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Chapter 1142 - Spirit

This voice seemed to come from the world itself and was ethereal. It seem to come from her ears but also from far away. However, listening to it carefully, it came from her mind.

It was a very simple word and very calm voice, but when it landed in Xu Yun's mind, it caused her body to trembled. It was as if the world around her had collapsed and formed a law of unimaginably thin threads that wrapped around her. Xu Yun's body, origin soul, and origin energy all stopped at this moment.

Even her mind was frozen, still retaining her previous thoughts.

Wang Lin's figure appeared before Xu Yun.  

Xu Yun, who was sitting there, was very alluring, with her beautiful body hidden by her clothes. There was a fragrance coming from her body.

Her expression still retained her previous determination.

Wang Lin took the black pill form Xu Yun's hand and carefully looked at it. The color of this pill was like the source of darkness in the world. Just one look at it would suck your mind in.

"What a strange pill!" Wang Lin muttered as his divine sense spread across pill, and he began to calculate. Wang Lin's knowledge in alchemy was far weaker than his skill in restrictions, but his cultivation level was as high as the heavens, so his divine sense was able to analyze the structure of the pill.

However, a majority of them were not things he understood, and more importantly, he felt soul fluctuations inside the pill.

"Interesting!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he looked at the pill once more. He was able to determine what he felt wasn't wrong and there were indeed soul fluctuations inside. Although the soul wasn't very strong, it was tough.

Closing his eyes, Wang Lin had a feeling he wasn't holding a pill, but the soul of a fierce beast! This was the soul of an ape, and it was extremely tyrannical. It frantically struggled in his hand, but there were too many seals on it for it to escape.

After he opened his eyes, the illusion disappeared. Wang Lin placed the pill back in Xu Yun's fingers before taking a few step back and pointing forward.

The invisible threads around Xu Yun quickly disappeared and her body trembled before returning to normal. For her, it felt as if only an instant had passed.

Wang Lin's cultivation level was far above hers, so she couldn't even detect the abnormality caused by the Stop spell. She retained her previous action and swallowed the pill with a determined gaze.

Wang Lin stood behind her and calmly observed.

Xu Yun didn't notice that there was a person behind her. After swallowing the pill, Xu Yun's face turned red and revealed a hint of pain. Fragrant sweat appeared on her forehead and soon, her clothes were soaked in sweat and clinged to her body.

From the back, Wang Lin could clearly see the beautiful curves of the woman before him. Xu Yun's face became even more red. Her eyes were closed and she could clearly feel a fire burning in her body.

This flame burned her origin soul, and a golden, black-eyed ape appeared in her origin soul. This golden, black-eyed ape was huge and fierce. It let out a roar and charged at her origin soul.

Xu Yun's mind was also filled with flames. Her origin soul was already injured from before, and the flames were very painful, but she didn't retreat. She began a battle with the golden, black-eyed ape. Her mind was like a battleground, and she began a life and death battle with the ape. The ape roared, seeming to want to tear her origin soul and flesh apart so it could escape and not have to withstand the burning flames.

However, Xu Yun's origin soul clinged onto the black ape. While the flames burned her, they were also refining the black ape. She wasn't willing to give up until she refined the black ape.

However, the black ape was very powerful, and it was being refined slower than the rate Xu Yun's origin soul was burning. This caused Xu Yun's origin soul to retreat, and her face became even more red as she trembled.

When taking the Soul Parting Death Pill, one would walk the line of life and death. Xu Yun knew this very well. If not for the fact that she was anxious to make a breakthrough in order to better help her teacher, she wouldn't have swallowed this pill so easily.

Her teacher had helped her greatly, so she was willing to do whatever it took for her teacher!

Her origin soul was pushed to the edge by the ape, which only had a small portion of its body refined. It pounced at Xu Yun and was going to tear her origin soul to shreds.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin raised his right hand. He wanted to carefully observe the effect of this pill. If Xu Yun died, he wouldn't have a chance to observe.

"Forget it, I'll gift this little girl a fortune!" Wang Lin shook his head as he pointed to between Xu Yun's eyebrows. Wang Lin's divine sense directly entered Xu Yun's mind.

In Xu Yun's mind, her origin soul continued to retreat, and she was filled with despair. The ape closed in, and just as it pounced, a white figure entered.

She couldn't clearly see the white figure; she only saw white hair fluttering.

She didn't have time to be shocked at how this white-haired man had appeared inside her mind. Her origin soul trembled as she stared ahead in disbelief.

She saw that after the white figure appeared, he casually pointed with his finger and the ape was forced back, screaming. Popping sounds came from the ape before it's body collapsed and was refined like crazy by the surrounding flames.

Xu Yun was startled. The grace of that finger shocked her greatly. She couldn't describe that finger; it felt like the finger was the only thing in her mind at that moment. It was so powerful that even the world would collapse before the finger.

She had seen her teacher, Lu Yanfei, use spells, but she clearly understood that not even her teacher could produce something this powerful. She feared that even her teacher would be defeated and die under that finger!

She had even seen the ancestor that had already died use spells before, and even for the ancestor, it would've been difficult to produce this kind of power. The white-haired man's casual movement shocked her mind greatly.

The white-haired man seemed to look back at Xu Yun and then disappeared from her mind. The only thing that remained was the white hair that was clearly imprinted in her mind.

The ape was refined by the flames in her mind and turned into a strange soul force. When the soul force rushed into Xu Yun's origin soul, she could no longer think about the white hair. As she absorbed the soul force, Xu Yun gradually entered a strange state similar to the Shi Realm.

Under this strange state, comprehension of dao and the heavens came from the mysterious soul force into her origin soul. This ape was no ordinary beast, but a spirit beast unique to the Cloud Sea. These spirit beasts also cultivated dao and comprehended the heavens just like humans.

With its natural longevity, it had an advantage over cultivators in gaining enlightenment. This ape had already lived for more than 3,000 years. After taking its soul, alchemy techniques were fused to create this Soul Parting Death Pill!

After an unknown amount of time, Xu Yun slowly opened her eyes, and her eyes started shining. The aura of a Corporeal Yang cultivator appeared around her body. Although she hadn't truly reached the Corporeal Yang stage, the door had been opened. She only needed time to comprehend everything and then she would be a true Corporeal Yang cultivator!

Xu Yun suddenly looked behind her, but she didn't see anyone here. She was alone in the room, but she couldn't forget that white-haired figure and that graceful finger.

After silently pondering for a bit, Xu Yun's expression became bleak. She stared ahead and the white-haired figure remained in her mind. She had a feeling not as a cultivator, but as a woman that she seemed to have… seen this figure before...

"Was it an illusion… White hair… White hair…" Xu Yun's eyes gradually lit up. She remembered what her teacher had told her about the ancestor's last words after using the Great Beneficence Spirit Spell.

"The north… White hair…" Xu Yun's bountiful chest went up and down and her breathing became rough. She immediately rushed out from her house and flew toward her teacher.

Wang Lin stood by the window and saw the ray of light disappear into the night. There was enlightenment in her heart.

"I didn't think… that such a pill would exist in the Cloud Seal… That means that the more powerful the spirit beast, the more useful it is in helping the soul gain enlightenment…. This is very different from Allheaven and the Alliance." While pondering, Wang Lin suddenly remembered the beast soul Mo Zhi's master had refined and given to him as a gift when he was at the Vermillion Bird Divine Sect...

At this moment, in the rank 5 region not far away from the Continent of Mo Luo, there was a beast with the body like a black tadpole that was 1,000 feet wide. It was slowly flying through the star fog.

This beast's giant head occupied most of its body, more than half. It opened its big mouth as if it was devouring the fog as it flew, revealing its sharp teeth. It was filled with bloodlust as its slender tail waved back and forth.

There were two people standing on its head. One of them was a young man in a purple robe. He was very handsome, but there was also a hint of evil on his face that made him look very tyrannical.

Behind the youth was an old man. He calmly stood there with a respectful expression, but when he looked at the youth, there was a hint of doting in his eyes.

"Not only do I want Lu Yanfei to become my concubine cultivation furnace, but I'm going to make the Origin Sect my inner palace! Uncle Song, how confident are you?"

"If that old daoist hadn't died, I would have no confidence, but now I'm 100% sure!" There was a flash of coldness in the old man's eyes.

The young man laughed and licked his lips. He seemed to had thought of something and revealed an evil expression.

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