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Chapter 1148 - Wild Continent

Xu Yun's words came true. In a short span of three days, Wang Lin had refined 16 times and failed every time beside the last one. Every time he failed, he would silently search for the reason before picking more herbs.

Looking at the garden that was still vibrant three days ago and was almost baren now, Xu Yun's eyes couldn't help but turn red. This garden had taken her a lot of effort, and even when she refined pills herself, she was very careful and never used too many herbs.

However, in just three days, almost all the herbs were gone. Although the pill explosion she dreaded never occurred, she'd rather have an explosion destroy most of the garden. It was better than being tortured like this.

Looking at the house she hated very much, none of the good will she had toward Wang Lin remained. Xu Yun could not bear it anymore and rushed into the house. She saw Wang Lin sitting there, holding a complete pill.

What made Xu Yun feel very hateful was that Ceng Niu was smiling while looking at the pill. Seeing that smile made Xu Yun's anger rise.

"Ceng Niu!" Xu Yun was gnashing her teeth and took a deep breath. Thinking about her own speculation of his cultivation level, she suppressed her anger and kept telling herself not to be angry...

After placing her hair behind her ear, Xu Yun softly said, "Ceng Niu, congratulations on refining a pill. Can I see it?"

After experiencing 15 failures, almost all the herbs in the garden had been used to refine this pill. The beast soul had merged with the pill more than 10 times, and the pain of going back and forth was worse than death. The beast soul wanted Wang Lin to succeed so its suffering would end.

Wang Lin looked at the pill in his hand and felt regret. There were a lot of details one had to pay attention to when fusing a beast soul with a pill. These things were not explained in the jade and he had to experience it himself.

At this moment, when Wang Lin heard Xu Yun's words, he subconsciously touched his nose. He looked past Xu Yun's beautiful body at the almost barren garden, and even with his 1,000 years of cultivation, he felt a bit embarrassed.

With a wave of his right hand, Wang Lin threw the pill at Xu Yun. Just as he was about to speak, he was interrupted by a scream.

Xu Yun's eyes widened as she stared at the pill and could no longer contain the anger in her heart. At this moment, every notion of the white figure, the graceful finger, the powerful senior were all thrown out of her head. For the past three days, she watched helplessly as the herbs she had spent so much time to raise, the herbs she wasn't even willing to use herself, were pulled out one by one.


In the end, he had only refined a rank 3 pill. A rank 3 pill was very precious, and it was something a Corporeal Yang cultivator would need. However, all the herbs inside her garden should've been enough to refine a rank 4 pill. If it was Uncle-master Li, then there was a sliver of a chance of refining a rank 5 pill.

"Ceng Niu!!! Return my herbs!!!" Xu Yun's eyes were red and she was about to get justice from Wang Lin. However, when she raised her head, she found that the room was empty, Ceng Niu was gone.

Wang Lin's figure appeared in the sky above the continent of Mo Luo and he touched his nose once more. He revealed a bitter smile and Xu Yun's voice still echoed in his ears.

"Forget it. It's only a courtyard of herbs…" Wang Lin shook his head and flew into the sky as a ray of light. He disappeared over the horizon.

After breaking through the light barrier around the continent, the cloud sea appeared before Wang Lin's eyes. In the jade inside the daoist temple, aside from alchemy and beast soul-related information, there was also a star map of the rank 5 region the continent of Mo Luo belonged to. After studying the star map, Wang Lin found that aside from the continents that people lived on, there was another type of continent called the "wild continents."

These were similar to the abandoned planets in the Alliance or Allheaven. However, in the Cloud Sea, these wild continents didn't have black towers, so they were shrouded by the star fog. They became lairs for fierce beasts and often housed numerous fierce beasts.

Some very precious herbs often grew on continents like these.

Following the star map in his mind, Wang Lin charged into the star fog. The star fog was like clouds. Aside from covering vision, it also prevented divine sense from spreading too far. Wang Lin wasn't familiar with the Cloud Sea Star System, so he couldn't help but slow down.

On the wild continent near the continent of Mo Luo, the beasts had gradually become more scarce throughout the years. It had become a place for the Origin Sect disciples to train. Only some low level beast remained, and even most of the herbs had been cleared out.

This would naturally not be Wang Lin's choice. He was going to go for a wild continent even further out, one where fierce beasts lived and not many cultivators had explored, so there would be still large amounts of herbs there.

Wang Lin moved faster and faster. There would often be a flash of light as he broke through the fog and went into the distance. Although his divine sense could only probe within 10,000 feet, a Nirvana Scryer cultivator could only reach 1,000 feet. Only Nirvana Cleanser cultivators could reach 10,000 feet.

Along the way, various strange beasts appeared within Wang Lin's divine sense. These beasts were all eerie; one was a long, scaled fish. When it opened its mouth, countless sharp teeth could be seen, and it gave off a fishy smell.

There were a few that looked like dragons, but their bodies were only few hundred feet long. These red beasts moved like lightning and lived in herds. Hundreds of thousands of them moved through the cloud sea.

Also, there were beasts like the Nether Beast Wang Lin had seen, but much smaller, only few thousand feet wide. These beasts were slow, but even those red beasts avoided them.

There were also tadpole-like black beasts like the one Rudy had. They hid within the fog, giving off a hidden pressure. However, when those beasts felt Wang Lin's divine sense, they all quickly retreated.

While moving through the fog, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his right hand reached at the void. A storage space crack opened and buzzing sounds came out as the mosquito beasts flew out.

These dozens of mosquito beasts flew around and emitted thunderous cries filled with joy. In particular, Wang Lin's purple mosquito beast was flying left and right in joy.

Wang Lin's body flickered and he sat down on the mosquito beast. Without waiting for Wang Lin's order, it rushed forward and flew inside the star fog with its companions.

Time seemed to go on for eternity inside this star fog. It was hard to notice because there was no night or day, only the dense star fog that surround everything.

After silently calculating for a bit, Wang Lin calculated it had been three days. With his speed, he was already far away from the continent of Mo Luo and was closing in on a dangerous wild continent marked on the map.

It didn't take long for a giant shadow to appear in Wang Lin's divine sense. This shadow was large enough to cover the sky, and he could vaguely hear roars coming from it.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and the mosquito beast below him because cautious. As they closed in, the shadow cleared up. This was a huge wild continent!

Wang Lin jumped off the mosquito beast, pierced through the fog, and landed on the wild continent. This place was filled with star fog. If not for his divine sense and his feet standing on the continent, it would've been very difficult to distinguish this place from just space.

The surroundings were completely silent with fierce roars coming from the distance. These roars seemed to indicate that this place wasn't as peaceful as it seemed.

The ground consisted of black sand. Wang Lin slowly walked forward on the sand and eventually arrived before a ruin. This was obviously once a mortal city, but there was no sign of life. The buildings had collapsed and there were dry brown red blood marks.

Just at this moment, a black shadow charged out from a ruined house. It let out a roar along with its fishy breath and charged at Wang Lin. The shadow was only few dozen feet long, but it moved like lightning as it charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin remained calm. He didn't even need to act, as the mosquito beast charged out and went straight toward the shadow. With a bang, the shadow's body trembled and the mosquito's mouth pierced through it shead. Then the mosquito sucked and the entire black shadow shrank.

The mosquito beast flew back with disdain in its eyes.

Wang Lin patted the mosquito beast's head and pointed ahead. The mosquito beast king immediately flew out leading more than 10 of its kind into the ruins.

They moment they flew forward, many shadows charged out from the ruins. There were at least a dozen of them. They all let out roars and charged at the mosquito beasts.

With Wang Lin's insight and divine sense, he immediately saw that they were black apes. They were exactly the same as the ones inside the pill Xu Yun had devoured.

"Leave the souls behind!" Wang Lin's voice calmly echoed in the ruin. The mosquito beasts and ape beasts weren't even on the same level, so the battle soon ended. The apes died one by one, leaving behind a powerful smell of blood.

More than 10 mosquito beasts flew back to Wang Lin. They let out cries and also spat out beast souls, which were put away by Wang Lin.

Due to the smell of blood, the roar of beasts from afar became even louder and the ground began to vibrate. Even gusts of wind appeared to push the fog before it.

Wang Lin's expression was still calm as he walked into the ruin. He scanned it with his divine sense and left after finding no herbs.

His figure moved through the fog as if he had merged with the mist and gave off a powerful killing intent. He seemed to give off a fiercer aura than any of the fierce beasts, and the 10 mosquito beasts cried as they circled above him.

Before this fierce aura, even the roars from the distance gradually weakened until they eventually disappeared. The ground stopped trembling and the wind disappeared.

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