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Chapter 1135 - Might of the Ancient God

The moment the giant ancient god opened his eyes, the spatial crack he was in trembled violently. It was as if an unimaginable aura had suddenly flooded the spatial crack, causing it to become unstable. It felt like it could be torn apart at any moment.

His eyes were as calm as a dead sea, revealing the passage of time. His rough skin was like the earth of a dried up, abandoned planet. The giant stared silently into the void, and the giant's expression gradually became ferocious.

There were eight dim stars on his forehead, but as his eyes opened and he awakened from his long slumber, a light appeared from the first ancient god star.

A thunderous rumble echoed across the entire spatial crack. This sound was far more powerful than thunder, but if one listened closely, they would hear that it was the sound of bones rubbing against each other.

The body was the size of several cultivation planets, and a cultivation planet was just like a toy before it. The ancient god slowly got up. The distance the ancient god moved just to get up would take a cultivator that didn't know Spatial Bending several hours to cross...

Wang Lin stared at the giant ancient god before him. The moment the ancient god got up, a gust of wind blew at him, causing him and everyone around him to be pushed back. Only the old man in black stared ahead with a mysterious light in his eyes.

Compared to the ancient god, these cultivators were several times smaller than ants.

"I'm Ancient God Tuo Sen!" A mighty voice echoed, and the surrounding space began to crack. The eight kings of the Corpse Sect were pale and wanted to retreat. However, any distance they moved was meaningless to the giant ancient god.

"This… This is god…" Master Flamespark's expression became even more pale as he stared at the ancient god's unimaginably large body. Even with his cultivation level, he felt a sense of helplessness.

Wang Lin had the lowest cultivation level. Although he didn't cough out blood, more crackling sounds came from his body. More cracks appeared, and the crack on his chest penetrated his body. His expression was blank, his origin soul was injured, and the body showed signs of turning back to rock.

Nirvana Shatterer cultivators had also entered the vortex. Thanks to their cultivation levels, they weren't affected by the law of time at all, but right now it was as if their minds were going to collapse. The voice caused their origin souls to become unstable as the thunderous sound echoed in their ears.

The gaze of the ancient god that sat up turned cold and the second star lit up. If one were to take a closer look, they would see that there was something special within the star that lit up...

He looked at the cultivators floating before him and raised his hand to swat at them like a mortal would do when he was trying to drive away some flies. His hands was the size of cultivation planets, and when he moved them, the wind they created contained a power that was impossible to resist.

It was as if distance had no meaning for the ancient god. It only took a moment for him to lift his right arm and wave it. However, for all the cultivators, the hand replaced everything in their view.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

Before the deafening roar had even entered people's ears, the hand was already near. It was impossible to describe the speed of the arm. The Nirvana Shatterer cultivator in front couldn't escape at all, so he activated his full power and layers of protection appeared before him. Then, in the instant the tens of thousands of layers of protection appeared, he retreated. He was trying to take a serious injury in order to resist against this cultivation planet-sized hand.

The arm closed in and touched the protection layer around the cultivator. The tens of thousands of layers of protection were as fragile as a thin piece of paper before the ancient god's arm!

The tens of thousands layers of protection around the cultivator all collapsed at once. In truth, there was a tiny bit of time between the collapse of each layer, but the difference was so small, it was pointless. The arm didn't stop at all and simply swept by.

The cultivator that had spent countless years to finally reach the early stage of Nirvana Shatterer revealed a miserable smile as his body exploded into a mist of blood that splattered on the ancient god's arm.

His origin soul also dissipated. It turned into origin energy and was absorbed through a crack on the ancient god's rough skin.

Seeing that the ancient god wasn't going to stop, the old man in black's eyes revealed a strange light. He took a step, and he crossed an immeasurable distance and arrived before the ancient god's arm.

The old man's body was really insignificant compared to the giant arm; he was completely negligible. However, the old man was calm as he raised his right hand and his palm smashed forward.

It was as if countless bolts of thunder had exploded between the old man and the ancient god's arm. The earth-shattering thunderclap echoed across the void. The arm that didn't seem like it would stop actually stopped when it collided with the old man's palm!

At this instant, the wind finally caught up to the ancient god's arm and blew on the old man. The wind that could cause bodies to collapse and origin souls to shatter only blew the old man's hair backwards. One strand of hair cracked and was blown back.

The old man's black clothes were blown back and tearing sounds came from his sleeves as seven rips appeared. The lower part of the robe turned to dust...

His right palm that collided with the ancient god's arm trembled as if ripples were moving through his skin. This ripple went through his right arm and his right sleeve tore a few more times before it turned to dust.

The old man raised his head and his eyes lit up. His complexion turned red, but he suppressed the blood in his throat. He revealed a smile, then his left hand quickly pointed to the back of his right hand five times!

When the first finger landed, an invisible force seemed to break this closed-off spatial crack. Endless origin energy came from all directions within 5,000 kilometers, entered the back of his right hand, and went into the ancient god's arm.

The origin energy within 5,000 kilometers wasn't enough to deal with an ancient god. When the old man's finger landed a second time, enough origin energy to destroy the world gathered form 50,000 kilometers, 500,000 kilometers, 5,000,000 kilometer to create a powerful force that rushed into the ancient god's arm.

All of this happened in an instant. It was so fast, the surrounding cultivators had no chance to react.

As a thunderous rumble echoed, the ancient god's arm was unexpectedly knocked back by the old man. The old man's hand parted from the ancient god's arm but left a very clear black handprint on it.

"You are worthy of being the rumored 8-star royal ancient god that was beyond law and only Nirvana Void cultivators could fight. I once participated in killing an ordinary 8-star ancient god, and the difference is like heaven and earth!"

The old man retreated, and the redness on his face faded and was replaced with paleness. However, his eyes were bright as the moon and filled with battle intent.

After retreating seven steps, the old man's head jerked up and he rushed forward. He stepped on the arm of the ancient god to borrow force and then jumped toward Tuo Sen's face!

Tuo Sen's eyes were still cold, and he revealed a look of contempt and arrogance. He lightly shook his right hand and the handprint collapsed. Then a thunderous roar echoed as he slowly stood up!

This motion made him tower over everyone, and a power similar to the heavens' might descended on everyone. After the two stars between Tuo Sen's eyebrows lit up, the third one also slowly lit up. However, there was something hidden deep within this third star… but it couldn't be clearly seen or felt.

Only Wang Lin stared at Tuo Sen before him, especially at Tuo Sen's star far away. His heart was filled with shock as he knew of an 8-star royal ancient god's spells. He only knew the names but had no memory of how to use the spells.

"Bury the void to refine the stars!"

"Waste!" A buzzing sound echoed as Tuo Sen waved his hands at the old man, causing a huge gust of wind. His arms moved as fast as Spatial Bending and instantly closed in on the old man. His two hands were like two cultivation planets smashing toward the old man.

The old man's face turned red once more and his clothes puffed up. His left and right arms stretched open and he let out a roar, causing endless origin energy to condense before his arms. Glaciers suddenly appeared, followed by a sea of flames. Then beyond that were countless mountains followed by endless thunder...

These countless spells appeared in an instant and layered on top of each other. The old man's arms remained stretched as these spells bombarded the ancient god's arms.

At this instant, the spatial brack trembled violently and a thunderous roar echoed. From afar, it looked like countless fireworks were being set off on Tuo Sen's arms.

However, these spells only caused Tuo Sen's arms to stop for a moment, but this was enough for the old man in black to get out of the range of the arms and charge at Tuo Sen's head.

"Master Wuji!! If you still won't appear, don't blame this old man for not keeping my promise. Did you forgot our agreement!?" the old man in black shouted as he moved.

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