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Chapter 1132 - Master Wuji

Time was a time law, and it was a law all creatures could grasp, but becoming enlightened in it was very difficult. At most, one's domain merely contains a bit of law of time, and they comprehend it through their domain.

In the past on planet Suzaku, Wang Lin met a person with a time domain!

At that time, Wang Lin felt the power of that kind of domain. Even Yun Quezi was very concerned about this domain back then.

It could be said that on the entire planet of Suzaku, only that person had a domain like that!

As the blood dragon's mutter echoed, the power of time from his body increased several fold. It was way more powerful than a domain and had already become law!

This law was set by the blood dragon that used this spell!

The law of time enveloped the entire void. There was a group of Allheaven cultivators. There were a dozen of them, and as long as they didn't meet any ancient cultivators too strong, they could stand their ground.

However, when that power of time passed through them, the weakest of them trembled. He looked like he was in his 20s even thought that wasn't his actual age.

His body began to tremble outside of his control as if a cold energy had appeared in his body. Wrinkles appeared over his skin and soon overlapped with each other. He felt very tired and his cultivation seemed to become stagnant.

All of this happened in an instant. The youth was only confused for an instant, but there seemed to be cries coming from afar. The cries seemed to contain intense fear.

The youth was startled. He wanted to turn his head, but he found that his body was too stiff, and just turning his head was inconvenient.

"I… What's wrong with me?" The youth's vision was a blurry, like there was a layer of fog in his way. He slowly lifted his head to rub his eyes as if he wanted to rub this fog away.

It seemed his rubbing had an affect, as he gained a moment of clear vision. He saw the cultivators around him all back up, their eyes filled with fear and terror.

He saw that the junior sister that had been with him for a long time also had a frightened expression. She no longer had any of the tenderness of the past.

What he saw last was his right hand, which he had used to rub his eyes, and he was startled. It was a hand filled with wrinkles and spots.

"This…" The youth's body trembled even more as he lifted his hand to touch his face. He opened his mouth as if he wanted to let out a frightened sound, but… that sound was buried with him without any chance of ever seeing the light of day.

His eyes lost all vitality. His whole body aged rapidly before his companions. His hair fell off, his teeth rotted, and his bones crumbled until it seemed like his body couldn't even support his skin. His body collapsed into a pile of dust as he died… died of old age….

This strange scene caused the surrounding cultivators to become completely silent as this was something outside their imagination. However, time was ruthless, so they didn't have time to think before a woman among them also showed signs of aging.

Soon, this aging seemed to be infectious, as all the cultivators began to show the same symptoms.

It was as if at this moment, the heavens had cancelled their positions as cultivators, cancelled their right to live hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of years. It was as if all those years had descended on their bodies at once.

These dozen cultivators were only a tiny part of the void. At this moment, the same scene occured all around the void. No matter where the cultivator was from, as long as they were in this void, they couldn't escape the law of time.

Only the Nirvana Shatterer cultivators could resist it. It was just that… there weren't many Nirvana Shatterer cultivators.

Every time a cultivator died to the law of time, an invisible aura would leave their body and charge toward the center of the void.

Strands of aura moved through the void, and their speed couldn't be compared to cultivator's. These auras seemed to already to be part of the heavens, and in the blink of an eye, they arrived next to the blood dragon at the center of the void.

As more cultivators died, even more auras entered the blood dragon. Soon, the blue ice on the dragon began to collapse. It was as if new life was being injected into the dragon as the ice cracked.

The eight king of the Corpse Sect weren't affected by this law of time at all. They moved closer and closer to to the blood dragon!

From the opposite direction, Master Flamespark respectfully followed the old man in black. Although the old man in black didn't look like he was moving fast, every step he took looked like the void below him was shrinking. It was as if this infinite distance was only an inch long...

This wasn't Spatial Bending where he merged with the world but instead he was shrinking the void! He doesn't need to merge with the world because he was the world, even entire realm was a mere inch!

He was in now rush as he walked forward step by step in a certain rhythm. The respect in Master Flamespark's eyes became even stronger. He was following the old man, so he was naturally within the range of this mysterious spell.

The moment the power of law enveloped the void, Wang Lin also felt it. However, his body was made of rock, and the age of this rock was impossible to calculate.

This power of law surrounded him, but no matter how much time passed without wind blowing by, rock was still rock...

As he calmly flew forward, he saw the surrounding cultivators disappear under the law of time. They all vanished without a trace.

"If we lose our identities as cultivators, without spells, we… are still just mortals…" Wang Lin felt melancholy in his heart, but he didn't slow down.

"If my original body came... I would be the same as them and become part of the void… Unexpectedly, cultivators that have cultivated for hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of years can't even compare to a piece of rock…"

Wang Lin shook his head. Seeing everything before him, he suddenly had a new comprehension for the word "dao."

The blood dragons had absorbed the aura of countless cultivators that died to the power of law, and the blue ice on its body finally collapsed.

Its large body rose up and it let out a roar at the void! The moment the roar echoed, a vortex 10,000 feet wide appeared and rumbles echoed.

A voice came out from the void and slowly spread across the void.

"Wu, wait for me to come!" The moment this voice spoke, the old man in the distance stopped and his gaze became serious. Master Flamespark was silent. This was the second time he heard this voice, but this time the monstrous arrogance was even stronger.

This arrogance had contempt for law and disdain toward the heavens. However, Master Flamespark didn't find these words arrogant… The power of the spear outside planet Suzaku proved that this person more than qualified to be this arrogant!

The eight kings of the Corpse Sect all stopped as they looked at the vortex in the distance and silently pondered. However, soon, varying degrees of greed and ghostly lights appeared in their eyes.

Wang Lin also heard this roar. His body stopped and he looked up. His eyes revealed an unyielding gaze. No matter how strong the enemy or difficult the road, as long as Tuo Sen wanted to kill Wang Lin, he would never yield!

"There are many people that want to kill me, but I'm still living well…" Wang Lin revealed a sneer and continued moving forward.

This was the truth.

These weren't the only cultivators that survived. There were also some Nirvana Shatterer cultivators that survived. After pondering for a bit, they all closed in on this location.

The remaining cultivators outside the void fortunately escaped the law of time and survived.

There was another location that existed outside his void. It existed in a place that didn't belong to the Land of the Ancient God because… it was the Land of the Ancient God...

This might seem contradictory, but it's a fact. Planet Suzaku merely had the entrance to the Land of the Ancient God. This was a spatial crack that didn't belong to this space. This crack was extremely large, large enough to fit the giant body of an 8-star ancient god!

Whether it was the void or the trials, they were all, in fact, inside the body of the ancient god… Just like right now, whether it was Wang Lin, the eight kings of the Corpse Sect, or the old man in black, they were all currently in the chest of the ancient god.

In this quiet spatial crack where the ancient god body had lied for countless years, if one zoomed in on the fourth of the eight stars, they would see a person sitting there!

This person was a middle-aged scholar. He looked ordinary, but he contained an extreme sense of arrogance. It was as if he had been sitting there motionlessly for a very long time.

His name was Master Wuji...

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