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Chapter 1152 - Inside the Valley

However, this old woman had underestimated Wang Lin's black wind. Now that Wang Lin had reached the Nirvana Cleanser stage, the power of Bai Fen's spells began to show their true nature. More importantly, after the fortune Qing Lin had given him, Wang Lin gained a deep level of understanding of Bai Fan's spells.

When the five black dragons collided with the red fog the old woman spat out, a thunderous rumble echoed. The five dragons roared, quickly tore through the red fog, and condensed into one.

These five black dragons quickly fused and a powerful aura appeared. It quickly turned into a black spear! This spear wasn't real and was transparent, but the aura from it was heaven-shaking.

The spear charged out. It ignored the black rain and poison seal and closed in on the old woman!

All of this happened in a flash. Almost at the moment the old woman spat out the three breaths and took out the small snake, the black spear was less than 100 feet from her!

A powerful, cold wind caused the old woman's expression to change greatly. The wrinkles on her face were pushed in by the wind and her pupils shrank as he quickly retreated. She didn't have time to control the spells attacking Wang Lin, and her hands quickly formed a seal. Black scales appeared over her wrinkly skin. At this moment, she didn't look human, but more like a humanoid beast.

Killing intent flashed through Wang Lin's eyes and he floated in the air. The first thing that arrived was the seal formed by the gaze of the statue. It moved very fast and closed in on Wang Lin's chest.

There wasn't time to dodge, but Wang Lin didn't intend to retreat. This old woman's cultivation level was slightly higher than Wang Lin's and her spells were far more powerful than Song Wude's. Her attacks were vicious, but Wang Lin had killed his fair share of Nirvana Cleanser cultivators!

The braver man wins on the narrow path! The moment the poison seal closed in, Wang Lin raised his right hand and pushed out. He was suddenly less than seven inches from the poison seal!

Just at this moment, Wang Lin's left hand pointed at the back of his right palm at a very fast speed. Every time he pointed, a thunderous roar would echo. All the origin energy within 10,000 feet was being controlled by an tyrannical method to gather into Wang Lin's fingertip and then go into his palm.

Although this sounds slow, it only took an instant. The moment the poison closed in on Wang Lin's palm, an earth-shattering bang came from Wang Lin's pam and spread outwards.

Under this impact, the black rain spat out by the old woman was no longer able to get close and was pushed away. It wasn't able to injure Wang Lin at all.

This bang was louder than thunder and even began to echo as it spread across the continent. Even Wang Lin couldn't withstand this sound, and he couldn't help but take a few steps back.

The poison seal trembled and countless cracks appeared on it before it shattered. The tyrannical origin energy from Wang Lin's palm pushed the shattered seal back and it landed on the chest of the statue.

A black handprint appeared on the chest of the statue and two cracks began to spread across the statue. Then the statue shattered into pieces!

Just at the moment, Wang Lin retreated a few steps. The small snake broke through the shockwave by force and charged at Wang Lin. It let out a hiss and spat out an extremely poisonous gas.

Wang Lin's expression was gloomy as he reached at the void and opened his storage space. The silver female corpse walked out. Without the need for Wang Lin to give an order, the woman in silver rushed at the small snake.

Wang Lin jumped over the woman in silver and the small snake and directly charged at the old woman.

The old woman's expression changed greatly as she continued to run, trying to dodge the black spear. However, the black spear was locked on to her and moved faster and faster. It seemed like it was about to break the space here.

After seeing Wang Lin walk out from her killing formation, her face became even more gloomy. She bit her tongue and was about to spit out more poison when killing intent flashed through Wang Lin's eyes and he pointed at her.


Countless invisible threads suddenly appeared in the world and wrapped around her. The word "stop" caused her body to tremble violently.

Green smoke came out from her mouth and she immediately began to scream. The mouthful of poison blood wasn't spat out and instead flowed down her throat. This blood contained poison that normally wouldn't harm her. However, it was interrupted just as she was about to use it and the Stop spell had frozen her body. As she screamed, a large part of her body began to decay.

Just at this moment, the black spear closed in and pierced through the old woman's chest. It didn't penetrate through her body but exploded!

The old woman's screams suddenly stopped and her body collapsed into a pool of blood. Her weaken origin soul was about to escape when Wang Lin waved his sleeve and capture it.

Although this battle was short, Wang Lin still felt lingering fear from how dangerous it was. This old woman's poison spells were enough to let her beat most people at the same cultivation level. Even people with higher cultivation levels would suffer from her poison if they weren't prepared.

It was a very common thing for Wang Lin to kill people, but today's killing had happened for no reason. He didn't even know her, and if not for the fact that she tried to kill him, he wouldn't have killed her for no reason.

The small snake that was battling the woman in silver suddenly trembled and became weaker after the old woman was caught. Soon, the woman in silver caught the snake.

At this moment, the black ape had already bypassed the battlefield and entered the valley the eight skulls were surrounding. The beast army charged into the valley.

There were a ton of fierce beasts, and because the old woman was gone, the eight skulls became unstable. The lightning connecting them all collapsed.

Wang Lin looked at the black ape in the distance, and the black ape understood the order to keep running. The earth continued to vibrate as the beast army chased it through the valley.

There were some fierce beasts that wanted to charge at Wang Lin, but after he waved his sleeve, all of them died.

It didn't take long for all the fierce beasts to leave him and chase after the black ape. He could still see the dust storm being kicked up.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he stared at the eight skulls that had become even more unstable, like they were going to collapse. Wang Lin took a closer look before moving next to one of the skulls and hitting it with his palm.

The skull trembled and the ghostly light around it dissipated. It then shrank into a fist-sized grey skull and remained motionless.

Wang Lin sealed the remaining seven skulls the same way. These eight skulls were clearly a set for a formation. Wang Lin didn't take them away, but sealed them, because he didn't know what was in the valley. His divine sense couldn't penetrate the fog.

He cautiously entered the valley. It would only take a thought for the seal on the eight skulls to dissipate and the siege from before to return.

The valley wasn't very large. The first thing Wang Lin saw when he entered was a corpse. The corpse was rotting and he could only tell it was a male cultivator. There was a very unpleasant stench coming from the corpse.

After frowning, Wang Lin walked forward and soon arrived at the center of the valley. His divine slowly spread out and he soon found a figure sitting there along with four corpses that had died from poison.

"Thank you for saving me!" A weak voice came from the person sitting there.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he slowly walked forward and clearly saw everything before him.

The four corpses were all rotting. Their eyes were dark and there was a faint hint of confusion in them. The same foul smell was coming from their corpses as well.

The person sitting there was a middle-aged man. His face was pale without any trace of blood and there was a black line between his eyebrows. Even his origin soul was on the verge of death. It seemed the poison inside him had developed too far. This wasn't an ordinary poison, but an extremely powerful poison!

"Late stage Nirvana Cleanser!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up. A poison strong enough to kill a late stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivator was a match for the Seventh Heaven poison!

"Did Fellow Cultivator also come for the jade and pill recipe? I don't know what sect you're from. but I believe these two items are something you must obtain. Even if I don't give them to you, I believe you have a way of opening my storage space. Forget it, I'll let you have these two items, but please kill me so I can stop suffering from this Thousand Purple Worm." There was bitterness on the middle-aged man's face as he pleaded.

Wang Lin silently pondered as he looked at the four corpses on the ground and then at the middle-aged man before nodding.

"These four people were my disciples. In order to protect me, they were infected by the poison of that old woman from the Five Poison Sect and died." There was sadness in the middle-aged man's eyes. These four were the last of his disciples. If not for this incident, they would've eventually become leaders in the sect.

"I can't use origin energy with this poison in my body, so lend me a trace of origin energy to open my storage space. I'll take out the jade and pill recipe for you, then you can let me die a quick death! For the sake of worldly possessions, I ended up like this and even involved my disciples…" The bitterness on the middle-aged man's face became even stronger.

Wang Lin still didn't say a word as he raised his right hand and pushed forward. A strand of origin energy shot out toward the middle-aged man. When it got within three inches of the middle-aged man, the origin energy suddenly changed!

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