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Chapter 1153 - There is Silence Before Every Major Event

The moment it changed, Wang Lin's origin energy was no longer gentle. It contained the force of a mountain as it smashed into the middle-aged man.

However, just as it was about to land, the middle-aged man suddenly raised his head and his face turned ferocious. A destructive aura was about to erupt from his body.

Wang Lin's expression was still cold. After he sent out the origin energy, he opened his storage space and the iron sword swept forward.

A ray of sword energy shot forward and the middle-aged man that was about to explode trembled. Blood appeared on his neck and then sprayed everywhere. What died wasn't just his body, but also his weakened origin soul.

His eyes were open as he stared at Wang Lin, and his head fell off and rolled on the ground. His dim gaze was still ferocious.

His trick before his death was not smart, but it was alluring for people who were after the jade and pill recipe. However, Wang Lin didn't know anything about them.

More importantly, after Wang Lin entered the valley, he saw the first corpse and then the four corpses after. On the surface, they all looked the same, like they had died from the poison in their bodies.

However, there were actually some subtle differences. Wang Lin was always cautious, so although the differences were small, he still saw them.

The first corpse had really died from the poison in his body. The other four were not like this; they were killed first and then the poison in their bodies activated. The positions of the four bodies made Wang Lin speculate.

These four people were apparently killed by the middle-aged man for some reason. They could've been his disciple as he said, or they could have been the old woman's disciples.

In short, Wang Lin didn't want to know the karma behind all of this. He just knew that the middle-aged man was lying when he said he couldn't use origin energy.

There must've been a reason for a person that was about to die to lie. Wang Lin didn't hesitate to kill a person like this!

"You were going to die either way in just a few days." Looking at the middle-aged man who had lost his head, the body quickly began to fester and his clothes shattered.

"Jade and pill recipe…" Wang Lin began to ponder. The old man was besieging this middle-aged man must had been after the jade and recipe.

"What kind of jade and pill recipe would cause two Nirvana Cleanser cultivators to fight to the death? It even made a mid stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivator dare to try to kill a late stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivator…

"His original intent was to die from self-destruction and then the opening of his storage space would dissipate. However, if one has a high enough cultivation level, it isn't difficult to take something out from the closed storage space.

"Also, from what he said just now, he obviously mistook me for a sect rather than just one person… Judging by this, the battle for the jade and recipe is a battle between sects… He said that his disciples were poisoned by the Old Poison Woman of the Five Poison Sect… The old woman I killed earlier must have been her.

"Also, that old poison woman immediately tried to kill me when I appeared. She must have determined I represented another sect.

"Most importantly, the old woman said something before attacking. 'Came so fast.... '" Wang Lin suddenly looked up at the sky and his pupils shrank.

"Could it be that a large amount of cultivators from various sects are all coming here? If that's the case, then the value of the jade and pill recipe must be extremely high to cause a battle like this between sects!" Wang Lin took a deep breath and his eyes shined.

"If 70% of my analyse is correct, then the middle-aged man must have been really concerned about the jade and pill recipe. Since he knew others could open his storage space, I fear he didn't place them inside it…" Wang Lin looked around the valley before his gaze fell on the four corpses on the ground. His eyes narrowed.

"If I were him, what would I do if I encountered such a situation… Would I keep it in my storage space or hide it somewhere else…" Wang Lin silently pondered and closed his eyes as he placed himself in the role of the middle-aged man.

Shortly after, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and his divine sense swept the corpses of the four disciples, but he found nothing. However, he wasn't willing to give up. A flame shot out of his left eye and surrounded the four corpses.

The sound of fire crackling echoed in the valley. There was a powerful poison inside the corpses, and the fire gave off a ghostly glow. Soon, they were burned to ashes.

However, there was a jade and a palm-sized animal bone fragment within the ashes.

Wang Lin's eyes revealed a hint of excitement as his hand reached out and the jade and bone fragment flew into his hand. His divine sense checked the jade first, and his expression changed!

"Rank 8 Heaven Breaking Sect!!" Wang Lin took a deep breath before he calmed himself down and looked at the beast bone fragment. Even with Wang Lin's mental fortitude, he couldn't help but feel his heart rate increase.

His eyes were filled with disbelief as he looked at the beast bone fragment in his hand. He couldn't say a word for a long time.

"Nirvana…. Nirvana Void Pill…" Although he didn't know what a Nirvana Void Pill was, he knew the weight of the words "Nirvana" and "Void" to the powerful cultivators!

In particular, there was one sentence in this pill recipe that rang a bell in his mind. He held the beast bone fragment tightly in his hand and a monstrous killing intent appeared in his eyes. At this moment, if anyone tried to rob this fragment from him, they would receive Wang Lin's crazed attack.

"The person who takes this pill will have 10% chance of turning law into source origin and reaching what us cultivators call the third step! The person who takes this pill have have 50% chance of passing a Heaven's Blight! The person who takes this pill will have an 80% chance to enter the Shi Realm!"

It took a long time for Wang Lin to recover his composure. He quickly put the jade and beast bone away in his storage space. He didn't have time to think of the details, but he was extremely sure that these things were enough to cause a calamity in the cultivation world!

Right now, the news of this pill recipe hadn't spread too far, but as the battle for it continued, it would eventually shock the entire Cloud Sea.

Wang Lin hadn't felt his throat get dry in a long time. He licked his lips as he carefully erased all traces of him and took the corpses of the middle-aged man and another person. 

After he made sure he had left no clues, Wang Lin flew out from the valley. Just as he was about to take them away, Wang Lin hesitated and decisively pointed at one of the skulls. The skull immediately collapsed and the shattered fragments fell inside and outside the valley.

Wang Lin's eyes flashed and thoughts raced through his mind as he took the remaining seven skulls. Then, after pondering a bit, he took out the corpse of the disciple and placed it back in its original location.

Then he carefully cleaned up the skull fragments that fell both inside and outside the valley before leaving one piece behind in a very secretive place.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin took a deep breath and put the silver female corpse away. He then turned into a ray of light and chased after the black ape.

"I have the origin soul of the old woman. I must not let her die! As long as she doesn't die, no one will know that an outsider joined in on this matter. They will all think the old woman obtained the pill recipe and went into hiding to keep it for herself.

"After all, there is still a fragment of the skulls she used inside the valley. There's also the corpse of the disciple that died from her poison…" Time was of the essences as cultivators of various sects were coming to the wild continent. Wang Lin didn't dare to stay for too long and could only achieve something like this.

He wasn't in the mood to steal any more herbs and quickly moved forward. Then he disappeared using Spatial Bending. When he reappeared, he was next to the escaping black ape.

The moment the black ape saw Wang Lin, it became excited and excitedly pointed at various mountain peaks. It was obviously telling Wang Lin there were herbs there.

Wang Lin didn't pay any attention. He took the yellow talisman off the black ape and put the giant ape in his storage space. Then he charged off into the sky, broke through the fog, and placed the yellow talisman on his body. He was still dissatisfied with his speed, so he took out the beast skin and put it on his body as well.

As a result, Wang Lin's speed reached a peak as he pierced through the fog and left the wild continent.

Even now, his heart was pounding as if he was in a dream. Everything that happened on this wild continent and what he obtained still felt unreal.

After suppressing the excitement in his heart, Wang Lin clearly knew that if the information of the pill recipe was with him got out, then he would be subject to endless pursuit in the Cloud Sea Star System. This would be the same even in the Alliance and Allheaven because this recipe was enough to make some cultivators go crazy!

In particular, those old monsters who were always in closed door cultivation and had reached the peak of the Nirvana Shatterer stage and preparing for their Heaven's Blight would do anything for this pill recipe.

"I must not let anyone know this thing is in my hands!" Wang Lin quickly moved through the rank 5 region, and he didn't dare to spread out his divine sense. Wang Lin had a feeling that there were many cultivators rushing toward that wild continent in the rank 5 region right now.

If they met him, who was in a rush, they might suspect him. Although the suspicion wouldn't be big, once they saw what happened at the wild continent, they would recall anyone they found suspicious and focus on those people.

The bigger the matter and more secrets you have to hide, the more calm you need to be.

After charging out some distance, Wang Lin pulled out the giant black ape. He sat down on the shoulder of the giant black ape and ordered it to fly toward the continent of Mo Luo where the Origin Sect was.

This place was still a few days away from the continent of Mo Luo, and despite his eagerness to leave, he remained calm as he sat on the giant black ape. He was like a true cultivator of the Cloud Sea.

Several hours later, Wang Lin was already far from the wild continent. There were several other wild continents nearby, making it impossible for others to know which one Wang Lin had come from.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin's calm pupils suddenly shrank but soon returned to normal.

Rays of red light whistled through the star fog and got closer and closer.

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