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Chapter 1147 - Xu Yun's Heartache

Holding the small golden flag, Wang Lin's eyes closed slowly. His eyes shined as he pondered.

"To use women's souls to nourish extreme Yin is completely wrong! Back then, the All-Seer used Bai Wei's extreme Yin body and extracted the extreme Yang during its peak. That's the correct method.

"In order to obtain a complete extreme Yin, one must obtain it at the peak of extreme Yang!"

After looking at the golden flag, Wang Lin shook his head. At a glance, he could see that all those numerous female Yin souls were added in later on, and it hadn't been a long time.

"This really is nonsense!" Wang Lin waved his right hand and a storm set off inside the golden flag. His divine sense smashed into the formations that were trapping those women's souls and broke them.

The moment the formations shattered, the miserable souls flew out, and their eyes were filled with confusion. However, they were all talented people within their sects before they were killed and sealed inside the flag by Rudy, so they quickly regained their sanity and then silently bowed toward Wang Lin. They showed hints of bitterness, liberation, and gratitude as they dissipated.

What awaited them perhaps was reincarnation into another life or perhaps nothing.

Staring at these souls dissipate, Wang Lin became silent. It didn't take long for all the souls to disappear, leaving only the extreme Yin soul.

This extreme Yin let out a roar and charged out the moment those women's souls disappeared, as if it wanted to escape as well. Just as it peeked out, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his left hand formed a restriction. It landed on the golden flag.

Then there was a flash of blue light. The extreme Yin soul seemed to smash into an iron plate and was pushed back as it roared. Wang Lin completely ignored it as his left hand formed more restrictions that landed on the golden flag. He completely sealed it before putting it away.

"Not only is the method to raise this extreme Yin not correct, it's also not complete. Since this belonged to Rudy, then there must be more clues at the Purple Dao Sect." After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin picked up the purple bottle..

This jade bottle was warm and there was heat cycling inside. There was a cycle of origin energy inside that formed an eternal rotation. Wang Lin's divine sense surrounded the bottle. Under the effect of his divine sense, the bottle slowly became transparent, and he clearly saw three pills that were slowly rotating with the origin energy inside.

The three pills were roughly the same size and all gave off a purple glow. There was a fierce aura coming from within them.

After withdrawing his divine sense, Wang Lin's gaze landed on the third item, which was an incense stick the size of a baby's arm. He wasn't unfamiliar with this item. Back in the Alliance, he saw this in the memories of the mosquito beast. The cultivators of the Cloud Sea had used this incense to confuse the mosquito beasts and lure them away from the Four Divine Sect.

Time slowly passed and the rainy season passed, ushering the sun to the continent of Mo Luo. Wang Lin seemed to have grown accustomed to the life in the Origin Sect and spent all his time learning alchemy.

Xu Yun was very respectful toward this person named Ceng Niu that was living next to her. Although Wang Lin hadn't admitted it yet, Xu Yun's female intuition told her that Ceng Niu was the white-haired man.

Whenever she thought of Wang Lin's figure and graceful movement, she would tense up. At this moment, she stared at Wang Lin with confusion.

"This is Ning Shui Grass. It is an item to help create pills. Most pills in my Origin Sect require this…" When a cultivator in the Cloud Sea reached a certain cultivation level, they would gain a certain degree of understanding of alchemy. This had a lot to do with the alchemy methods of the Cloud Sea. What puzzled her was that Ceng Niu didn't know any of what was considered common sense.

For Wang Lin to refine pills, he would first have to memorize the names and effects of all the herbs. Some of the herbs that he knew from the Alliance had different names here, so Xu Yun had become a target for Wang Lin's questions.

"This is Ink Cloud Herb, a key component of the Cloud Deficiency Pill."

Wang Lin's expression was cold and calm. He had used a very short period of time to memorize all the herbs in this garden.

Wang Lin looked around the garden and asked, "Is there any Mist Flower?" The jade he saw in the daoist temple said that in order to refine a rank 6 or higher pill, on top of the beast soul, there were three even more important herbs. One of those herbs was the Mist Flower.

"The Mist Flower can only grow in continents that are shrouded in the star fog. Rumor has it that the more dense the fog, the more Mist Flowers there are. In the Origin Sect, I only know of three dried Mist Flowers, and they are all with Uncle-Master Li." After Xu Yun finished explaining, she added one more thing.

"Uncle-Master Li's alchemy skill is considered unmatched in the Origin Sect."

Wang Lin nodded and no longered paid any attention to Xu Yun. Instead, he gathered some herbs based on the method of alchemy he had read and returned to the house.

Seeing Wang Lin take the herbs, Xu Yun felt her heart ache, but she didn't dare to show it on her face. As Wang Lin walked back to his room, Xu Yun quickly said, "This… This requires you to go the alchemy room in the eastern courtyard. Not only is there a pill furnace there, but there are also earth fire and protection formations. That way even, if the furnace explodes there will be no danger."

"No need." Wang Lin didn't turn around as he walked into the room.

It wasn't until Wang Lin left that Xu Yun stomped her foot and became filled with dissatisfaction. Most of the herbs in the garden were things she had spent a lot of effort gathering. Some had been given to her by her master after her master found them while exploring dangerous wild continents. It can be said that most of the herb in the garden were Xu Yun and her master's private properties.

The disciples of the sect were all aware of this and wouldn't dare to come here for herbs. Xu Yun valued these herbs greatly. However, she was helpless as she watched Wang Lin take them away. He didn't even listen her and was going to refine without going to the alchemy room. Especially considering how he didn't even know the names of some of these herb, it was obvious this was the first time he was refining.

Once the pill exploded, not only would the house be destroyed, but even the garden would be affected. Xu Yun stomped her feet but didn't dare to go up to stop him.

"Hmph, not going to the alchemy room means he must have his own pill furnace. He only knows how to use his high cultivation to bully a junior like me. Bully!" The more Xu Yun thought, the more angry she became. She simply sat down outside and began to wait. When the pill exploded, she would need to do her best to protect the herbs. A large amount of the goodwill she previously had toward Wang Lin had also dissipated.

"Arrogant, arrogant!!" When Xu Yun thought of Wang Lin's expression, she became even more angry.

"Although alchemy has some relation with cultivation, it doesn't have much effect. What it requires is experience and countless attempts. No matter how high the cultivation level, the success rate of refining for the first time won't be high!" Xu Yun frowned as she focused herself and helplessly stood guard.

Wang Lin didn't pay attention to Xu Yun's dissatisfaction. After returning to the room, he sat down and waved his hand. All the herbs he had picked floated in the air. His left eye lit up and flames immediately began burning in his left eye.

Alchemy doesn't necessarily need a pill furnace! A pill furnace was used to not let any of the medication escape and to better condense heat for the pill to take shape.

None of this was a problem for Wang Lin.

The fire of the world moved as he willed. At this moment, white flames appeared and circled around Wang Lin. The fire began to condense until it was a ball of fire.

Wang Lin's gaze was calm as his right hand reached out. All the herbs in the air began to separate into different portions. One part went to the side and one part went into the fireball.

This was Wang Lin's first time refining a pill in the Cloud Sea. Although it was only a rank 3 pill, Wang Lin was still very serious. He stared at the fireball and his gaze penetrated inside.

Those herbs rapidly melted inside the fireball and became crumbs. However, with Wang Lin's control of fire, they didn't even turn to ash but began fusing. They absorbed each other's unique medical attribute and began to fuse.

Sortly after, Wang Lin's right hand reached out and a storage space appeared. A ray of black light flew out into Wang Lin's hand.

There was a tadpole-like spirit beast soul inside the black light. This was Rudy's beast. This beast was very arrogant when it followed Rudy. It would often cruelly devour mortals and injured cultivators. It enjoyed the dry sweetness of blood and flesh in its mouth.

However, at this moment, the beast soul was trembling in fear and constantly roaring. It wanted to break out form Wang Lin's palm, but no matter how much it struggled, it was a pointless endeavor.

As Wang Lin waved his right hand, the beast soul let out a miserable scream and fused with the pill. Soon, a medical fragrance began to spread out inside the room.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin frowned as his right hand reached into the fireball and grabbed the pill. A large portion on the beast soul was immediately pulled out.

The moment Wang Lin's right hand left the fireball, the half-complete pill trembled and collapsed. Then a destructive force began to spread out.

However, it was stopped by the fireball that wrapped around it. It let out some muffled sounds but didn't break the fireball.

"Pill explosion!" Outside the house, Xu Yun heard the muffled screams and immediately stood up. She was very tense. However, after waiting for a while, she still didn't encounter the explosion. All she saw was a gloomy Wang Lin walking out and taking even more herbs.

Xu Yun finally reacted and immediately began stomping her foot. She wanted to get some justice from Wang Lin, but thinking about his gloomy expression just now, she became afraid. She could only complain in her heart.

"What a bully! Hmph, that pill will definitely explode this time as well!"

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