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Chapter 1151 - Came So Quickly

Wang Lin had been on this wild continent for a while. Considering the matter at the Origin Sect, he couldn't stay on the this wild continent much longer.

Although he wasn't afraid of the Purple Dao Sect, if he wasn't there, the Origin Sect would be wiped out with their present strength. If it was the past, Wang Lin wouldn't have cared, but since he had killed people of the Purple Dao Sect, he was already involved in this matter.

Moreover, that clever female cultivator, Lu Yanfei, had also respectfully gifted him an identity. Also, there was the clue of the extreme Yin that he needed to obtain from the people of the Purple Dao Sect.

Therefore, Wang Lin decided to act arrogantly for once and used the black ape he had just tamed to rush into nest of these fierce beasts to steal the herbs by force.

He allowed the army of the beasts to follow them. It has to be said that Wang Lin didn't think the black ape would be able to steal so well. It even seemed… very used to this.

This kind of proficiency obviously wasn't something learned overnight. After doing this for so long, it had become second nature.

During these days, Wang Lin didn't even need to set a target. The ape was very familiar with this continent and moved like lightning. It would rush in take the herb and then run away without looking back.

After each successful steal, the black ape couldn't help but let out a roar of excitement. It was as if… as if it was very satisfied with its own behavior.

What made Wang Lin smile wryly was that he vaguely felt like this black age was famous on this wild continent. It was very skilled at avoiding the beasts chasing it, as if it often did this.

If these fierce beasts had only had their herbs stolen once, they wouldn't chase for several days without caring about exhaustion. There was a hint of madness and… deep hatred in them.

Wang Lin began to speculate that some of the herbs these fierce beasts were hiding didn't grow at the mountain peaks but in other places. Places that Wang Lin would need to spread out his divine sense to find. Otherwise, these places would be too difficult to discover with his eyes due to the fog.

However, the black ape wasn't affected, as if it already knew where the herbs were hiding. It moved like lightning as it stole the herbs and left.  It was as if the black ape had already been observing everything for a long time.

During these days of looting, the black ape warmed up to Wang Lin. Sometimes it would look over its shoulder at Wang Lin as if it was looking at someone who was in the same trade.

It was due to this finding that Wang Lin recalled the day he tamed the black ape. Even when he clearly revealed a stronger cultivation and injured the black ape, the ape wasn't willing to yield. Instead, its eyes were filled with hatred and unwillingness. It wasn't until the threat of death that it finally yielded.

Presumably, this black ape that often stole others' herbs must have felt very complicated when it was robbed instead.

"However, there seems to be too many fierce beasts chasing us…" Wang Lin sat on the back of the black ape and looked at the dust storm behind him. Angry roars constantly came from behind him and into his ears.

He had already put the mosquito beasts in his storage space. The current situation wasn't suitable for the mosquito beasts to appear.

There were simply too many fierce beasts chasing them, and many were beasts they didn't even steal form. They moment they saw the black ape, they joined the army pursuing the ape.

From afar, it was impossible to see how many fierce beasts there were. You could only see a line of dust being kicked up, and the fierce beasts were determined to catch the black ape.

The black ape turned a blind eye to all of this. As it ran, it would sometimes twist its body to avoid spells. There were a few occasions where it was pushed into a bad situation and it would roar repeatedly as if it was cursing.

Wang Lin revealed a smile as his right hand reached at the void and opened his storage space. He took out a yellow talisman and placed it on the black ape's shoulder.

In an instant, a yellow storm erupted around the black ape and it charged into the sky. The black ape's body trembled and its eyes filled with joy. Its speed suddenly increased, and it jumped into the air and landed before the beast army. 

However, it didn't immediately escape; it roared at the beast army. Then it rushed into the beast army, punching and kicking its way through before breaking out on the other side.

The beasts all roared and became even more crazy.

Seeing that the black ape was about to charge back in, Wang Lin frowned slightly and patted the black ape's shoulder. The black ape immediately stopped and began to run once more.

Time slowly passed. Due to the black ape becoming faster, it became like a robber. It swept through every area that it knew had herbs and immediately left after taking them.

The beast army behind Wang Lin gradually grew even larger. The earth trembled and the fog churned.

After circling the wild continent, the black ape seemed unsatisfied. It charged toward the center of the continent with the beast army following it. Wang Lin calculated the time and didn't stop the black ape.

During these days at the wild continent, Wang Lin gradually learned that there were fierce beasts of even higher rank inside. The black ape quickly rushed toward the center of the continent. There weren't many mountains here, and instead it was filled with valleys surrounded by hills.

The valleys were mostly filled with fog, making it impossible to see inside, but there would usually be an eerie pressure coming from inside them.

When the black ape charged into the valley, Wang Lin became serious. These valleys were too  quiet with no roars of fierce beasts. Once the black ape entered, it was completely empty.

It was as if all the fierce beasts here had disappeared.

Wang Lin wasn't the only one puzzled; even the black ape slowed down. It stared ahead and didn't know if it could continue.

Wang Lin pondered a bit and the earth began to tremble. The beast army had rushed into the central part of the continent and charged at the black ape.

Wang Lin raised his head and his eyes lit up as he pointed forward. The black ape immediately began to rush forward. Under Wang Lin's command, the black beast didn't move fast and the beast army gradually caught up. It looked like this beast army was charging into these valleys under the command of the black ape.

Time quickly passed. As the black ape moved through the valley, the beast army also rushed in.

Just at his moment, Wang Lin's eyes narrowed. He stood up and stared ahead. At the same time, a gloomy voice came from ahead. 

"The Five Poison Sect has a matter to attend to here. Irrelevant people, quickly leave… Eh!!!" The gloomy voice just had begun speaking when it turned into a cry.

The voice obviously saw the endless army of fierce beasts that were chasing the black ape!

At this moment, Wang Lin's divine sense also saw the eight giant skulls outside the valley that were absorbing the dead souls and converting them into attacks.

He also saw a withered old woman standing on one of the skulls!

The old woman's pupils shrank. The fog here made it so she couldn't see very far and her divine sense was limited. However, the vibrations from the earth gradually grew stronger, and soon the endless beast wave entered the range of her divine sense.

At this moment, she couldn't help but gasp. However, with her cultivation level, her intelligence was high. After seeing the black ape, she immediately realized that this large number of beasts was chasing the black ape and the white-haired cultivator on its shoulder.

A hint of killing intent appeared in her eyes. She didn't believe this was a coincidence. Either it was the Clear Flower Sect sending reinforcements or one of the other six sects had arrived early.

"They came so fast!" The old man took a step forward and charged at the black ape. A poison mist began to spread out before her.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he immediately realized that he had accidently entered a battle. These eight skulls were obviously a formation to trap and kill a person or beast inside the valley.

However, he didn't have time to explain. The old woman was too fast and the poison was already blowing this way, plus she had killing intent. Wang Lin jumped off the black ape and gave the black ape a command.

The black ape silently changed directly forward at the eight skulls around the valley.

At the same time, Wang Lin's right hand formed a seal and pointed forward. Black wind immediately appeared and turned into black dragons that charged at the old woman.

The old woman's cultivation level was the same as Song Wude's, mid stage Nirvana Cleaner. However, her poison cultivation made her very powerful and far stronger than Song Wude. Seeing the black wind closing in, she immediately formed a seal and spat out three mouthfuls of air!

The first breath turned into red fog that quickly spread out. It collided with the black wind and a heaven-shaking rumble occured.

The second breath turned into black water that sprayed out like rain. It penetrated the red fog and charged straight at Wang Lin. Every drop of black water contained a strange poison. If just one drop landed, it would be enough to decay his flesh into a pool of blood.

The third breath flashed seven colors before it turned into a statue more than 1,000 feet tall!

"Poison King, please appear! Poison Spirit Seal!" The old woman was vicious and immediately used her most powerful spell. The poison king statue's eyes lit up. Then light that seemed corporeal shot out of them and formed a black mark before the statue!  

The moment the seal appeared, it charged at Wang Lin. If it landed on his body, on top of his flesh turning into a pool of blood, even his origin soul would instantly die from the poison!

The old woman was extremely vicious. In order to take the jade and Nirvana Void pill recipe for herself, she had used her strongest spell to kill Wang Lin. She was even worried Wang Lin would doge her spells, so she waved her sleeve and a small snake appeared like lightning. This small snake was her life-linked beast and was completely black. There was a small crown that looked like a rooster's comb on its head, and the moment it appeared, a fishy smell filled the area.

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