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Chapter 1130 - Corpse Sect’s Eight Kings

As Tuo Sen’s laughter echoed, the entire world changed color. The endless blood sea began to rage and release angry roars.

Tuo Sen’s red hair flowed as he tore the sky once more with a ferocious smile. The crack in the sky was ripped open, making it several times larger. From a glance, it seemed to go across the entire sky.

This was like a piece of cloth being ripped down the middle and divided into two pieces!

At this instant, the cultivators in the blood sea charged into the sky! Under Tuo Sen’s command, they went into the crack and entered the void.

Tuo Sen’s right hand reached back and the sea of blood let out a heaven-shaking roar. It was as if an unimaginable force had appeared, and the endless sea of blood rose into air and shot toward the crack in the sky.

As the blood sea moved, it turned into a massive ancient blood dragon that was large enough to cover the sky. It rushed into the crack with the ancient cultivators.

When the large amounts of ancient cultivators charged into the void, a blood bath began!

All of this was because of one thing Tuo Sen said when they walked out from the crack!

“I want this Land of the Ancient God to be filled with the fragrance of blood!”

None of these ancient cultivators were weak, but they all had Tuo Sen’s seals inside them, so they couldn’t display their full power. After all, Tuo Sen had numerous seals that needed to be transferred to these cultivators. Often, multiple cultivators were needed for one seal, and not many could withstand one seal on their own.

However, in the past 1,000 plus years, the seals had constantly weakened. Tuo Sen was recovering faster and faster, so the seals on his body had weakened. Along with that, the seals he had placed on the ancient cultivators also weakened. As a result, they were much more powerful than they were the first time Wang Lin came here.

The void was filled with red shadows. The ancient cultivators that came out from the blood sea were like dragons coming out of the sea. Their eyes were filled with bloodthirst and absolute calmness. They began a slaughter in the void according to Tuo Sen’s order.

As long as they encountered a cultivator, no matter what side they were from, they were all prey for the red-robed ancient cultivators! If it was just them, it would’ve been impossible to begin a bloodbath in the void filled with cultivators. However, the blood dragon had earth-shattering spells, and its appearance caused the void to be filled with boundless pressure.

The blood dragon’s large body was 100,000 feet long and it was very majestic. If one was too close, they would tremble from just looking at it. Cultivators were like ants to it!

As the blood dragon roared, it moved through the void. Every time it moved, the blood light would flash and light up the void as sonic booms echoed. It didn’t need to use any spells, as it moved at an unimaginable speed and all the cultivators before it would just die.

At this moment, a group of Corpse Sect cultivators were besieging a red-robed ancient cultivator when a monstrous, red light appeared in the distance.

Before anyone could react, a gust of wind caused these cultivators to become unsteady and stagger back a few steps. At this moment, a giant red dragon head appeared across the horizon. No one could clearly see its face, because it was too fast!

The moment these cultivators’ pupils shrank, the giant head arrived. The cultivators in front couldn’t even dodge before the dragon head smashed into them.

They suddenly felt like they were hit by a cultivation planet, and their bodies exploded with a bang into a pile of flesh. Then they exploded once more into a mist of blood!

Not even their origin souls were able to escape at all and were pulled into the blood dragon through a mysterious force.

The remaining cultivators were about to dodge, but the blood light filled their vision. The giant dragon head swept by them, and at the same time, the dragon’s giant body appeared before the eyes of all the cultivators.

This was the last thing they saw in their lives.... As the dragon’s body swept by, all the cultivators in the area died...

Although all of this sounds slow, it only took three breaths of time!

The sonic boom that lagged behind the dragon only arrived after this area was filled with blood mist.

It wasn’t just the cultivators of the Corpse Sect; none of the cultivators that encountered the blood dragon survived. Their bodies all collapsed, and their origin souls were absorbed by the blood dragon.

The blood dragon swept around the edge of the void at an unimaginable speed. More than 1,000 cultivators had died to it already. Its body was longer than 100,000 feet and gave off a shocking pressure.

It pondered a bit before it let out a roar and charged into the inner area. It was so fast, you could only see a flash of blood light, but it was impossible to clearly see the dragon.

Deep within the void, the eight kings of the Corpse Sect were flying through the void as eight rays of light. They were chasing four ancient cultivators. No matter how hard they tried to escape, they couldn’t escape the pursuit of these eight people.

The eight kings of the Corpse Sect all looked to be of varying ages, but without exception, they all had cold expressions and their faces were deathly pale, as if they were dead people.

However, the power they revealed was heaven-shaking! Along the way, the eight of them didn’t separate; whenever they encountered ancient cultivators, the ancient cultivators were immediately sealed and captured by the eight of them. Right now, the four ancient cultivators that were escaping didn’t run for long before their bodies began to twitch and slow down.

In the end, one of the eight kings waved their sleeves and was about to collect these four ancient cultivators. 

However, just at this moment, a blood red light covered the void. Their expressions immediately changed and they looked up. With their cultivation levels, they naturally saw the giant blood dragon coming toward them.

This blood dragon was too large, even for these eight people, and their pupils shrank when they saw it.

A purple-haired old man quickly shouted, “Set the Fourth Corpse Formation!”

The eight of them didn’t hesitate to down and form a seal. The eight of them moved at the same time and a cold energy suddenly appeared. This cold energy increased like crazy and quickly formed a piece of black ice.

The ice crystal grew and grew, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into an ice giant more than 1,000 feet tall! The moment the giant took shape, the eight people inside the abdomen suddenly moved!

One person remained in the abdomen, one went to the left arm, one went to the right arm, two went to the legs, one went to the chest, and the last two went to the head to become the eyes of the giant!

At this instant, the giant’s eyes released a ghostly light as if it had awakened. An indescribable power erupted from this giant!

At this moment, the blood dragon whistled through the void and smashed directly into the ice giant!

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

A heaven-shaking sound echoed with this place as the center and shocked all the cultivators here. At this moment, all the cultivators inside the void felt this vibration and looked over with terrified gazes!

The blood dragon and the ice giant collided. The ice giant opened its arms and held the mouth of the dragon. The ice giant was forced back over 10,000 feet!

Popping sounds echoed and large amounts of cracks appeared on the ice giant. The two people in the arms coughed out blood, but their expressions became even more ferocious.

Letting out a roar, the ice giant’s right leg took a step back and a large amount of ice fell off. However, the leg didn’t collapse; it completely stopped the dragon from pushing it back more.

The moment when all eight of the people inside formed a seal and let out a roar, a powerful force rushed out from the ice giant. The ice giant grabbed the dragon’s head and mercilessly threw it to the side!

The blood dragon let out a roar as soon as it was thrown. However, the dragon didn’t stop; it swept its tail straight at the ice giant. A thunderous rumble echoed once more and even more cracks appeared on the ice giant.

The blood dragon waved its head. Even at such close distance, it was still able to reach the same speed as before. It charged out and smashed into the ice giant. Heaven-shaking rumbles continued and even more ice fell. The expressions of the eight people inside became even more gloomy.

Just at this moment, the eyes of the old man at the abdomen released a ghostly glow and he shouted, “Set the Third Corpse Formation!

His voice echoed inside the ice giant and entered the ears of the remaining seven cultivators. Just at this moment, the blood dragon slammed into the ice giant again and the ice giant flew back like a kite with a broke string.

The head of the dragon was a mess; it was obvious that these continuous collisions were difficult for even it to bear. However, the fierce dragon’s eyes were red and it charged once more. It was as if it wouldn’t give up until this ice giant collapsed!

The ice giant that was thrown back folded its arms and curled up its knees so its whole body was like a ball. The ice rapidly fused together, and it only took an instant for the transform from the Fourth Corpse Formation into the Third Corpse Formation!

What appeared before the blood dragon was no longer the ice giant but a giant ball of ice. What was terrifying were the countless sharp edges that appeared on the ball of ice. They gave off a dark blue glow and seemed to contain a powerful poison!

At this moment, Wang Lin had a gloomy expression as he moved through the void. There were three ancient cultivators in red with cold gazes chasing him.

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