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Chapter 1150 - Shocking Change

This vast star system was filled with star fog. Although it seemed quiet, there was heavy killing intent within the fog. This was the rank 5 region of the Cloud Sea, and about 40% of the continents here belonged to sects.

For the rank 1 to 4 regions, the rank 5 region was an unreachable existence. If someone from a rank 5 sect went to the rank 4 region, they would be welcomed with grandeur.

At this moment in the rank 5 region, a whistling sound appeared in this calm fog. A ray of light flew within fog, and inside the light was a dragon-like spirit beast. There was a dignified cultivator standing on the head of this beast.

The fog began churning even more intensely, and the surrounding beasts all scattered in fear. Several more rays of light passed by.

This didn't end. In just seven short minutes, no less than a dozen rays of light broke through the fog and quickly moved through the rank 5 region.

There were various spirit beasts within those rays of light, and there was a cultivator standing on the back of each of these beasts.

None of these cultivators belonged in the rank 5 region; all of them belonged to the rank 6 region. The appearance of these people shook the rank 5 region.

This wasn't the only place. This happened in more than six places in the rank 5 region. These cultivators all had gloomy expressions, but they were hiding ecstasy and excitement along with endless greed.

These cultivators that came from the rank 6 region all had the exact same goal: a wild continent in the rank 5 region!

The ground in north of the continent Wang Lin was on continued to tremble as if something heavy was landing on the ground. The fog was being churned and pushed forward.

Some bird-like beasts let out cries as they flew far away from the fog. On the ground, many more fierce beasts scattered. To them, the rumbling from the fog was extremely terrifying.

A moment later, a giant figure more than 1,000 feet tall appeared in the fog. This figure was extremely sturdy, and when it got closer, it finally revealed itself.

It was a huge black ape!

There were bull-like beasts with red eyes chasing after the black ape. They churned the fog and kicked up a dust storm.

Aside from these bull-like beasts, there were seven more different kinds of beast herds. They were mixed together, forming a long line. It seemed like they were refusing to give up their pursuit of the black ape even if it meant death.

In the sky, there were some bird beasts that were chasing like crazy. Anyone who saw this would feel their scalp go numb. Even powerful cultivators would be shocked because there were simply too many beasts! There were obviously some rank 5 beasts mixed in that threw spells at the black ape.

However, the black ape was extremely flexible and had very thick skin, so it dodged many of the spells and those that landed on its body didn't have much effect.

This black ape was running on the ground. The rumbling sound was the sound of the black ape's footsteps! It moved very fast and created a powerful gust of wind as it ran. There was a mountain before it. As the ape ran, it mercilessly kicked off the ground, causing the earth to shatter. It directly jumped over the mountain and charged toward another mountain.

In only a few breaths of time, it arrived at the top of the mountain. Several eagle-like beast charged at the black ape.

However, before they got close, they burst into a rain of blood as the black ape waved its arm. It seemed like no fierce beast could stop the black ape. It rampaged up the top of the mountain, and at the peak lay a nest.

The black ape got close, then its hand directly smashed into the nest.

There was a bang as the nest shattered into countless pieces, revealing a small patch of red grass growing there.

The black ape's hand didn't stop. After destroying the nest, it directly grabbed the rock near the red grass and pulled it out.

The black ape let out a roar filled with joy and then ran off into the distance.

Those eagle-shaped beasts screamed and no less than 1,000 eagle beasts merged into the crazed beast tide and chased the black ape!

The black ape crushed the rock in its hand, revealing the red grass, and tossed it over its shoulder. Wang Lin, who was sitting on the shoulder, grabbed it. After taking a look, he put it inside his storage space.

Wang Lin gently patted the black ape's body. The black ape immediately felt it and let out another even more joyful roar. It seemed to move even faster.

The earth shook. From afar, the black ape jumped up and down, kicking up dust everywhere. Behind it was the beast stampede that chased closely after the black ape.

There were very few cultivators that dared to provoke the fierce beasts like this on a wild continent and stole herbs so arrogantly. The power of one beast might not be a threat, but once thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of beasts gathered, their combined power was enough to shock anyone!

There were also cultivators from rank 5 sects watching from away. They stared at all of this like wooden chickens and were unable to utter a word.

They were a group of seven and were very cautious from the moment they arrived here, afraid of attracting too many beasts, so they naturally didn't get many herbs. When they saw how arrogant the black ape was, they were completely shocked.

The black ape quickly ran, and with one jump, it crossed thousands of feet and arrived at another mountain. This mountain peak was like a sword and was extremely steep, but it was nothing to the black ape. After arriving at the mountain, the ape reached toward a bunch of mist flowers that were growing on the peak.

It immediately took the flowers inside the fog.

Just at this moment, a scream came from the sky. It was a rank 5 eagle beast that was almost 500 feet large charging at the ape.

It was too fast, and in the blink of an eye, it was less than 1,000 feet away!

Wang Lin's expression was neutral, as if he didn't even see it. The black ape's eyes narrowed as it grabbed the top of the mountain and swung its body over the top of the mountain. Its stout right foot immediately kicked the black eagle.

The black eagle let out a painful cry and blood sprayed everywhere. The black ape didn't continue to fight, but borrowed the force to leap into the distance.

Even more fierce beasts started chasing it.

Shi Luoxing was sitting in the lotus position in a dark valley. His face was pale and there was dried blood on the corner of his mouth. His black hair was scattered and he was in a sorry state.

A ghost-like howl continued to echo and whistle through the area. It didn't take long for four figures to stagger in, and when they got within 30 feet of Shi Luoxing, one of them coughed out a mouthful of blood.

"Teacher, Third Brother died. We… can't break out…" These five were all youths, and their white robes were covered in blood marks.

Shi Luoxing pondered. He didn't open his eyes, but sadness appeared on his face.

He and his disciples were inside this valley that was filled with fog. Dead souls filled this fog, and outside the valley, there were eight giant skulls floating there. Green lightning linked them together to form a formation.

This formation was very intricate. It gathered the souls of those that died over the countless years on the wild continent. It then turned those souls into something tangible and used them to power this formation.

These dead souls couldn't be refined into pills. Alchemy required the souls of living beasts! A dead soul was mostly just a sliver of resentment formed at the moment of death that refused to dissipate.

There was an old woman sitting on top one of the eight skulls. This old woman was a bag of bones and hideous like an angry ghost. If a mortal saw her, they would be frightened to death. She opened her eyes, and her gaze revealed a eerie intent.

"Fellow Cultivator Shi, you only have four or your 19 disciples left. Why continue wasting their lives? If you hand that thing over, this old woman will leave immediately."

A gloomy voice echoed throughout the valley and clearly entered the ears of these five people. The faces of the four youths were deathly pale as they silently looked at their master.

"Shi Luoxing, it is not worth losing your life over some worldly possession. Although your cultivation level is high, you have been poisoned by my Five Poison Sect's poison. If you use your full power any time soon, you will definitely die. Consider it carefully."

Shi Luoxing's face twitched as he slowly opened his eyes. They shined brightly, but there was a hint of bitterness on his face. He was the head disciple of the Clear Flow Sect in the rank 6 region, and he was at the late stage of Nirvana Cleanser. After finding some clues, he secretly brought his disciples to the rank 3 region to search for something.

He originally didn't think this clue was likely to be true, but he unexpectedly found that the clue was true and everything went smoothly. However, after finding the item, not only was his whereabouts exposed, but even the item he obtained became known. Afterward, he was besieged and lost countless disciples. He had even been affected by a strange poison and had to flee to this valley to expel the poison.

However, before he could dispel the strange poison, he was caught by this old woman of the Five Poison Sect. She had used her sect's formation to trap him inside the valley. He had already sent a message to his sect in secret, but it would take some time for help from his sect to arrive.

"Fellow Cultivator Shi, even if your Clear Flower Sect sends people, it will be useless! According to what this old woman knows, within the rank 6 domain, aside from my Five Poison Sect, the Mountain Peak Spirit Sect, the Dao Spell Sect, the Escape Sect, and the Devil Collection Sect all came and are after the things in your hand!

"The jade of the rank 8 Heaven Breaking Sect and the legendary pill recipe of a Nirvana Void pill!"

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