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Chapter 1149 - Mobilization and Control

This continent was named Kai Ape on the star map. It had many mountains, and they appeared and disappeared within the fog. The roars of fierce beasts came from the mountains.

The ruins of cities that were hidden everywhere in the fog silently showed how prosperous this continent used to be.

However, now it was just a ruin, and the sounds of the past had disappeared. What remained was just the vestige of time.

Among the fierce beasts, there were those that liked to be in groups and those that liked to be aloof.

At this moment, in one of the mountains, the roar of a specific beast was the most violent. The roar was so intense that not even the fog could hide it.

This mountain was completely black and towered into the air like a sword that pierced into the sky. Large apes nearly 100 feet tall were moving though the mountain, desperately rushing to the peak.

There was a giant black ape fierce beast sitting in the lotus position like a human. It was no less than 1,000 feet tall. Its arms were as thick as old pine trees, needing several people to completely surround.

There was giant purple tree that only reach its calf where it was sitting. The trunk of the tree was mostly withered, as if it had lived for far too long. However, it wasn't dead; it still had many branches with lots of leaves growing on them.

What was strange was that the leaves of the tree were snow white and the veins on the leaves were very easy to see, as if they were made of crystal. There were also two fist-sized fruits that were a mix of black and white. It was a strange sight.

This giant ape opened its eyes, and its eyes lit up brightly like two bright flames. Its eyes emitted such a fierce gaze that it penetrated through the fog. The gaze landed on a white-haired figure that was surrounded by a large amount of fierce beasts in between the mountain peaks!

When it looked at Wang Lin, Wang Lin waved his right hand and a black wind appeared, taking the lives of more than a dozen black apes. Wang Lin raised his head and met the cold gaze.


A heaven-shaking roar came from the top of the mountain. The fierceness of the beasts around Wang Lin increased and a wave of fishy smell blasted at Wang Lin. They wanted to tear his body apart and even devour his soul.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he looked at the large amount of fierce beasts before him. He rushed forward and turned into a ray of light as he charged toward the mountain top.

In the sky, more than 10 mosquito beasts roared, and around them were some eagle-like beasts. These beasts gave off a ferocious aura and began a life and death battle with the mosquito beasts.

Wang Lin moved forward. All of the beasts that blocked him exploded into a rain of blood with a wave of his hand. His hand reached out to open his storage space and flying swords flew out. These flying swords circled around Wang Lin in a sword formation. He didn't pause at all as he slaughtered his way up the mountain.

From afar, a white line moved at an unimaginable speed, causing a rain of blood as it closed in on the mountain peak.

The giant ape that was sitting there revealed a ferocious gaze and stood up. When it stood up, the entire mountain trembled, and it charged down the mountain at Wang Lin. It wasn't any slower than Wang Lin, and in an instant, they were about to collide.

The black ape revealed a ferocious gaze and smashed down with its right arm. However, Wang Lin's body immediately disappeared without a trace and the black ape missed. Then it saw Wang Lin reappear next to the giant tree on the mountain peak.

The giant ape's pupils obviously shrank and it let out a roar. It swung its right hand, sending a gust of wind that seemed to become one with the world toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's right hand fell on the giant tree and gently patted it. The giant tree disappeared with its roots as Wang Lin put it inside his storage space.

At this moment the gust of wind arrived, Wang Lin's left hand formed a seal and pointed forward. Strands of slaughter energy appeared and formed a slaughter storm around him. The slaughter energy wailed as it charged at the gust of wind.

A thunderous rumble echoed and the gust of wind instantly collapsed. The slaughter energy didn't pause at all before slamming into the giant ape.

The giant ape let out a heaven-shaking roar when the slaughter energy collided with its body and caused a bloody mess. Its body was mercilessly thrown into the air.

Wang Lin raised his head and his eyes lit up. His body moved like a meteor and closed in on the giant ape. He pointed at the giant ape's body multiple times!

Every time his finger landed, the giant ape would let out a miserable roar and tremble. Every time Wang Lin's finger landed, a new hole would open up on the giant ape's body and a large amount of blood would spray out, dyeing the surroundings red.

Rays of origin energy entered the black ape through Wang Lin's finger and formed a seal.

Wang Lin withdrew his finger and said coldly, "Are you willing to become my spirit beast?" He had already been on this wild continent for seven days. He had killed many fierce beasts and gathered a large amount of herbs.

Some of these beasts could use spells and fight against cultivators. There were even several rank 5 fierce beasts that could match Nirvana Scryer cultivators, but they had all been killed by Wang Lin and had their souls taken.

The giant black ape was also a rank 5 beast, but it had very tough body. Even after being hit by Wang Lin, it was only seriously injured and not dead. Even among the rank 5 beasts, it was at the peak and could enter rank 6 at any time. This was why Wang Lin suddenly wanted to tame it.

What answered Wang Lin was an even more violent roar and a punch from the ape's left arm. The ape's fist set off a gust of wind and even contained a faint aura of an ancient god's punch. This really showed how powerful the black ape was.

Wang Lin frowned. He wasn't fused with his original body, so his body wasn't as strong as the black ape's. He let out a cold snort and was going to dodge, but at this moment, for some unknown reason, the scene of that old man using a palm to block the arm of an ancient god appeared in his mind!

Wang Lin silently pondered as he  faced the gust of wind. He was completely calm. All the origin energy in his body moved toward his palm and gathered there, causing a thunderous rumble. He simply closed his eyes and the scene of the old man stopping Tuo Sen's hand replayed repeatedly. Wang Ling gradually felt a sense of enlightenment.

It was just like how he had gained enlightenment from the handprint in the Rain Celestial Realm. On this wild continent, inside this fog, he was facing a situation similar to what the old man did against Tuo Sen.

Wang Lin had seen the third step before and had also been able to experience the third step with Qing Lin's help. All of these allowed Wang Lin to gain a startling enlightenment regarding the spell the old man had used that obviously belonged to the third step.

The gust of wind blew Wang Lin's clothes backward and the giant ape's arm closed in. The moment it was about to smash into Wang Lin, Wang Lin opened his eyes and gently placed his palm on the giant ape's arm, which was already before his face.

A powerful force came out from the arm and collided with the origin energy in Wang Lin's palm. There was a thunderous rumble, and his clothes flapped violently in the wind and his white hair was blown backwards. However, his body didn't move at all!

The giant ape's body also trembled. It felt like its arm hit fog and didn't have any feeling of contact at all. Instead, its body trembled and it felt a sudden, inexplicable pain.

Wang Lin's eyes became brighter and brighter as the old man's action replayed endlessly in his mind until it was almost second nature. He subconsciously lifted his left hand and quickly pointed at the back of his right palm!

Every time his fingertip fell, origin energy would gather from the world and condense into his palm. After pointing three times, Wang Lin's face turned slightly red, but his eyes lit up and he let out a roar.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

The giant ape immediately retreated and a large amount of blood gushed out from his arm. A clear palm print was left on the arm along with three cracks from the finger. The cracks began to rapidly spread along the giant ape's arm.

The cracks continued to spread, the rumbling sound continued, and blood sprayed everywhere.

Wang Lin's eyes were bright. He didn't look at the giant ape, but looked at his right hand with a hint of enlightenment. He didn't know what the name of the spell was, but he vaguely felt like he had gasped something. Just now, he wasn't using his own origin energy to mobilize the origin energy of the world, he was controlling it instead!

Controlling the origin energy of the world by force required origin energy form all directions to form a tyrannical attack!

A mournful cry interrupted Wang Lin's thoughts, and the giant ape's eyes filled with fear. It looked at the three cracks spreading across his body. The ape felt like it would be torn to pieces if it moved a bit too hard.

At the moment of danger, the giant ape began to glow white. Under this white light, an illusory soul appeared above its head.

This illusory soul was blurry, but it looked like the ape with a more human shape. It looked like it wanted to charge out from the ape's body and leave!

Upon seeing this, Wang Lin's eyes lit up.

"Soul condensed into spirit!" According to the jade, this was a spell only rank 6 beasts could use. It was unexpected that this giant ape would have a breakthrough at this moment of life and death.

Wang Lin took a step forward and instantly arrived before the giant ape. Then his right hand slammed down and the soul of the giant ape was pushed back into its body.

Wang Lin stared at the giant ape's eyes and calmly said, "Become my spirit beast."

The giant ape's body trembled and its eyes filled with fear. It had already awakened its intelligence and naturally understood Wang Lin's words. It nodded.

Wang Lin's right hand hit the giant ape and the three cracks on its body immediately disappeared. At the same time, his right hand formed a beast-controlling seal and placed it on the giant ape. The seal landed between the giant ape's eyebrows and disappeared.

At this moment, the mosquito beasts had killed all the eagle-shaped beasts in the sky and were hovering next to the giant ape. Wang Lin sat down on the shoulder of the giant ape and looked ahead.

The giant ape let out a roar as it charged off into the distance like a meteor!

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