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Chapter 1146 - The Hope of the Heaven Defying Bead Reaching Completion a Second Time

"I'm still missing nine. However, all the Star Tigers within the area are gone, so I need to go out further…" The middle-aged revealed a grim smile, but before he could continue, his expression suddenly changed. He raised his right hand and reached at the void, creating a crack to his storage space. A jade flew out and immediately cracked, revealing a soul fragment.

The soul fragment was in the shape of Rudy. His eyes were filled with the fear before his death and dissipated before the middle-aged man.

"Junior Master!!" The smile disappeared from the old man in purple and shock filled his eyes. 

The middle-aged man watched the soul fragment disappear. He didn't move at all and slowly closed his eyes.

The old man beside him was shocked. He looked at the sect master and his heart trembled. He had followed this sect master for many years. He knew that the more calm the sect master was, the bigger the storm to come.

"Where did Rudy go?" After a long time, the middle-aged man opened his eyes. There was a trace of sadness burning in his eyes, but his voice was terrifyingly calm.

The old man bowed down and said respectfully, "Junior Master… Junior Master went to the continent of Mo Luo." He was still in shock and hadn't calmed down yet. He couldn't understand who in the rank 5 region would dare to kill Junior Master Rudy and risk offending the Purple Dao Sect's Master Lu Yuncong!

"Continent of Mo Luo, Origin Sect… Why did no one tell me about this?" The middle-aged man's voice was calm, but when it landed in the old man's ears, the old man trembled. He suddenly remembered something and his face turned pale.

"Junior Master, he…"

"As a cultivator, he still lusted for beauties and was arrogant. He used his status as the junior master of the Purple Dao Sect and ruined quite a few female disciples of various sects. He even did vicious things, such as sucking their origin yin energy…" Without waiting for the old man to finish, the middle-aged man shook his head and seemed to mutter to himself. 

"Sect Master…" The old man's face was pale.

"Who went with him to continent of Mo Luo? It should've been Song Wude. That child grew up under Song Wude's care. Perhaps to him, Song Wude was like a second father. He went to the continent of Mo Luo because he is after Lu Yanfei of the Origin Sect. He was taking advantage of the fact that that old bag of bones died and wanted to make the Origin Sect his inner palace…"

The old man silently pondered. As far as he knew, everything the sect master said was true.

The middle-aged man raised his head and looked at the star fog before him. After silently looking for a bit, he turned and walked toward the purple continent.

"That useless child, he is dead, so now there is one less scourge in the world… However, I'm still his father. Since he liked that Lu Yanfei girl, then let that little girl die with him… As for the man that killed him, he can be buried with him as well," the middle-aged man said without any emotion in his voice.

"He wasn't like this before…" This figure was more bleak.

The old man's expression became even more pale. After hesitating for a while, he clenched his teeth and said, "Sect Master, before the Junior Master left, this old man heard Song Wude say… say that the Junior Master was going to the Purple Cloud Sea to take the Heaven Yin Flag that the Purple Dao Sect left there. After taking Lu Yanfei's origin soul, he was going to use all the female origin souls he collected to feed a Yin Celestial."

The middle-aged man's figure suddenly stopped and the calmness in his eyes collapsed. A monstrous wrath revealed itself, but a sense of fear and panic also filled his body.

"Ungrateful child!!"

Continent of Mo Luo, Origin Sect.

Lu Yanfei looked silently at the ordinary house. After hesitating a bit, she walked into the courtyard. Xu Yun followed, and she was very tense. She could clearly hear her heart beating rapidly.

Wang Lin's door was closed. Lu Yanfei and Xu Yun stood outside the door and became silent.

After a long time, Lu Yanfei bit her lower lip and softly said, "Is Senior here?"

"Not here!" A calm voice came out from the house and entered their ears. They were startled by it as they didn't think they would get a response like this.

In truth, a very long time ago in the Alliance Star System, a woman also asked this question and also got this answer.

After all, whether it was the original body or the avatar, both were Wang Lin.

Lu Yanfei let out a smile that was very beautiful. She bowed toward the house and softly said, "Teacher once had an uncle-master named Lu Zihao. According to Teacher, Grand Uncle-master Lu Zihao was obsessed with dao. Aside from when he went missing, he had never left the continent of Mo Luo. He never even went to the main sect or had many friends. Not many people in the Origin Sect even remember him due to time.

"Even my three senior apprentice brothers have never seen him. Junior only saw a portrait of him, and it was Teacher who showed it to me. He gave me the portrait… Because this Grand Uncle-master Lu is an ancestor of my Lu family.

"This portrait was far too old and was tattered. On the way back just now, it was destroyed."

After saying all of this, Lu Yanfei respectfully left with a smile. Xu Yun was confused by her teacher's words. She had no idea why her teacher had said those things.

Wang Lin sat on the bed and stared at the black lotus in his right hand. He raised his head and his eyes shined brightly. His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the house and landed on the departing Lu Yanfei.

Lu Yanfei's body trembled, but she didn't stop. She maintained her calmness and walked out of the courtyard.

"What a clever woman!" Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. Aside from when she talked to him on the mountain, they'd had no other contact. Yet this woman was unexpectedly able to come up with such an amazing analysis just from the report from her disciple, their conversion on the mountain, and him killing Song Wude and Rudy.

Xu Yun wasn't able to understand her words, but with Wang Lin's cunning, he clearly understood. Lu Yanfei was certain he was the white-haired person, and in her mind, for someone of his cultivation level to hide in the Origin Sect meant that he was either after something in the Origin Sect or was hiding from enemies.

However, Lu Yanfei couldn't think of anything he would want, so she became more certain about hiding from enemies.

Therefore, if Wang Lin wanted to continue to stay in the Origin Sect, he needed an identity to not cause any suspicion. What Lu Yanfei just said was giving Wang Lin such an identity. As for Wang Lin's enemies, she obviously had to choose to ignore them.

Wang Lin had met countless people in his life, but not many women this intelligent. Different from Liu Mei's ever changing mood, different from Red Butterfly's arrogance, different from Li Muwan's gentleness. This was wisdom, an unmatched wisdom!

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin revealed a smile and muttered, "Lu Zihao… This identity will allow me to take root in the Cloud Sea Star System!"

The reason Wang Lin paid so much attention to his identity was due to his experience in Allheaven. Wang Lin didn't notice it then, and in the end his identity was transparent to all the powerful cultivators. This caused him a lot of inconvenience. After all, they would all have the thought of rejecting those that didn't belong to their system.

In particular, with his cultivation level, it was difficult to deal with the issue of his identity. Although this didn't solve the issue perfectly, it did give him a path to resolving it.

No longer thinking about this, Wang Lin placed his right hand on the black lotus, then his divine sense spread out and he began studying it. If this black lotus was only a treasure, he wouldn't pay so much attention to it. However, as he checked it with his divine sense, he was surprised to find that this lotus was a real plant.

A few simple law formations were added as a seal.

"This Cloud Sea Star System is strange to have a naturally-formed treasure like this. If the seal on the lotus is broken, then it can form a powerful protection. It is indeed interesting." Wang Lin put the lotus down after examining it and picked up the bag of holding from the youth in purple.

The youth in purple had a lot of miscellaneous things inside the bag. Aside from the scattered weapons and pills, there were three things that caught Wang Lin's attention.

A completely purple bottle, a small golden flag, and a incense stick the side of a baby's arm. As for celestial jades, there were very few, less than 100 pieces.

"Unfortunately, after reaching the Nirvana Cleanser stage, one no longer uses a bag of holding. A self-opened storage space is impossible for outsider to find even after death. Otherwise, that Nirvana Cleanser cultivator might've had some good treasures and pills for me." Wang Lin shook his head as he picked up the golden flag. After scanning it with his divine sense, his expression became gloomy.

This small flag was filled with yin energy. As Wang Lin's divine sense spread through it, he immediately found the yin souls of over 100 women. These women were all beautiful, and some of them were incomparable.

However, these women all looked miserable, as they were sealed inside and couldn't escape. There was the soul of a snake inside that seemed to be devouring these women. The moment Wang Lin's divine sense swept by, it seemed to have been startled awake from its sleep and released a terrifying aura. Even Wang Lin's eyes narrowed when he felt this aura.

"This is…" Wang Lin's mind was shaken and his divine sense retreated from the attack of the beast soul. He stared at the golden flag and his pupils shrank.

"Aura of extreme Yin!!!" Wang Lin suddenly stood up, and his calmness was disturbed. A monstrous surge of emotion hit him and he took a few deep breaths.

"Unfortunately, it is not complete; there is only a trace of extreme Yin. However, the method of breeding it is completely wrong. It can't be compared to the extreme Yang the All-Seer created by using Bai Wei. This extreme Yin is too poor in quality in comparison… However, it is still a sliver of extreme Yin!!" Wang Lin touched the spot between his eyebrows. After the heaven defying bead was complete with the five elements, it needed Yin and Yang. He had obtained the extreme Yang form Bai Wei and was only lacking the extreme Yin to complete the heaven defying bead the second time!

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