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Chapter 1144 - Rainbow

An arrogant laugh echoed. Aside from the old man, there was also a youth in purple. His laughter echoed across the world and was filled with excitement and arrogance.

"Henceforth, this Origin Sect will belong to this young lord!"

The thunderous rumble echoed as the giant black beast entered the continent of Mo Luo. The old man standing on the head of the giant beast looked dotingly at the youth and smiled.

As the youth laughed, the black spirit beast below him charged at an unimaginable speed toward the Origin Sect on the east side of the continent.

"The Purple Dao's young master has arrived. Why hasn't the Origin Sect come out to greet him?!" An old and gloomy voice echoed, following the thunderous roar of the beast. The only sect on the continent, the Origin Sect, heard this loud and clear. The old man knew that the young master liked to act domineering in public. Normally, the old man wouldn't act like this, but right now, the fate of the Origin Sect was in his hands. Therefore, he accompanied the young master in being arrogant. The old man waved his hand and a gust of purple wind swept forward.

All the rain that was falling was pushed back. It was as if the rain had to stop wherever the gust of wind passed! Even the lightning was torn apart by the gust of wind. The lightning scattered like a blooming flower.

At this moment, all the disciples in the Origin Sect awakened from their cultivation. Their faces were all pale as they felt a powerful pressure from the west that felt like it could crush them at any time.

At the top of the eastern mountain in the Origin Sect, the middle-aged man among the four elders had a bitter expression. He silently closed his eyes, but then he fiercely opened them. He turned into a ray of light and flew west.

"Teacher just left the world and the Purple Dao Sect is already acting so arrogant. I keep enduring it, but why not just let me, Li Xiangdong, be arrogant for once? Even if I die, I'll die an indomitable spirit!"

There was a sigh from the north and west mountain peaks. The two old man flew out and looked at each other before flying to the west. Right now was the moment of fate for the Origin Sect, and they couldn't endure anymore!

However, even if they couldn't endure it, what could they do? Did they dare to kill the Purple Dao Sect's young master? Also, the power contained within that old man's words was enough to shake their hearts.

"Song Wude…. He lost to teacher in the past. Now that Teacher is dead, he came personally… Could it be that my Origin Sect is really fated to fall from grace for eternity…" On top of the southern mountain, Lu Yanfei stood in the red pavailion in a red dress. Her face was filled with sadness and killing intent. She didn't hesitate to rush out in a ray of red light toward the west.

"Rudy, even if I, Lu Yanfei, die, I'll not yield to you!!!" Lu Yanfei bit her lower lip as she flew. Tears fell from the sides of her cheek and mixed with the rain. It was impossible to distinguish her tears from the rain...

Behind the four great elders of the Origin Sect were their direct disciples. They flew toward the west filled with panic, determination, or anger.

Xu Yun was among them. Her face showed that she had the determination to die. However, for some unknown reason, while she flew, two figures appeared in her mind.

One figure had black hair and was very thin but always as calm as water. The other figure had white hair, and with the wave of his finger, the world would collapse!

These two figures filled her mind until they eventually overlapped.

Wang Lin stood inside the daoist temple and looked at the rays of light disappearing before him. He shook his head and unhurriedly thought about where he would go after the Origin Sect was destroyed.

In the end, he frowned and muttered, "It's really troublesome…" He waved his sleeves and stepped forward. Ripples appeared under his feet and he disappeared from the daoist temple.

The purple python that had been laying low since Wang Lin had appeared and was still filled with fear charged out. It let out roar toward where Wang Lin went. It was as if it knew that Wang Lin had left and wouldn't come back for a long time, so it dared to let out a roar.

The night of the continent of Mo Luo was about to end and the sun was beginning to rise. At this moment, the purple wind flew across the sky and the black spirit beast followed. The old man looked very arrogant and calm. He was confident he could easily deal with the Origin Sect.

The youth in purple beside him revealed an excited look and began shouting obscenely.

"Uncle Song, heavily injure Lu Yanfei, but don't kill her. Let me play with her for a few days and suck her origin energy dry, then it won't be too late to kill her!" The youth in purple licked his lips.

The old man beside him nodded. Just as he was about to speak, he was suddenly startled and stared straight ahead.

He saw ripples appeared in the void before him and powerful origin energy fluctuations began to spread. A man with white hair walked out from the ripples!

The white-haired man had a cold expression, and the moment he appeared, a monstrous killing intent filled the world. The black spirit beast immediately stopped and the old man's expression changed. The youth in purple frowned and was about to shout when the old man stood before him. The old man stared at Wang Lin with a serious expression and said, "I'm the Purple Dao Sect's Song Wudo. Can Fellow Cultivator give me some face and let me pass?"

Hearing the old man's words, the youth in purple was startled and carefully examined Wang Lin.

"I'll give you some face, so immediately get the hell out of here and never come back!" Wang Lin's cold voice stabbed at the old man like the cold wind.

The old man's expression immediately became gloomy. Although he was weaker than the Origin Sect's ancestor, he was still a mid stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivator. He couldn't really see through the other party's cultivation, so he was polite, but he didn't think the other party would be so arrogant.

"What an arrogant tone. Even when the ancestor of the Origin Sect faced our Purple Dao Sect, he had to…" Before the old man could finish speaking, the youth in purple behind him laughed.

Wang Lin no longer spoke and coldness flashed through his eyes. As he stepped forward, he raised his right hand and strands of slaughter energy rushed out of his body.

At this moment, a monstrous killing intent appeared! The dense slaughter energy caused a large amount of cold energy to appear. The surrounding raindrops all turned into ice crystals!

The 1,000 foot spirit beast immediately began to tremble. It was very smart and immediately noticed the danger of this slaughter energy. Feeling the danger, it immediately began to retreat without the youth in purple's order.

The purple youth's face turned pale, but he still shouted, "You…"

However, this time, before he could finish speaking, the old man immediately slapped the youth and sent him flying to the black spirit beast. He then waved his sleeves and rapidly retreated with the black spirit beast.

"Leave quickly!! I'll meet up with you after I kill this person!" The old man's expression became serious. After sending the spirit beast away, he rushed toward Wang Lin.

The youth in purple rarely saw the old man this serious, so panic appeared in his heart. He quickly retreated with the black spirit beast.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and all the slaughter energy around him became crazy. Each strand released a roaring howl as they charged at the old man.

The old man's pupils immediately shrank. His hands formed seals and purple wind appeared and collided with the slaughter energy. The thunderous rumble echoed far and wide.

"Summon the Rain!" Wang Lin lifted his left hand and pointed at the sky. At this moment, all the rain within 1,000 feet, 10,000 feet, 100,000 feet trembled. As Wang Lin pointed, every raindrop trembled and origin energy surrounded them, then the raindrops shot at the old man.

The old man's heart was in so much shock that it was impossible to describe with words. He had never seen the two spells the youth in white had used, but the power of these spells made him gasp. He was about to dodge when Wang Lin's cold gaze locked on to him, and Wang Lin calmly said one word.


The old man's body trembled and he stopped in the air. At this instant, the surrounding coundless ice crystals gathered around the old man. A moment later, a giant ice crystal appeared in the air.

Wang Lin didn't stop. His right hand reached out and the crack to his storage space appeared. A rusty, iron sword immediately appeared in Wang Lin's hand.

He walked forward with the sword, raised it, and mercilessly slashed down!

The world was still bright right now, but the moment the sword fell, the entire world was enveloped in an extremely bright flash.

There was a heaven-shaking rumble and the ice crystal shattered into pieces of bloody fragments. The old man's eyes were still filled with shock and disbelief as his body fragmented. Even his origin soul shattered under the impact and exploded in a shockwave of origin energy.

All of this happened in a few breaths of time! Instant kill!

Even until death, the old man still couldn't believe that he was killed in such a short period of time! However, his death wasn't unreasonable. Whether it was the slaughter energy or Summon the Rain, these spells were powerful enough to shock anyone in the cultivation world. In addition, the attack from the Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure was enough to make a peak Nirvana Cleanser cultivator lose a layer of skin if they didn't die instantly!

Without even mentioning Wang Lin's combat experience, Song Wudu hadn't died to a nobody!

After instantly killing Song Wudo, Wang Lin turned to look at the black spirit beast that hadn't gone too far yet. The purple youth that witnessed all of this screamed in fear.

Wang Lin coldly looked at the youth in purple and stepped forward!

Rays of light arrived behind Wang Lin. The scream filled with extreme fear clearly entered the ears of the Origin Sect's four elders and echoed inside Lu Yanfei's mind.

At this instant, the sky cleared and the rain dissipated. A vague rainbow appeared across the sky. The figure chased after the black spirit beast. His white hair was so dazzling that the figure was deeply imprinted in Lu Yanfei's eyes...

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