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Chapter 1131

The moment the blood dragon charged in, the ice ball no longer retreated. Under the control of the eight kings of the Corpse Sect, the ball of ice charged at the blood dragon.

Both were getting closer and closer! In the blink of an eye, they collided!

A thunderous rumble echoed across the sky. The moment the ball of ice collided with the dragon, it was as if it had collided with a cultivation planet. It immediately shattered and exploded into eight pieces!

However. the moment it exploded. a powerful force came from the explosion and collided with the head of the blood dragon.


The blood dragon let out a roar of intense pain. Its giant body trembled and retreated rapidly. Its body was originally made of blood and was blood red. However, right now a ghostly light appeared around its body. Crackling sounds echoed wherever the ghostly light passed; it was as if this blood dragon was going to be completely sealed!

The dragon quickly escaped as its painful roars still echoed.

The eight dark ice pieces that split off from the ball of ice quickly melted, revealing the eight kings. However, when the seventh piece of ice melted, a crack appeared on the forehead of the middle-aged man. The crack soon extended across his entire body as if he was being split in two.

In an instant, his body collapsed and cold energy came out. The energy took human form and silently looked at the surrounding seven people.

"This body couldn't withstand the power just now…"

Just as he spoke, an old man among the other seven reached out at the void and a crack to a storage space appeared. A purple coffin with patterns carved on it immediately flew out.

The figure formed by cold energy penetrated the coffin and went inside. A moment later, the lid of the coffin was blown open and a boy around seven or eight years old slowly sat up.

After the boy got up, he moved his body and then nodded at the seven people beside him.

The old man that took out the coffin said decisively, "Chase!" 

The eight of them didn't hesitate to turn into rays of light and chase after the blood dragon!

As for Wang Lin, he followed the blood ripple and charged at the source. However, when he arrived, there was nothing there but traces of terrifying fluctuations that hinted that a fierce battle had been fought here.

Wang Lin didn't stay for too long and quickly changed directions. Before he moved very fast, he suddenly felt a ripple expanding endlessly inside this void.

This vibration was not familiar to others, but Wang Lin clearly remembered that the void had trembled like this when Tuo Sen stepped out from the blood sea in the past.

The vibration quickly disappeared, but more than 100 terrifying auras appeared. Wang Lin's scalp felt numb and he quickly ran from where the terrifying aura was coming from.

However, just at this moment, three rays of light appeared from the void. They immediately spotted Wang Lin and chased after him!

These three red shadows were all ancient cultivators. Two of them were at the early stage of Nirvana Cleanser. The last person had the highest cultivation level, peak Nirvana Cleanser, just one step away from Nirvana Shatterer.

Wang Lin reached into the void with his right hand. He took out a yellow talisman from his storage space and placed it on his chest. A whirlwind surrounded his body and he disappeared into the distance.

He immediately created a gap between him and them. Wang Lin's expression was gloomy. He knew that lot of ancient cultivators had been released when the blood sea opened.

These ancient cultivators' cultivation levels were like heaven and hell compared to before; it was completely unreasonable. However, thinking about how this involved Tuo Sen, it was not something Wang Lin could understand.

"Tuo Sen should be coming out soon…" As Wang Lin flew, hundreds of ideas flew through his head. His divine sense spread out behind him and he immediately frowned.

The ancient cultivators had used some unknown method and their speed had increased greatly. Although the distance between them and Wang Lin was still growing, they were still chasing him.

"Two early stage Nirvana Cleanser… A peak Nirvana Cleanser…" After a while, killing intent appeared in Wang Lin's eyes. If this continued and he encountered more ancient cultivators ahead, he would be in danger of a pincer attack.

After scanning the area with his divine sense, Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he suddenly stopped. He turned around, his hands formed a seal, and his eyes turned cold. In the blink of an eye, the images of volcanoes appeared around Wang Lin.

As his hands moved, celestial origin energy was injected into the surrounding volcanoes, and they became even more solid. When they were about to become completely solid, Wang Lin waved his hand and all those volcanoes disappeared.

"This place is dangerous, so I must finish this battle as soon as possible!" Wang Lin looked up and saw three rays of red light closing in on him. The one closest was the old man who was at the peak of the Nirvana Cleanser stage.

The old man was the fastest, so he immediately closed in. Wang Lin narrowed his eyes and took a step back. He then raised his right hand and shouted, "Stop!"

With one word, law appeared in the world. The peak Nirvana Cleanser old man felt countless wires appear out of thin air and entangle him. He immediately paused for a moment.

Wang Lin's cultivation level was, after all, only early stage Nirvana Cleanser, so he immediately experienced backlash, but this kind of damage was something he could suppress. He immediately retreated.

The peak Nirvana Cleanser cultivator paused, but the other two behind him were also fast and immediately closed in. When they were within 1,000 feet of Wang Lin, a flash of killing intent appeared in Wang Lin's eyes and his hand formed a seal, and he shouted, "Mountain!"

With that one word, two volcanoes suddenly appeared before the two charging at Wang Lin. A powerful aura surrounded the area. The two old men's expressions changed and they wanted to retreat. However, Wang Lin had already placed his trap. As long as the two came within 1,000 feet, they would suffer the attack of Mountain Crumbles!

Not giving these two old men any time, Wang Lin immediately shouted while he retreated, "Crumble!"

Rumbling sounds echoed and the two volcanoes erupted. Large amounts of lava flowed out, creating a destructive force in the void. As the two volcanoes exploded, a powerful shockwave spread out.

The might of Mountain Crumble was enough for Wang Lin to hold an absolute advantage among cultivators at his cultivation level. The two old men were in a sorry state. They both coughed out blood and were about to retreat.

Killing intent flashed through Wang Lin's eyes. When the two old men retreated, Wang Lin took a step forward, turned into a ray of light, and appeared before one of them. Then his two fingers formed a sword and he stabbed directly between the old man's eyebrows.

This old man had already been seriously injured by Mountain Crumble, and at this moment, his body trembled before exploding. Just before he exploded, he revealed a smile of relief.

Seeing this smile, Wang Lin's eyes narrowed and he took a step back. He was about to deal with the other person; however, just at this moment, a terrifying sense of danger enveloped Wang Lin. He no longer cared about killing the other old man and instead instantly retreated to the side!

Just after he moved, a monstrous, blood light filled the void. It was the blood dragon that was injured by the Corpse Sect's eight kings. Right now, a small portion of it was already frozen in blue ice, which was a shocking sight.

However, its speed hadn't slowed down at all. It was even faster than before as it swept by Wang Lin. The fierce wind caused Wang Lin's body to tremble and a crackling sound could be here. A crack appeared on his chest; a wound had appeared on his stone avatar!

Wang Lin raised his head, but the blood dragon was now far away. The peak Nirvana Cleanser old man and the early stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivator, who was seriously injured, had disappeared without a trace.

A chill came from Wang Lin's body. He was aghast at the situation. However, thinking about the blue ice spreading across the dragon, Wang Lin immediately flew away as soon as possible.

With his cunning, he immediately guessed that this blood dragon was injured and was escaping. Therefore, there must've been someone chasing it! Wang Lin didn't want to suddenly meet a cultivator that could chase the blood dragon unprepared.

He didn't retreat for long before eight rays of light passed by and chased after the escaping blood dragon. One of the arrogant-looking middle-aged men looked at Wang Lin and was surprised. However, he didn't stop and disappeared with the other seven.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his right hand reached out and took out the speed beast skin. He placed it on his chest and immediately dashed forward.

His speed reached a peak and he charged straight ahead. He had a vague feeling that Tuo Sen was about to appear.

The blood dragon moved quickly and continued to roar. More than half of its body had already been frozen in blue ice, and this made it ferocious. It quickly arrived at the center of the void as fast as it could.

After arriving here, the blood dragon coiled up, and chants in the ancient language came from its mouth. An ancient aura appeared and the blood dragon suddenly let out a heaven-shaking roar!

As the roar echoed, the power of time burst out from the mouth of the blood dragon and enveloped the entire void!

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