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Chapter 1134 - Tuo Sen Appears

The blood dragon naturally noticed Wang Lin, but in its eyes, this cultivator was only an ant. This cultivator would die to its darkness before he could even get close.

And this was the truth. When Wang Lin was within 1,000 feet of the blood dragon, the darkness enveloped the void once more. However, this time the difference was that this darkness would make the old man in black pay attention to Wang Lin for the first time!

All of this was because of Wang Lin!

Wang Lin had already gained some enlightenment about the darkness from before. This enlightenment had nothing to do with his cultivation level; it came from his Sundered Night spell!

Sundered Night contained a hint of law of origin, and this was also the source of the law of light. All darkness would dissipate before this light!

However, all existences were relative, and if there was the law of origin, there was the law of the end! This darkness was formed by law of the end!

The moment the darkness appeared, Wang Lin used Sundered Night with his own power. He doesn't seek to kill the enemy, he just wanted to survive in this darkness!

For the first and only time, a ray of light appeared in this darkness. Although it wasn't very strong, it still appeared!

Inside the light, Wang Lin felt his body burning. His origin energy was burning, his origin soul was burning, and even his stone body was burning!

He broke through the darkness while burning and crossed the 1,000 feet distance. He then entered the wound of the shocked blood dragon!

The moment he entered the woud, Wang Lin ignored his burning body and desperately waved his hand. Large amounts of the blood dragon's blood crystals disappeared and were collected into his storage space.

His face was filled with ecstasy, but there was also regret. He didn't expect to obtain ancient god heart blood here. After all, with his understanding of the Land of the Ancient God, all the heart blood had been taken by Tuo Sen.

And it was simply too difficult to take it from Tuo Sen.

Obtaining the heart blood made him ecstatic, but obtaining this heart blood meant he had to gave up observing Tuo Sen's strength, which made him feel regret!

With regret and joy, Wang Lin's origin soul was about to be completely burnt when the darkness disappeared. His origin soul was about to collapse and he was about to die once more...

After all, he wasn't strong enough to use Sundered Night at will...

However, just at this moment, the old man who looked over due to the light Wang Lin had caused, and he revealed a strange gaze. The matter he couldn't understand seemed to have been affected by the light in the darkness, and he had figured it out.

With one step, the moment the darkness disappeared, he appeared next to the blood dragon. His right hand randomly pointed forward and the blood dragon let out a roar before rapidly retreating. Thunderous rumbles came from its body as if it was going to collapse!

The moment Wang Lin's vision blurred, the old man grabbed him out from the blood dragon and Wang Lin landed before the old man.

The old man's right hand landed directly between Wang Lin's eyebrows and an unimaginable force rushed into Wang Lin's body. Popping sounds echoed and Wang Lin regained consciousness. The origin energy that had been burned away was instantly replenished. His origin soul that was on the verge of collapse recondensed. Even the body that was burnt seemed to reverse and gain life!

All of this only took an instant!

"A very good young man." The old man in black looked at Wang Lin and revealed a hint of admiration.

"Also very clever… Since you came with your avatar to see the ancient god, then this old man will satisfy your wish!"

Wang Lin's mind was in shock. His pupils immediately shrank when someone immediately exposed his plan, but he quickly returned to normal. The admiration in the old man's eyes became even stronger. He no longer looked at Wang Lin or at the collapsing blood dragon, but pointed at the vortex with his right hand!

It was only one finger, but in Wang Lin's eyes, that finger could pierce the world. He recalled back in Allheaven how one finger from this old man had broken through the spatial barrier between Allheaven and the Alliance.

The vortex in the sky suddenly stopped and unexpectedly stopped rotating before this finger. It gradually spread open, exposing a world that was still blood red even without the blood sea!

There was a cone-shaped mountain in this blood-colored world, and there was a person standing on top of it!

This person's red hair moved without any wind and his eyes were blood red. His red eyes were filled with killing intent and an indomitable arrogance! No one would pay attention to his appearance because those eyes would draw all of your attention.

"Tuo Sen!" Wang Lin had a complicated expression. Their fate was entangled. If Wang Lin hadn't appeared, Tuo Sen would have obtained the inheritance of knowledge and escaped long ago. He would be able to rule the stars with Tu Si's body!

After all, he was also Tu Si! Even though Tuo Sen was born as an inner demon when Tu Si failed to cultivate a spell, whether he was an inner demon or not, Tuo Sen was a real ancient god, a real royal ancient god!

Unlike Tuo Sen, Wang Lin's ancient god body was formed through the ancient god tactic. Even though he was able to reach the 5-star stage due to a series of good opportunities, when his original body faced the Three Trials Seven Calamities before, Wang Lin knew his ancient god body wasn't perfect!

The complicated expression disappeared the moment Tuo Sen raised his head and looked at Wang Lin. Instead, it was replaced by a calm coldness.

The human and god entangled by fate silently looked at each other through the vortex. The two people from two different worlds crossed paths.

Tuo Sen's mouth twitched and he took a step. He left the mountain and arrived above the vortex. His gaze swept by.

When Master Flamespark made contact with Tuo Sen's gaze, his mind couldn't help but be shaken. He unexpectedly felt his own heartbeat. His heart pounded even faster and his mouth became dry. His face became even more pale and he subconsciously backed away. He didn't dare to look at Tuo Sen; it was as if this person was the heavens!


Tuo Sen's gaze was filled with contempt. When his gaze fell on the eight kings of the Corpse Sect, the contempt became even stronger.

"At least waste are people. You all are worse than waste!"

The eight kings of the Corpse Sect had very high statuses in the Corpse Sect. However, at this moment, before Tuo Sen's gaze, they were even worse off than Master Flamespark. Their faces were pale and they constantly retreated. That gaze felt almost corporeal and almost made them lose their wits.

They felt like if this man raged, then even the heavens had to yield!

They had never seen Tuo Sen's power, but for some reason, they immediately felt danger when they saw Tuo Sen. This feeling was very strange, but it clearly reminded the eight of them of the existence of danger.

Because Tuo Sen was a god! An 8-star ancient god! And they were just mortals, mere cultivators...

Only the old man in black was calm, and he slowly said, "Royal blood… Ancient god's soul!" 

Tuo Sen's gaze landed on the old man in black. His gaze didn't change as he coldly said, "Finally, an existence that's not a waste!"

The old man wasn't angry at all, and he faintly smiled. He casually waved his right hand and a thunderous rumble echoed in the void between him and Tuo Sen. The collapse set off an invisible storm that charged straight at Tuo Sen!

Facing the collapse of the void, Tuo Sen raised his right hand and threw a punch!

The world trembled and the void trembled violently. At this moment, some Nirvana Shatterer cultivators had arrived. When they saw this punch, their faces changed greatly. They were filled with fear and panic.

Wang Lin's face was pale. He clearly felt the power of this punch.

When this punch landed, the trembling of the void reached a peak. A giant crack appeared between the old man and Tuo Sen. The sound of space tearing could be heard as the thunderous rumbles echoed. In the blink of an eye, it seemed like this void was split in half!

It looked like a piece of paper being split down the middle and becoming two halves!

The crack in the void immediately tore the world Tuo Sen was in into two different realms. The old man in black took a step forward and disappeared without a trace. When he reappeared, he was on the other side of the void. His hands didn't even need to form seals. He waved his sleeve, causing a loud rumble. Glaciers appeared and soon covered more than 5,000 kilometers of space!

This 5,000 kilometer area was filled with glaciers, and they all collapsed and charged at Tuo Sen.

"A mere spell. So what if you have reached the Nirvana Void stage and are enlightened in law, so what?!" Tuo Sen's eyes were filled with monstrous arrogance as he let out a laugh and threw another punch!

"My ancient god clan doesn't cultivate laws because this laws are things my clan break!" When Tuo Sen's punch landed, crackling sounds echoed across the world of ice. Whether it was the glaciers rushing at him or the endless ice covering this 5,000 kilometer area, they all collapsed before this punch!

The old man in black charged out with a serious expression. The 5,000 kilometers of ice collapsed into a storm, but Tuo Sen flew out.

"I'll let all of you see the true power of my clan!" Tuo Sen's gaze wasn't on the old man in black, but on Wang Lin.

At this instant, his body gradually disappeared into the void.

At the same time, the void shook once more and cracks appeared as if a violent force was going to tear the void open. A vortex appeared where Tuo Sen disappeared, and it contained a powerful suction force. The old man in black calmly stepped into the vortex.

"All of you, come. This will be this dark god's true power!" The old man's voice echoed. Wang Lin didn't hesitate to enter the vortex. He had a complicated expression. He was vaguely aware that this vortex would lead them to the physical space where Tu Si's body was.

In the spatial crack, there was the body of a giant ancient god that was the size of several cultivation planets. His finger moved a bit and slowly formed a fist. The closed eyes on his face that had been closed for countless years opened for the first time!

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