his cultivation was a bit strange and outsiders couldn't see through it right away, so it might cause some unnecessary suspicion. Thus, he kept his origin energy always active at the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer.

Noble Money withdrew his gaze. He was impatient to go to the wild continent. At first glance, he found nothing abnormal about this white-haired cultivator who was obviously shocked by their sudden appearance.

According to the star map he had, there were several wild continents nearby. Looking at the white-haired cultivator's path, this person had obviously come from another wild continent.

He longer paid any attention to Wang Lin. He then ordered his spirit beast to pass right by Wang Lin. The other disciples also withdrew their gazes as they passed by Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was secretly relieved. He couldn't see through what sect they were from, but they were obviously cultivators from the rank 6 region. They were heading toward the wild continent.

However, just at this moment, a ray of light broke through from the distance at an unimaginable speed. This light was bright, and Wang Lin clearly saw a jade inside!

This was obviously someone sending a message a jade. These spells were used within sects to transfer messages using jade that moved far faster than cultivators. They didn't have to worry about it being intercepted, because unless one knew the right seal, the jade would collapse immediately. In order to prevent any accidents, more than one jade was sent out at a time.

This jade moved too fast and passed by Wang Lin in the blink of an eye. It landed in the hand of Noble Money, who hadn't gone far. Noble Money's expression changed, then his left hand formed a seal and he used a unique hand seal to check the jade. Once his divine sense entered the jade, his body trembled.

This was a jade sent by the cultivators in the second wave. There was only one piece of information inside, and it stated that Shi Luoxing's life tablet had shattered!

Shi Luoxing had died!

Noble Money's expression became extremely gloomy and he mercilessly squeezed the jade. Then his gaze suddenly fell on Wang Lin. He didn't suspect Wang Lin, but now Shi Luoxing was dead, and they didn't know who killed him. Whether it was the Five Poison Sect or any of the other rank 6 sects, they were all targets of suspicion!

This matter was of great importance, and Noble Money would rather kill 1,000 innocent people than let one get away!

"Take him to the wild continent!" Noble Money pointed at Wang Lin and eight of the disciples flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression changed. He stood up with respect but also just the right amount of panic. "Fellow Cultivators, what is the meaning of this?"

"Don't make us act. Fellow Cultivator, quickly, follow us!" Among the eight disciples, six of them were at the Corporeal Yang stage and two of them were at early stage of Nirvana Scryer.

If they met Wang Lin under normal circumstances, they wouldn't dare to do this. After all, Wang Lin had higher cultivation level than them. However, with Elder Noble Money here and this being a great matter for their sect, they all became hostile.

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