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Chapter 1133 - Three Trials Seven Calamities

Tuo Sen's voice echoed across the void, and following that was the roar of the blood dragon. The blood dragon was like a fierce beast guarding the vortex, as it coiled up outside the vortex.

However, this showed Tuo Sen's arrogance, or else he wouldn't have made the blood dragon open the vortex leading to the sea of blood!

The old man in black didn't attack; he just silently looked at the blood dragon. No one knew what he was thinking. Master Flamespark's eyes lit up, then he took a step forward and charged at the blood dragon.

In the distance, the eight kings of the Corpse Sect moved like eight swords at the blood dragon!

The blood dragon's eyes were alert. The strange formation the eight of them had created had made it suffer. At this moment, its eyes lit up and it charged toward the eight kings of the Corpse Sect while completely ignoring Master Flamespark.

It was so fast that it created afterimages.

The eight people of the Corpse Sect quickly scattered and surrounded the blood dragon. They all formed seals and bombarded the blood dragon with spells!

After Master Flamespark closed in, he waved his hand and a sea of flames appeared. The flames turned into a flame dragon that began fighting the blood dragon. At the same time, Master Flamespark's left hand reached out and immediately took out a bell from his storage space.

This bell was made of bones and was wrapped in a layer of metal. When it appeared, ringing sounds echoed. Even though the rings weren't crisp, a ripple immediately charged toward the blood dragon.

The blood dragon's eyes became bloodthirsty. Originally, the blood dragon only had a pair of pupils, but after using some unknown spell, its pupils split in half and then split again. In an instant, there were eight pairs of pupils in the blood dragon's eyes.

A sense of crisis immediately echoed within the hearts of Master Flamespark and the eight kings of the Corpse Sect. However, they were powerful cultivators that had broken through the peak of the Nirvana Shatterer stage and passed their five Heaven's Blights. They had lived for a long time and had extremely rich combat experience. The moment they detected this crisis, they didn't dodge, but instead… attacked!

 When a powerful spell is being cast, when its power reaches its peak, that is also its weakest moment! This was an experience the nine of them had gained after countless years. Master Flamespark's right hand touched the spot between his eyebrows and 45 fragments immediately flew out. The fragments quickly enlarged and transformed into 45 Thunder Celestial Realm fragments that covered the sky!

"Power of the Thunder Celestial Realm!" As Master Flamespark waved his hand, the 45 fragments let out a heaven-shaking rumble as they smashed down on the blood dragon!

The pressure of the fragments descending unexpectedly felt like the might of the heavens. A thunderous rumble echoed and countless small parts of the blood dragon caved in.

The minds of the eight kings of the Corpse Sect were connected. Their hands quickly formed seals and eight rays of light gathered. As the cold energy gathered, the Third Corpse Formation that froze the dragon earlier appeared once more!

A ball of black ice 1,000 feet large appeared once more with the eight of them inside. In the blink of an eye, countless sharp edges appeared on the ball of ice, then it charged at the blood dragon!

The blood dragon's pupils shrank, then one pair of pupils among the eight began to enlarge  until it took the position of the other pupils!

At this instant, a darkness suddenly appeared. This darkness was so dark that not even divine sense could see inside. One could only hear heaven-shaking rumbles echoe inside.

The darkness only lasted for an instant before it was gone.

However, after it recovered, four of the 45 fragments from Master Flamespark shattered to dust and the remaining 41 were pushed back.

Master Flamespark's eyes filled with shock!

The ball of ice formed by the eight kings of the Corpse Sect was also attacked by some unknown method and the ice collapsed. The eight of them all coughed out blood and shock filled their eyes.

The old man that was still thinking looked up and frowned, but he continued pondering. There was one thing he didn't understand: what was Master Wuji's goal...

"Could it be to steal the power of the 8-star royal ancient god… But back then, even Celestial Emperor Qin Ling gave up. Master Wuji, what method do you have?"

Wang Lin was in the distance. He looked at the battle and didn't get close. That sudden darkness caused him to feel a powerful sense of danger, making him even more unwilling to get close. However, after seeing the blood dragon for a second time, Wang Lin felt like it looked a bit familiar. This feeling spread through his heart and Wang Lin's eyes suddenly lit up.

He naturally saw Master Flamespark and the old man in black. The moment he saw the old man, Wang Lin knew that the blood dragon wouldn't be able to do much.

However, the old man was frowning as if he was thinking about something. He didn't even look at the blood dragon.

"He was able to force Senior Brother Qing Shui back, he opened the spatial barrier with one spell, his body is filled with source origin energy, and he can touch all law. This person has to be a third step cultivator; there is no other possibility!"

The blood dragon's eyes had returned to normal, but not only did its fierceness not decrease, it was even more intense. The remaining seven pupils enlarged once more and occupied its eyes!

The entire void was enveloped in darkness. In the darkness, Wang Lin immediately felt a strange law wrap around him. It seemed to want to pull out his origin soul and become one with the darkness.

This time, the darkness lasted for two breaths of time!

After two breaths of time, Wang Lin's eyes were filled with confusion and he took a few steps back. Cracking sounds could be heard as seven cracks appeared on his body. His face was black, faintly revealing the color of stone.

Master Flamespark, who was closest to the blood dragon, was pale and quickly retreated. The Celestial Realm fragments rotated before him and several of them collapsed.

As for the eight kings of the Corpse Sect, two of their bodies immediately collapsed and the other six retreated. One of them quickly took out two more coffins from his storage space. The two blurred figures immediately entered the coffins.

In an instant, the two coffins shattered and two old men walked out.

As the eight of them retreated, their hands formed seals. One of the old men shouted, "Second Corpse Formation!" At this moment, their hands moved even faster and lined up in a vertical line. Cold energy surrounded them, and in the blink of eye, black ice appeared. This ice was very dark, making impossible to see the eight of them.

However, in an instant, the ice turned into a sword over 1,000 feet long!

The moment the sword appeared, a heaven-shaking pressure appeared with a powerful sense of sharpness. It charged directly at the blood dragon with powerful sword energy!

Master Flamespark's eyes widened as he bit the tip of his finger and quickly drew a rune. He hit the rune and then it flew out, flashing blood red on the way. The remaining fragments all scattered and charged at the blood dragon from all directions. It looked like they were going to surround the blood dragon.

The blood dragon's eyes became serious and the six remaining pupils flashed once more. This time it wasn't just one pair taking over; the pupils scattered and shared the eye!

In an instant, the entire world became dark, and after three breaths of time, the darkness disappeared!

Wang Lin retreated without hesitation and dodged the power of darkness. However, his eyes flashed and stayed locked on to the blood dragon. He felt the aura of an ancient god more and more clearly from the blood dragon.

Master Flamespark's eyes became even more pale, but he continued to move forward. His hands formed seals as the dozens of Celestial Realm fragments continued to close in on the blood dragon!

The sword formed by the eight kings was now less than 1,000 feet from the blood dragon. Popping sounds came from within it as if it were withstanding some kind of attack!

The darkness appeared once more around the void, and this time it lasted for four breaths of time!

After four breaths of time, the void returned to normal.

Wang Lin retreated even faster, but his eyes were very serious as he stared at the blood dragon.

The sword formed by the eight kings of the Corpse Sect seemed to have slowed down. After four breaths of time, it only moved forward 200 feet. Then cracking sounds echoed and a crack appeared on the sword.

The veins on Master Flamespark had swelled up and the fragments still closed in on the blood dragon.

But all of this disappeared in an instant as the darkness enveloped the void!

A rumbling sound echoed within the darkness, and the angry roar of the blood dragon could be heard. After five breaths of time, the darkness disappeared and Wang Lin's eyes shined brightly. He no longer retreated but charged at the blood dragon.

The large swords formed by the eight kings of the Corpse Sect collapsed and the eight of them coughed out blood as they retreated. Blood came out of Master Flamespark's mouth, and he was forced back three steps before he stailized himself.

There was a large wound going from the head of the dragon down its body that was 10,000 feet long. From afar, this wound was very shocking! There was no blood coming out from this wound; instead, there were fist-sized crystals that looked like its flesh leaking out.

The blood dragon roared and its pupils suddenly spread once more. When the darkness appeared once more, Wang Lin sped up and desperately rushed in. Popping sounds echoed inside his body and his left arm exploded into ashes. However, he didn't slow down at all as anxiety and need appeared in his eyes!

He didn't expect to see the heart blood of the ancient god here!

"With this, my original body will be able to get through the first trial of Three Trial Seven Calamity!!!" 

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