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Chapter 1145 -  One Strand of Hair

The white hair flowing under the rainbow was an image that would forever be burned into the eyes of the four great elders of the Origin Sect. The smell of blood in the air and the fluctuations from the collapsed origin soul indicated that a shocking battle had occurred here.

That amazing flash, even though it only lasted for a moment, had taken the life of the Nirvana Cleanser cultivator that they were planning to fight to the death against.

This scene caused the four of them to become transfixed.

In their eyes, the white-haired man was only a figure. Although he seemed slow, in reality, he was like lightning as he charged at the youth in purple on the black spirit beast.

The scream of the youth in purple revealed the fear in his heart. Although Rudy was at the Illusory Yin stage, due to his high status, he had never encountered such danger.

Originally, he thought it would be an easy, fun trip. He thought that with the protection of Song Wude and his status as the junior master of the Purple Dao Sect, he could do as he pleased in the rank 5 region!

He could never have dreamt that this would happen. Even now, he still couldn't believe that Song Wude had been killed by this white-haired youth like this. Not even Song Wude's origin soul had managed to escape.

The white-haired youth had become the most terrifying beast in the world to him. The figure that closed in made the youth in purple scream even louder.

"I'm the junior master of the Purple Dao Sect. If you kill me, my father, Lu Yuncong, will slaughter the entire continent of Mo Luo!" He was afraid; he had never been this afraid before. The shadow of the white-haired youth got closer and replaced everything in his vision.

The black spirit beast trembled under him and continued to retreat. This spirit beast had already awakened its intelligence, and its fear of Wang Lin was no weaker than the fear it felt toward its master.

The youth in purple seemed to have gone crazy from fear, and he shouted at the top of his lungs, "If you dare to hurt me in the slightest, my Purple Dao Sect will hunt you down for the rest of your life!!" His right hand touched his bag of holding and he took out a black lotus.

The lotus was completely black and bloomed in a demonic away. It gave off a strange light that enveloped the youth's twisted face. Just as he was about to use the treasure his father had given him, a finger appeared before him. This finger looked gentle, but it instantly landed between his eyebrows.

With a bang, the youth in purple coughed out blood and his vision blurred. Two streams of blood flow out from his eyes. His body flew back like a kite with a broken string and popping sounds echoed from his body. Large amounts of blood mist spray out from his body and dyed the sky red. It was a shocking scene.

His origin soul collapsed. At this moment, he felt his heart pounding, and it was like his body was floating in the air. His heartbeat became weaker and weaker, as if he and his heart were in two different worlds. The sound gradually faded until he could no longer hear it.

At this moment, the direct disciples of the four great elders arrived, and what they saw was a bloody person blown off the black spirit beast. The person exploded into a pile of flesh and blood before falling from the sky.

Inside the blood mist under the rainbow, the white-haired figure was engraved into their hearts.

Xu Yun stared at the figure before her and trembled slightly. She bit her lower lip and her eyes revealed a strange light.

Rudy died. His body collapsed and his origin soul disappeared like his uncle's. There was a blooming black lotus and a bag of holding in Wang Lin's hand.

If the person who Rudy threatened wasn't Wang Lin and instead was a native of the rank 5 region, then it might have had some affect. This would be especially true for those from sects weaker than the Purple Dao Sect. Even on impulse, they would hesitate and would only capture Rudy in the end. They wouldn't dare to kill him.

After all, within the rank 5 region, the Purple Dao Sect was powerful enough to be ranked in the top 10. Most important was the name "Lu Yuncong!" He was extremely talented, and within the rank 5 region, he was extremely famous!

However, all of these threats were useless before Wang Lin. A mere Lu Yuncong and a mere Purple Dao Sect weren't qualified in Wang Lin's eyes to be a threat to his existence!

Whether it was the Thunder Celestial of Allheaven, the Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor, Celestial Emperor Bai Fang's cross generation disciple, Celestial Lord Qing Shui's junior apprentice brother, or the disciple of the now awakened Celestial Emperor Qing Lin, any one of these titles had far more weight than anything the Purple Dao Sect could compare to.

Wang Lin's 1,000 years plus of cultivation experience were not something a genius like Lu Yuncong could compare to. The threat from the Purple Dao Sect was a joke; it couldn't even compare to a strand of hair on Tuo Sen's body!

With a wave of his right hand, the giant black spirit beast that was trembling and had just lost its master was put away by Wang Lin. It didn't dare to resist at all.

The sky was already bright and a new day had arrived with the arrival of the sun. The rainbow was no longer a blur and became clear and bright. As it crossed the sky, it gave off a gentle light. It enveloped the world, the continent, and also the vision of all the disciples of the Origin Sect.

Wang Lin's white hair flowed, and with one step, he disappeared.

From beginning to end, not a single cultivator from the Origin sect saw Wang Lin's face. They only saw that indomitable figure and the long, snow white hair.

The surroundings were completely silent, and everyone's breathing became even heavier. The elders, aside from Lu Yanfei, all looked at each other in sock. In a short period of time, their despair and sadness were replaced with shock. It all happened too fast, and even now they felt like they were dreaming.

"He… Who is he?!" 

"Why did that senior help the Origin Sect?"

"To instantly kill Song Wude, he… What is his cultivation level?"

"He has white hair!" Lu Yanfei softly said, then she let out a faint smile. This smile hadn't appeared since her teacher was seriously injured.

Her smiling face was like a blooming flower. There was an unspeakable grace and beauty in her happiness.

Her three senior apprentice brothers had thoughtful gazes as they looked at where Wang Lin disappeared. They silently pondered, but the shock in their minds made it so they were unable to calm down.

After a short period of silence, the direct disciples of the elders erupted into cheers. They turned toward the rainbow and returned to the Origin Sect with the four elders.

"The Purple Dao Sect will not sit idly when they hear about Song Wude and Rudy's deaths…" As the four elders moved, one of the old men suppressed the shock in his heart and sent out his thoughts to the remaining three.

"Before Teacher died, he said 'north' and 'white hair.' That senior has white hair and is perhaps the person Teacher was talking about. Perhaps our Origin Sect isn't at its end yet!"

"However, who is this senior? Is he part of our Origin Sect? I have observed the 31 mortals, but I've found nothing."

"If he was willing to help us once, then he will help us a second time!" Lu Yanfei's divine sense was determined, which caused the other three to silently ponder.

"It is useless to search.Since this senior doesn't want us to find out, then let things happen naturally." Lu Yanfei's eyes were bright and she smiled once more. Her right hand touched her bag of holding and sent inside a force to destroy an old painting.

It didn't take long for the people of the Origin Sect to return to the sect. They all scattered, filled with excitement. Lu Yanfei didn't return to her pavilion in the southern mountain but went to the herb courtyard with Xu Yun.

The two women were both very charming. When they stood together, it was a really breathtaking sight. There were some disciples that saw them from a distance, and they entered a moment of trance. However, thinking about Lu Yanfei's status, they quickly awakened and went to greet them, but they were waved away by Xu Yun. It was clear that they didn't wish to be disturbed.

"Teacher, he… he lives right here." Xu Yun's heart pounded wildly as she spoke to her teacher.

Within the star fog of the rank 5 domain, there was a purple continent that was three times the size of the continent of Mo Luo. From afar, it was like a coiled up fierce beast that was coldly staring at the sky.

The distinct difference from the continent of Mo Luo was that there were four large, black towers that emitted gentle light that surrounded every corner of the continent.

At this moment, the star fog suddenly began to churn, followed by a scream. A 1,000-feet-tall tiger-like beast rushed out from the fog and stared at the purple continent with hatred in its eyes. It could vaguely hear the miserable cries of a female tiger coming from the continent.

As it roared, it moved like lightning toward the continent.

It was so fast that it closed in on the continent in the blink of an eye. It collided with the light barrier around the purple continent, causing the barrier to flicker violently.

The tiger-shaped beast let out another roar and charged once more. However, at this moment, a ray of purple light charged out at an unimaginable speed. Inside it was a middle-aged man wearing a purplish-gold robe. He looked very dignified and his gaze was profound. There was a hint of gloominess on his face.

He was so fast that afterimages appeared. He instantly broke through the barrier and appeared among the stars. With a wave of his hand, purple light appeared and wrapped around the tiger.

"Refine!" His cold voice echoed as the purple light around the fierce beast turned into a giant furnace. Mournful roars came, but they gradually disappeared. 

"Congratulations, Sect Master, in luring another Star Tiger Beast. It won't take long for Sect Master to refine his Tiger Bone Sword!" A laugh appeared, then an old man wearing the same purple robe appeared beside his man.

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