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Chapter 1143 - Purple Qi From the West

The rainy season lasted for several months, seeming like it would never stop. The intermittent raindrops pressed down upon the minds of the Origin Sect disciples, and they were powerless to dispel it.

In the blink of an eye, Wang Lin had already been at the Origin Sect for 10 days.

Xu Yun had already returned from her teacher, and during this time, she secretly investigated the 31 mortals brought back from the north. She had observed Wang Lin as well, but she didn't notice anything.

Even her teacher, Lu Yanfei, took this matter seriously. She even used spells to try to find some clues, but there was still no result.

The white-haired figure didn't dissipate with time, but became even more profound. She would awaken from her cultivation at night and the white-haired figure and that graceful finger would subconsciously appear in her mind.

"Who is he exactly…" This question still plagued Xu Yun.

On this afternoon, Xu Yun pushed over the door and a few drops of rains landed on her face. She frowned as she lifted her jade-like hand and wiped the rain off her face. Her appearance was refreshing with a hint of charm as she walked out.

The raindrops seemed to land on an invisible cover when they came within half a feet of her and flowed down the sides. Walking through the courtyard, Xu Yun looked at the various herbs before looking at Wang Lin's house.

The first one she suspected was Wang Lin! However, during these days, this youth named Ceng Niu was like a real mortal, aside from his composure and calmness.

She wasn't able to think of a reason why, but she subconsciously walked toward Wang Lin's house and stood outside for a while. She raised her eyebrows and pushed opened the door.

"I let you stay here to take care of the herbs. During these days, have you done it once?" Xu Yun stared at Wang Lin, who was reading a wooden scroll next to the small table. For some reason, whenever she saw Wang Lin, she found it hard to control her emotions and didn't have the calmness an Illusory Yin cultivator should have.

Wang Lin placed down the wooden scroll he had gotten from the Origin Sect. There wasn't any valuable information inside, and it was something all new disciples could borrow. It contained the history of the continent of Mo Luo and a simple introduction of the Cloud Sea.

These wooden scrolls were to allow the new disciples to get a better understanding of the Cloud Sea. This allowed them to see that there was always someone above them so they would put more effort into cultivation.

While reading the wooden scroll, Wang Lin wasn't completely focused; he was also thinking about alchemy and spirit beasts.

He calmly looked at Xu Yun. Wang Lin just sat there and calmly asked, "Did a single herb die?"

Xu Yun was startled. The herbs were much more lush than before. Even some of the roots she had given up on had all strangely survived.

Wang Lin no longer spoke. He picked up the scroll and continued reading.

The more calm he was, the more Xu Yun frowned. The moment she walked in, a fragrance diffused within the small room. Wang Lin was familiar with this smell. When Xu Yun was cultivating before, Wang Lin had already smelled this body fragrance.

Xu Yun stared at Wang Lin and coldly said, "The herbs not dying has nothing to do with you. It is because there is plenty of spiritual energy here and there herbs are mostly water element, so they can absorb origin energy from the rain."

"Oh." Wang Lin casually nodded and didn't even look at Xu Yun. He continued to read the wooden scroll in his hand.

"Ceng Niu!" Seeing Wang Lin's attitude, Xu Yun glared with her beautiful eyes.

Wang Lin frowned as he put down the wooden scroll again and coldly looked at Xu Yun.

Xu Yun was filled with words and was about to scold him, but when she suddenly met Wang Lin's eyes, she subconsciously swallowed her words. She was startled.

"My job is to keep the herbs from dying. If nothing has happened, please don't bother me," Wang Lin said calmly, then he looked away from Xu Yun and picked up the scroll.

Xu Yun's heart trembled for no reason under Wang Lin's gaze.

"Is it him…"

Xu Yun pondered for a moment and took a profound look at Wang Lin. She then bit her lower lip and left the room.

Late in the night, the oil lamp on the table was lit. It was dark outside, with only the sound of the rain mixed with the sound of the thunder that followed the rain.

The wind from the mountain blew into the basin, forming vortexes that howled in the night. Wang Lin put down the scroll before closing his eyes and pondering for a moment.

He was able to see through many things from the scroll and had gained a vague understanding of the Cloud Sea. More importantly, during the last four days, he was able gain enlightenment regarding alchemy from a jade he had acquired. He opened his eyes and raised his head. His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the house, break through the rain, and look at the sky directly above the basin.

There was a daoist temple being propped up by eight huge pillars there!

Wang Lin could clearly sense a powerful aura within that daoist temple.

His body flickered and he disappeared from the room.

When he reappeared, he was on top of one of the pillars and right outside the daoist temple! The wind and rain were extremely strong here, and there were also flashes of thunder and lightning.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he pushed open the door of the daoist temple and walked inside.

This daoist temple wasn't big. Aside from the decorations, the most conspicuous thing was the giant spatial crack at the center with purple light leaking out, coloring the entire temple purple. Behind the crack was a shelf. There were fluctuations of restrictions coming from the shelf, and there were three things placed on it.

There was a longsword, a piece of jade, and a pill.

The moment Wang Lin entered the daoist temple, the purple light from the spatial crack became stronger. A huge python head came out from the crack and stared at Wang Lin.

This python was blackish purple and its eyes were also a rich purple. Usually, anyone who was being stared by this pair of eyes would be shaken, but it had no effect on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn't even look at the python and walked past it. The python let out a low roar, but fear appeared in its eyes. It began to retreat, allowing Wang Lin to walk past it, and didn't dare to attack.

In truth, Wang Lin had come here four days ago. In terms of cultivation, this purple python could battle late stage Nirvana Scryer cultivators, but Wang Lin could easily kill it.

He didn't even cause much of a fuss and almost killed the purple python. However, he was going to stay here for a period of time and couldn't seem to justify killing their sect's guardian beast the moment he arrived, so he left the purple python alive.

Wang Lin arrived next to the shelf and with a wave of his sleeve all the restrictions dissipated. Wang Lin picked up the jade and began observing it. He had already seen it four days ago, but he wasn't interested in their spells or cultivation methods. However, he did pay attention to the information about spirit beasts and alchemy.

After taking another look, Wang Lin pondered. He then put down the jade and picked up the pill. This pill looked very inconspicuous. When he looked at it four days ago, he wasn't able to find anything interesting.

After pondering about the information on alchemy he saw in the jade four days ago, he came this time to check the pill.

According to the jade, there was a total of 13 ranks of spirit beasts.  The souls of these beasts could be refined into pills that were also divided into 13 ranks… This was a pill that was passed down for generations within the Origin Sect. It was a rank 8 pill, but unfortunately, it was a rank 8 pill without a rank 8 beast soul, so it was a waste! There was a hint of pity in Wang Lin's eyes.

After studying the jade for these days, he gradually grasped some key concepts of the Cloud Sea's alchemy. He had come here to the temple today to check if his speculation was correct.

Seeing the pill in his hand, he was certain.

After letting out a sigh, Wang Lin put down the pill. He didn't take any of these three things that were obviously inheritances left by the old ancestor. Unless he had a feud with them, given Wang Lin's cultivation level, he wasn't going to do something that would ruin a sect.

It was enough for him to just look at it!

"Now I need to personally refine a pill using this method. My goal in the Cloud Sea is to do everything I can to improve my cultivation!" Wang Lin eyes lit up. Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly raised his head, and his eyes revealed a strange light.

There were flashes of lightning in the sky above the western part of the continent. There were muffled rumbles as if someone was bombarding it from the outside.

This continent was floating in the cloud sea. There was a black tower on the continent that released a soft, white light that covered the entire continent. Aside from pushing the fog back, it also had a defensive role.

It protected the continent against cultivators of other sects, but more importantly, it protected the continent against the myriad of fierce beasts! In the Cloud Sea, beasts were divided into two categories. The ones that were domesticated by cultivators were called spirit beasts. Those that drifted in the fog and would fight with cultivators to the death were called fierce beasts!

At this moment, the light over the western part of the continent continued to distort and then suddenly collapsed with a bang!

The thunderous rumble suppressed all thunder and rain as it echoed across the entire continent. It clearly entered the Origin Sect!

A spirit beast that was completely black and about 1,000 feet wide with the shape of a tadpole slowly entered the broken barrier. It went through all the lightning and squeezed itself into the continent of Mo Luo!

If it was just this spirit beast, it wouldn't be enough to break the barrier above the continent. However, on the back of the beast was an arrogant-looking old man. He slowly withdrew his right hand, which was surrounded by purple wind.

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